YouTube Tuesday – Clarity Open Days 2015

YouTube Tuesday – Clarity Open Days 2015

Hello there!
Just a little message here on YouTube Tuesday, because the dates for our Crowborough Open Days have been released! We had such an awesome time last year, with our Clarity Team, that we are doing it again!
The dates for our Open Days up north will be announced as soon as we sort out a little glitch with a venue, but we have got ages! It’s only January now!!!

So if you were there, either in Crowborough, darn Sarf, or Catterick, oop Norf, and you enjoyed it as much as we did, then please spread the word, leave an uplifting comment below – and don’t forget to buy your ticket quickly, for a day of brilliant, creative Clarity fun.

Clarity Open Days are back for 2015!

Friday 12th June 2015 (9am – 4pm)
Saturday 12th June 2015 (9am – 4pm)
Crowborough, East Sussex.
Day Tickets £5.00
What’s in store?
Demos galore from: 
Barbara Gray and her team of uber-talented demonstrators,
Ticket includes entry into a £100 Clarity spending spree raffle!
Clarity Shop, stocked choc full of stuff!
Loads of Competitions & Prizes!
Refreshments available.
Ample Free Parking.
or buy over the phone
01732 868215

29 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Clarity Open Days 2015

  1. I know someone who came to Catterick & she said it was fabulous….. is there any way you could maybe have a think about a venue at some point for us crafters in the centre of the country ?? There's a lot of us making creative stuff here in Middle Earth !!!

  2. cant wait to see you all at Crowborough again have ordered my tickets as soon as I read the dates, I loved it last year and learned so much I hope there may be space on the retreat too. Thank you Barbara you inspire us all so much. x

  3. Hi Barbara would love to come to catterick but my illnesses prevent me traveling and sustaining a days crafting ,but that won't stop me spending or enjoying your blogging and you tube and your C&C once a month ,even though I carnt come I still feel you cater for me too so thank you to all who go have a brilliant time xxx

  4. Great news that everything is going to plan. Hope your break is lovely.
    Minor point – no major for me. It may be only January, however there are 13 of us at work and leave has to be booked months in advance – I am anxious for the Crowborough RETREAT dates, please, please. I really do not want to miss out as I had such a great time last year with lovely people and learned so much. So sorry to bring this up in January!
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Barb,
    Any idea when the Catterick open day will be. I loved it last year even though I spent an absolute fortune – something to do with a full set of Distress Reinkers! Will definitely be there again this year. Enjoy New Mexico. Love Alison xxx

  6. How exciting, I'll be getting a ticket for Crowbrough – well hopefully I will! It was a great day out last year and I'm sure it will be as much fun. Hope the recording session went well and you have a safe trip to New Mexico. xx

  7. Will be heading North again, had such a good time at Catterick last year, well worth the journey from the west of Wales!! Hope you both enjoy your trip to Mexico Barbara. Anne x

  8. Oh Dear Barb, why do the open days clash with the day job, and before anyone says anything, I work weekends too. I will see if I can book any in. Love the video – hi girls and Churchie. Take care. Bx

  9. The trip to Catterick (getting up at silly o clock) was well worth it, a great day was had by all who attended. Barbara can you please let us know the retreat dates ASAP please, I need to let work know my leave plans soon, thanks.x

  10. Tickets ordered. Brilliant day last year, for us it is a few days away as poor long suffering hubby and I coming from Midlands. Just hoping I can get on the retreat now when dates are released and I will be a very happy bunny. Congratulations on your award achievements as well, so deserved. xx

  11. Hi Barbara I have a plan! Wait for hubby to wake up from his, just got in from work snooze, play you tube video and hopefully he will say that sounds great, let's book tickets! Hopefully it will work as I would love to go. Hope all went well today, enjoy New Mexico. Love Diane xxx

  12. Catterick was fabulous darling and my summer diary will NOT be sorted until I get the dates for the retreats and Catterick, then the year can begin! well set around 9-11 am on the first Sunday of the month, and the occasional craft show somewhere in the country! Certainly holiday plans will have to wait until then. Have a great rest, boy do you both deserve it!

  13. Hi Barbara,
    wie gern wäre ich dabei gewesen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wann kommst du denn endlich mal nach Hamburg.
    Hamburg ist wirklich eine schöne Stadt und wir haben auch tolles Brot.
    Deine Mama würde sich bestimmt auch freuen.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, auch an Deine Mama,

  14. We loved the Crowborough Retreat days last year Barbara and Mike and I want to come again this year. So we are looking forward to seeing what dates you have for us so he can book his days off and sort out the dog sitting. 🙂

  15. Will definitely be going to Catterick again , absolutely loved it , fab day with amazing demos and loved meeting up with lots of my crafty friends from across the country, some I had only met on FB previously. Wonderful day xx

  16. As based in the North I'd love to get to the retreat but will depend on dates, otherwise the day in the North would be good. Look forward to seeing details. Have a great time in Mexico.

  17. Hi Barbara, came from Bristol to see you at Catterick, had a wonderful time, super demos and your design team were so helpful & friendly, as we're you. Just like meeting up with old friends. May get to Crowborough this year instead, we were in France last year so couldn't make it. Spent a bomb but that's what we go for isn't it. You've just got to have it, haven't you. Ha ha.

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