Thank You for Voting! £50 Gift Voucher to be won…

Thank You for Voting! £50 Gift Voucher to be won…

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! 
There we were yesterday morning, once again at the crack of dawn,
 gearing up for the last Clarity TV show at the CHA, when Jim from the UK office texted us some brilliant news: 
Thanks to you lovely people who voted for Clarity, we won 4 craft awards:
Best Rubber Stamp Range (5th year)
Best Overall Designer (5th year)
Best Craft Blog (1st year)
I was also runner up in the Favourite Craft Celebrity Category,
What a brilliant result! Dave and I are so chuffed!
It really feels good to know that you like what we do, and that all the work is appreciated.
Well done to the Stampmakers and Design Team! 
Between you and me, the Craft Blog award really made my heart sing this year. 
Blogging has changed my whole outlook. I love it!
Can’t recommend it enough. 
I think I’ll give away a £50 Clarity gift voucher to celebrate.
Leave a message below, and tomorrow we will randomly pick a winner. 
Let’s make somebody else smile like we did yesterday!
Lots of love, and thank you…

263 thoughts on “Thank You for Voting! £50 Gift Voucher to be won…

  1. Many congratulations to everyone at clarity well deserved and earned awards. Please continue to do your wonderful work cause you make a lot of people (some not as well as others) sooo happy x

  2. Well done to Barbara and her fantastic team. We voted because we wanted to, a great team led by Barbara, fantastic product and brilliant blog. Internet is a wonderful thing wherever you are in the world, what would we do without it.x

  3. Great news for you and your great team Barbara, well deserved and hard worked for by you all. Keeping things fresh and also paving the way for crafters by bringing new techniques and products all of the time and better still showing us how to get the best from them !! Well Done everyone 🙂 xx

  4. Always voted for you, Barbara because you do well deserved win four craft awards for Clarity Stamp and your great team. Brilliant Videos On Tube and Blog. Please keep it going forever! X

  5. Hello Barbara,

    It is fantastic news. Not surprised you and the Clarity team won so many awards. I would like to know who pipped you to the post where you were runner – up!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay over the pond.


  6. Barbara you are like a ray of sunshine on a dark day! I love reading your blog….for me it's a daily boost of brightness!!
    I am so pleased about the awards for you and so glad and proud that I can say I am a part of it!
    I bet you're beaming like the Cheshire cat! Enjoy your break and see you soon! Xxxx

  7. WOW what a mahoosive achievement, and so rightfully deserved. You, the team, dt all work so hard and to be recognised for this is wonderful news. I feel so proud to be part of the Clarity family. The Clarity East Midlands club has become part of my life, filling it with love. All down to you Barb xxx

  8. Congratulations to Barbara and her team. I love your stamps and the daily visit to your blog is a must have.

    Keep it up!

    Best wishes from Germany

  9. There should be one for best You Tube channel – you would win that one too!! Huge congratulations to the whole of the Clarity Team – so very well deserved all of you. Special thanks to Barbara for constantly being such an overwhelming inspiration to so many crafters. Xx

  10. Congratulations Barb, Dave and the team, such well deserved wins, your blog is always full of fun, humour, art and creativity. I have withdrawal symptoms if I don't get to read it due to work. I bet your smile went from ear to ear. Here's looking forward to a crafty 2015 with Clarity. Bx

  11. Congratulations, hugely deserved! i love the blog, the stamps, the stencils, the demos, the inspiration and of course all my new friends i have made at and through Clarity. Well done and thank you xxxx

  12. I am so pleased for you but really well deserved. Love the new stamps – can't wait to get my hands on some of them and can't wait to see what new crafty loveliness you bring us for 2015 xx

  13. Well done Barbara and all your team and designers. Very thoroughly deserved recognition for all you give of yourself to the crafting world. x

  14. Congratulations to you and all your team, well deserved awards. Love your blog really enjoy reading it, if I am down it always picks me up and makes me want to be creative. Enjoy the rest of your break. Jx

  15. Wow… Barbara and all at Clarity, you've done it again and so well deserved as you all work so very hard and especially you Barbara and believe me we all appreciate it very much……. Congratulations on not one but 4 awards that really is a fantastic achievement and looking forward to seeing what the next Year holds for you and us from Clarity Stamps !!! Thank you Marianne xxx

  16. Many many congrats to you and the whole Clarity team. I absolutely love reading your blog every day, an amazing reference tool, getting to know you too, thank you and well done xx

  17. HUGE congratulations and very well done … truly deserved. Your enthusiasm just spills over and you have inspired me not only in crafting but in my personal life too. You are a shining *S*T*A*R* in the world of crafting but as a person too & I am delighted something like sheets of paper and ink pads has brought you into my life. Well done Barbara & all at Clarity. xXx

  18. Many congratulations, I was very late coming to stamping, but seeing you on C and C and now following your blog I am hooked. It's all down to your enthusiasm and great explanations And I am delighted that your blog has got the recognition it deserves

  19. Congratulations to you and all your impressive team. I agree with other comments, your blog is a must see everyday. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing uplifting and inspirational quotes and ideas. X

  20. Well done to all the Clarity team on these awards as I know that everyone plays their part in making Clarity Stamps what it is. All your hard work has paid off as there are many like me that really appreciate what you bring to the craft world. You are so keen to make sure that we get as much as possible out of your range and always tempting us to go that extra.
    Elaine xx

  21. Congratulations to all at Clarity Towers, these are well deserved awards. I am so pleased that the hard work you put into bringing us this daily blog has been rewarded in this way, Barbara.

  22. You make me smile most days Barbara, I was so exited to see you really read what we write as you replied to my comment. MADE MY DAY congratulations again but you deserve all of it….

  23. So glad the shows are going well in the USA. You deserve all the rewards for you and your teams hard work. Your Blog makes us laugh, cry and think. Keep up the great work and looking forward 2015 with Clarity.xxxx

    Maria M x

  24. Congratulations to you Barbara and all the Clarity team, the awards are well deserved for all the hard work and enjoyment you give to all of us. So happy you received the Crafty Blog one, as it is the Best, I look forward every day to see what you will surprise us with. Well Done Clarity. Michelle XX

  25. You deserve every win Barb and more !! The saying "what you sow you reap" is so true…..well done you and thanks for all the creativity !!

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  26. Congratulations Barbara, Dave and all at Clarity. The awards are well deserved. I look forward to reading your blog each day and your stamps really are the best. Keep on keeping us happy, thanks . Ann x

  27. Fantastic news, and so well deserved. Love your stamps, stencils, and design clubs. I look forward to your youtube each week, and your daily blog which I never miss reading each day.

    Congratulations to you, and everyone at Clarity.

  28. Fantastic news….and well deserved for you, Dave and all the Clarity gang…..especially for your blog as that is so personel to you….I am proud and chuffed to be part of your team…Enjoy your day…..Well Done and catch up soon…xx

  29. Well done and congratulations to you and your talented and hardworking team. You deserve the awards! I am a great fan of your blog and as I had a gelliplate for Christmas I'm using it for inspiration.

  30. Many congratulations Barbara, Dave and all the team at Clarity Towers. Must also include your very talented design team who give so much inspiration too. Anne x

  31. Gosh five years on the trot, well done to you and your hard working team, you well deserve these awards Barbara you are an inspiration to so many of us, and your blog is fantastic with the utube Tuesday's. Congratulations to you all. Enjoy Mexico.xx

  32. Many congratulations and well deserved I must say. I love what you do and you are all so hard working. clarity makes me very happy, whether it is the new design stamp and stencil each month, the monthly newsletter, your blog or the monthly telly show, or my Clarity shopping. I love it all.

  33. I saw the wonderful news on Facebook late last night and left you congratulations – once again it could not have happened to a more wonderfully talented lady and her team – well done all of you, you do deserve the awards.

  34. Congratulations to all of you. I don't know one crafter that does't love you and the clarity team. I have friends hooked in watching you on u-tube and tv who are not crafters. They are fascinated. I am having a few of them take over my kitchen next week to get messy for the first. I have warned them I am no Barbara Gray!!! What a great week this must be for you all.

  35. How exciting. It is a true testomany to everyone involved in clarity. Wishing everyone continued success for the coming year and lots of continued clarity sunshine moments for clarity fans. Xx

  36. I can only endorse what everyone else is saying – congratulations and well done Barb and all the team. You all do such a great job and I can't imagine life without Clarity………congratulations xxx. Beryl S

  37. Thanks fantastic news. Well done to you, Dave and the team. I really appreciate the amount of work and selfless devotion you all put in to help us improve our crafting skills. Congratulations and thank you.XX

  38. Brilliant news ! I am so thrilled for all of you. It's great when just one individual person shows that they appreciate what you do but look what happens when the opinions of all those individuals come together ! These awards are well deserved……. go celebrate

  39. WOW you deserve every award going, you are the worlds inspiration to us all. I have tried things I would have never thought about before knowing you, mind you still have a few problems with gelli plate, but getting there.
    Never give up your blog, its starts my day off just right. If I could get the biggest STAR in the world I would send it to you. Very well done from us all.

  40. Oh Barbara I am absolutely chuffed to bits, this is perfect and perfect timing too I reckon! You can truly chill out now on your little break. CONGRATULATIONS – and especially so on that Blog Award, that's a biggie too. xxxxx Sam

  41. brilliant news Barbara – well deserved!! I was thinking of giving up on my cardmaking hobby but thanks to your blog and your inspiration I have changed direction a little and become a Clarity girl and am enjoying my hobby again – so thank you for your inspiration and your natural ability to teach us your techniques.

  42. Just thought – surely someone must nominate you for an MBE or whatever? Needs to be someone closer to you who can really talk about the commercial impact as well as the social but I bet we would all be willing to act as referees!! You have – singlehandedly – made such a difference to peoples lives by showing what can be done with great tools and support/inspiration from a great teacher. I have one other stamp designer whom I 'follow' and between you you make me think 'I can have a go at that!' – not always successfully but with great fun and enjoyment!

  43. You deserve each and every award Barbara, Dave and all the Clarity Team. Well Done!!!

    Thank you and so much for sharing all you do with us every day on your blog.
    Also a bigger THANK YOU to you and our lovely Sazz for CEM & ALL the Friendships that have grown because of our love for Clarity products and wanting to learn new techniques.

    Love Wendy X

  44. So so happy for you Barbara, Dave and Clarity team,. You really do have an amazing product. I know how hard you worked for many many years to get it off the ground, so this makes it all worth it. WELL DONE YOU xxxx Claire

  45. So well deserved. All your hard work recognised. The blog is amazing, a real library of tutorials that you have so kindly shared with us all. Well done to all behind the scenes as well, those at Clarity base and the brilliant Design team. Looking forward to all the new developments that this year brings. Thankyou xxx

  46. Congratulations with the winning awards Barbara and team…the blog award really is so well deserved…you bring your brand so close to the bloggers and buyers in such a great way…always with a smile and great inspiration!!! Enjoy the party!!!
    greetings, Alie 🙂

  47. Oh, congratulations Barbara I could 't be more pleased for you. Nothing that you didn't deserve, after all your (and the teams) hard work. I'm still waiting for my orders from your last show on C&C before you flew off. Some from them, and some from you – I'm hoping they will come today.

  48. Well done and congratulations to your whole team. I read your blog every day, it's very down to earth and inspirational. Long may your success continue. Enjoy!
    Regards Joy x

  49. Well deserved congratulations to you and all your team. Must admit don't always have the time to leave a comment but they are the best and so inspirational. I've tried lots of different techniques that wouldn't previously have had the confidence to try. So thank you and do hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

  50. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!
    After a successful launch in the USA you won these great awards!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to you, Barbara, the whole Claritystamp-team and Dave because he had the idea with the Wee Folk stamps which were the fastest sold out set on C&C – if I´m right.
    CONGRATULATIONS to all of you
    Rolf xxx

  51. Hi Barbara, following your journey is just breathtaking. I love it so much, Ein Team, dass zusammenhält, sich schätzt und gegenseitig unterstützt – das ist Wegweisend für die Zukunft, liebe Barbara. Love you for making this happen XX

  52. Many congratulations Barbara but I'm not surprised, you and Clarity definitely deserve them all but your blog is special, it's you 🙂 I love reading it, I can't always read every day and have to save them up but it's my "me time" that I look forward to for learning and laughing, well done Barbara and thankyou for taking the time xxxx

  53. Many, many congratulations to all of you at Claritystamp. What a wonderful way to finish off your latest venture Barbara. I for one love your daily blog ramblings, teaching and inspiration. Hope you and Dave have a truly well deserved break down old Mexico way – you both deserve it.xxxxx

  54. Well done and well deserved and I am not surprised either that you won or that your blog got recognised as it has. I am addicted as many of us are, my day not complete until I have read it and I get so concerned if you post late worrying in case something has happened. My husband just rolls his eyes and goes "Oh its Barb again is it" but secretly I think he enjoys watching your shows as much as I do. Congratulations, celebrations and all that jazz

  55. Congratulations to you and all the Clarity Team. You've worked hard for this and it's well deserved, but it's nice to be recognised for it and to feel appreciated. Hope this good start to the year carries on you enjoy your well earned break down Mexico way.

  56. Fantastic news Barbara, congratulations to you, Dave, and all of your team. The awards are well deserved and, like many others, I love your inspiring demo's, artwork and the blog! Have fun celebrating! X

  57. Congratulations! I do enjoy your blog for inspiration and entertainment. I am in awe that you manage to do this every day as well as everything else you do!

  58. Well done Clarity! Well done Barbara!

    It's already been said, but e vote because we want to – because of what you give to us. Thank you all.

    Barbara I'm sure some days you must curse the blog, but please know that while it's changed your approach it is also changing the lives of other folks like me. Your blog is my treat each day. Inspires me, motivates me, encourages me. So a huge big thank you from me.

  59. congratulations Barbara and team, well deserved awards. I know a blog is hard to maintain and keep up with and how much work goes into a well run blog. So informative but also funny and light hearted, gives me a chuckle many a day. Amanda

  60. Flipping heck, it took forever to get to the bottom of the comments, lol.
    I love reading your blog everyday, it's just something I have to do every day, I never miss it. It's as essential as brushing your teeth for me, haha. Long may it continue xxx

  61. Although I read your blog each day (and sometimes use your designs as inspiration for my cards) I very rarely comment, but I do want to say that you richly deserve the awards you've won – it proves your hard work is appreciated by we, 'the public'.

  62. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    was für ein grandioser Erfolg. Ich gratuliere dir und deinem Team von ganzem Herzen. Ich freue mich für euch. Es ist mein tägliches Vergnügen deinen Blog zu besuchen. Die vielen Inspirationen und Beispiele machen mir so viel Mut es auch zu versuchen. Bitte weiter so. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  63. Congratulations on these awards Barbara as they are so well deserved by you and your team. Also well done on the personal award for this great blog, and I am so glad that you enjoy writing it as much as we enjoy reading it. Do have a good break. x

  64. Congratulations and celebrations!! Just wonderful news and what you and your whole amazing team deserve. It is so lovely to be recognised by the people that matter for what you do. It will inspire you to all to continue doing the amazing work that you so obviously love that we also love and benefit from. A Million Thank You's as the stamp says. XX

  65. Hi Barbara many congratulations to you, Dave and all the Clarity Team. The awards are well deserved by you all as you are all fabulous. But also congratulations on winning the blog award, that one is just for you. I really enjoy your daily tutorials, news, funny pictures and songs and of course your holidays and private peeks – it is all fantastic. I hope you can go back to the business group you spoke to about blogging and tell them about your success – you see, you can't delegate a blog, it's personal and now award winning. Well done you. Now go celebrate with the lovely Dave and organise a bash for the team when you get home. Take care and have fun. Love Diane xxxx

  66. Congratulations to you all, very very well deserved. You must be very pleased with the blog award especially. I love it, not just the tutorials but you share a little bit of you and on many occasions it has made me chuckle or cheered me up. I know it must take a lot of your time but long may it continue x

  67. Hi barb,
    Just noticed that the comment I left at about 7.30 has disappeared somewhere into the ether! So I'll try again! Many, many congratulations for the awards, especially the blog award – I bet you're really chuffed about that one. Huge congratulations to you, Dave and all the Design Team and those at Clarity Towers. The awards are richly deserved. Love Alison xx

  68. Many congratulations! All well deserved. I look forward to the blog everyday and it's a bonus if I can read it on the bus in the morning as it sets me up for the day! Sometimes I have to wait until lunchtime ! LOL Keep up the good work we all appreciate it. Well done to all the team! xxx

  69. Congratulations Barb, these awards are so well deserved – I know how hard you all work. This blog is something I look forward to every day as I'm sure many people do. Even at Christmas you took time out to post something for us – that is real dedication! Thank you so much. Di xx

  70. Congratulations to Barbara and everyone involved with Clarity Stamps. It's lovely to hear about your win but not surprising at all. Your daily blog post is brilliant so please keep it up. Best wishes, Kym

  71. Well done Barbara and Dave – you deserve it
    There have probably been times during the past year when you have not had enough hours in the day – but we all appreciate the work you do and the stamps and inspiration you give us all
    Pat x

  72. Hi Barbara and Dave and all the Team well done on your well deserved wins. And your blog is brilliant I never miss it you are wonderful with words and bring so much fun and delights every day Congratulations from the bottom of my heart xxx

  73. Congratulations, but no real surprise. The recognition is so well deserved. You are an inspiration for your crafting, your products and innovation, and especially your humanity towards everyone, which is so evident in everything you say and do. I think you'd probably win awards in any field you turned your talents to. Wonderful team too. I called to renew my Club membership this week and had the bonus of a lovely chat and joke or two with your team member. Enjoy your break. x

  74. Hi Barbara. Congratulations on the awards! All well deserved, and I can imagine how thrilled you are. Like I said yesterday, I get breathless trying to keep up with your blog, but always look forward to clicking on to it! Sometimes I am too early in the day and have to come back later! Well worth the wait though. Much love x

  75. Congratulations Barbara, Dave and all the team. Of course you won! We all knew you would. Your blog is the highlight of many a crafter's day. You fill us with inspiration and show us how to produce exciting pieces using the very best materials. Claritystamp are simply the best! xxx

  76. Congratulations
    And jubilations
    I want the world to know I'm happy as can be.

    Who could believe that I could be arty and contented
    I used to think craft happiness hadn't been invented
    But that was in the bad old days before I met you
    when I let your blog into my life.

    Be grateful this is not audio – I am even waving my arm about too .
    Really pleased , well deserved Jayne xxx

  77. Hi Barbara, this is brilliant news, many congratulations to you and to Dave and your team too. Very much deserved awards. (I'm glad I made the huge effort it took me to vote for you :)) Barbara you give so much of your time, and of you to us, that is so special and a very precious gift I receive from you each and every day. It's no exaggeration to say this blog of yours has been and is still a huge part of getting me through an extremely difficult time in my life, on top of all your craft product must haves, demos and inspiration. Even my special person Nicola talks about what you and your blog is doing for me and giving me :). I couldn't be happier for you (feeling very not well today but this news has managed to cheer me up and put a smile on my face :)) I bet you are still grinning from ear to ear and still doing your happy dance. This following on from your successful USA launch, and both oh so deserved after many years of your hard work.

    You are one very special lady
    enjoy your break
    love Brenda xx

  78. Well done and well deserved! I don't vote for much online, but Clarity is clearly a cut above the rest so it was a pleasure to add my name to all those voting for you. Congratulations! I hope you do something nice to celebrate! Kx

  79. Goodness me! Just spent an hour – a very happy hour – waiting at LA Airport, reading all the kind and uplifting comments from everybody. Many many thanks! Now I shall try and rustle up tomorrow's blog, and finalise the Retreat dates…..should be fun! Have a great day y'all!!

    1. Barbara you deserve all your awards and all us clarity follows where would I be without my clarity inspiration from you and your wonderful clarity team a big crafting hug xxx

  80. Well done, and well deserved, to you and all your team. Your blog is my daily dose of inspiration.
    Many thanks [hoping this is not duplicate as my last comment did not seem to send]

  81. Congratulations to you Barbara and your team. Your blog is a daily ritual for me and I look forward to seeing what's on the 'menu' for each day. You are such an inspiration, thank you so much.

  82. Hi Barbara and team Clarity

    Of course you have won loads. We all love your work and of course your blogs and inspirational words.

    The USA must now be wondering how they managed without Clarity! We certainly could not.

    Most days I have a good LOL (laugh out loud) moment and love all your private peaks………especially those that involve your mum and shopping trolley!

    Keep up the great work and safe journey home.

    Barbara W x

  83. Wow, what excellent news!!! Well done Barbara, Dave, DT team and everyone at Clarity! So great that you are rewarded for all your hard work and dedication to us your ever expanding Clarity family! Xx

  84. Congratulations!! I'm so excited that your products are available from the US version of Create and Craft. I've been drooling over your products for months but postage from the UK was holding me back. I hope to see more of your products available!!

  85. Hello Barbara and everyone who has worked so hard this year to make Clarity the best! I think the magic of your blog is that you share your highs with us and we celebrate with you, but also your lows and we truly feel that being here for you makes a difference too! So more power to your computer and long may it continue. Get out the champagne and raise a glass to everyone who voted for the best craft business ever, anywhere!! xx Margaret Col.

  86. Liebe Barb,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch dir und deinem gesamten Team zu den Auszeichnungen!
    Ihr habt es euch aber auch echt verdient!!

    Viele liebe Grüße aus dem verregneten Deutschland
    Sabine aus Siegen

  87. Congratulations Barbara, and all at Clarity : )) What a great way to start your break in New Mexico for you and Dave. Have a great time. Take care : ))

  88. Congratulations Barbara, to you and all your team. Your success is just reward for all your hard work. Have a great time in New Mexico and a well deserved rest!
    Love Gayle

  89. I just love a clarity family you and your team are just amazing how you all really around support us all in the good and bad times it's amazing how it has spread from through your team and every area of clarity just this week the support that's been here for a lovely friend here I clarity East Midlands to some they are just workshops you go to learn but not yours we really to care for each other and support comes formall parts of clarity team you are all the best love you all to bits xxx

  90. It is indeed a great result. I'm so pleased that you won the best blog as it is a great place for inspiration, you are so generous in sharing your knowledge, and your writing style has me in stitches sometimes. Hope you're now putting your feet up!

  91. Well done and congratulations to you and the team. I am not normally a fan of blogs but do enjoy reading yours each day, for inspiration, often a smile and occasionally for a sad reflection. Keep up the good work. x

  92. Huge congratulations to you and all the Clarity team! To walk away with 4 awards just proves what you are doing is really great and all your hard work is so appreciated!the awards are no less than you deserve!commitment to your beliefs and your endless inspiration and creativity as well as the talent from your DT the products and service you and your company provide is amazing. Keep doing what you are all doing! I can I buy shares when you float on the stock market?!! Wxx

  93. Congratulations and well deserved. I am in the process of getting my own blog set up so your words are a great encouragement. Keep up the good work.

  94. Well done on a well deserved win. You make so many people happy with your crafting inspiration so its lovely that some of that has come back to you in this way. xx

  95. Congratulations, such wonderful news. You and your team work extremely hard to keep us all happy and inspired. Glad that you are receiving the recognition that is so well deserved. Look forward to your blog everyday for new techniques and ideas to try out. They don't usually turnout like your demo's but I have such fun in trying. Many thanks and once again well deserved. xxxx

  96. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!
    Ich freue mich riesig für euch. Ihr seid aber auch ein tolles Team.
    Deine Ideen sind einfach super und das ganze Team ist
    Spitze. Weiter so, bin jetzt auch im Stempelclub und freue mich schon auf die
    erste Ausgabe.
    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

  97. Congratulations to both you and your uber talented team……..justly deserved. Your blog is inspirational and the award deservely won. Heres to more of the same plus new exciting challenges in 2015

  98. Well good evening Barbara, Dave and the whole Clarity Team – wow and well done to each and everyone of you.
    As I sit and write this after a rotten day at work I note that 200 have responded before me…200!!!! wow that has to be somewhat of a record too!!
    So picture this (in the great words of the Golden Girls)…September 2012 – Sunday morning – TV on there was Barbara Gray…I was mesmerised…out came the bank card and off I went….fast forward to July 2013…Little Baddow…day two of the workshops and I met you….in awe I tried so hard to do reflections …still to master them!!! I helped clear up and chatted with you and a couple of other spoke then of the blog you wanted to do.. Fast forward a bit more…August 2013 I drove all the way to Peterborough to Sally-Ann Haynes first workshop in the East Midlands, supported by Saz's partner Mark, Hazel Edwards and her husband Steve,all the way from SE London, you came to on a surprise visit….September 2012 I joined a Maria Simms class in Preston…and so my journey of friendship, fun, laughter, support and learning….forward a bit more…July 2014 Crowborough…oh what a fab couple of days…met so more of the Design Team…Sam, Jane, Jo to name but a few….some of them have become such close friends even though miles between us is vast….my journey with Sally-Ann (Saz) with her launch of Nottingham workshops also began last year – where I still tidy up…make oodles of tea and coffee for people like Fi Scott, Maggie Craner, Debbie Rock to name but a few….again people who have become good friends…Amanda Branston, Julie Rose and again Jane Telford also visited ….Those three and Saz supported me through one of my darkest days in 2014 – all of this out of watching you….Barbara – if there was a prize for inspiring friendships – for generating enthusiasm to push the boundaries of the comfort zone I would nominate you and vote for you over and over. You have given me a lease on life I thought I had lost, you have opened my door to making wonderful wonderful friends across the miles – some I now see very regularly!!! – They know who they are ;).
    And…as this year begins….it seems my life journey is about to take some different turns…both exciting and frightening…yet behind that my great friends who I have made in this journey are there with me, supporting me every step of the way – I have that because of you.
    This blog that you do daily, is one of a must for me every day, I have rarely missed a day, rarely missed posting a comment – you are worthy winner Barbara
    Thank you so much
    my love as ever to you especially – and all the team
    Kim xx

  99. Well my first proper time sending a message to the blog. Just wanted to say congratulations to Barbara and the team . So well deserved. What can I say brilliant news!! xx

  100. Wow – so there is some justice in the world after all. Clarity will always be my Number One. The products and service are fantabulous and Barbara, you are THE most inspirational lady. We share with you your highs and lows, ups and downs and that puts everything in perspective somehow. And I won't even start on the talent! Many many Congratulations to you and Dave and your amazing team – Keep up the good work xx

  101. Congratulations on the awards Barbara and team, they are so well deserved and a lovely way to show how much we all appreciate your hard work and dedication.x

  102. Congratulations Barbara – these awards are very much deserved by you and the whole Clarity Team.

    I love your blog, Clarity products AND the way you demonstrate the products so that your blog teaches me something new almost every day.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you all

  103. Congratulations! You really deserved to win, all of those awards. I look forward to your blog each day and I have learnt so much from you. (still need to practice my brayering!) Thank you for taking the time and effort to write your blog each day.

  104. Well done. it's all very well deserved. it is very obvious how hard everyone works at clarity towers staff and dt alike. my list of what i need to buy next keeps getting longer so a voucher would definitely make my day. not that i ever win…… hugs xx

  105. Wow, congratulations to you all. you work so hard and inspire us bloggers daily. Very well deserved, give yourself and the rest of the clarity team and big pat on the back. Big hugs Debbie x

  106. Stamps and stencils and all thats Geli
    Clever tips and tricks you show us on telly
    A daily blog that makes us all smile
    and now you know its all worth while
    So huge congrats to all at Clarity
    Love and best wishes your friend … er .. erm.. Varity?
    (oh c'mon .. if you say it quick I might get away with it ! ) xxx

  107. Congratulations! So the voting confirmed what we all knew – simply the best!
    Loved the live USA launch show. Didn't know you could demo so fast. They should have given you 2 hours. Wonderful new stamps and stencils. I have high hopes for my birthday next weekend.

  108. So pleased for you and the team. You all do a great job so it's well deserved. Your blog has definitely had me trying a lot more techniques for the last year, long may it continue. Thank you Barbara! p.s. when will the two day workshop dates be released for the summer? – I'm really looking forward to going again!

  109. Congrats and well done, deserved winners of all those awards. Hope you feel as good as I do when reading your blog Barbara or watching your videos – a winner, enjoying the tips, tricks, techniques and inspiration you have in abundance. Thanks

  110. Congratulations. So pleased you've got the recognition for all your hard work, but not surprised. Well done to all at clarity and thank you for your wonderful products, customer service and inspiration. Jan xx

  111. Congratulations! Good to see you getting more well-deserved awards. Mum and I have been crafting the Barbara Gray way for some time now and it has really helped us improve our skills and our cards, so thank you for what you do! 🙂

  112. Congratulations, and well done, also, on your show in California! I agree you need a longer slot for demo's though…………..or your own TV channel!!

  113. Well done all, no surprise really you put so much hard work in, so glad it has been rewarded, Your natural blogging style is lovely Barbara just the treat with a cuppa. I hope you are all celebrating big time.

  114. Congratulations! It's well deserved. Clearly, the repeat awards for Best Stamp Range and Best Designer must mean a lot, as this is the core of Clarity – but I agree with you, the award for the Blog is particularly special, because this is where you give so much of yourself and the award just goes to show how much you mean to all your many followers.

    Long may it continue – and next year, maybe it'll be a Queen's Award for International Trade!

  115. Congratulations Barbara and your team. Thank you for your wonderful products, examples, great demos and inspirational blog. These help us crafters to achieve great results and value from your products. Looking forward to seeing you at Crowborough. Onwards and upwards. Kind regards Marian xxx

  116. Congratulations to you all on your well deserved wins. And Barbara, you are always top celebrity in our books. We love your blogs – they are truly inspirational. Keep up the good work.

  117. Barbara, Yours were my favorite shows on our new C&C USA. Your are so very talented and gave some great tips and ideas for stamping. Loved watching you. I am buying several of your products. I can certainly see why you have won these awards! You deserve everyone of them.Congratulations!!

  118. Well done to you an your team u all really deserve it .. I love the act u are all passionate about Ur work an products an that shows with the fun u have .. I love watching Barbara an dean on ️c&c sooooo funny xx

  119. The number of messages on here should give you a hint as to how much we enjoy your blog and love your products. Can't wait to see what 2015 brings for us all. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing time in New Mexico. Make the most of it. Thank you and all the Clarity team for being the very best. xx Maggie

  120. So happ for you Barbara Dave and the Clarity team posted comment last night but don't know where it went maybe still need Ian but trying again to say thankyou for your blog and glad I managed to vote as you deserve it so much I love your sense of humour and it definitely is luagh anb learn … goes…

  121. Congratulations! You and everyone at Clarity deserve each award. Your blog is absolutely superb. I have learned so much from the Blog, the TV programmes and ofcourse the wonderful time I had on the retreats. My confidence has increased not only in crafting but changed my outlook on life – even at my age! Most of all, I thank you for your positive comments and encouragement.
    My husband endorses my comments and adds what a great example you are as a very, good and caring manager (it shows in the commitment of the team)
    With very best wishes to you, Dave and the Clarity Team.
    Anne (Reading)

  122. Hi Barbara,
    Love your show and you, I watch you on Create & Craft, love your stamps and stencils and will be sending an order soon. I have learnt such a lot from watching and your videos. You deserve the accolades.
    Di in Tasmania.

  123. Congratulations to you and the Team on these awards. So well deserved. On the telly, on You Tube, your blog etc. you are, in my opinion, the best crafting celebrity because you inspire and teach with so much passion and fun it's infectious.

  124. Congratulations to TEAM CLARITY and all who work so hard to bring to us all your wonderful products, ideas and inspiration, your awards are so well deserved Barbara ……………..Only one thing to say …….Keeeeep Crafting (and Blogging) xxx

  125. Many congratulations on all your very well deserved awards! Just trying to catch up on all the blogs I missed whilst I was on holiday, and so much has happened in just a few weeks that I don't know where to comment first!!! I'm delighted for you and Dave, and all of your talented team! Susan x

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