When Miss Sunshine met Mr Blueskies in Mountainair…

When Miss Sunshine met Mr Blueskies in Mountainair…

Hello there!
Having left the massive urban sprawl that is Los Angeles, we got on a small plane and came to tuck ourselves away in the vast Rocky mountains of New Mexico. 
Quite a temperature drop when you come up 7,000 feet!  But Thursday’s blog is always blue, and I wanted to share these skies with you!
We are up on a plateau, although you would never know it except that your ears pop as you climb. There is a crispness in the air which makes you feel so alive. Bloody freezing also springs to mind, but let’s stick with crunching virgin snow and exhilerating beauty!
The silence is magical. The only sound is the Santa Fe freight train in the distance, cutting its way through the snow. 
Have I ever mentioned that we have a home here? It came about in another life, and I love it so much! It’s been sitting here, sleeping in the sunshine, waiting patiently for the stars to move around and come back into alignment. Maybe now, with the American Launch, it will come back to life. We shall see…
This is the garden.
Somebody’s been out here ahead of me…mmmm…..a coyote? A mountain lion? Or maybe the neighbour’s dog! 
Would you like to see the house? Hang on….
Yes, I know. It’s a bugger to heat in this weather! We just live in one wing, which we keep lovely and toasty, with log burners.
Mind you, most of the year, New Mexico is very warm, hot actually. And this old historic schoolhouse, with it’s thick sandstone walls, stays lovely and cool.  
When I was taking a walk around the house this morning, making sure everything was okay, and taking in the moment, I noticed one particular tree looking spectacular in his winter coat,
I moved in closer, because it looked like a white firework explosion,
Isn’t that something?
I am certain that we can see this beauty at home too, but to see takes time.
I left Wurka and Hollick in LA. Told them to make their own way home. 
Quite simply because, after the boom and spin of the CHA, and TV Launch, and all that jazz,  I want to make some time to clear the head, come back down to earth, and figure out what it’s all about. Lots of options – aren’t we lucky?
I can hear Dave playing his guitar in the next room; did you know that he composes and plays the most wonderful music? 
But now I really must go and get some coffee on the stove and see what the day brings.
Lots of love and greetings from New Mexico!
Barb xxxx
PS The winner of yesterday’s £50 celebration Clarity Gift Voucher is Donna Brookes. Well done Donna! 

71 thoughts on “When Miss Sunshine met Mr Blueskies in Mountainair…

  1. Looks amazing! Love the frosty trees, you enjoy your R and R I imagine you both need it! There s something very comforting about snuggling up by a log fire. Greetings from a dark dank uk! Those sky's are amazing!

  2. I was wondering and longing to her your blogg . Made my day , now maybe I will go up to my craft space and try out some of that stored potential my son says is sitting there just waiting for me .
    I so want to discover a creative side of me . I'm sure it's there ,I just need to go find it . Have a joyful time there and be renewed .

  3. Have a wonderful time Barbara and Dave, I feel totally relaxed just after reading your blog. Those photos are fantastic…and well done Donna…I know you will enjoy spending your voucher….
    Enjoy your evening….hugs…xx

  4. Congratulations, Donna!! Enjoy your break, Barbara! It looks wonderful, despite the frosty tree. Actually, that looks pretty spectacular, too! Maybe you could use a bit of Dave's music as an intro on your Youtube Tuesday blog, sometime? I'm sure we'd all love to hear him play. Jo xx

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos Barbara. Wow, I had no idea that you got snow in New Mexico. We have some similar pine trees in our garden here in Gloucestershire, and they were also covered in snow yesterday morning – absolutely stunning until the wind and rain arrived later in the day!
    I really loved your shows with Dean from the CHA. I hope you and Dave enjoy your break and get a chance to recharge your batteries.
    Ruth x

  6. Wow! That looks like just the place to restore your yin yang balance. I am green with envy! Love the tree too. Enjoy, relax and restore. Loads of love xx

  7. What a beautiful set of images~that pristine blue sky and the snow laden tree {bull pine?} ~~~sighs~~~ still wishing for snow in west Wales ~~~ enjoy your break, and I know you will come home restored and brimming over with inspiration from NM

  8. What a beautiful place Barbara – the area and your home. I've always wondered what your house was like and now I know – thanks for sharing it with us. So Davie has even more talents, would love to hear his music one day 🙂 The tree is amazing, so beautiful. Enjoy the stillness. xx

  9. Hi Barbara, wow, what an amazing place. Always thought those photos on jigsaws and holiday brochures were made up! Must help make you switch off from work being surrounded with that, so calming and clean nature space all around. Glad you sent wurka and hollick packing, hope they get lost making their way home 🙂 I too would like to hear some of Dave's music if he doesn't mind sharing.

    Congratulations Donna, what a surprise you have waiting for you when you come on here :). What are you going to buy?

    Love Brenda xx

    1. I can't believe it how lucky! I can get a few things off my ever increasing wish list!! Probably stamps, although I have been aching to get the distress inks for ages. XX

  10. Beautiful blog! Something about a clear blue sky and snow thatusually fills me with a feeling of peace, Enjoy, as I go try shake off my feeling of envy. Good job I am spending the evening in my craft room.

    Congrats to Donna.

  11. Hello Barb, what a beautiful blog post, stunning photos. Sometimes we forget the beauty and force of nature! Thank you for sharing. Perhaps Dave should compose a song about Clarity? The company, the idea we have, whatever! Well done on the voucher win Donna, am well jel! Take care all, and stay safe Barb and Dave. Bx

  12. Wow, looks bsautiful in the snow Barbara, and I can see why you might be shivering a bit! Enjoy your stay. Congratulations to Donna on her win. x

  13. What a stunning place to have a home. It looks fantastic. Love the fact that you only use one "wing" in the winter…and do you give the butler and housekeeper the time off too (oh yes, they're called Worca and Hollic). Enjoy your time chilling. Xx
    Congratulations to Donna x

  14. Wow Barbara, stunning beauty. Thank you for sharing your photographs. The frosted tree reminds me of Somerset's 'Big Freeze' in 2010. I'd show you a photo if I knew how!

  15. Hi Barbara What a stunning place and fabulous blue skies. I am sure you will come back fully rested a raring to go (once you've thawed out!!). Sounds very cosy with the log burners and I'm sure you've got your winter woollies with you ( was there room in your suitcase???!!). Now I'm sure you've mentioned Dave playing music before, does he play the banjo music in your videos? It's always lovely. Enjoy your R&R. Take care love Diane xxx
    Congratulations Donna have fun spending your voucher xxx

  16. that is spectacular natural beauty. breathtaking!i can feel lots of wintry stamps coming on. enjoy the break and make sure hat Wurka and Hollick are ell and truly banished, hugs xx

  17. You write so beautifully that I can feel the relaxation you are experiencing and the joy in the beauties around you. Take as much time as you can to get the greatest benefit. Those photos are just stunning and perhaps we could hear some of Dave's lovely music sometime too. Congratulations to Donna for her lovely win. xxx Maggie

  18. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    wow, wow, wow, was für fantastisch schöne Bilder. Ich bin total begeistert von dem blau des Himmels. Ich liebe die Ruhe im Schnee. Wenn man nur das knirschen der eigenen Schritte oder das knacken der Äste oder Eiszapfen hört. Das ist so romantisch und die Vorstellung lässt mir träumen. Wenn man nach Hause kommt und sich einen Tee oder Kakao macht und die Stille nachwirken lässt.

    Ich wünsche euch eine wundervolle Zeit in Mexiko. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  19. Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!! What a fantastic surprise, can't believe it! Thank you Barbara, I will have sooo much fun choosing what to get, my mind is already spinning. Was busy helping my Mum this evening cut out hundreds of 2" hexagons as she is starting to quilt this year so I can guarantee anything I buy will not be hexagon shaped! My fingers may recover one day 😉 Off to Clarity to peruse the stamps….. or maybe the stencils……… or maybe the inks???? XX

  20. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your personal space. Food for your artistic soul, I should think. Relax and enjoy!
    Well done Donna. I'm sure you'll enjoy, too! Jan x

  21. Beautiful Barbara, just beautiful, …. Nothing more to say other than enjoy…. Wish we could hear Daves music! Record him and add it to the blog so we can share the moment… The smell of the coffee….mmmmm – bacon eggs and hash browns too at all? I could be there in a heart beat xxx
    Much love

  22. Hi Barb,
    Your place in New Mexico looks absolutely stunning. Mind you, I'm another one that didn't realise that they got snow, but my geography is pretty useless! The colours in the photos are so vivid, the sky reminds me of skiing holidays in the Alps where the air is so clean. Hope you get the chance to completely recharge your batteries in this wonderful place. Congratulations to Donna – enjoy spending! Love Alison xx

  23. Barbara! Its a place of beauty! How wonderful after all the hustle and bustle of the CHA!!! Rest and relax a while and feel refreshed!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  24. Oh Barb! I almost wept at this, so beautiful – we once spoke at Ally Pally about NM and your home there, I adore NM and would come for a week and clean your lovely home top to bottom before any of your visits if you wish – grin 🙂 Isn't the air there just so, so pure – although I do get nosebleeds at that altitude! And my Len would happily tune and play Dave's guitar in readiness whilst I clean! Deal?

    Hugs, Di xx

  25. The trees are fantastic, the snow almost looks like fluffy cotton wool, magical. So glad you left Wurka and Hollick to fly home, you and Dave really need the rest and relaxation away from phones, and everything else electrical.

  26. Donna, enjoy spending and have fun with your new things, congrats! Bab, this is so beautiful, so peaceful and those beautiful blue skies… enjoy your time in your US home.

  27. Wow!! Beautiful photos & house. Love the snow covered tree, that would make a beautiful stamp. Looks the ideal place fior rest & relaxation for you & your Dave in front of the log burner. Have a wonderful time. Congrats to Donna too, have fun spending your voucher.xx

  28. What a lovely place. I didn't realize New Mexico got snow either and I'm just a couple of states away. I hope you get to spend lots and lots of time here and appear on C&C. USA as a constant regular.

  29. What a great blog Barbara. Such an idyllic place for R & R. It sounds very romantic, sitting in front of a log fire being serenaded by the lovely Dave! Anne x

  30. What a beautiful place, I never imagined it snowed in New Mexico, it sounds like a hot place to me. I'm glad you're having a break, you deserve it that's for sure. I look forward to seeing the stamps and stencils that you are inspired to create when you get home xxx

  31. WOW! WOW! WOW! Your home looks amazing. Can see why you love it there. Enjoy your R&R.
    Maybe you could use some of Dave's music on your You Tube Tuesday sometime? Would love to hear it.
    Love Gayle

  32. Hi Barbara. Wow, what fantastic pictures. It looks like it is the perfect place for you and Dave to go and chill out, not literally though I hope! You will come back with your batteries recharged no doubt.
    Congratulations to Donna, enjoy your spending spree, I still haven't decided what to buy with my voucher yet, I keep changing my mind as there is so much that i would love to have : ) Stay snug and warm wherever you all are and think of Barbara and Dave in their wonderful holiday home. Take care.

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