Carmel by the Sea – an place of outstanding beauty.

Carmel by the Sea – an place of outstanding beauty.

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by. 
Writing to you all the way from America, so thought I would show off another one of those fabulous scenic stamps which we launched over here on US TV. 
This one reminds me so much of the steps leading down to the beaches in Carmel, California. 
We lived there when the kids were small, and I spent many a happy hour on the beach with them. Those were magical times! Sealions, pelicans – yep, I think I left my heart on the Monterey Peninsula!
I remember my cousin Linda from London visited us one summer; it was the summer of the Rodney King riots in L.A. and the year Mark was born, so that would have been 1992. Well, Linda decided she was going to get a tan. Oh joy!  Off to the beach we went! We were all covered up, with hats and shades and sunscreen, but oh no! Not Linda. She slapped on the Hawaiian fry me oil and went for it. I kid you not; within 2 hours she was as red as a Carribean lobster. The sun is so deceiving there! Her legs looked as though she was wearing a pair of bright red tights! Mad English and the midday sun springs to mind….but I digress. 
And let’s face it – this scenic stamp could be in Kent too !! Although it would take a little longer to fry your bacon and eggs like Linda did!
So let’s take a closer look at this artwork….
Dust a piece of Theuva card with talc before you begin; 
stops the embossing powder from clinging to the card.
Stamp the lovely Scenescape into place using Black Archival, add Embossing Powder, and heat emboss.
This will give you a super embossed line art image, really easy to colour in.
Promarkers or any other alcohol pens work beautifully on Theuva Card. 
Just start filling the images. Start with the lightest colours and then added shade and perspective with the darkers colours.
I love colouring in. It is soooo relaxing! You will find that the colours blend beautifully on Theuva card.
Let’s get in close to see….
The embossed lineart helps you add shade too.
Decide what word best suits your artwork, and add it using the Letterbox Kit. Cover up with the mask.
I went with Joy. For me, Carmel memory = Joy
Cover up the finished piece with the accompanying stencil round, 
and brush Tumbled Glass around the edge.
Add some streamers to the Letterboxes with a Micron pen.
A little matting and layering, and the job is done. 
I hope you like this artwork. Makes a beautiful card for many occasions; birthday, best wishes, get well soon, Easter, invitation to a garden party, the list goes on!
So there we are. Carmel and the Lone Cypress blogs are done now. 
I shall tackle number 3 in the set, Napa Valley, next week. You can buy them individually too though!
Lots of love,
Barb xxx

38 thoughts on “Carmel by the Sea – an place of outstanding beauty.

  1. Just beautiful ~ again! Could you come to the bank with me and support me in my request for a loan ~ lol ~ I'm sure they'd listen to you. Wondering if I should just ask for my pay to be send directly to you by BACS?
    Thank you for this lovely ray of sunshine and promise of spring and green trees ahead 🙂 ~~~Deb in Wutheringly Wet Wales

  2. Hello Barb, you are meant to be taking a break, however saying that, I think we would all miss your daily dose of inspiration. These stamps are fabulous, and this scene is so lovely, beautiful, bright and perfect to liven up a cold winter day. Hope you are enjoying your break, and will bring back many happy memories. Take care. Bx

  3. Carmel is beautiful and the coastline is just magical. One of my fave places was Deetjens Big Sur Inn – don't know if it's still there. The new stamps are lovely and can go into my wish list. Hope you have a nice relaxing time before returning to the madness. Lx

  4. Hi Barbara. Thanks for taking time out of your break to blog to us. What a beautiful card. My elegant ladies stencils and stamps have arrived so off to have a play.
    love Gayle x

  5. Another lovely demo, thank you.

    As Deborah above says I think it would be easier to get my pay transferred to you too! What I'm going to do when I retire is another matter but things will have to change a bit! However I have loads of things I can't remember and haven't used yet LOL!!!

    Do you have another set of crafting goodies in that house Barbara or do they just travel with you?!

    I've never been to America but my work colleagues is just booking herself a trip now!

    1. Sorry, put my comment in the wrong place! Brain not working!!!!! But while I'm here 🙂
      Barbara probably has more craft stuff in her suitcases than clothes from the CHA, I think what we need to worry about is her keeping warm, or more likely Dave!!!!!!! xx

  6. Hi Barbara, yes I do like this artwork, thank you. And I love how you always come up with new wee extra drawing bits to add to your creations. I like to do wee hand drawn bits on my cards and I'm getting so many more ideas as well as help to think outside the box from yours, thank you.

    I've got a lovely blue sky here today but definitely not as blue as yours is 🙂
    Hope you are managing to relax and recharge your batteries
    love Brenda xx

  7. Hi Barbara. Love the beautiful card, the stamp is gorgeous and I love how you have added the streamers to Joy, what a great touch. I hope you and Dave are having a wonderful time. Take care.

  8. loved the card, artwork and shading, but best I loved the beach story. I live by the sea, love bucket, spading and catching rock pool tiddlers with my granddaughter. In my mind I'm with you on the beach. Thank you for the story.X

  9. Hi Barb,
    What can I say that everyone before me hasn't already said. The stamp is gorgeous, so is the card and why are you still working when you're supposed to be having a break? Having said that, I'd miss you if you didn't blog!!
    Thank you for all your hard work xx

  10. This is really pretty Barbara. I love the tails on the sentiment which gives it the look of a kite, and the added blue shading works a treat. x

  11. Hi Barbara This is lovely and I like the twiddly bits on Joy, it really adds a little something to it. Your poor cousin, I bet she was sore for weeks! Hope you have a laugh about it now. Enjoy your rest and listening to Dave playing music. Love Diane xxx

  12. Thanks for sending a little sunshine our way, both with your your lovely card and the story of your cousin, a girl after my own hea(r)t. We could do with some in UK at the moment. x

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