Note to self: Most of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS!

Note to self: Most of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS!

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by today. 
Doesn’t feel like a Friday, does it?
Friday’s blog a private peek.
We are back at work, well half of us, trying to get revved up for 
Sunday morning’s TV show.
I hope you join Dean and myself; some fab new stamps and stencils being showcased on the first show of the year.
And a brilliant selection of canvas boards!
New Year, New Art!
Then it’s off to Los Angeles for the CHA in Anaheim, 
the biggest, most prestigious Craft Trade Show in the world. 
We will be broadcasting from the States to the States, 
and also to the UK.
Lots of planning involved, believe you me! 
No time to have my hair done either!!!
Dee and I are wading through demos and samples today.
I am so proud of the artwork the Clarity Design Team is sending me off with. It really does make my job so much easier!
Lots of masterpieces being lovingly packed into Dave’s suitcase…
I need mine for make up and clothes!
Just kidding!  I’ve got all the demo gear in mine!
Clothes? Not a priority just now;
this is no time for vanity!
And I’m sure I will find something in LA…
The artwork is the key to the shows.
Always has been.
When I arrive at the hotel in Peterborough the night before a show, I am always so worried the car will get stolen during the night and the artwork will be gone, I haul the lot into the hotel room! 
Not worried about the car, that’s what we’ve got insurance for, 
but if the pizza boxes full of samples went, together with my prep boxes, that would be the end of play. No show. 
Am I mad? Nope. 
I’ve weighed up the chances of the car being stolen against
a fire in the hotel. And I think the car is more likely to get it.
And after over 6 years of this arduous exercise, you KNOW that the night I get complacent, and say sod it, the car will be targeted.
Or shall I risk it tomorrow? Shall I blow caution to the wind, and assume that the car won’t get nicked?
Maybe I AM mad after all…
I will let you know nearer the time when the shows will be broadcasting and repeating back to Britain, too. 
If all goes according to plan though, 
 – and why shouldn’t it?  – 
there will be a LIVE link between 
Clarity at the CHA and Create & Craft UK.  
If you tune in to C&C here in England on
 Saturday 10th January at 12 lunchtime, 
you should be able to watch a Clarity Show being aired LIVE.
Provided the suitcases arrive safely….
Much love to you,

67 thoughts on “Note to self: Most of what we worry about NEVER HAPPENS!

  1. Eeso looking forward to the show on Sunday and the CHA shows.
    A friend of mine said to me recently "We spend most of our lives running away from things that aren't even after us"!!!!!
    How very true xxxxx

  2. What a busy girl you are, Barbara!! That's what you get for being so talented! 😀 Sadly. I never get to see you live on Sundays….I leave for church as you start….and so much is sold out by the time I get back! I wish you well in Anaheim…I know you will be as popular over there as you are here. Happy New Year! xx

  3. Will be watching Sunday and of course will try and catch the American Show too. Have a wonderful time, exciting new adventures. Safe journey's to you and Dave. Mind those priceless samples. xxx

  4. Good luck for the show on Sunday, I'm looking forward to seeing the new stamps and stencils and what you and the great design team come up with. Hope to catch you in the US too. 2015 sounds like it's going to be an exciting year. xx

  5. Oh my what a busy start to your year! Mind you I'd rather be doing as not! I have a bad cough after the cold over Xmas and can't do anything as I'm just coughing all over the place so having to be patient ! Anyway have a great time here on Sunday and over the water xx

  6. It sounds like ……, hell?? Maybe both in equal measure! I think after 6 years of unpacking the car I would probably continue doing it as I wouldn't want to tempt fate. Or maybe you could half unpack it and see. Of course then the stressful dilemma would be what to unpack and what to leave……….. Stick to original plan and unpack, at least you will sleep and all the lovely art work will make it to the studio. Xx

  7. I would carry on doing what you have always done and take the artwork and prep with you wherever you go. You know you will not sleep unless you have it safely in your sight. There may be some mad Clarity fans waiting to grab all those boxes out of your car (which hotel is it, then I can come and gather up what is left). Make sure you get plenty of sleep while you are rushing all over the world. Will you get a chance to see Grace while you are over there? Looking forward to Sunday's show. xx Maggie

  8. I'm exactly the same Barbara, what's the point in leaving things to chance. Looking forward to Sunday and thanks for the heads up for your appearance at CHA x

  9. Barbara how cute your photos are love your new hair do ,your blog makes me smile looking forward to both shows dean is so funny you make a good team so excited to see the wee people your fetching out ,happy traveling xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Take the artwork and demo boxes out of the car otherwise you'll do what I would do. Lie awake and then about an hour after going to bed, get up, go to the car park in dressing gown, and lug the stuff up to the room causing havoc all around!!!
    See you on TV soon xxx

    1. Oh Maureen that would be me too! Except the hotel door would shut behind me and I wouldn't be able to get back in, so would either spend the night in the car with the samples or sat on the hotel step waiting for the night porter to find me!!! Diane xxx

  11. All the best for Peterborough and the US. Sounds exciting and exhausting. I'm glad you take such care of the DT's lovely samples. I always used to lug my notes etc. around in hand luggage when travelling for training courses. So much prep. and petrified I'd have to make it up as I went along if my suitcase didn't turn up. One time it didn't so I felt justified.
    Looking forward to Sunday. X

  12. I'm sqeeee~ing with excitement for you going to the CHA and I'm sqeeee~ing with excitement for my lovely American friend, to whom I introduced you a few months back and she *loves* your stamps and designs. I'm hoping, for her, that all this means your products will be available "over there" too ~~~
    My first Clarity Club envelope arrived just 20 minutes ago and I'm squeee~ing with excitement over that too ~~~ I guess I am very excited today!
    Hugs xoxo

  13. Hi Barbara,
    sounds a bit like NEW YEAR – NEW STRESS???
    I hope you will have a lot of fun with the shows and if something unexpected happens laugh about it… like: Don´t worry, be happy…
    I found the C&C US website and hope I can watch your shows on the PC.
    Best wishes
    Rolf xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    all the best for C&C and the visit to CHA how exciting but it does all sound a bit stressful, I'm sure everything will be fine. Take care and I'm looking forward to reading all about it on here
    Jackie x

  15. All sounds exciting and such a lot to look forward to! Well risk assessed too ! LOLxx

    Have good shows throughout and enjoy it – you always look great on the telly and your relaxed style is the appeal, in addition to the Clarity goodies of course!

    I got a bargain this morning, Tim Holtz distressed ink pads at half price not to mention some other bits and pieces at a local craft/garden centre!

  16. Good luck with all the upcoming shows. I'm sure that all will go well but there's always "sod's law" waiting to pounce so I don't blame you for worrying. I always take an umbrella because then it won't rain. The samples from your design team are so fabulous that it would be a disaster and so upsetting if they went missing.
    Looking forward to seeing you on TV (unless I get a sudden call to hospital). Love Jeanette xx

  17. It's Murphy's law that the first time you don't unload the car something will happen to it and it's contents. Play safe and lug it all up to your room! Safe trip to LA xx

  18. Barbara Gray you make our day
    with words so worldly wise
    The things you create and what you say
    You're a marvel in my eyes
    I think the world would be a much nicer place
    If it was guided by your Zen
    Your wit, your art, your friendly smile
    Let's vote Barbara for Number 10
    So go – be brilliant in the USA
    and know wherever you go
    that you bring sunshine everyday
    To many you dont know
    Passport.Tickets, Brain in gear
    and off to that foreign land
    and know that you are loved my dear
    and we all have you by the hand
    Deep breaths and enjoy the show
    you are brilliant, creative and funny
    and if you should wobble just know
    We are all right behind you honey !
    Happy New Year to all xx Verity

  19. Wishing you a Happy New Year, and try not to worry, you'll be fab as usual, and everything will work out because you are amongst lots of crafty friends xxx

  20. Barbara, you have an excellent Design Team and it comes as no surprise to me that you are proud of them, anyone would be !! Such a friendly bunch too ! Good Luck with the shows I am sure all will go well for you xx

  21. Most of all Barbara……Always remember – "DON'T PANIC MR MANNERING"……..and if ever you're stuck for words……."DON'T TELL 'EM YOUR NAME PIKE!!!"
    Looking forward to Sunday & also seeing you the Saturday after on US tv.
    I have a Cousin over in the US and have met many of her friends who are avid crafters. I've already told them about Clarity, but I'm going to msg them on FB and let them know you're on! Any clues on the Channel number? 🙂 xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, you poor soul, but you do make me laugh so much. Maybe because I so get it as I am at least as bad as you on the worry and what if one, so can totally get what you feel and the things you do because of it. Worry is my other middle name!!!! As well as being one of my gremlins so got it double!!!! If it was me I'd be asking everyone to make two of everything so I could have one lot in the car and one in the hotel room, or one lot in each of your cases! On second thoughts I'd be asking them all to make 3 of everything, since I keep 3 fully up to date copies of all my photos and any other craft stuff I have on my laptop, one on the laptop and one on each of two EHDs!!!!!! Lists of lists, extra in case……

    I wish you all the best for the USA, just be yourself as you are to us and I'm sure they will all love you and your products just as much as we do 🙂 Glad we will be able to watch the shows too 🙂

    Love the new hairdo, looks like you've stuck your fingers in a wall socket!!!!

    Love Brenda xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    I'm with you, I'd take everything with me into the hotel! It would be just my luck to have it stolen if I didn't! I agree, you have an absolutely brilliant design team. Really looking forward to the show on Sunday and then the US one too. I'm sure you'll knock them dead as they say. Had a quick peak at the goodies for Sunday – fabulous but I think I'll wait and order from you direct then I don't have to pay the postage being a Gold member. Hope things go well. Love Alison xx
    Ps love your new hairdo!

  24. Hi Barb, well that was another laugh, in fact the hubs asked why I was giggling, I think it was a combination of all 3 photos that got me going. And Barb, you have no fear, you will do the Clarity team, your lovely family and all of us that support you proud, you always do whether it is across the pond or here at home. Looking forward to Sunday and to next week, all very exciting. Here's keeping our fingers crossed, that everything goes according to plan. Take care, and above all, just be the Barbara we know and love. Bx

  25. I try not to worry about things until there is something to worry about. That said, I would definitely be taking all the stuff for the show in the hotel and not risking it in the car overnight. Really looking forward to the upcoming shows. I must remember to set the recorder for Sunday though as I missed last month's show. x

    1. Hi Barbara, yes I'd not leave anything to chance, take it all up to your room as always, be safer. It must take you forever finding the appropriate photos to put on your blog. Absolutely brilliant. You'll be fine on US TV, just be yourself you never fail on our TV. We all love you and they will too. How can they not!!! Safe journey to you all. x

  26. Hi Barbara loving the new hair style and yes I would take the stuff into the hotel too! I'm sure you will be wonderful on TV in the US , bet they haven't seen anything like you before so you will wow them like you do us. Fill both suitcases with your necessary suff and shop for outfits out there is a good plan. Looking forward to Sunday to see these lovely new stamps and goodies. Take care love Diane xxx

  27. LOL, great blog. Can't wait for Sunday, I also missed last months show, for some reason it failed to record! I was gutted. I love seeing what the DTs have done, such a talented bunch. My advise would be to invest in more luggage on wheels and lug all those samples into the hotel! Somethings that money or insurance just can't replace. It must feel great to be going back to where your stamping started. Bet you go down a storm just like here.

  28. Think it must be a woman thing because I would be hauling it all up to my room as well. Someone might think they have a free supper with all those pizza boxes, what a shock they would have. So exciting all these new ventures, good luck for all your shows. xx

  29. Hi Barbara. I am looking forward to Sunday, can't wait to see the wee people! I would be the same as you re. car versus hotel. Hotel would win every time. Why tempt fate, and you wouldn't sleep for worrying any way would you! Have a great time. (I love the hair do : )) Take care.

  30. Don't worry Barbara everything will be fine you are so so clever kind and good to us. You have a great group of people behind you that love you I'm one of em thank you love June xxxxx

  31. I'm sure everything will be more than fine Barbara, but I understand how you feel and I think in these circumstances following the same routines makes for less stress and gives us more confidence in what we are doing, well that's my theory anyway. You do have a great group of people who support you and I am looking forward to C & C on Sunday, and wish you good luck for the CHA in the US. x

  32. Hi Barbara. Love the photos! I'm glad I'm not the only worrier out there. My New Year Resolution is to chill more (ok, TRY to chill more!) Looking forward to the show on Sunday will have laptop and credit card ready .Have a great time in he good old US of A.
    Love Gayle x

  33. Love reading your blogs hearing your thought as we all have those panics silly really but then that's what makes us who we are. Going to be exciting hope you get to see Grace while there it look amazing over there looking forward to seeing and hearing of your adventure xxx

  34. Oh, what a worry Barbara, I did the same thing back in the 80's when I went to Australia, to give slide lectures. I had all the slides in my carry on bag, in case I arrived but the slides didn't . It weighed about twice the limit, but thankfully was never weighed, just put in a size frame. Phew! Will tune in to see all the new goodies.Best of luck in the US, I hope Clarity sells out!

  35. Ooh Barbara you have me smiling. I never leave stuff in the car when staying over somewhere – carry the whole flippin lot up to the room (it's always up ,,, usually without a lift ,,, tho these days hubby gets the job carrying stuff!) Just in case …. Of what? Well it doesn't matter! We worry so we try to stop that worry. If only we could have confidence …. but we're going to change a good thing that's worked! Good luck. I'll be watching (on both occasions!)
    Hugs ((())) Alison.

  36. I can't beleive it nearly here. I think it looks like the life link is on my Birthday so I will have my feet up and watching. xxx xx I think you should ask the guy behind the desk for a trolly ! to take the art work in. x

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