Anaheim, California. What a place!

Anaheim, California. What a place!


Thank you for stopping by.
It’s the day before the CHA commences, the biggest Trade Show for craft in the world. And the day before we go out live on TV to 40 million homes in the USA! Yikes! But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!
Look at this place! No, look at the blue sky! 
January? Really?
Very excited to be here. both of us.
It’s not a jolly or a holiday; far from it! This is the culmination of months of planning and preparing just about to be put into action!
Dave was laughing at me over coffee; sunglasses, specs and two IOS devices on the go! Relax and soak up the sun my a**e!!
Look who else I bumped into!
He interviewed me….
Then I interviewed him, laid back California style!

We’re doing the shows together, which I am very happy about. VERY. There’s something very safe about working with somebody as knowledgeable and familiar as Dean. He may lark about sometimes, but he has always got all the bases covered. So all the fear and trepidation about the US launch was for nowt! It’s just like being back at home!
Even the producers are my mates!
So we’ve gone through it all once, and I’m sure we’ll go through it again before we go live! But one thing’s for sure: you couldn’t wish for a more switched on, professional, friendly crew than these guys.
The live simulcast show will be on Create & Craft at 3pm on Saturday, tomorrow. Other shows too, but not 100% sure when.
Leave an uplifting comment, give us a cheer, a Mexican wave! 
Lots love,
Barb xxx

131 thoughts on “Anaheim, California. What a place!

  1. Well Barb just seen your Blog post and I wish you and everyone the best of luck for the launch!! Or should that be break a leg?! No best of luck is best I think. I am having a little break in the middle of a night shift at the hospice where I work and thought I would catch up with your world and am so glad I did, and now put on the first post of the day! Now that is a first, the joys of night duty! I will be sure to tune in on saturday even if I am a bit blurry eyed. Hope you are coping with the time difference. Have a great time and enjoy the whole amazing experience, you'll do absolutely brilliantly, you've prepared, rehearsed and have the lovely Dean and your wonderful Dave to share the load too. Oh and I and many others will be sending positive vibes your way. XX

  2. Morning – Wind making it difficult to sleep – weather rather than digestion !!
    I am sure you will be great – as always – can't believe you are not already a household name in USA – You will be soon !
    love and good thoughts coming your way – cant wait to be able to get the glasses stamps – as an Optician see lots of card and scrapbook opportunities jx

  3. Another night nurse signing on…All the very best of luck for the trade show and your broadcast. I'm an avid follower but not a regular commentator but as a fellow lady of Kent you're our local girl, go knock me dead!!

  4. I know you will knock their socks off. You have fantastic products and with you and Dean and Dave guarding your back, you will be a raging success. But do take a little timelines Sun and the pool to recharge blueberries. xxx Maggie

  5. Barbara, Clarity, and …..Dean! What more could anyone want? I would wish you good luck, but I know all your planning and preparation will pay off, and everything will be brilliant. Xxx

  6. Hello Barb, well there is only so much prep a person can do, and I am sure you have done it all. So great that you are presenting with Dean, I am sure you will still both show some of your comical side. And with Dave to back you, I bet you will be received with open arms in the US. Go fly the flags of both Clarity and Britain with pride. Will be watching the launch. Bx

  7. I've just watched your Thursday show on C&C USA Barbara. I think you are going to blow them all away as much as you do here! Fab show! I'm now waiting for 1pm so I can watch the next one! Xx

  8. Barbara, you and Dave will be just fine – you are ever the professional and Dave is your rock – it will be absolutely fine – just look in to the camera, focus on the art and the rest will melt away – do that thing they tell you to do when you are going for a interview to calm your nerves – imagine them naked thing!!! – I don't mean imagine the US folks that way but adopt a similar thing 😉
    I am sure that you and Dave will then go round the rest of the exhibitors and pick up some wonderful ideas for the year ahead – ones that you are going to wow us with – if anyone can do it you can!!
    I have you see up on record as I will be in Nottingham with Sally-Ann – but I will have my iPad with me and may set it up so we can all have a quick look at you whilst we craft!!!!
    Enjoy the sun – all that vitamin D – do you the power of good

    Much love

    Kim xx

  9. Oh Barbara I feel so excited for you! I can't wait to watch your show tomorrow and I am sure that you will just rock! America will just love you!
    The start of something big springs to mind!!! Have a blast!
    Love and lots of hugs! xx

  10. Hoe exciting – don't be daunted by the MILLIONS watching you. Think of it as a C and C show and you will be fine. Glad that Dean is with you.So exciting and can't wait to see the shows and new products. I suspect there is going to be a LOT of investment purchasing this weekend!! Have a ball…x

  11. Good luck Barbara although you don't need it. Clarity the product will sell by itself because of its quality and with you and Dean to promote it – added bonus. Have a good time x

  12. You don't need luck lovely lady. Your products are fantastic, your service is amazing and once you have shown everyone the fabulous Barbara Gray magic with that little bit of Dean sparkle – how could they resist??? Enjoy this new journey and where it takes you. Xxxc

  13. I'm really looking forward to watching Barbara. I know you'll do a fab job and that the US will be as enthralled by you as we always are. x

  14. Morning one Mexican wave from St neots Cambridgeshire , you go girl lovely pictures you look very relaxed I'm sure Dean will help you feel fine with his humour who couldn't just have to pretend your back in peterborough. Tv is set coffee will be on and waving in progress you are a star xxx

  15. Fantastic Barbara, I'm sooo chuffed for you! I'm sure the shows will be a massive hit with you and Dean the U.S. Of A isn't going to know what's hit em! I hope you and Dave can take a bit of time out to enjoy that sunshine. Lots of love!Wendyxx

  16. Mexican wave from stormy Scotland! Soak up that sunshine and have a fantastic show. I'm sure all your hard work will be well worth it. Love watching you and Dean, another laugh and learn show. We are being spoilt rotten!

  17. Fantastic can't wait! Had a sneaky peak on the C&C website and the nrew stamps and stencils look fan, fingers are itching to order! Good luck for the shows to all the team I have no doubts that you will be well received. XX

  18. Hi Barbara. Oh, I do wish I was there with you, that blue sky looks fantastic : ) You and Dean will wipe the floor with your fabulous shows and then you must chill out with Dave. Only 1 sleep for us now : ) Take care.

  19. Another Mexican wave from Yorkshire Barbara, the USA will love you and your lovely new stamps and stencils, working your show with Dean will be a breeze, just like being at home with sunshine, have fun, looking forward to watching you. Michelle XXX

  20. Morning! Can you send us some of that sun blowing a houlie here
    Really looking forward to the shows the stamps and stencils look fabulous. You and Dean rock on the air together so all will be fine. The Americans will .go potty for your stuff . Try to relax and go with the flow
    I am sure you will xx

  21. Hope everything goes fabulously well, you have prepared well and rehearsed professionally, so now let the chips fall where the gods decide. Butterflies are very necessary for a good performance, so accept them not fear them and know that what people love about you here is your passion and enthusiasm and that shines through in whatever language or part of the world. And if it goes pear shaped, well you tried and the best things come from pushing yourself into that place that's scary and thrilling at the same time and how dull it would be if you never went there again. Remember where it started, also California(?), where you've come from and where you are now and be rightly proud. We are all proud of you and willing you on, knock em dead girl, go for it!

  22. Hi Barbara
    I have the recorder set for the show. You will be brilliant as always and the USA will love you as much as we do. Just relax and do what you always do.
    Go Girl !
    Hugs from Chris

  23. I'm sure that you will be a big hit and America will love you just as much as we do. Great to know that you are in safe hands and I think you and Dean are great together and very entertaining too. Your artwork and products speak for themselves so just take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. xxxx

  24. Can't wait now to see you on t'telly! You and Dean are so great together ~ I was worried that you'd be flying over together and the air crew wouldn't know what had hit them! hehehe!.
    Got to hope you will be on when I can watch! Only got Freeview and the internet doesn't work out here in the back of beyond very well in the evening. Deb ~~~

  25. Hi Barbara. So looking forward to the show, there will be so many of your dedicated followers watching all you need to do is imagine you are back in the UK with us. You and Dean will be the stars of the show, lots of goodies, great demonstrations and lots of giggles along the way. Best wishes to you, Dean and of course, Dave. Enjoy! Anne x

  26. Knock them dead, go, go , go
    Show them what they have been missing, they will love you as much as we do, as long as you come back.
    Keep control of our wonderful Dean, as you do here.
    Look forward to watching you
    Enjoy yourselves, plan in action and at the ready. We all are and supporting you 120% +++

  27. Hi Barbara, this is so exciting. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. Ich drücke Dir, Dean und dem Rest vom Team ganz fest die Daumen. Das wird super! xxxx

  28. Look out USA it's the Barbara and Dean Show! Can't wait to see the show, as I love it when you and Dean work together. I'm glad you have some familiar faces with you for what must be a nerve-wracking experience. I'm sure you will be absolutely great and America will love you and your products. How could they not?!!!
    Good luck Barbara,. enjoy this fantastic experience.

    Love Gayle xx

    PS Can't wait to hear who the cozzy attracts this time 🙂

  29. Big wave coming your way! Go get'em girl! Glad you've got a good team from C&C behind you. Sounds like you're very prepared… No shrink plastic then!! Wonder if America will get yours and Dean's sense of humour? Really looking forward to the show, very excited for you and what beautiful weather! Wishing you and Clarity every success in the USA. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  30. Another Mexican wave coming your way from UK. Lovely photos. Stay cool Barbara. You'll do well, you & Dean together in a show will Wow US. Great lady, Funny man, great products along with all your skills they'll love you as much as we do, no worries. Enjoy the sunshine with Dave when you can. All the very best. Come home safe to us tho.xx

  31. Hi there Barbara and Dave. Glad you have Dean and the team there. You are going to be stunned by the fantastic reaction to the show, it will be amazing. Remember "She thought she could do it, so she did". You can and will. Of course will be watching and cheering you on. Lots of love.

  32. Barbara you will be fine im just gutted as i am going to a pantermine on Saturday with my granddaughter and G grand kids so am going to miss it ,really gutted xxx

  33. Best wishes Barbara I'm sure all will go brilliantly and with Dean and the crew you will be fine. That blue sky is stunning try and take a few minutes to enjoy it. Oh and a Mexican wave back to you too
    Jackie x

  34. You've done all the preparation, everything is ready to go. It's too late now to worry about changing anything or forgetting anything. So relax and enjoy the calm before the storm (so to speak). I am sure you will be your usual professional and fantastic self and that America will take you to their hearts just as we have in the UK and the folks in Germany. I am glad you are on a Saturday, I should be able to watch live instead of recorded. All the best. Pippa x

  35. A crafter is a crafter wherever you go in the world so it will be just the same as talking to us back home. Be yourself and you'll be great! Especially with Dean.
    Go Barbara, Dave and Dean! You guys rock!

  36. Good morning Barbara, you naughty girl,

    we are shivering here and you post these summerlike photos from L.A. I guess most of us are jealous…
    But okay you had a lot of work before and it only seems a little like holidays… So you deserve this…

    Say hello to Dave and good luck for the TV shows!!!

    Rolf xxx

  37. You do know don't cha that you are going to be a star!! They will love how you and Dean interact and that oh so wicked laugh and they'll be amazed by the quality of the products. Nothing from the States has that, and you have that and your imagination. You'll definitely knock 'em dead. xx Margaret Col.

  38. Well this is it ! Breathe out, Head up, Smile and do what you always do !!! it's really exciting, especially now seeing these photos, please keep them coming and enjoy. I have set record for tomorrow just in case someone tries to talk to me while you are on! eeeeeehhhh so excited for you, for us all. xxx

  39. Congratulations Barbara and Co, The time will fly and you will have a ball. I'll be watching! ( sounds a bit creepy/ stalker-ish) I can't wait to see all the new goodies. New years resolutions flying off to the USA I fell :o) xx

  40. Hi Barbara well would you look at that blue sky! How great to see the dream team all together, you are going to be fantastic and the USA will love Clarity and Barbara as much as we do. You really deserve this success after the years of hard work. Hope Grace gets a chance to see mum too. Try to enjoy some of that wonderful sunshine. I've added some cheerleader pom-poms to the Mexican wave, hope it helps. Good luck to you and all the C&C team. Love Diane Xxxxx

  41. The TV box has already been set to record. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you. And that Dean doesn't give you the giggles 😉 (as if that could happen with two such professionals!)
    Enjoy the experience. They are just people like us. Honest. Hugs ((()))

  42. Continuing the wave from sunny Salford! I echo all of the above and and hope to be watching tommorow. So glad you are with Deano, as Dawn says that little bit of ''Dean sparkle'' really does suit you. Have a chat with Wurka and Hollick before bed, and most of all have fun! Life's to short to let them meddle!

  43. Hi Barb,
    Wishing you good luck for the shows although you won't need it. It's great that you have Dave with you and also that you're on with Dean as you two make a great team , but let's hope you don't get out the shrink plastic straight away – not sure the US is ready for that yet! Hope you manage to get some me time too. Love Alison xx

  44. A big clarity wave excited to see what new crafting goodies and the brilliant demos dean is my favourite you work fantastic together recording all set as don't want to miss anything ️enjoy it all
    Sheila xxx

  45. Fantastic you and Dean together america won't know whats hit them, can't wait to see your show Barbara, its all set to record as well, sending you a wave from across the pond (lol), America will wonder how they ever managed without your brilliant demos, stamps and stencils. Wishing you and all things clarity lots of success. Crafty hugs to you all xxx

  46. I am so looking forward to your shows I'm excited for you. It's only natural to be nervous and apprehensive even, after all that work and planning, but I can only add to what people have said previously, the USA are going to love you. So glad you have Dean there to reassure you on the tech front, trust in him and just do your 'thang' it'll be great x

  47. You will be great Barbara and I willing definitely be watching tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure you will soon be a household name in the crafting world there too! How exciting for you, so GO BARBARA!!!! x

  48. Hi Barb,
    You know that the US crafters will adore you just as much as we do – and with the dream team ABCD & D how can you fail?? (A mazing B arbara, C larity, D ave and D eano).
    Make sure you have your kitchen paper towels to hand and you can't go wrong.
    I'll be glued to my seat (well not literally) and shouting support. Here's the Mexican Wave from Newcastle _-_-_-_-_ 🙂 xx

  49. Hey Barb – all the very best for tomorrow's live launch. All will be FAB, I know. Great you've got Dean with you – I love you two together…..what a team!
    Don't stress – you'll be amazing & the US crafting fraternity will adore you, your stunning artwork & your products.

    Go get 'em, girl!

    Liz M xxx

  50. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    vielen Dank das wir dabei sein dürfen. Wunervolle Bilder schickst du wieder zu uns.
    Ich wünsche ganz viel Erfolg und ich bin sicher ihr seid ein geniales Team. Ich bin sehr gespannt……La Ola aus NRW Deutschland. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  51. Hi Barb, wish you all the luck for tomorrow – thank goodness your 'telly' other half is Dean. I've written a note to myself to watch the programme. It's going to be really great. XX

  52. Good luck, I've set the machine to record for 3pm tomorrow, sure it'll go brilliantly. Barbara and Dean, what a dream team. Hope you get to relax a bit and enjoy the sun once the first show is over!!

  53. Hi Barbara, you poor soul, I think you need to clone yourself! But glad to see you a bit more relaxed and relieved now you know who you are working with. Hopefully it's excitement you are feeling more of now :). Can't wait to watch you tomorrow. This time your shows are real time here so I won't forget and miss out! Kept trying to watch the pre-recorded ones you did, knew to add on 5 hours and then forgot when the 5 hours later actually came!!!!

    Just want to say my thoughts are with everyone in France, I'm struggling with what's going on, can't imagine how awful it must be to be there, and it's incomprehensible to imagine what all those poor innocent victims and their family and friends must be going through.

    And I hope everyone here is ok after those extra bad storms last night, it was very scary, fortunately as far as I can see, from my windows, I've got very little damage here but I know others won't be so fortunate. And we've got to go through it all over again tonight!

    Barbara, hope you'll feel us all with you supporting you, we're all here rooting for you. Why wouldn't American crafters love you and all your products :).

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Just wanted to add, remember your very first tv show and especially your very first classroom show, remember how nervous you were then, and look at the outcome for you and your business :). I think the only thing you need to worry about is needing a bigger building and more staff for your business that is about to greatly expand 🙂 xx

  54. You are going to be fab! Having seen the products on C&C how can they not love them. I'm sure the samples from the DT and your demos will add lots of wow! factor too. We're all behind you egging you on. 🙂 xx

  55. Hi Barbara
    Will be watching tomorrow and looking forward to a few laughs with you and Dean and to see the new products.Enjoy every minute.
    Love this months club stamp and stencil and your art canvas is beautiful,love the colours you've used.

  56. Hi Barb,
    Just go for it girl and enjoy yourself. The A team of excellence have got your back, Dave will be standing by and we all love you no matter what the outcome. Can't wait to see the show. Xxxxxx

  57. Can't wait to see the shows, you are such a hardworking and inspirational lady – you will be fine. So glad I'm not working so I can watch live x

  58. Hi Barbara, Mexican wave from Chandler's Ford coming up..- there, did you see it? Good luck, I am sure you will WOW everyone, like you do here, but sending you positive vibes anyway. Looking forward to seeing the show, you and Dean make an amazing team.x

  59. Ditto everyone else's good luck messages Barbara – sure you'll be a knock-out!
    The sneak-peek DT cards look fab. Will be settling down tomorrow afternoon to watch you & Dean on C&C. I would say "break-a-leg" but don't want to tempt fate – just "good luck" will suffice!! lol
    Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Take care, love & hugs, Carole xoxox

  60. Accidentally pressed publish before finishing my post! Looking forward to the USA shows. Sounds good that you are with familiar faces. I am sure you will be a big success over there and all your hard work and preparation for this moment will be worth it. x

  61. HI Barbara just sending a wee lucky white heather wave from bonnie Scotland this is only the 2nd time I've commented as I'm a wee bit wary about bloggy things first time was with the help off Paul's instructions and my grandson Ian who's 11 anyway I'm here everyday and love your art and wish you every success in USA so here goes ……..DOT…..xx

    1. See worked again Gran… u got it… but she probably sleeping now but she will get it in morning so don't worry …I love your art to Ms Gray so does my art teacher anyway don't let anyone stress u out tell ur other half to give them the paintbrush finger…..IAN..x

  62. I am sure you will have a good time, try and enjoy it, just watched you on US C & C and you were absolutely fantastic. They will be in awe of you. Enjoy yourselves and have some fun. Jx

  63. Barbara fear not, you'll be a massive hit in the USA. I'll be watching you on C&C and just wish I lived nearer to Crowborough so I could apply for one of the many jobs that will undoubtedly be necessary through expanding to the US market. x

  64. I am a new fan…but you have tons of us here. I bring up your name and I keep hearing "Love her!" Wish I knew before but I am loving catching up! If it wasnt for the darn laundry and things, I might be watching for hours on end!

    You will be fine. Forget who is watching. Treat it like a regular tutorial….you have a marvelous speaking voice, your real pleasure doing it shows, and the occasional looking for the glasses makes you human and accessable. 🙂 Trust me-I am one serious curmudgeon, so if I like you, the whole universe will!

    Have a great time overall! Hope you have some time for yourselves to go about a bit after the show…sit on a beach while you can before back home! Carpe diem! Cheers from NYC!

  65. You're doing great Barbara, especially considering the panic you must have been in misplacing your samples, hope you feel us all behind you. Love Brenda xx

  66. Missed the show I'm afraid to say as we had unexpected guests turn up at the house but now that they've gone I keep checking to see when I can watch it back recorded….. can't wait

  67. Brilliant show, gorgeous stamps and stencils, inspirations samples, excellent company, what more can you ask for on a Saturday afternoon :o) Good luck for the rest of your shows.

    Love Jan xx

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