YouTube Tuesday – Paint The Town

YouTube Tuesday – Paint The Town

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
In the lead up to the New Year, thought we could paint the town
You pick!
Hereโ€™s my way of having a good night –
Grunge Paste and a great Clarity Stencil!
Now I know this video took nearly half an hour, but remember: 
this is in real time. I literally started with a blank canvas….

So actually, it is a very quick process with incredible potential.
Items used:
much love,

46 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Paint The Town

  1. I am really enjoying your canvases so today I think time to have a go myself been wanting to for a while so if I go and give it a go, will let you now how I get on later if alright will post thanks again for you inspiration xx

  2. Brilliant, brilliant video. All the things I've wanted to know about using paint but didn't know where to ask. I was never very taken with this stencil but this treatment makes it so versatile and attractive. Reminds me too of some of the houses by the river in Rye and on the beach at Hastings, near where I live. Happy New Year to you and all at Clarity. X

  3. Fantastic Barbara, I am so glad it works on these canvases and will have a go in the New Year.
    I shall start small to start with as have got the small canvases and if I do OK, bigger next time. Thank you so much for everything you have taught us over this last year and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Dave and the family and to all the wonderful Clarity team, roll on 2015.

  4. Morning Barbara, I really enjoyed the video. Can't wait till the January show to see all the lovely new items to tempt me. Thanks for the inspiration. xxx

  5. New techniques for the New Year. This is really stunning. I'm loving the way those colours blend but with lots of texture. It's great the way the grunge paste catches the paint and adds dimension. I love grunge paste haven't used it for a long time. Might just get me some of those canvasses to have a go with. I've spent the past two days reformatting the hard drive on my laptop. It feels like new now.

  6. Wow I love Youtube tuesday, what a fab tutorial. I really like the idea of working on the flat canvass boards as opposed to the deeper style ones for your main piece. I also loved the effect achieved with the craft knife, very clever. Would you recommend starting with those 3 open acrylic colours? I have this stencil so looking forward to having a go when I get myself organised , thank you as always x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Well, I've been transfixed with this. Was the video really half and hour, wouldn't know as I just sat and never moved. When funds are replenished will have to get some of the canvas boards and open acrylics to give this a go. xx

  8. This is lovely Barbara and that house stencil is so useful and versatile. I love the way you used the knife to scratch in highlights and firm up edges. I must try these canvas boards. x

  9. Hi Barbara

    Love this video……in your new craft room. You seem to have room now to 'swing a cat'!

    The idea of the stands is a fab one. So cool to show off our crafting masterpieces.

    So looking forward to seeing you on CC at the weekend.

    lol Barbara W

  10. Beautiful Barbara! So inspirational, thank you for sharing it with us. I love You Tube Tuesday and look forward to learning more from you next year. Happy New Year to all.
    P.S Is it intentional or coincidental that your artwork always seems to match your outfit?? ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  11. Will watch this in a bit it will cheer me up. I've just waved our youngest off at the station on her way back to the Isle of Man and our eldest and her husband left on Suday to go back to Canada so I'm feeling a bit down.
    Barbara are you on the telly on Sunday? Just been to try and set the machine to record you and you aren't ousted so was wondering…..
    Jackie x

  12. thank you for putting this on a video. it is much easier to understand when you see it done or maybe it's me as i tend to be a visual person. love what those colours do when mixed, hugs xx

  13. I enjoyed this video and loved the crescendo of colour until it burst into a full matching kaleidoscope of colour consisting of background artwork, canvas, clothes and brushes…… brilliant xxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Love this. I must get some of your canvas boards – I have a couple of 8×8 already and love them, but I would like a variety. This is one of my favourite stencils too and with grunge paste it's a match made in heaven. I haven't tried the open acrylics, I always thought they were a bit too expensive, but the more I see you using them, the more I want them! Thanks for all the inspiration. Love Alison xx

  15. Hi Barbara Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten it was Tuesday!!!! Rather late stopping by as food shopping took ages and then I made a pork pie! Haven't made one since secondary school so it was a challenge and a blast from the past!!! Right, I will watch this tomorrow because it sounds fascinating and I obviously need to sit and watch it without distraction. I'm really looking forward to it. Take care. Love Diane xxx

    1. Just watched it Barbara. Wonderful and yes I think I might have a go in the new year too as it looks fun. Outfit is lovely and colour matches but where is your apron!!!! I saw you wipe your hands on your dress!! Could hear your mum telling you off from here! Lol. Love the banjo music you play it's very relaxing. Take care and hope to join you again later. Love Diane xxx

  16. Just managed to catch up with this tutorial. All I can say apart from Fabulous is, you had better have a lot of those boards in stock as I can see them flying out of the store… I am about to put in an order for them but I bet the ladies out there will be doing the same after seeing this! You never cease to inspire. xxx

  17. This is a great video Barbara. Was it really half hour? It didn't seem it. Love the colour scheme, I won't mention the matching outfit but it did!! Those little canvas stands did me proud holding all my Xmas cards up too! Sam

  18. Loved watching the video Barbara. The colours are so lovely, will need to buy another set of brushes for this technique, which I must try out. Anne x

  19. Hi Barbara. Wonderful, I love the colours and all of your great tips. The stands are brilliant, perfect to show off work without distracting the eye : ) Take care.

  20. Now that was soothing! I love watching you create Barbara! ๐Ÿ˜€ Delightful, truly delightful! Thank you for all your inspiration, tips and especially YouTube Tuesdays! ๐Ÿ˜€ xxx

    Happy New Year to you, Dave and your wonderful family! xxx

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