Living on the Edge on New Year’s Eve…

Living on the Edge on New Year’s Eve…

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on the last day of the year.
It being Wednesday (Wednesday’s Blog is something new),
and it being NEW YEAR’S EVE,
I thought I would tackle something new,
 which I hope will grow in 2015.
I just want to really get arty, 
let my hair down a bit and get more adventurous!
Are you up for it?
Let’s tackle a tiny little canvas board and see where it takes us, shall we? 
This, my friends, is a 4″ x 4″ canvas board.

Use a blending tool to smear a little Fern Green around the edges.

Use a Clarity brush to smooth out the ink and blend around the top.

This is where we throw caution to the wind, say to ourselves,
“What’s the worst that can happen?”
and drag the side of the ink pad along the canvas.
Oh yes. Now I can see land…
In fact, that was so much fun, I think I’ll try it again!
Trees and a fence coming up! 
I appropriately used the Archival ink pad Potting Soil for this part.

Foliage with the flat of the green ink pad.
Just drag it in from the edge 
where you fancy some leaves and hedges.

Can you see what I see yet?
Very dark round that bottom edge Miss Gray!

And here comes the magical thing about canvas; 
if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can wipe it away!
A little alcohol blending solution on a paper towel 

will lift the Archival ink perfectly.

Moonshadow time.
You need next to no ink.
Just start on the moon mask and sweep outwards.

It’s time for a hill, don’t you think?
Tear a sheet of copy paper 
and brush a blend of green and brown into the distance.
I think it needs a little more balance, a little more tree top left…
the side of the ink pad is brilliant for branches!

There we are. The scene is all set for Sunday’s TV show now!
I have a particular little Wee Folk girlie I’d like to add into the frame. The Wee Folk are a super collection of miniature people stamps just perfect for finishing off landscapes like this one.

Mount the 4″ x 4″ on a 6″ x 6″ canvas board 
with a sheet of double-sided adhesive,
to transform your canvas board into a mini work of art.

But you’ll have to tune in to Create & Craft on 
Sunday morning 9-11am, 
to see what I have in my mind…
This was so simple, 
I surprised myself just using the edge of an ink pad!
So what can I say about Canvases, 
except they’re brilliant and
But now I must dash (said the Mexican);
I’m making Fajitas tonight!
We’re staying in.
Log fire, candles and a little quiet time before 
the New year commences.
I wish you a happy healthy 2015.
May it be filled with good things, and joy.
One more thing:
Thank you for supporting and backing Clarity and me –
where would we be without you?
lots of love and best wishes,

77 thoughts on “Living on the Edge on New Year’s Eve…

  1. Magical, will of course be watching. We wish you ,Dave, Mark Grace, your extended family and of course the wonderful Clarity behind the scene teama very Happy New Year. xxx

  2. Love the canvas Barbara just love it can't wait for Sunday iwish you and yours a very happy new year may all your dreams come true thank you barb for just being you love to all June xxxxx

  3. Fantastic Barbara – I love the way Clarity is heading and I will be with you every step of the way. Happy New Year to you, Dave, Grace and Mark and to the whole "Team Clarity" xxxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Love the new canvasses and this one is no exception! Really like what you have done with this – very arty, love it! Really looking forward to Sunday, have set the recorder already. Looking forward to seeing the Wee Folk stamps and everything else you will be bringing to our screens. I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all at Clarity and especially you of course and to wish you all a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. Love Alison xxx

  5. Hi Barbara,
    that looks very good! I´m curious how your Wee Folk stamps look like…So we all will see it on sunday.
    I´m invited to a New Year´s Eve party where everybody shall bring some food. I decided to make a soup of mince, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and some spicery (a little bit like chili con carne). Maybe you can tell us your Fajita´s recipe once. I would be interested in and maybe other readers as well. Have a beautiful New Year´s Eve.
    I wish you, your family, the whole claritystamp-team and all the blog readers a healthy (which is the most important), successful and creative HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015
    Rolf xxx

  6. Ooooo can't wait for Sunday! Those stamps sound very tempting, loved the couple on the bench you used the other day. This canvas is great, will be ordering mine ASAP as I want to play! Thank you to you and all at Clarity for the great products in 2014 and I can't wait to see what you have planned in 2015!! Happy new year. Love Donna xxx

  7. Yikes! thanks for the reminder about Sunday! 2014 has flown by so quickly I've lost all track of time.
    Staying in tonight too, too windy and wet out there to go to the street parties tonight ~ must be getting old ~ lol
    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2015 ~ Sending warm wishes for a Happy New Year 🙂

  8. Hello Barb, Happy New Year to you and yours, may 2015 be filled with an abundance of love and creativity. We hope that everything you do is blessed with happiness ànd joy. Best wishes to everyone. Bx

  9. Love this wee canvas. So effective. We too are going to have fajhitas for dinner tonight before we go out to the Hogmanay party at our local pub where we shall stay until after the bells. We will then go first footing. My husband is always a desired first foot as he is tall, dark and I think handsome which is supposed to bring good luck for the new year; that and the single malt he takes with him!!
    Hope that every one has a peaceful new year. xx

  10. I'm as green as the paint on your blending tool! Where do you get your ideas from? Just love the effect you get using the edge of the paint pad. Want to play soon but too busy today. For the first time in ages we are going out to a party! Glad rags on, high heels (though they will be coming off pronto I fear) and nails painted! What a change. Have a really wonderful romantic evening by the fire and a happy, healthy and creative 2015. With love Margaret Col. xx

  11. Loving the canvas! Wishing you all at Clarity a very Happy and healthy New Year and can't wait to see where you will take us throughout the Clarity year. Enjoy your relaxing evening xx

  12. Happy new year Barbara, to you and all the Clarity family. You make life so much brighter and have opened my mind up to new possibilities! May 2015 be a year filled with happiness.
    Alison xxx

  13. Love this Barbara, looking forward to seeing the wee folk on it. I already have a list for Janice on Monday expect it to be longer after Sunday. Machine set so I dont miss anything enjoy your evening and a very Happy New Year to you and yours and all at Clarity towers xx

  14. Barbara, you are such a tease. I can't wait to see the wee people on Sunday. I just know I am going to have to have them. Its amazing what you have done here, creating a landscape with just the side of an inkpad. You are so clever! Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. Xxx

  15. Love the beginning of your Canvas, can't wait to see what is coming next….. Quite night home too with Dave.
    I wish you and your family a "Très bonne année 2015, santé et bonheur en priorité".
    Laurence xx

  16. Hi Barbara. Love it, and looking forward to Sunday to see those new wee stamps. Have a lovely time tonight. We are off to friends for a good old chat and a drink or two (strictly tea for me, the happy driver. I won't have to face the hang over in the morning : ))
    Thank You Barbara for all that you have shared with us in 2014. Wishing you, Dave, Mark and Grace and all of the Clarity team a very Happy New Year. May 2015 bring you all that you desire. Take care.

  17. ooh I say Barbara, am loving the direction you are taking us in – many moons ago I used to paint in acrylics and water colours so this really really appeals to me!! Wee folk sound fab – and if I have learned anything about you – they will be very adaptable to many different projects.
    A quiet one in for me too – chinese takeaway – candle burning – and going to watch Dr Zhivago before the fireworks on the TV – so a Happy New Year to you, Dave and all of your family – I for one will be with you on Sunday ready to embrace what you plan for us for 2015 xx Its been a fab year in the world of Clarity so 2015 should be fantastic xx

  18. Hi Barbara, that is brilliant, can't wait to see Sunday's C & C to see how you finish it. The canvases will have to be on my next order. Have a relaxing evening and wish you and your family & all the Clarity Team all the very best for 2015.

  19. What a great effect with the Archival inks Barbara, but the trick is I think not to overcook it which for me is very difficult as I tend to fiddle too much! I think the effect you have achieved is fantastic and am looking forward to seeing you finish it with the little people. Looking forward to lots more creativity from you in 2015. x

  20. Happy New year to you Barbara. Thankyou for so many wonderful ideas this last year. I am going to try a canvas, perhaps a small one to begin would be good. Enjoy your quiet evening, we are home alone, our son has gone to Edinburgh to enjoy the festivities. xx

  21. What a great effect you get from using the edge of an ink pad, can't wait until Sunday to see what else you add to it.
    Wishing you and everyone at Clarity Health and Happiness in 2015
    Jackie x

  22. Wonderful Barbara looking forward to Sunday's show for the wee people love the art work you do all the very best for 2015 to all us clarity crafters where would we be without our clarity xxx

  23. and a happy and healthy 2015 to you and yours. this canvas business is getting very interesting. btw you looked great with those dangly earrings on video yesterday. you should wear that style more often. hugs xx

  24. Very nice Barbara! I think this is something that I could enjoy doing, looking forward to Sunday to see what new things you have for us.
    I would also like to wish you, your family, all at clarity house, your design team and anyone else who I've missed out.
    A very Happy New Year with good health

  25. Brilliant, you are so talented. I'm not sure I would be confident in just swiping an ink pad anywhere!!
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2015.
    Best wishes

  26. Thank you Barbara for all of this year's blogs – I have really enjoyed them all and learned so much. Wishing you, your family, the Clarity team and all your other dedicated followers a very happy and peaceful new year.

  27. Lovely canvas – I'm looking forward to your show to see what else you are going to do with it. Thanks for all of your wonderful blogs, they are appreciated so much by all of us. I hope 2015 is a happy and healthy one for you and yours and that the business continues to grow, Pat xx

  28. Hi Barbara , loving where this is going, wouldn't have thought of ink pads on canvas but can see it produces a great effect. Just finished our new years meal of beef Wellington ( plus 5 other courses!) washing up done just settling down before the fireworks and champers. Wishing you and your family all good wishes for 2015 and happy new year to the clarity team. Love Diane xxxx

  29. Can't wait to see what you do on Sunday. I just don't know how you keep coming up with something new each week. Hoping you and your family have a healthy and prosperous new year xxx

  30. This is looking good. I also like the fact you can lift the archival ink too with the alcohol blending solution. Looking forward to seeing more of the wee folk stamps. Enjoy your eve. Happy New Year! x

  31. Been a busy day just back I time to readyourblogin2014 loved every single one of them and. Today you tease us all soi have tv set to record on case miss anything specaly the little lady will have to try this little canvas it's great . So a big happy clarity new year and wonder what exciting things are to come this 2015 lots love and blessing to you all joy xxx

  32. Hi Barbara, never had anyone to say Happy new year to for many years, so thought I'd come on here and first foot your blog, you'll have to pretend I'm bringing a piece of coal, a dram and some shortbread!!!

    Happy New Year to you and everyone on here, hope 2015 is the best year possible and that every single one of you has something special this year.

    And thank you so much to Barbara for a year of dedicated blogging sharing with us all lots of fun, kindness, thoughtfulness and caring. You are one very lovely special lady. I look forward to sharing and hopefully joining in far more with you this year

    Love to all Brenda xx
    Lang may yer lum reek 🙂

  33. Having just dived into the canvas world for the first time today, you are inspiring me to have another go in the morning, all part of my decision to just go for it this year. You and the wonderful Clarity team, including the very clever design team have done so much to give us so much inspiration in so many directions. You have totally spoiled us with all the goodies and techniques you have shared with us all. Thank you for your daily blog too, quite an undertaking. I hope you have celebrated the New Year very thoroughly with family and friends, and I look forward to meeting up with you in 2015. xxx Maggie

    1. Janice, we are on US TV next week! YAY. if you subscribe to the Claritystamp Facebook Page, we will tell you times and where to find xxx Tell all your friends over there too!!

  34. Sadly I'll be missing your show as I forgot to record it before we left home, and we're off to Granada tomorrow. Hope you put the finished project on your website or facebook so I can see what you did!!! Wishing you, all your team and all your family a very Happy New Year, Susan x

  35. Happy New Year Barb to you, your family and your wonderful team.
    I hope you had a good time last night, well not too good as you'd have a sore head. Your project yesterday is great and I'm looking forward to the next instalment on Sunday.
    Oh, and a Happy New Year to the ladies on you blog.
    Have a rest today, you deserve it. xx

  36. Love everything you do, Barbara and can't wait till Sunday. Keep up the inspirational work you do for us and hope all that makes you happy will be yours in 2015.

  37. Happy New Year Barb (yes it's 1st Jan). to you and all your bloggers. I come every day, but can't always comment, due to lack of time. I'll be with you again this year, so if you can, keep it up, I appreciate all the effort it takes when you are a busy lady.

  38. Happy New Year to you, Dave and all the Clarity family. Wishing you health and happiness in 2015 and beyond. Looking forward to more clarity but make sure you have plenty of rest time too xx

  39. Such a coincidence we went to our local Mexican restaurant with family, it was lovely. Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to 2015 xx

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