My favourite Christmas present this year…

My favourite Christmas present this year…

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by!
Busy Monday morning, 
but I wanted to share something rather splendid with you, 
which a dear friend gave to me this Christmas.
Just as we were saying before the event, 
although it’s always generous of anybody 
to give anybody else anything, 
it’s those rare handmade gifts which are so appreciated. 
Just the fact that somebody likes you enough to invest 
that amount of time and energy in a gift for you 
is a gift in itself! 
So imagine my dismay when Dee presented me with this:
How beautiful is this book?!
Actually, I cried when I opened it.
Just sat and wept, 
with all those hours of effort and friendship in my lap.
“Hope you like it,” said Dee.
But I couldn’t speak.

The inside covers of the book were full of Clarity too,

“I just had to add your favourite boy somewhere” she chuckled.

And well, when I turned to the back page, 
my mouth opened in disbelief.

All our stencils, and a little lace.

 I am sure Dee won’t mind my sharing this gift with you. 
Not only is it the kind of work I aspire to and want to achieve,
but to think that a friend made it just for me.
Blew me away.
We knew Dee was clever, didn’t we. 
But did we know just how talented?
So there we are.
Not only very talented, but also very kind and very thoughtful.
much love,

94 thoughts on “My favourite Christmas present this year…

  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful and I can totally understand why it made you cry. It's amazing to receive such a gift which had clearly had so much time,effort and love put into it. Awesome Dee – how talented are you. Lx

  2. Beautiful work of art! Something to treasure . I love all the little drawings and things the children make, my second daughter is 40 today and I still have a little donut ring she made at school from cardboard and ribbon hanging on my Xmas tree with pride along with things made by her 3 sisters and all sorts from the grandchildren! Much more decorative than baubles! Enjoy your book x

  3. Oh how fabulous that book is Dee. I know the feeling of having a friend make something special for you and it is such a fantastic feeling! Out of all the book covers that I have seen, this is simply the best! Definitely 'its the thought that counts' going on here. Thank you for sharing your joy Barbara. x

  4. Hi Barb,
    Wow! Absolutely fantastic! How clever is Dee. That is certainly something to treasure and I can understand why you were so moved by it. I'd love to know how she did the words, they really add to all of the wonderful Clarity stencils, stamps etc. fabulous. Well done Dee and thanks for sharing it with us. Love Alison xxxx

  5. Somehow a gift that someone has spent time and thought into making for you seems a more personal statement than an expensive present. I think I'd cry too! My sister has kept all the cards I've made for her and her family. She said it would be wrong to throw them out, even though I don't mind!

  6. Wow this is amazing! What a special gift. Hope you fill it with loads of great ideas……….or like me when I get a new notebook I stroke it and then can't bear to write in it!! Xx

  7. How absolutely fantastic. I too have received handmade gifts and totally agree how moving it is. So crafters, if we start NOW, maybe we too could delight with our creations next year! ………I only said 'maybe'.

  8. How awesome is that? What a fabulous gift and as you say so much time, thought and quite obviously a lot of love. How fabulous to have such an awesome friend. Can't wait to see what inspirational ideas you enter into it Barb – it is an inspiration in itself. Hmmm wonder if Dee would likecto be my friend too?? Lol xxxxx

  9. Hi Barbara

    Wow what a beautiful gift! Your tears would certainly ensure that Dee knew you loved your gift.

    Thanks for sharing it. Perhaps we will get another preview next Sunday morning?

    Lol Barbara W

  10. Such a wonderful present!!!!! Yes we knew Dee was talented, but it just confirms it to us all….In case we still had a doubt…..Lol!!
    Enjoy it Barbara, and I bet it will be quickly full with plenty of new ideas;
    Laurence xx

  11. What a wonderful gift, filled with love and care. You cannot put a price on something like that. The bonus is that it is truly beautiful and created by a very talented lady. Now it is for you to do as Dee had intended and fill it with all your thoughts and love. xxx Maggie

  12. Wow Barbara stunning gift what a wonderful friend and so talented thank you for sharing no wonder you cried ,I got this boy stamp in my clarity christmas parcel .
    Does dee make these books to sell ? What beautiful gifts they would make xxx

  13. That is just amazing Dee I understand. How you cryed it's wonderful to think your work of designing stamps stencils etc has given Dee the tools to make something so amazing . I would want to treasure it as it is but you must buy some of your work in it lots love Joy xx

  14. How beautiful. What a talented lady Dee is. I would much rather somebody made me something than spent £100 on a gift. My daughter (now 36) had a favourite toy – a fabric covered mushroom box with a handle if you remember the sort. Mum's friend had made it, put a little 'mattress' and pillow in it and Sarah had a crib for her dolly. It went everywhere lodged in the crook of her elbow. It literally cost nothing but time but no money could have bought the sheer delight on her 3 year old face. Enjoy you beautiful book and long may you continue to inspire us with jottings from it. Happy new year.

  15. Absolutely a labor of LOVE! I was just staring at it, imagining a friend, sitting in her craft room, making a gift for someone as talented as yourself. I mean, talk about pressure! Haha There must be a segment on your video's, that you can call, "Dabble with Dee", to see what she was thinking, and her thought process, knowing this was going to her very talented friend! It's one thing to make something for a friend that doesn't have any interest in art, because you don't feel pressured! It's a totally different cenerio, when designing for a designer herself! Dee, this was totally pleasing to the eyes, and heart tugging to the soul! Friendship has no boundaries, when it comes to giving! Very heart warming!

  16. Hi Barbara. What a wonderful gift and so personal, I'm not surprised that you cried! How lucky to have a friend like Dee. You are worth it though : ) Take care.

  17. Wow what a wonderful gift it's stunning……no wonder you cried I would too if someone did that for me. Dee really is talented and so kind. Now all you have to do is do it justice by having fun and actually filling it with ideas.xxxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    What a gorgeous gift. It's absolutely fantastic and she must think the world of you because it would take many hours (I would think) just to decide what to do, never mind do it.
    But, I'm sure we will agree that you deserve it.
    Love xx

  19. Hi Barbara oh this is beautiful, I'm not at all surprised you cried. Dee you really are a talented lady, you and Barbara are a match made in heaven, your talents compliment and enhance one another's skills. What a team!!! Now as Dee says Barbara you must use it and treasure it. Love Diane xxxx

  20. A wonderful gift; Dee is indeed very talented and thoughtful. Though I know you can buy really lovely notebooks this is made even more beautiful by its having been handmade, personalised and all with love. You can't really buy or beat that. I find increasingly that such gestures move me to tears. I guess it's an age thing or just understanding better what really matters in life. X

  21. Oh wow – that is truly lovely and you are so right Barbara, a homemade gift that is made with love is one to be treasured – Dee – truly lovely.
    Barbara – of course we should be making them !!!! this art lark is truly wonderful isn't it!!!
    Your task is to make Dee something – blow her socks off – you can do it xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  22. Beautiful gift Barbara, thanks so much for sharing it and Dee what a special gift really glad Barbara shared this with us it it is lovely, great use of all the different elements of clarity stamps/stencils and the versatility of them across all mediums, x x x x x x x

  23. Hello Barb, well Dee has just excelled herself hasn't she, but then she is very talented, what a beautiful special gift, that you for sharing it with us. I am sure you could do something just as mind blowingly beautiful. Take care all. Bx

  24. A friend suggested that I should start making gifts in January to be ready for next Christmas. Not sure even in my wildest dreams that they could ever be as lovely as that book. Just amazing. a treasure to keep for ever. Such a clever lady your friend Dee. xx

  25. Wow! Fantastic piece of artwork. Can't add much to all that's been said. You are one lucky lady Barbara to have such a talented friend who thought so much of you to make you such a lovely gift, Dee must value your friendship very much and know how much you'd appreciate it. Thank you so much for letting us see your beautiful pressie.xx

  26. That is a super gift & one which is all the better for being appreciated so much! My dad loved the coaster I made him for Christmas. I was thrilled.

    I must stop reading your blog late at night – I dreamed about you last night! For some reason you had a houseful of Clarity folk all staying the night. You'd be amazed how many rooms you apparently had! My only concern was that poor Dave was constantly being sent out to b&q for supplies. The poor man was exhausted. Sadly I didn't get to find out why we were all there, as the alarm went of just at the wrong time. Most frustrating!

  27. This is truly one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. I am most envious that it yours and not mine Barbara. Dee can you bottle your talent and inspiration please? I will be first in the queue for a case of 12 bottles.

  28. This is alovely book you have been given i am so pleased you have shared it with us. What a tallented person Dee is know wonder you cried.
    I made some new Christmas Stockings for my sister in laws children and i got such a lot of joy from doing them better than any bought present its wonderful to make something and give.
    I look forward to seeing what goes inside your book.

  29. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    deine große Freude kann ich sehr gut nachempfinden. Es ist ein wundervolles Geschenk was Dee dir gemacht hat. Was kann es wertvolleres geben als eine Handarbeit die so liebevoll gestaltet wurde. Ich habe ein eigenes Bastelforum und bin von meinen lieben Mädels zu Weihnachten so überrascht worden, das es mir auch die Tränen in die Augen brachte. Die Freude kann ich kaum in Worte fassen. Ich freue mich mit dir über dieses wundervolle Geschenk. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  30. What an absolutely STUNNING gift! I'd have cried, too. You are loved, Barbara. Isn't it nice when someone shows you how much you mean to them by giving of their time and creativity? Fab!

  31. Morning Barbara, only just catching up on your blog….and Wow….what a fantastic gift….no wonder it brought a tear to your eye…it is just perfect….and even more special because it was made with love from Dee….have a good day….hugs….xxx

  32. I'm just catching up with your blog, too, Barbara, having just phoned to take advantage of your fab offer on the Clarity Design Club. This beautiful gift has inspired me to go out and buy some plain notebooks and see what ideas I can come up with for embellishing them. I know they won't be anything compared to Dee's – wish I had even half her talent – but it'll be fun trying! What an amazing thing to give – and to receive. I'm sure you'll use it well. Thanks for sharing it. Kx

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