Sing along at Christmas. A Party Game!

Sing along at Christmas. A Party Game!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this chilly Wednesday.
Clarity Advent Day No. 3
Time to sing it from the rooftops with a lovely carol set.
We have a whole wonderful stamp collection 
of these traditional Christmas Carols 
and their corresponding images.
Let’s go with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
Stamp the music score onto a piece of square Gelli Card
using a Black Archival.

Time to get the miniatures out!
Bottled Distress Inks:
Just a wee sensation of colour and we can create our own ink pad.

So you stamp the carollers (ie the stamp) in Black Archival on a piece of Cut n Dry Felt cut tight to size.
See? You add ink to the stamped image on the felt, either with a paintbrush or by directly dripping it into place. Obviously, the painting method is more precise. You can see here how the ink spreads to the edges, so try not to make the surface too large to bleed into.

Cover up the verse with a Post-It mask, ink up the actual stamp 
on the handmade ink pad you’ve just made, 
and stamp the Carollers into position.
Let’s peep at the mask. If you cut it out very carefully, 
you can also use the outside mask, pictured here:

Then you can cover up the white area around the music score with said Post-It and, with a make-up sponge, add colour from the handmade pad or from the corresponding ink pads themselves if you are lucky enough to have them!

Let’s add some shadow. Just replace the inny mask and 
add some Weathered Wood shadow around the perimeter.

Add a HUGE moon mask
Trim the card to a desirable size,
and dust around the edges of the moon and the card with Weathered Wood ink on a Stencil Brush.

Load a second brush with the Tattered Rose 
and add some pink to the sky.

Mat and layer as you like it.
Looks like velvet in the flesh. 
I think it’s the brushes and the muted colours that do the trick.
Try it.
Now let’s see.
Advent Day No. 3 
I’d like to give away something free.
If you Buy the Carol Stamp, 
We’ll send you the singers as a gift.
In fact, if you buy ANY of the nine carol scrolls in the collection, we will send you their corresponding images FREE.
And if you decide you want all of them, we will further reduce the price, saving you even more. 
Ooh! I’ve just had a great idea for a Christmas after dinner game using the collection! Involves lots of singing and matching up. 
Could be really fun!
Here’s what’s in my head:
  • Stamp each of the words (the scroll stamps) on pieces of card. 
  • Stamp the corresponding images on other pieces of card. 
  • Mix them up in a box.
  • Then your guests pick a pic-card and a song-card out of the box until all the cards are gone.
  • The head of table names a carol, and those with the correct cards have to stand and blast forth. 
  • You could even have a box of props in the next room, and the picture person has to dress his partner for the performance.
  • Maybe printouts of the words will help 
  • and a large glass of mulled wine!

Well, you know what WE’re doing on Christmas Day now!!
See you tomorrow, for a Blue Window I think….
much love,

39 thoughts on “Sing along at Christmas. A Party Game!

  1. What a beautiful soft look to this artwork. Thank you for thinking of how to keep the family amused after lunch too. That is definitely above and beyond and I cannot think of many companies who would think of that. I shall think of you while I am haring back down the motorway to home, and imagine you and your family dressing up. xx Maggie

    1. Wow, I made it to the first spot today for the first time, Maybe it is the day to have another go at the lottery. Maria and I need that yacht to amuse ourselves with. xx Maggie

  2. Love the artwork, I'm sorely tempted to buy all the sets, but I've finished all 50+ of my Christmas cards, still maybe next year. The designs are really beautiful. Love them all.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Lovely card, very atmospheric and I ordered the carols last week, guess I'll be trying this one out when they turn up.
    As for the after dinner game….brilliant idea.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  4. Loved the artwork today so beautiful so inspiring , I have to say I enjoyed the you tube yesterday and as a newbee to the grunge paste I'll be having a go with that. I particularly liked the artwork on the wall behind you, is it your work? It's lovely anyway, as for the game it sounds like loads of fun ! X

  5. Hi Barbara what a wonderful Christmas game you could market this for next year go into clarity box games new venture ,love the card beautiful .
    Could you help me I pulled a print with my gelli card using acrylic paints stamped with archival ink pad could you tell me what is best to colour it in with please crafting hugs xxx

  6. Hi Barb, that suggestion for a Christmas game is brilliant, think it is going on my list. Your offers are fab, I just have to layoff for a while, but have quite a few things including the felt on my wish list. Love what you have done with this piece of artwork. Have a great day. Bx

  7. I love doing those little bespoke ink pads for stamps – makes such a difference and it's so easy to do! Great idea about the game – we used to have a fantastic game where you had to hum the song and everyone else guessed – it's actually quite hard, especially if someone can't hold a tune, and there are no words to help you! Enjoy your afternoon, Susan x

  8. I'm going to need a larger glass of something to persuade hubby into that game 🙂 !!!! My favourite Carol is In the Bleak Mid Winter – brings tears to my eyes and gives me goose bumps at times for some reason. I'm sure I've got one of the other sets in addition to that so I must check. I'm finding it difficult to fit cards in but I've done some already with one of the Night before Christmas stamps, inspired by Jane Telford! I'd be useless without the Clarity team for inspiration ! Off to Cornwall this weekend to visit someone so wont get a lot done then and I'll have to tape your show, although she'll probably let me watch it as we usually have a lazy Sunday morning and then return home after lunch. Thanks for another lovely tutorial! xxx

  9. Hello Barbara, what a great way to use these stamps. I have the complete set and love them. Love the idea for the game, though with only three of us at lunch it may be a tad difficult to do. Have a lovely day xx

  10. Lovely card, very atmospheric. It's hard to resist these great offers, especially as I've been hankering after the three ships forever! Luckily no more Christmas cards to do this year, makes it a little easier. Great game idea, it'll only be mum and me this year and she's not a games person so will give that a miss too.

  11. HI Bard,
    The card is so atmospheric, I really love it. We always play charades on Christmas Day. When I was a child we used to play Monopoly and I Hate it with a capital H. My two older brothers always bought the most expensive properties and I was out of the game on day one, they would go on and on playing for days, grrrrr… xx

  12. Hi Barbara beautiful and atmospheric card today, love the mix of colours in the sky, ours looked a bit like that this morning. This really is a great offer, I love your advent calendar, much better than my chocolate one. Love the idea of the game, sort of mad thing Emma and I get up to of an evening ( we play guess the song from the intro!) but not sure dressing up will go down well! Take care love Diane xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Very atmospheric today, love it! The offers are fantastic too – just wish I could afford them all but I have to be good at the moment. Love the idea of the game too. Love Alison xx

  14. I really love these. My favourite thing to do at Christmas is sing carols, to the traditional tunes! I went to a carol concert once where the songs were being sung to modern tunes, completely ruined it for me!! I was sitting there tutting and huffing!! XX

  15. Hello Barbara, Such a shame that I have absolutely all these stamps as it's a great offer! I made all my cards with them last year so they are having a rest this year and will come out again to play next. Perhaps I could make the game although I think I'd be the only one playing it! xx Margaret Col.

  16. This is a wonderful design idea and the colours are beautifully soft and atmospheric. All these pairs of stamps are lovely and make splendid cards. Trouble with the game is that you would match them up so easily and the game would be over very quickly…lol. x

  17. Oh Barbara…you do make me giggle… A lot!!!
    Great card btw!
    I can just see Dave dressed up as a shepherd… change there then…..haha!
    Love and hugs xxx

  18. Love the thought of Mulled wine. We usually have some crackers with a musical game in, so this could be an alternative. Just put my tree up. so looking festive now. Lovely card xx

  19. Good game although I think several glasses of mulled wine would help with my non-musical family. Love the art work today. We had a go at making our own ink pad at one of Saz's workshops. It was a lot of fun.

  20. this is just lovely! neat trick with inkpad. need to do it with the carolers now, hugs.
    Question.: i have most of the stamps above bar silent night scroll and i saw 3 ships scroll. could i have them on offer instead of the sets as they stand please? hugs xx

  21. Good Evening Barbara!!!

    Had not even considered doing the self made ink pad for these!!! So thank you for this blog today as I have the God Rest Ye set!!!!
    I have a window too – so will be ready and waiting for tomorrows blog!!!
    HO HO HO
    Much love
    Kim x

  22. Oh, I think it's going to be fun at your house on Christmas day. What a fun game. Unfortunately there will be just Neil & myself over Christmas at my house so will be a little low on participants. I'll check out your great blog offer and maybe a few may slip into my basket. Xx

  23. Love the card, especially like it coloured with the reinkers on the foam stamp. Haven't tried that yet, too busy making cards, no time to play, but will do soon. Gosh Barbara your offers are so generous, I like the idea of the game too.xx

  24. Lovely, atmospheric card. As a keen singer I love Christmas Carols. I have lots of concerts at this time and fellow choristers to make cards for. I've already used "O Little Town…" but I haven't made my own inkpad yet, since the July workshop. I will probably be 'obliged' to get at least one set, most likely 'God rest.." looking forward to day 4.
    Carol ( note even the festive name!)

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