Madonna and Glitter – Old Style!

Madonna and Glitter – Old Style!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Advent Day No. 4 and it’s Thursday’s Blue Blog.
So I thought I’d showcase Madonna 
and some fabulous embossing glitters.
So off to the cupboard to find Madonna.
Well God bless my daughter Grace, because last time she was home she organised my stencils into folders.
Just take a look at this…

At the front there are mini graphics of all the stencils 
in this particular folder,

so I can flick straight to the windows and there they are!

But where Grace’s storage system gets really intelligent is 
she even labelled each aperture, 
so I know what’s missing and where to put it back!
We have Stencil Folders for different sizes too:
and today, I think we should have a special advent offer, 
but read on…

Madonna Stencil it is. 
She comes alone or in a set of 5.
Again, there’s a special offer on the stained glass windows: 
Attach her to a sheet of Designer paper, 
and dab Versamark through the stencil.

Remove the Stained Glass stencil and cover the inky image with the wonderful Ranger glitter embossing powder.
Always shake it up well first, 
to distribute the white and glitter equally.

Black and White are December’s product of the month
Let’s just take a side step here and 
look at how these glitter powders work. 
Usually, glitter powders are quite translucent, 
and depend on the colour you apply underneath.
These are opaque – not transparent – 
which is great for full festive coverage!
Dee turned me on to these powders; and I must say, they are super.

Back to Madonna.
Here, she’s embossed on a lovely blue patterned paper. 

See how the white is just dusted with glitter? 

 In order to make the embossed Madonna more prominent,
rub ink over her with a make-up sponge. 
Faded Jeans on Thursday’s Blue Blog is cool.

Here’s the magic:
The ink stains the paper underneath, 
but you can wipe it off the embossed work.

Stain the edges with a blending tool and the same ink,
tear the bottom edge and mount & layer on dark blue.
Thread some ribbon through two holes top left and right.

Make a little tag using the International Christmas Greeting Set.

Attach the tag to the ribbon and tie it in.
All done.

Last thing to do? Clean the stencil 
and put it back in its little stencil home!
So there we are.
Advent Day 4.
All the special offers during this advent will run until the 31st December, so provided nothing sells out, you have loads of time to consider.
SO there’s a 5 for the price of 4 on the Stained Glass Stencils
Stencil Folders. Let’s see…
How about a 3 for the price of 2 ?
If you’re going to start a meaningful storage system, 
you need at least 3 folders!
You can order 3 of any one size online, but if you want 2 of 1 size and 1 of the other, you’ll have to call Jan and do that on the phone.
Have a great day!
much love,

28 thoughts on “Madonna and Glitter – Old Style!

  1. So beautiful, calm and peaceful. Just what I needed today.
    Cannot wait for Sunday!!! One day I will take the bull by the horns and make you a card. Not quite up to Clarity standard this year. Maybe Crowborough 2015 will be the winning ticket!
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Barbara, what a lovely way of using these beautiful stencils…. Mmmm gives me an idea! Thanks for all the special offers you are sharing during Advent. Hope you have a lovely day. xx

  3. This is really pretty Barbara and the ink rubbed into the design brings the Madonna to life beautifully. The folders are great for keeping stencils tidy, but at the moment I don't have that many but may be in the future. Grace made a great job of sorting them for you too. x

  4. What a clever idea – I'm trying to use up some of my mountain of patterned papers, so this is something I really need to try out! Might need to tidy those stencils too, as mine are all piled up in a drawer!! Thanks for today's offers, Susan x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! How gorgeous does she look done like this?! I really do like these stencils and thanks for all the great offers. The stencil folders are brilliant but I do think I need some of the small ones instead of the A4. Thanks for the inspiration as well. Love Alison xx

  6. Good afternoon Barbara, love this card and great way to use up patterned papers. ..the offers you are giving at the moment are just brilliant…very generous…have a good evening…hugs…xx

  7. Beautiful. The blue ink really makes the stencil image pop. I hadn't thought of inking through the glitter embossing. Grace has you so organised. She's my kinda girl. Love your folder offer as I'm trying to organise all my lovely stencils but I keep needing more folders because you keep bringing out more gorgeous stencils…and that's not a complaint! ! Xxx

  8. Hi Barbara yet another beautiful piece of artwork, I love the way the madonna pops when you apply the ink. I love the embossing glitter, might be adding that to the Christmas list! Thank you for more amazing advent offers. Love Diane
    Ps what is Graces hourly rate? I'm sure a lot of us could use her organising skills!!! X

  9. Another stunning card! I echo the comments above re: the offers and inspiration. To see how Grace has organised your stencils is great it gives me an idea of how I can organise mine. Any chance you could assist with squeezing an extra few hours into the day?

  10. Another lovely card, thanks for showing us. Like the glitter & the idea of using up patterned papers. The offers are great will be ordering some of these, end up bankrupt if you keep this up.xx

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