Santa’s Round. 4 for 2 Offer!

Santa’s Round. 4 for 2 Offer!

Ho Ho Ho!
Thanks for stopping by!
YouTube Tuesday’s back !
So it’s Day 2 of our Clarity Blog Advent.
Here’s a cool yule video.
Very simple tricks and techniques, using Texture paste.

Hope you enjoyed that one?
Here are the ingredients I used.
Also in this set:
Let’s make a special offer:
Also in this Collection
Let’s make a special offer:
That’s substantial savings!
Until tomorrow, Day 3 of our Clarity Advent here.
much love,

31 thoughts on “Santa’s Round. 4 for 2 Offer!

  1. Hi Barbara haven't watch you tube yet as off to an appointment something to look forward too when I get back home ,brilliant offers again good that I'm in the gold clarity club ,ive just received my Christmas sale parcel wow cannot wait to craft, happy crafting xxx

  2. Loved those ideas, Barb… especially using part of the stencil (wonder why I didn't think of that – doh!). Loved the partial colouring of the holly too. So classy. Think I'll have a go right now! Have a great day. Sun's shining here. Gill xxx

  3. Morning Barbara,
    Its great to have you back on You Tube, I've missed it.
    Some really great tips today that I'm going to take away and use, like Gill said, never thought of using part of these stencils….I do with the abstract squares one!
    Lovely ideas today, so many to choose from….what to start with?
    Take care,
    Jackie x

  4. Super demo today. I love how classy you've made the various elements look. I've just finished nine cards using the holly and fairy lights wreaths and am very pleased with them, but will have to do some more now after seeing your treatment, especially the partial and paste treatments. The samples in the artroom look great too.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Now why have I never thought if using part of the stencil! Only yesterday I was trying to fit the holly wreath onto a piece of 5×5 card and was so disappointed that it wouldn't fit. So guess what I'm off to do now!? Love the video and the way you only partially coloured in the holly leaves – looks fabulous on the black card. Thanks a lot. Love Alison xx

  6. Hello Barbara. No time today. A birthday party for a friend to organise, trip to the doctor with my Mum and granddaughter (again – but I'm not complaining) this afternoon. And then, a fabulous video which I really really want to have a go at. Life is not always fair! xx Margaret Col.

  7. Great video, as always, Barbara. Great to have the YouTube videos back. I am another who had not thought of using just part of these stencils. Not sure why as I often use bits of other stencils to mix and match. I need something to take to painting club on Thursday so I might have a go at this technique, doing all the grunge paste at home first and then colouring in when I get there. The part stencil bit would be brilliant with the lights. Off to try that out this afternoon. thank you for all you tips and tricks to help us. xx Maggie

  8. Hello Barbara, great Youtube video. Like others I'd not thought of only using a part of a stencil!! The partial colouring really makes the image pop – one for my give it a go list! 😊 xx

  9. I wont need to take advantage of this one as I've got them already! Glad to know that it's not only me who can't find things – sometimes I put something down go to pick it up again and it's not there!!

    This is one I'm definitely going to have a go at next year! and yesterday's with the gilding flakes!

    Taken a big step today and put my notice in after 37 years…… at least I'll be able to concentrate on Christmas cards less stressfully next year, God willing, and I've got plenty of stuff to play with that's never been touched for when I can't afford any more !!! Just don't tell hubby !! xx

  10. Youtube Tuesday yay, it's back. You make it look so simple which is why you definately get my votes! I have had to kurb my spending and as I have almost completed all my Christmas cards then these beauties will have to wait til next year. The bottle green arrived last week along with ginger, caramel, cranberry, currant and red pepper, all so yummy.

  11. Great video Barbara and really like how you've just used a section of the stencil. The partial colouring technique is also very classy – still have a stack of Christmas cards to do, but I've been doing birthday cards instead as I hate batch making!!! Almost up to February, so I'd best get back to Christmas… Thanks for the inspiration as always, Susan x

  12. Hooray! YouTube Tuesday is here again…and really enjoyed it. My stupid tablet wouldn't sync the sound and picture, but it was alright; I knew what you were doing as you'd told me 30seconds earlier lol! These Christmas stencils had an airing in my house last night, I think that they're great and very versatile. Saw Jo's demo at Catterick where she had just used part of one. It looked really good combined with a greeting or stamped image. Really appreciate the extra effort it takes you and the team to bring us the YouTube clips, so thank you to all involved. Love Jeanette xx

  13. Fab demo, Barbara, thank you! My very old and temperamental Mac won't let me watch u tube so I'm on a borrowed iPad. Well worth the hassle. I've learned such a lot from all your blogs over the months – I love visiting old favourites. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. All the best, Kay x

  14. Lovely demo. I came in from work and destressed watching you. Lovely christmas holly and santa. will have to have a go as I bought everything at Crowborough. Now looking forward to my christmas goodies from my family – everything from Mrs Clarity Christmas!
    Best wishes

  15. Hi Barb, what a lovely surprise/video to come back to after a long difficult day. Great inspiration and ideas, will definitely give some a try. Have a lovely evening. Bx

  16. Four beautiful stamps to go with four wonderful stencils. I love the idea of using just part of the circle for a slightly different look, and I really need some of that paste. A great tutorial as usual. x

  17. Hi Barbara I have used the daler Rooney acrylic paints and pulled a print on my gelli plate used a stamp in black archival can you tell me what's best to colour it in with please
    Sheila xx

  18. Lovely. I bought the 'Holly' and the 'Star' stencils at the NEC and they have been fantastic with the Grunge and an American paste called Glitter Snow. They look really classy, I think that they in my favourites list. The stars can be used for any time of the year . Clarity are such fab designers they are the best,, love them. Loved the 'You Tube 'as well.

  19. Hi Barbara great you tube video today, it's lovely to have you back, and wonderful stencil work too. Must get some grunge paste to play with as it looks amazing. Thank you for the amazing offers too, I love your advent calendar . Take care . Love Diane xxx

  20. Was so nice to have our YouTube tuesday back and seeing you again showing us more great technics, great using part of stencil will try this ,have a great day today it's know Wednesday live joy xxx

  21. I so love You Tube Tuesday!!!!
    Its one of the best things you have taken time to bring to us this year – we may have lost you on the classroom but now we can watch you whenever we want via YouTube!! so that is just great – Barbara on demand!
    I love all the Christmas rounds and stencils and am hoping to find some time this Saturday to make some cards with them this weekend – best laid plans and all that!!!
    Fantastic offer too!
    Much love
    Kim x

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