BRAND NEW TODAY: Canvassing for Clarity!

BRAND NEW TODAY: Canvassing for Clarity!

Happy Saturday!
Advent Day No 6.
I am so chuffed and excited to present you with this artwork!
It’s so different for me, but sooooo easy!! 
Sam Crowe flew down from oop Norf this week, to help give me the kickstart I needed, just show me a few tricks – and before you could say clean your brushes, I was away. 
So today’s the day that we begin a new Journey:
Canvas for Clarity.
Let me show you what I achieved almost instantly…
First thing, a brand new beautiful stencil. 
So I cut away the top part of the frame, 
just because I wanted it open at the top.

Tape it to one of our brand spanking new fabulous, 
top quality A5 Canvas Boards.

Drag the Grunge Paste through the stencil with a spreader, from the bottom up, and don’t worry about stripes or missing bits. 
You want it a little imperfect!
Drag some into the sky area too.

Allow it to dry. You can gently help it along with a heat gun 
if you can’t wait!
Enter the Golden Open Acrylic Paints. 
You can use the System 3 paints from Daler Rowney no problem, but I’m telling you, working with these Golden Open Paints 
(ie slow drying and oily) is the best. The absolute best. They are a much higher price point, but well worth every penny.
I used our Stencil Brushes too. 
Another perfect tool for this paint job.
Load a little Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold onto a brush, 

and lightly start brushing into the canvas from the edge.
Always from an edge inwards.

Load a second brush with the Quinacridone Magenta and add again. No need to wait for the gold underneath to dry. 
It blends together beautifully.

3rd colour Phthalo Blue Open. 
Add it to the Magenta left on the blending mat or craft mat.

This 3rd blend will yield all sorts of amazing colours when added to the gold and red!
Just watch! It’s like magic!

Add some more of the blue/magenta mix to the church.
It’s that easy. 
Just keep sweeping colour lightly across the Texture paste.

You can get in to real points with the stencil brushes 
because they’re pointed. 

So now we’ve got enough paint on the canvas, 
it’s time for highlights and lowlights!
Your most vital tools now are 2 things:
A baby wipe and a paper towel. 
Gently, very gently, remove paint in dark areas by lightly sweeping the surface of the Grunge paste with the baby wipe, allowing it to soak in, then wiping it with a dry paper towel just as gently. 

In other words, you can use the wet wipe to remove paint where you want to lighten an area.

Next, take a scalpel blade and further highlight edges of the Grunge Paste. 
Decide where your light source is, where the moon or the sun is in the sky, and then scratch in a highlight accordingly. 

See what I mean? Light areas where I’ve baby wiped it, and scratched in highlights. 
Really easy.
Lovely so far, but wait until we mount this on another white  Canvas board.

Use a sheet of our Double-sided Adhesive tape 
and attach it to the back of the artwork. 

Simply flip it and lay it down on a clean A4 Canvas board.

The artwork is so tactile and dimensional!

Good enough to hang on a wall any day. 
Or take a look at what I have sourced: 
Super little acrylic stands.
They come as a Box of 10 stands
I always use them for displaying the artwork on the TV Shows, 
or at exhibitions. 
They’re ideal if you do craft fairs or table-top sales, too.
Anyway, I decided these would make the perfect accompaniment 
to our Canvas-board work. 
So you can display your art as a standing piece, 
and even give the recipient a little stand together with the gift. 

It’s such an delightful creative art way! 
I spent the most enjoyable day figuring this out.
Each canvas should come with a warning though:

It’s about time I gathered up all the techniques I have been applying to cardmaking for the past 20 odd years, 
and applied it to canvas.

So there we have it. Canvas for Clarity in 2015.
We are launching Canvas for Clarity with 8 different sizes, 
all of which are now available on the website as of today. 
4″ x 4″
6″ x 6″
8″ x 8″
12″ x 12″
One more thing: 
ARSE. Art Requires Signature Everytime.
It’s time I started owning my art and celebrating it!
So I’ve only been doing this Grunge Paste / Open Acrylic thing since today. I can’t wait to see what I can do once I know what I’m doing!!!
I do hope you like it, and I do hope you join us on the canvas trail.
This could get big, you know….
much love,

61 thoughts on “BRAND NEW TODAY: Canvassing for Clarity!

  1. OMG what a cool stencil even cooler technique. You two just rock . This is sooo cool. I was just plugging in my gadgets before bed. I will be revisiting tomorrow on a larger screen .xxx

    1. BTW I made a bunch of Christmas cards using the 'Peace at Christmas' set. I have been diligent and sent them all out, I also made mum a candle with the 3 kings on camels from the set which she is delighted with. Tonight when I popped in to see her she had the candle proudly displayed, it suddenly occured to me that the middle one looks like some sort of dessert rebel with his AK47! Is it only me that has a warped imagination or does anyone else see the same? I must admit I find it very amusing, especially ar I have stamped the 'peace at christmas' sentiment under the Kings on camels.

  2. Wow!!! That artwork is stunning and I have to try this. I now have two hours in the week that are purely for play down at Craft club and this is going with me on Monday to have a go with the houses for now. Can I wait till Monday? xx Maggie

  3. Hi Barbara, this is just fantastic and as you were explaining what you had done, I felt that this is something that I would enjoy doing so when I'm finished here I'm off to write to Santa and tell him I need this for Christmas!
    Really Barbara is there no end to your talent? I must have this stencil and a few canvases for Christmas. Well done on yet another brilliant idea, see you Sunday Xx

  4. Barbara Gray I love your canvas, and I love the stencil too. And the marriage of the 2 is just beautiful, a fantastic piece of artwork. I reckon working on canvas (for crafters as opposed to painters) is becoming really popular now. I'm so glad you're selling these, and the little stands. Finger on the pulse xx

  5. Love it Barbara. And I have to say I do like a bit of canvas. I usually cut canvas from my A3 roll to whatever size I need but if you are selling boards now I will have to go check them out. Oh! And I agree with you ARSE…I quite often forget to sign my canvases ….can't believe I have just written ARSE to Barbara Gray! Moving on…I for one cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Hugs x

  6. Hi Barbara. This is a gasp of "Oh wow!" piece, how fantastic,I love it : ) The way the colours, and what amazing colours there are, all blend and then of course your magic high and low lighting is the finishing touch. Perfect little stands too. ARSE was drummed into us as children by our Dad. He always says that your piece isn't finished until it is signed with pride. Roll on 2015 and many more beautiful canvas's. Have a good day. Take care.

  7. Well there were a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" and "wow that's amazing" whilst reading that post lovely. Yet something else wonderful to inspire us with. I think I will have shares in Clarity at this rate. Lol. Brilliant work. Xx

  8. Brilliant, Barbara, I love this technique and it looks stunning. I bought some canvas boards on Monday, had no idea what I was going to do with them, but now I know!
    Thank you for the inspiration, as always x

  9. Brilliant, Barbara, I love this technique and it looks stunning. I bought some canvas boards on Monday, had no idea what I was going to do with them, but now I know!
    Thank you for the inspiration, as always x

  10. WOW!!! Love, love, LOVE this Barbara. Something else I need to try. My wish list is growing, and you'll be tempting me with more new stuff on the TV tomorrow too. Santa, I have been a good girl…. !! Xxx

  11. WOW! Barbara this is amazing. Your finished image is stunning, I'll definitely have to have a go! Love the new stencil. Have also sneaked a peek at what's on your show tomorrow – and there are some must haves there too. Mmmmm I wonder if Santa has finished shopping for me yet? I love the way you are developing stamping techniques into other areas. I believe 2015 is going to be a year of experimenting and learning. Have a lovely day, a safe trip to Peterborough and a fab show tomorrow. xx

  12. How way way cool is this, the little ones will be so much fun, I love the stands, you are clever… My Clarity wish list continues, hope Santa sends me a vouchure….move the art work too.

  13. Hi Barb, now this is just splendid, would really make great gifts, either with a stand, or say in little box frames for the diddy ones. Love the Church stencil, glad Sam came down and gave you the ideas. Have just popped stands and canvases on my wish list, and I can think of quite a few of the stencils that just lend themselves to this. Have a lovely Saturday, looking forward to the show tomorrow. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara wow oh wow this is amazing. Grunge paste is now high on the wish list! I love the new stencil too. I am just amazed by what you come up with next, well done you and thank you for sharing. Must tell my daughter about ARSE, she had a painting commission last year and they wouldn't accept it unless she signed it! Have a great day and a safe trip to Peterborough . Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barbara. I've been reading your blog for some time now but haven't commented before. However I felt I had to say how beautiful today's piece of art is. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your skills. Best wishes and seasons greeting, Diane x

  16. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous and I love the new stencil. I saw the canvasses on the website earlier this morning before this blog appeared and was well chuffed. I have been using 8 x 8 ones for a while with your stencils and texture paste and love the results – used the poppies, the Chinese lanterns and then I did an A4 one using the birds that were the first stencil club one. I sent you a picture of this one and it now is framed and on my wall ( I've never done anything like this before and I was so proud of it) thanks to my hubbie telling me it was lovely! From the bottom of my heart, can I just say a massive thank you for all of the inspiration you have given me. Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a safe journey to Peterborough. Love Alison xx

  17. I'm so excited! I love today's artwork, and love working on canvas. I will definately be purchasing some boards and grunge paste. Thank you so much for this fab inspiration. Looking forward to tomorrows show.
    Can't wait to see what new and exciting things you will be bringing us next year!

  18. OMG and Flippin heck! I love it. I am so looking forward to the onward journey with Clarity. It just gets better and better and I try things I never thought I would. Thank you Barbara. My passport is ready and bag packed for the journey. It is so exciting!. X

  19. I am so going to try this. I have a blank canvas that I have been sitting on for ages and just didn't have the confidence to put paint on it. I follow Sam's blog too and I think you have both given me the little nudge that I needed…. you are both inspirational xxx

    1. It has given me the nudge too, Vanessa and I have just grunged two small canvases with sections of the houses. Hoping to do the paint bit tomorrow. xx Maggie

  20. This stencil with the coloured paste works so well on the canvas. Lovely colours and so designer, and would make a great present. Thank you for this Barbara. x

  21. Wow – amazing! No-one would ever know this was your first attempt – I fully expect everyone to know when I have a go!!! Might be time to be courageous and get myself some grunge paste… Susan x

  22. Hi Barb,
    I just know what's going to happen. I think this is gorgeous but too arty and not really my style, just like I used to think of the gelli plate. Well, we all know what happened there, I'm a gelli addict now.
    All I can say is that I'm looking at my masks thinking "now which ones I can use" and "which canvas sizes will be best"!! xx

  23. You make it look soooo easy Barbara !
    Would love to have a go at this .
    You just have the knack of knowing what to apply, where , when and how!
    Result fab art work , what a lovely gift this would make .
    Thanks for the tutorial Barbara , fantastic!

  24. Afternoon Barbara, brilliant new stencil, and what a fantastic piece of art you have created…looking forward to your show tomorrow , safe journey and see you at 9am…with more fantastic new stamps and stencils…hugs…xxxxx

  25. Hi Barbara,
    I'm in love with the new stencil!
    Just lovely artwork and I must remember ARSE too as I never sign my artwork unless its with my personal Clarity stamp on the back of a card!
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  26. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich fall vom Stuhl was für eine wunder, wunderschöne Gestaltung. Die Kirche sieht so genial aus. Ich krieg gleich Schnappatmung vor Bewunderung. Du bist eine so begnadete Künstlerin und es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen deine Werke zu bewundern. Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Nikolausabend. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  27. This is wonderful Barbara, it's got to be a winner. Got the grunge paste, must get the canvases and stencil and have a go. The houses stencil would be good with this too. You never cease to amaze me.xx

  28. I loved the artwork, so different. Oh no I'm going to have to go spending again! Oh well they don't put pockets in shrouds. I'm off to the website to spend again.

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