Advent Sunday – Light a Candle…

Advent Sunday – Light a Candle…

Hello there !
Advent Day No. 6, and the first Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s TV today! 9am-11am Create & Craft.
If you take the time out of your Sunday to watch, then thank you.
Two hours is a long time to sit still for anything!
Well, after yesterday’s very arty canvas blog, 
which I am happy to report went down a storm,
I thought we’d mix it up a little, and have some simple candle fun.
It being Advent and all that! 
I was over at Gill and Debby’s last week, and they gave us a fabulous Christmas Candle.
It occurred to me that I had completely forgotten how to make these stamped candles, so Debby kindly offered to refresh my memory.
Being the born opportunist that I am, I thought eh-up! I could make a Christmas Present for someone here!
(which, when the only thing you’ve done in preparation for this Christmas is eat your way through 3 boxes of Heston Bloomingtarl’s mince pies, is a good thing. A great thing!)
So off to Debby’s craft room for a little refresher lesson….
What a fabulous lady and great friend.
Stamp your image onto a piece of tissue paper 

with a Versamark ink pad. See it?

Sprinkle the inky image with an embossing powder of your choice – red, gold, black – you pick!

Heat emboss on a low heat with a heat gun.
This 2-speed heat gun is ideal for embossing and everything. 
I like that it has 2 speeds.

We used the Leafy Swirls here,
Little and Large come in a set together

So we did both. Back and front…
Then cut the embossed images out.

Now comes the fun part. 
Wax Paper is the key. 

Lay the tissue-image on the candle.

On the subject of candles, Morrisons best and cheapest!

Then cut a piece of wax paper and pin the tissue to the candle with the wax paper, waxy side facing the candle.
Gently and softly heat the area with a heat gun. Don’t over heat it, or the candle will start to melt.
The object of the exercise is to allow the tissue paper to melt into the candle and let the cutout lines disappear.
So I just kept my eye on the cutlines, and quickly worked my way round the outer edges.


No wax paper edges!

 Presentation is everything!
Here the handstamped candle is dropped into a bed of Gilding flakes and cones, a couple of cinammon sticks, and wrapped with a beautiful bow.

What a lovely gift!
Here’s the fab Santa Candle which was our pressie from Debby and Gill.
 He was stamped in black on tissue paper, not embossed, but his coat was coloured in with Distress Markers. I bet Debby did that before she cut the tissue image out….

 Many many thanks to Debby for the one-on-one lesson again!
I blogged the last time we played this game on 24th November last year. That was cool but different, so check it out! 

And Mum, if you are reading this, 
yours is the Leafy Swirl Candle!!!

much love,

44 thoughts on “Advent Sunday – Light a Candle…

  1. Hi Barbara
    Enjoyed today's show and love the new stamps,have all the other word chain stamps so it would be criminal not to buy theses.
    May give the candle a go great as a stocking filler.

  2. Lovely pressie for mum. The red is very vibrant and festive. unfortunately didn't manage to watch all of the show today but i absolutely adore the word chains I already have, so know what will be dropping into my stash soon! The owls and foxes look great too. Can't wait to rewatch the show. I really don't know how you manage to pack soooo much into a day!

  3. I love doing the candles – they make such an excellent gift – and Clarity Stamps make just the right stamps for making the candles!!!
    Todays show was fab – being with Deano was just right too!!!
    Hope your chilling with another mince pie and a cuppa!!!
    Much love

    Kim xx

  4. Enjoyed the show this morning. Sitting not too much of a problem at the moment, I have fluid on my knee and it is so painful to stand. I love the candles, really must have a go. Oh how I love mince pies, I have not had one yet, am being good on my diet but they are calling to me. xxx

  5. I was lucky enough to have a personal lesson from Debby via internet video a couple of weeks ago. As you say, a wonderful lady. I have to say that your candle is far more professional than mine but I really enjoyed playing and have four set aside as presents for family members. Loved today's show and I really NEED all those lovely new things. Hope you are now relaxing with Dave and Sam before getting back to work tomorrow. I have not even had one mince pie as yet. Take care. xx Maggie

  6. Hi Barbara ooooh candles, haven't done these for ages and so much better with wax paper. Must have a play again one day. Thanks for the great show today, really enjoyed it -and it looked like you did too with the lovely Dean. Great stamps, loved the owls, word chains and foxes. I like your Christmas preparation – mince pies- yum. Tell you what, have another box and think about it some more 🙂 enjoy your evening. Love Diane xxxx
    Ps hope your mum loves her candle xxxx

  7. Live doing candles my favourite stamp the leafy swirls. My eldest daughters I did cards and matching stamps this year for the birthdays went down well. Loved all newstencils and stamps first on my list will be the new word art stamps just love using them all joy xxx

  8. Hello Barbara, managed to sneak a peak and some of your show today whilst I was out. Great stamps and stencils as always. So glad you felt it went well this time. Just like Santa I've made my list and checked it twice. Really like the candle you did with Debby, and the one they gave you. I enjoy this technique and hope to find time to make some as presents this year!!! Hugs xx

  9. Thanks for the reminder about how to do candles! Great presentation too with the cones and cinnamon sticks – might have to make a trip to Morrisons tomorrow, unless the forecast for snow comes to fruition!!! Had to record the shows, but they were really fun – loved the squirrel stamp so much – he's definitely on my wish list! Susan x

  10. i remember making a few candles last year. good idea for some last minute pressies. that swirly leaf is my favourite stamp of all. it is so beautiful.
    watched your shows while ironing this afternoon. thanks for keeping me company. i have learnt some new things today. lovely shows as ever but that Dean does go on a bit although i can see that you really get on well with him, hugs xx

  11. Hi Barbara,
    What great presents these candles make and you've used my absolute fav Clarity stamp, I love the leafy swirls.
    Have to sit down tomorrow to watch the recorded show from this morning, as I've not been well spent most of the day in bed!
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  12. This stamping on a candle technique is great and it is fascinating how the wax melts just enough to encase the tissue paper so it is seamless. I'm sure it is not quite as easy as it appears but the finished result is gorgeous, and love that swirl. x

  13. I have done this a couple of times. Make great presents as they can be so individual. I haven't used distress markers yet so maybe I will have to go candle shopping! Watched the shows and all the demos and DT samples were great. Added the squirrel, owls and foxes to my wish list. XX

  14. Hello Barbara. Thank you for a most entertaining show this morning. I love the candle, bet your Mum will too. It's these techniques that one forgets with all the buzz of new ideas and new projects and yet sometimes it is worthwhile to revisit them. A good reminder just when present buying is getting to the panic stage! xx Margaret Col.

  15. I love decorating candles this way. It makes it more personal. For my friend's 50th I printed her photo onto tissue and stamped swirls around it. She loved it.
    I too need to get cracking on making some Christmas gifts. Think I may make a few of these for my in-laws.

  16. Out all day today so I'm looking forward to watching the recording of the show. Congratulations on your triumph at the Conference. I'm always telling my daughter-in-law and 3 nieces, who have their own craft-based businesses, about Clarity, your story and your inspiration.
    Loved your canvas too. Carol

  17. Great show today Barbara, must get the latest word chain stamps to add to my collection. Thanks for today's blog, a good reminder of how to decorate candles, such a useful gift idea. Anne x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Loved the shows today and really liked the owls and squirrel stamps and corresponding stencils although I decided to order from you rather than C&C. Really like the technique for the candles but have yet to try it. I just envisage a melted candle when I try it! Really love the leafy swirl stamps too. I'm sure your mum will love her candle. Love Alison xx

  19. Oh Barbara thank you so much! I'd just been tracking my brain trying to think when you blogged the candle trick. I'm making some for gifts. Have candle, tissue paper and wax paper but couldn't remember the right sequence! Really glad to find out I can emboss too. Thanks for doing this blog. It helps me so much. It's so inspiring on days when I don't feel great. So many thanks.

  20. Lovely candle. Have my pillar candles at the ready but been making more clocks tonight in my little elf grotto. Only saw the start of your show but it looked great; lovely, lovely stamps as per usual. Looking forward to a Gray session later on in the week. Ela xx

  21. Lovely gift idea, I haven't tried melting an embossed image, love the result, thanks Debby and Barbara. Loved all the stamps and stencils on the show today, can't wait for payday 🙂 xx

  22. I'm about to start my candle Christmas presents. People love them as gifts but i have to insist that they burn them so that I can make them more the next year. Your santa one is fab. Well done Debby & I'm sure that your mum will love your red swirls xx

  23. Morning, I was-at work yesterday so still have your shows recorded to watch later. Thanks for this, I dd some candles from memory, but did not knw they could be embossed images and yours are much nicer than mine, will have to have another go.

  24. Hi Barb, thank you for the refresher tutorial on the candles and tissue paper. Love the Santa circle one, what a great Christmas gift, and yours with the leafy swirl looks so festive in the vase. Going to catch up with the recorded show today as did not get to see it all live. Am loving the word chain multi buys. Have a great Monday. Bx

  25. Hi Barbara. Thank you for a great tutorial. I will be having a go at this, they make a lovely gift. I must get some more candles first, thanks for the tip about Morrisons : ) Sadly missed your show yesterday, but of course it was recorded so I have that to look forward to later on. I like your Christmas prep, sounds like a good plan to me : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  26. Hi Barb,
    Great show yesterday, and fabulous stamps – as usual. I got so excited when I got to the end of your post and saw that the candle was for Mum, then realised that in Newcastle I am Mam to my daughter!!! I'll definitely try that technique, sending George to Morrison's for candles (detailed instructions written very clearly for him!) and will give it a go. Thanks for all your inspiration and hard work over these many years (my word, that makes you and me sound like Methuselah) xx

  27. I love decorating candles and have the swirly stamp so now all I need is a trip to Morrison's! Your candle is beautiful, hope mine turns out that good! Pat x

  28. I doubt I'll get around to decorating a candle but it's a lovely technique and when I do I know I'll be able to pop back here for my lesson! Was in Cornwall at the weekend and even got to see the show (I had recorded it just in case of course!) so now I have to pop to Clarity to order some goodies! x

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