Tuesday. Tea break.

Tuesday. Tea break.

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping by. 
No YouTube today though. Sorry. 
Let me explain.
We moved the office round at work, to make more room for the next laser cutter, so we had to take down the brick wall backdrop. That went fine, mostly because everything just got brought home and out of the way.
The plan was to start recording YouTube up in my lovely new loft space at home. But things have been piling up, and I have been hopping from job to job, just dumping and running…
Here we can see a pretty typical Dump and Run situation,
Filing not at the top of the to do list. 
In fact, not even on the list. 
Last month’s TV Show demos just about to be buried by this months. Ah. There’s that electric statement I have been looking for!
I do mean to straighten it out. 
I have even bought a colourful rug
and some kooky door knobs and hangers.
but more important stuff just keeps getting in the way.
I’ve even bought a bird which I want to turn into a lovely 
artefact on the wall. Art project! 
Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap at Home Sense. 
Couldn’t leave it there. 
Even though the beak and tail are broken! 
Don’t tell Dave!
Just what the place needed really: a huge wooden bird 
with a broken beak and tail.
Can I delegate this? God no! Well, the bird maybe…
So can we film in here? NAC. or NABC. Or NAFC. You pick.
Therefore, I have made an executive decision.
We are taking a break from You Tube recording 
for the month of November, back in December. 
That will give me time to whip this place into shape 
and get creative!
Until then, let’s roll back the hours again for a few weeks, and get nostalgic on a Tuesday…
much love,

51 thoughts on “Tuesday. Tea break.

  1. Hi Barbara, oops … Organised chaos?! No wonder your heads all over the place!
    Never mind it will all come right in the end x
    YouTube break…hey that's cool x
    Time to deal with the chaos , get through this week, sit back with a cuppa and relax xx
    much love
    your friend
    Kim x

  2. Hi Barb, well these things happen. I am glad it is not just my craft space come home office that looks like a mini hurricane has passed through it. So we all get to look forward to the new videos in December and some nostalgia in the meantime. Take care and do try get some rest. Bx

  3. My craft room in the loft looks very much like yours, I completely understand where you are coming from. I could do with blocking some time out to sort it. Good luck x

  4. Glad it's not just me then. I seem to spend more time tidying away or having to reorganise what I've got than actual quality time crafting…How does that happen? "You keep buying too much stuff!" my other half says and he's kinda right.
    So I totally understand why there will be a break from You Tube Tuesday and I'd say NAFC to your studio being ready.
    Hope your German show is better this time. Safe journey and snatch some "me" time on the flight.
    Take care, love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  5. Totally understand I'm amazed you get anything done you are so busy don't worry we will survive with out YouTube tuesday hope you get some time to sort out or help to do it many hands make light work I wood come help if was nearer. Bug most of all some you time to relax lots love and hugs enjoy your trip to Germany xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    I can completely understand why you want to take a break from the YouTube videos. Mind you, your craft room is looking more like mine at the moment, except mine is about an eighth of the size! At the moment, I can't see the carpet or the desk for stuff so that's got to be cleaned up today. Have a safe journey to Germany. Love Alison xx

  7. I think we can all understand that decision. I keep all the presents I have bight for Christmas in my craft room and this time of year it is difficult to get to the desk let alone craft at it. That's why I start making my cards for Christmas mid summer lol

  8. Hi Barbara oh your lovely haven of peace and tranquility, you have made so many peoples day seeing a home from home room. Completely understand about the you tubes taking a break , you have so much to do in your busy life. I love the thought of the broken unloved bird being rescued by you to be transformed. I'm sure one day you will show us this amazing creation you have put together. Now, would you like a hand with the filing? Shall I put the kettle on too? Safe journey to Germany Barbara and make sure you get some rest!!! Take care love Diane xxx

  9. WOW, the tidy nurse in me thinks how I would love to sort and tidy that room, if you need help, I am here
    Its nice to see the pics from when it all started, now it's lived in and "Work in progress" as 1 of my boxes says. Take time for yourself, will totally be with you in Dec. Don't work too hard

  10. Hi Barbara. Sad but sensible decision for you to take a short break from the You tube videos. P for priority! Love the bird, bet we won't be able to see the damage once you have finished with it. The rug will look great once you will get sorted. It's always the same isn't it, we move stuff to the least full place we can find at that moment in time, to get sorted "later". Later can take a while to get to but you will in the end. Grab some rest on the flights if at all possible! Take care.

  11. Good move Barbara, and good decision….and most importantly you have made me feel better…my craft space is such a mess and now it has been invaded by our new Labrador puppy …Eric…well you can image….I don't think I will ever been straight….but I wouldn't swap him for the world….it is good to smile….and have a hug….much love…Jo. X

  12. Dear Barbara, I think we all worry about how much you try to fit in to your schedule. We will all be here in Nov for the next instalment, so no worries. Just rest, play and sort in your own time.
    Thanks for all your sharing, always makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry. xx
    God Bless
    Maria M

  13. Ooh you've got a room like my (spare ) ahem crafting room! The only difference is that mine has drying washing, a fridge freezer and a bed to get in the way! I'll never have a tidy room.

    I've just enjoyed last weeks YouTube and will now turn to my own projects this morning, so thanks Barbara for a reason to make time for my crafting. No point in flogging yourself and the rest of the team so hard that you all get ill! We don't want that at all.
    Hugs (((()))) Allison

  14. Barb – compared to my 'craft room' at the moment it is a dream space! Besides… do you want your headstone to say she was too tidy to create…… No…. it won't be on mine either (but my excuse is a new kitchen). Take heart, come next spring you will get the urge to sort it – there you are, that's your deadline! Tell them Maggie said so.

  15. Good to know mine isn't the only messy craft room , but sure you will get it sorted.
    I love your assortment of hangers and knobs!
    I also think the bird with it's broken beak was just waiting for you Barbara so how could you not bring it home!
    You will transform it into a thing of beauty!
    Enjoy your break from YouTube and take time for yourself,

  16. Oh my – just like my room but bigger and cleaner! You should make us all take photos of our craft rooms and send them to you – it will make you feel a lot better!!! Although I love the utube Tuesdays, I do also quite miss the roll back the hours slot, so am looking forward to all the November stories. I also love it when you revisit old stamps and give them a new twist, so maybe we'll see some golden oldies again. Methinks it's time for the Clarity company director to have a PA? Susan x

  17. Glad to know that I am not the only one with a messy craft room. I did manage to hoover the carpet in mine this morning, well the bits that don't have piles of 'stash'. ! Didn't seem worth doing too much as I still have Christmas cards to make. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
    Enjoy your blog break and try and make some' Barbara time'
    Gayle x

  18. Hi Barb,
    A tidy desk is a sign that you've got too much time on your hands! I say NABFC in clearing this lot without some help – and I'm a dab hand at filing. Don't stress (easy for me to say) and just think that in 50 years it won't matter!!!
    On that happy note, adieu xx

  19. I'm so pleased that your craft room is a 'tip', just like the rest of us. It's a common sickness 'TIUT' -tidy it up tomorrow – or never. Agree with nannapat, have a break, put your feet up with a large G&T. See you Friday and Saturday at the NEC.x.

  20. I know the feeling sort of ?? See on Sunday I thought the NEC was next week ?? On Saturday I promised some cards to the Cafe, so apart from loosing a week, a husband on Friday to his Job and adding a weeks worth of work onto my Now only 1 day schedule – (I had forgot Hannah was still off school yesterday????) I am chilled?????? So Barbara use the Airport time and flight time as your chill out time, you can't do a lot there so Breathe!!!! I will see you on Thursday. Xx

  21. You have made me feel human Barbara. I take on too much and then end up doing stupid things. Nobody wants you to run yourself into the ground, good things are worth waiting for. Good luck for the NEC, I must miss this year sadly.

  22. Good to see someone else with a crafty mountain! Sorting it out slowly is the only to make sure you find all the stuff you thought you had lost. I will be waiting patiently for more videos but completely understand the need for a break. I think I was right with my winds of change comment the other day. Take care and try and find a little me time. XX

  23. Don't worry about the video break Barbara, you're not superwoman although we know you try. Give yourself time to gather your thoughts from the manic world of work, your health and sanity should be your priority and the fact you still find time to maintain a daily blog is amazing, thank you! x

  24. You DO make me laugh 🙂 I love seeing your 'human' side. As so many have said, now I don't feel so bad for living in chaos!
    Crafters Unite – creativity isn't neat and tidy.


  25. Hi Barbara, not a problem, happy to wait for more You Tubes. I'm glad to see you are going to be slowing down a bit this month, been worrying that you'll make yourself ill.

    Even I can't keep up with keeping my craft room tidy and I’ve done very little craft for several months now, so what chance do you and many on here have!!! Are others like me in that no matter how many times I've tried to reorganise and improve on storage I still need lots of boxes and shelves emptied to get everything I need for one project!!!!? Mind you my wee cat Daisy really doesn't like tidy, she's usually found making at least as much new mess as I'm trying to tidy away, pom poms and cords and strings and all sorts everywhere!!!! Craft pom poms are her favourites but she also loves to hide them all over the place and always manages to find new hidey holes as quick as I discover the last ones. So, I've just bought her a bag of 100 pom poms for her Christmas, maybe not such a good idea now I'm sat here looking at the mess she's made with wee stash she already has!!!! But on the upside I won't have to be crawling about looking for her hidden stashes as often, something she takes great pleasure in watching me do, I often think this is her real motive in hiding them!!!!

    Take good care of yourself
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, you are another joy to read when you write. Having had cats in the past I know just what you are about and I have visions in my head of the fun looking for your pom poms, perhaps if you put them on a rope and hung it up it would keep her busy trying to get them down, don't put them up to high though, take care and just like Barbara look after yourself

  26. Oh, Barbara, you have really cheered me up today. Even you have wreckage around that just has to wait for now. I am off now to find enough chairs for my friends to sit on this evening as I have spread Christmas all over the living room (I cannot get into y craft room). You have far more to do that I do, so taking a break from filming seems to be an excellent choice for now. I hope you can delegate some of the other "stuff" ready for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the NEC. xxx

  27. Hi Barb, just relax you've got a busy weekend and I quite agree with everyone else – we will survive until next month without your fabulous videos and DELEGATE!!
    God bless
    Jan xx

  28. LOL, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments and feel much relieved that I am not alone in my messyness! Even my cat has abandoned my craft room it's that messy. He looks at it, looks at me then walks away! He loved lying on the window whilst I was at my desk but now it's like an obstacle course that he has to navigate. I will miss youtube Tuesdays but would miss you more if you to ware yourself out! Enjoy Germany and looking forward to a refreshed Barbs when she ready x

  29. Your room looks wonderful, mess or no mess. Also like the bird or the bird bits! Still trying to work out NAC? can someone enlighten me. Some initials do make sense to me – as when I am crafting and it is only fit for WPB – I expect everyone knows what that is! Also could not work out the funny words on a previous blog – I must get into this initial generation.
    Anyway, looking forward to everything you do, as ever.
    Best wishes

  30. Haha Anne! Not A Chance. = NAC. The rest is whatever you feel appropriate! The Eel Plurt Bow Coop was my larking about with French…Il pleut beaucoup, meaning it is raining a lot. Xxxx

  31. Thank you Barbara. My son has just told me what the letters stand for. You would think I would know seeing as I work with the criminal element of society!
    Anyway – my best wishes to you. You are my shero, as you call it. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my crafting and my well-being. You are a star!

  32. Glad for you to be having a break from utube Tuesday's. Miss it of course. You run yourself ragged with all you do, plus NEC this week, try to have some me time… We don't want you getting ill. My craft room is a mess as soon as I start crafting as I can never put my hands on the things I need. It was all so organised so why can't I find things? I know, got too much.xx

  33. Good decision. We'll all survive and we could re-run recorded C and C progs. I do like how you share your mess with us and show your very human side. Take care and get some R and R.

  34. Hi Barbara. There are only 24 hours in the day and sometimes something has to give, so don't worry about You Tube Tuesday, and we will look forward to having it back in December. I don't know how you pack so much in to every day as it is and what with Germany and the NEC you have more than enough to keep you busy! Take care. x

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