Monday’s Butterfly tree…

Monday’s Butterfly tree…

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by in this wain wain wain….
Monday’s blog is Trees and flowers, so I just have to showcase our beautiful Butterfly Tree and Butterflies stamps:
They come unmounted and as a set.
There is a matching stencil too….
Let’s take a quick look at the card from yesterday’s TV demo, 
inspired by Dee. 
Very easy, using the stencil and butterflies.
The Butterflies were made using custom made inkpads 
and reinkers. Then cut out.
I am going to attach a You Tube link here, which shows you exactly how to do that ink pad job:
There! That’s much faster than writing it all out!
All you need is the Cut n Dry Felt , a Black Archival ink pad
By attaching the stencil to the 7″ x 7″ Gelli Card and pressing the new butterfly ink pad you have made through it, you can get this gritty, mottled effect. Just blend into the stencil edges 
with a make-up sponge.
The sentiment is from another fantastic stamp set, 
which was showcased on TV yesterday. 
This was my personal favourite on the show:
How fitting are these stamps today? ?
But back to the Butterfly Tree.
Let’s just check out the colour combination here:
Peacock Feathers and Squeezed Lemonade Distress Pads
AND Reinkers, with a hint of Crushed Olive Reinker on the Butterflies too…
Even if it’s a little murky out there, we can brighten our days with ink and a little imagination…
lots of love,
I’m going to answer a question which you haven’t even asked yet!
Are these new stamps available individually? No.
As unmounted stamps, they come in a set. 
The low price point is our driver here. 
In order to keep the cost down, we must keep it simple too.

34 thoughts on “Monday’s Butterfly tree…

  1. Just what I needed. Beautiful card and colours. I am flying away now with the butterflies to a better place. Sheer heaven in the card
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Barb,
    These are all absolutely wonderful. I'll be in Debtor's Prison if you keep giving us such wonderful stamps and stencils.
    Hope you're in a more positive mood today, and I'll be down for Sunday lunch whenever you send an invitation!!! xx

  3. Love the sentiments on the new stamps, Barb. They really resonate with me. Looking forward to watching yesterday's shows later – was at a craft fair yesterday! xx

  4. I could not watch your show yesterday but going to watch today as I have recorded it. I ordered this set and another from you after a quick glance at C and C website. Butterflies are always a winner with me. I can't make the NEC but have a good time. Thank you Fi x

  5. Just love that butterfly tree, but can't afford to splash out just now alas! It will go onto my wish list for the future which is ever increasing with all the wonderful ideas that you and your team come up with!!! Hope you have a great day and find some sunshine somewhere in spite of this weather. Susan x

  6. Hi. Barbara loved this card when you did the demo yesterday and who doesn't like butterflies. Love the way the tree explodes Into fluttering butterflies. Thank you for sharing and it's ok the butterflies and tree as a set works well for me. Have a great day love Diane xxx
    Is it just me or is the you tube link not there???

  7. I love the butterfly tree and those different sized butterflies are very pretty and the winds of change sentiment works perfectly with it too. All the new stamps and stencils are great so it would be hard to choose a favourite. Thanks Barbara. x

  8. Thats what I call – pretty, very pretty ! Love the stamps and the Card. Looking forward seeing you on German TV am Dienstag – Hab noch einen schönen Tag. XX

  9. Lovely colours. I really like the squeezed lemonade. I also loved how the expresso made the blue in yesterday's card very moody. Note to self – play with colours more!

  10. Hi Barbara, loving these new uncounted sets. The butterfly and tree stencil card is beautiful and I like how you've used the reinker stamp pad through the stencil. Gives it great texture. Have you heard of the monarch butterfly that descends on Fremont USA in their thousands every year and turn a grove of eucalyptus trees into your stencil?
    I like the idea of keeping costs down with unmounted stamps as I have lots of mounts and limited storage so this works well for me but also for those starting out with Clarity as they can start their collection more cheaply, but will soon become hooked with the excellent quality of the product.
    Meant to say yesterday that I loved how your shaving foam art turned out on C&C yesterday. Fantastic colours and I will definitely be spitzing my reinkers in future.
    Off to buy some butterflies now.
    Best wishes Jeanette xx

  11. Ah yes, these were the other ones I wanted in addition to the umbrellas. These are my colours too! It's handy having the stamps unmounted as my storage capacity is already over loaded. I will be spritzing the re inkers next time I do shaving foam – must get some bottles! Fairly bright here today with just a littled wain shower – at lunch time of course ! x x

  12. Hi Barbara,
    I think this was my favourite card from yesterdays shows. I just love the butterflies, so these stamps and the stencil are on the wish list.
    I had happy post from Clarity this morning, the mini ink blending deal and some stamps, been having a play….must get back to finish off as I left bits drying while I had a coffee and a read of the blog.
    Take care,
    Jackie x

  13. I loved the butterfly tree set so much I ordered it Saturday evening when I was looking at the products on your TV show. I watched the shows last night after reading that you felt down about them. I think it was the subliminal messages all around you about the winds of change and being blown in a new direction. I think the shows and demos you did were great. Well domn to the DT for some beautiful examples. XX

  14. I really like this set of stamps , it has crept onto my list of wants at the NEC. Gosh , hope there is plenty of room in my daughter's car. Enjoyed the show yesterday and there were some beautiful samples from the DT. xx

  15. Hello Barb, this new set is fantastic, but what do I want to get first Birds or butterflies? that thought apart, this is simply stunning. Beautiful colours, and a super, inspirational sentiment! Thank you for all that you bring us. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara! This looks beautiful! I do think the reinkers really come into their own used this way!!! I bet this would look great in autumnal tones too!!!!
    Have a good evening! Xxxx

  17. Are you going for a new career as a clairvoyant, Barbara? Answering questions before we have asked them, or is it that you know us all so well? You already know the answer – we want them all anyway. Beautiful designs, perfectly demonstrated. In answer to something you said yesterday, I wonder if the change of presenter halfway though the show is just too unsettling and gave you that "flat" feeling. We all loved it anyway. xxx Maggie

  18. Hi Barbara. I still haven't had time to watch the recording of Sundays show but know it will be great. Love the beautiful Butterfly Tree : ) Take care.

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