Titanium White Vs Zinc White. The Girl’s gone dotty!

Titanium White Vs Zinc White. The Girl’s gone dotty!

Hi there!
Wednesday already! 
NEC Set-up day, so I can’t chat long!
I was playing with our superb new stencil 
that clever Jo Rice came up with,
appropriately named Jo’s Bubbles
If you check back to the blog I wrote on October 22nd, you will see how I arrived at loads of different backgrounds using the bubble stencil.

Let’s have another go.
Lay the stencil on the 7×7 Gelli Card
and attach with masking tape.
Using the mini Blending tools, saturate the bubbles with different inks. You can go direct from the ink pads, you can use the ink on the Gelli Plate or blending mat. 
You can use ink pads or drips from the reinkers spread with a brayer – the options are numerous. 
There’s a great offer on the mini blending tools on the website, 
and we will run the same offer at the NEC until we sell out.
Leave the bubble stencil in place and bring in the Dotty Wave stencil. He has to be one of the most useful stencils we have!
Now for some White Acrylic accents.
What we need, what we really really need is 
TITANIUM WHITE , because it’s opaque. 
Put a little on a palette or piece of copy paper and load a clean mini blending sponge with the paint.
Now dab off on copy paper to make sure it’s not too wet, then start adding white dots through the second stencil.
Move the stencil around, so that the dots are different sizes.
Basic perspective: 
big dots in the big bubbles, little dots in the little bubbles. 
Remove the stencil and be impressed.
Be more impressed that the mini sponge doesn’t go rock hard! 
I didn’t wash it straightaway, because I got caught up in the creative flow. And because I am a slob sometimes.
Yet when I went back to it a day later,
thinking I might have to soak it or bin it, it was fine!
Spoke to Sam Crowe, our in house Paint Pro, and she had made the same discovery! But that was pretty predictable; when has Sam ever washed anything ???
I added a couple of Word Chain words in Black Archival,
because they just go so well !
Spot the Mega Mount...
So yes. White acrylic paint. 
There is a Zinc white mixing paint also available. 
This one is great for what it says: mixing. If you want to lighten another colour or add some transparency to an otherwise very opaque paint, then the Zinc White is ideal.
BUT. If you want a very opaque, not see-through paint, like the one I have used here, you want Titanium.  
Now I really must crack on. The NEC awaits!
Maybe see you there?
much love,

37 thoughts on “Titanium White Vs Zinc White. The Girl’s gone dotty!

  1. Hi Barbara lovely bubbles today and I like the white accents. Thank you for the great tips about the different whites- I usually go titanium so it's good to know the difference. I'm like you and get carried away and don't get round to washing things up – like the sound of the little pads, must get some before they sell out. I've said I will be good this year and not go to the NEC , I know I will regret it as it is such a fab day out but I hope you have an amazing time. Make sure you get some rest time too. Love Diane xxxx

  2. Wow! Love the simplicity of this. Very effective with only circles.
    I am going to have a craft day doing things for me on Saturday rather than making things to give or sell to others. I am looking forward to getting out the shaving foam and my clarity stamps to create something to display in my newly decorated hall. Hope you enjoy the NEC.

  3. See you there Barbara, meeting Jo Rice and Sam Crowe this afternoon for our few days away. Meeting up with loads of other Clarity friends over the next few days too.
    Thank you Barbara – I wouldn't have met these fabulous friends if it hadn't been for Clarity xxxxx

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for sharing the tips about the paint, will have to make a note before I forget the difference between them!
    Just love Jo's bubbles, could be my new favourite stencil….then again, I still love the abstract squares, its always out on the craft table.
    Have fun at the NEC, just sorry I cannot make it.
    Jackie, x

  5. Great design….and great mix of colour…just on the train now…….it's going to be a fantastic few days with lots of Clarity friends……see you tomorrow Barbara…xxxx..

  6. Stunning card, Barbara. Hopefully my 'Jo's Bubbles' stencil and blending tool will arrive any day and I can have a play. I think both will get a lot of use. Your comment about Sam made me laugh, especially after seeing her work space at Catterick. Yet she always produces the most amazing pieces of artwork.
    Wish I was up to the NEC, but hopefully I'll be able to go next year. Make sure you don't overdo it and you take time to rest your neck.
    Love & hugs. Jeanette

  7. It's amazing how adding the white dots have just made this design jump off the page! Love it. Hope you have comfy shoes and maybe a little stick on heat pad for your neck, just in case it gives you gip!! Have fun at the NEC – one day I will get there, Susan x

  8. Great card design . I will be at the NEC this weekend………… at Cake International! I agreed to go with my sister earlier in the year without realising it would be the same weekend. What torture! She thinks its funny that I will be so close yet so far away from my type of crafting. So if you see someone wailing and clinging desperately to the doors it will probably be me!!

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Love this art work. I too wondered what the difference between the 2 whites were, thank you for explaining.

    For everyone going to the NEC, hope you all have a great time and get lots of crafty bargains and inspiration. (And don't go wearing out Barbara too much please, we need her in one piece!!!!! 🙂 )

    love Brenda xx

  10. Oh Barbara you do make me laugh… You a slob and Sam never washing ! Ha ha ha!
    Anyway less of the giggles …love the look of this, you never cease to amaze me!

    See you Sunday xxxx
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  11. I'll be there on Sunday so hope to see you then. Meanwhile another great demo. My mini blenders arrived yesterday and I've already had a play – they are great! xx

  12. Will see you on Sunday, really looking forward to the day, daughters are bringing me again. We have such a lovely day. I have a long list for Clarity (nothing new there ). This stencil is on list I love what you achieve with it. Hope show goes well. XX

  13. Lovely art work as usual. Am looking forward to the NEC on Friday for me it's hobbycrafts and for hubby it's art materials live, a great way to spend our 17th wedding anniversary – and 2 nights away from the kids!!!

  14. Love this bubble stencil and the mix of colours work beautifully and finished with the allium and the wornderful wordchains. Hope the NEC gets off to a good start. x

  15. Hi Barb,
    Great artwork and I love the stencil. Thank you for explaining the two paints – I have both of them but didn't know what the difference was really, but now I do!hope the NEC goes well – be careful with your neck. Hope everyone going enjoys themselves. I'm off to see the poppies at the Tower in the morning for a couple of days courtesy of my lovely hubbie – really looking forward to seeing them. Love Alison xx

  16. I love how you use this stencil. It looks so special when you've finished with it. I've just received the Club stamp and LOVE it, so will my grandsons. Enjoy the NEC but do have some rest too!

  17. had a good day at nec. passed a couple of times by you but you were so busy. however saw Dave and Maria and asked Dave to give you my regards.
    great techniques learnt here, hugs xx

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