The one that got away in Muddy Waters…

The one that got away in Muddy Waters…

Hello there!
It’s early Saturday morning, 
and I am waiting for Jan to come over; 
there’s a Sandwich Sale on across the forest!
Now to the average reader, that would infer that we are stark raving bonkers! That we have finally – and in unison – lost the plot…
But no! We are still compos mentis! (Just)..
Allow me to elaborate…
Sandwich is a fashion brand, quite an expensive one. A lot of the clothes I wear are Sandwich. But that’s because twice a year, in East Grinstead they have a factory sale. And the quickest way to East Grinstead from here is over the Ashdown Forest! Hence we are going to a Sandwich Sale across the forest !!!
Woffle woffle woffle.
Let’s get on with the serious business of crafting, shall we?
I have got a beauty today, even if I say so myself.
I actually prepared it for the TV show tomorrow, but then decided it was too complex. Not difficult, but quite intricate.
And my TV Mantra is KISS
Keep It Simple Sunday.
So here’s a little peek of one of the new stamps being launched tomorrow.
Take a piece of Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet.
Sand it lightly on the wax side, so that you can stamp on it.

stamp this beautiful round scene which Mel drew onto the sanded area.

With a craft scalpel, lightly score the lineart.
WHAT?? I hear you gasp. Are you kidding??
This bit’s easy!! The hard bit’s at the end folks!

Now for the good bit.
One section at a time, use the tip of the scalpel 
to lift the wax paper and expose the sticky.

Enter the Perfect Pearls.
I have put together 2 sets of 7 colours:
I stuck with the Landscape set here.
It’s all about mixing. What? No brown?
Mix some blue and copper to make a beautiful woody colour.
Paint the boat.

Hoist the sails. White Pearl, 
plus a tiny amount of blue for the shadow.
The most important thing is to make a contrast where two elements like the sails overlap. Just add a little blue to the back sail.
And when you add the powder, lay it on a part you have already don. Then brush it onto the fresh adhesive. That way you don’t get blobs of colour.

Work you way up from the bottom of the sea, one wave at a time. 
Just change and mix the blues, greens and white.
It really looks a lot more difficult than it is.

When you have finished the round, 
gently wipe the piece clean with a tissue.  

Now for the background. 
Remove the wax paper around the outside.
Spot the fingerprints!

Let’s make the ocean. 
The best thing is to deposit some Pearl White powder 
on the finished area and sweep it into the adhesive surround.
That establishes a contrast between the round and the backdrop.
Wherever the white lands, it will prevail. You can then add a little blue to the white and add some depth, and keep adding darker flashes.

Get the stamp back out again.
Now it’s time to focus the mind. 
Ink up in Black Archival, say a little prayer,
 and stamp back over the top of the round.
Drum roll…..

Spot on! 
Nobody will ever notice where you scored so deeply you peeled the adhesive away too….
Now peel away the back paper and lower your masterpiece carefully onto a piece of white card. Trim back.

Now we need to protect this.
The Perfect Pearls have a built-in binder; 
therefore we must cover it up, so that it doesn’t stick to anything….
Add a sheet of thin acetate. It will stick after a day or so.

I hope you like this one.
I was quite happy to do this on the telly 
until I thought about the stamping over the top.
Too much pressure on the day. And whilst I don’t get too terrified anymore, there’s no need to give myself palpitations on live TV over an overlay line up!!

So tomorrow I’ve got another lovely demo for you instead!
Hope you can join me?
Create & Craft 9am-11am.
much love,
I did this technique on a YouTube video recently. Or did I dream it? Let me go check…
Ahhh, there it is! 
Freehand Vs Stamped.

54 thoughts on “The one that got away in Muddy Waters…

  1. Wonderful technique, what a great idea! I love to come up with my own techniques too, but this one is very clever! I used to live in Forest Row (next to East Grinstead) and never hat of the Sandwich sale! That's two tips I must thank you for 🙂 have a great day! Ingrid x

  2. Just stunning, love this technique. Need much more practice to Get he results you do, Lol and stamping on top of the work, would need to stop shaking first xx

  3. Hi Barbara wow what a great stamp this is and so beautiful in the mica. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow to see what new stamps you have got for us. I don't blame you for not doing this live, yep the over stamping would give me the colliwobbles too!!! Have fun at the Sandwich sale, oh you did make me laugh – all that way for a cheese and pickle! You always wear such lovely clothes and all the better for being a bargain. Now I know why you wipe your inky hands on them haha. Have a great day anyway and come back with lots of bags. Take care. Love Diane xxxx

  4. Hi there, gorgeous stamp Barbara, love what you've done with it. Forgot to put perfect pearls on my order so have to wait for NEC now. Have a super time at Sandwich Sale. Hope you get a bargain. xx

  5. What a fabulous new stamp, and I love this mica technique! Don't blame you for not overstamping on live TV, don't know if I would even attempt it in the privacy of my own craft room after all that work!! Could you stamp onto the acetate then overlay it and trim it back to fit? Susan x

    1. Hi Susan,
      I thought about something similar. I thought about stamping on a transparent film (transparent foil (?)which you use for making wind wheels), cut it out and glue it with glossy accents on the artwork. But I´m not sure if you see the glossy accents spots???

  6. Awesome, brilliant. I know just the person I would like to make this card for, and have till February to get it right, Practice makes perfect, any guess how many tries it will take? But going to give it a good go. Waiting for tomorrow, roll on our Sunday with you.

  7. Hi Barb, well that is an awesome new stamp, love the lines of the ocean/waves, and love how you have coloured it. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Have a great day at the sales, hope you find some great bargains. Bx

  8. Love this and how many times will I take to get it perfect so I understand why you did it here not in tv but wouldn't have mattered to us if you made a mistake on TV. Enjoy your day hope you get some bargains us girls love a bargain safe trip up here we are in peterbourgh this eving as big brothers birthday meal if to farmer for a Carvery in Yaxley do a great roast there looking forward to it telly set so don't miss anything tomorrow xxx

  9. Good Morning Barbara and wow – liking that one!!!! Love the stamp – has the same deep lines of the horses head – blooming marvellous!
    Enjoy the sale – buy big!!! Parade it on TV tomorrow!!!
    Have a great day
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  10. Beautiful stamp and beautiful design. Bang goes my resolution of not buying much at the NEC this week. Good thing I have just sold 50 Clarity cards. I can understand why this was not one for the TV under pressure, but it is a stunning result. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Looking forward to tomorrow's show. Have a good day with Nigel and Dean. xxx Maggie

  11. Beautiful stamp, and I love the technique. Got my seat booked for your show tomorrow. No interruptions…hubby gets sent out to do the weekly shop and the cat gets ignored…..bliss!

  12. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely stamp and really love how you have coloured it. I keep trying to copy you with the mica powders but it never seems to come out right. So I suppose it's a case of If at first you don't succeed! I would really like to replicate this for my hubbie's birthday in February so like Lynne , I have plenty of time to master it!! Looking forward to tomorrow. Enjoy your trip and hope you get some bargains. Love Alison xxx

  13. love, Love, LOVE! This stamp, top of the shopping list, and a super piece of artwork! Thanks for sharing, hope you manage to leave lots of money behind today = successful shopping trip! Xx

  14. Ooh this is a beautiful picture, too good for just a card. It's wonderful, technique dare I try it, my hands shake especially when I'm trying to craft something special, but I think I'll try and give it a go. Afterall there's nobody at home but me today so any 'halls' I make will be my secret.

  15. I LOVE THIS STAMP. It will have to go in the basket! I enjoy this technique too and will have more practise with the craft knife with this stamp. The alarm is set for tomorrow morning so I will be there may still be in my pyjamas but hey who cares on a Sunday morning. Hope you get Sandwich bargains with a good filling!!! Have a good day and see you tomorrow.

  16. Good morning Barbara,
    beautiful shiny card… By the way could you or someone else answer my question: Are mica powders and perfect pearls the same? Or where is the difference?
    Thanks for answering
    Rolf xxx

    1. I have both Rolfi, and use them as ordinary powders, different colours in mica powders which gives you more choice. There are also Cosmic Shimmer Mica Pigments which also work the same way and again different colour range so a good choice when you have quite a few.

    2. Hi Lynne,
      thank you for your answer. And another question by using the powders on regular cards… How do you seal the finished card (for example with hairspray)? Don´t laugh but I think I heard something like that.
      (I know that you can use the powders with a little water as well and I think in this case you don´t have to fix it.)

  17. Fab card and very cool stamp! I don't blame you not wanting to over stamp on the telly although I know you would do it perfectly! Stress is best avoided where possible! I hope you find lots at the sales! It sounds wicked! xxx

  18. Hi Barbara. Have to say thank you to Mel for the gorgeous stamp : ) I love the way you have blended the colours Barb, I know the technique isn't hard but getting the colours blended so beautifully like you do takes practice and that's what I need to do! I hope you get lots of Sandwiches today. Looking forward to tomorrow. I love the first Sunday of the month: ) Take care.

  19. Morning Barbara! This is so beautiful! I love this technique but mine never looks as good as that!
    Have fun at the sale and hope we see something new on you tomorrow! I'll be watching!
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  20. Hi Barbara, this is beautiful. I love this technique, though like Jane I never seem to end up with something that looks as good as yours does. I guess I'll just have to practise. Hope you had fun at the sale. Good luck for tomorrow. I'm not able to see you live so will catch up with you later… xx

  21. This perfect pearls technique is gorgeous Barbara and the finishing touch with the stamping again defines it beautifully. Enjoy your Sandwich sale. x

  22. Hi Barb,
    Another beauty from you today. It's gorgeous and I love the technique. Enjoy your sale and see you tomorrow. I've gone h*ll for leather today to get the decorating finished so that I can relax watching you in the morning. Wonder if you'll be wearing some fab creation (as usual) xx

  23. Great demo again. Where do you get your ideas?????? I will get up early for you tomorrow and record you. I keep getting told off as I won't get rid of you on the recorder, well, how can I? Good luck tomorrow x

  24. Just beautiful, I love this technique but never tried it myself. Hope sale was good, always wondered where you got your lovely tops from. Will records how in case I don't see all, my daughters collecting me in the morning to go look at a craft outlet near us. Just a warm up for the NEC next week. Safe journey to C&C. xx

  25. Beautiful card Barbara, the colours of the water are just lovely. Looking forward to your show which I will record. Hope you managed to get some bargains in the sale. Pat x

  26. All set for tommorow, I so look forward to my onthy fix. I love this stamp, so versatile. My perfect pearls arrived earlier this week. Haven't opened them yet. May just take the laptop into my craftroom and watchyou there.

  27. this is definitely an awesome stamp. one to have. i hope you will have it at the nec as i think i will wait till then as anyway by the time i watch the recorded shows usually everything has sold out hugs xx

  28. Great affect with the mica & adhesive using this smashing new stamp. I've often admired your tops and wondered where you get them from as I never see anything like them in the shops. Now I know. Hope you got some bargains. Looking forward to seeing you on the show tomorrow with the lovely mew stamps. Jeanette xx

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