Eel fay mow vay! Eel Plurt bow coop!!

Eel fay mow vay! Eel Plurt bow coop!!

Hello there!
So sorry I am late today, but hey ho.
I’m here now!
Been on the go since 5am getting ready for the telly.
The show felt a bit flat to me. Not sure why. 
The Design Team samples were beautiful,
I tried my best to do some neat demos. 
The sales were good too! 
But somehow, it just didn’t feel like it was gelling. 
Until the very end that is!
When Dave and I got home, 
Mark was there with his two friends.
One American lad from Mark’s College, Declan, who is on a sabbatical in London, and one Welsh lad, Sean, who is the captain for the rugby team that Mark plays for. Smashing boys.
And I thought to myself, what those lads need is some good home-cooked food. Their mums are so far away! 
So off to Waitrose to buy all the food for a Roast feast!
And do you know what? It felt sooooo good, to just be a normal Mum and housewife in the kitchen, for a couple of hours,
cooking a lovely meal for a bunch of lovely men. 
TV seemed like a million miles away in minutes!
And it was tipping down outside! I loved the feeling of being in the warm kitchen, with all the roast dinner smells wafting.
Dave had a snooze and I pottered. It was perfect.
So here is the demo that didn’t get done today.
Very apt, with the brolly stencil, too!
We sometimes wonder how to use these rather complex pattern stencils, like the brolly one, but Dee and I have developed this really neat halo look; where the stencil design forms a kind of halo around the central images in the centre. 
The picture here shows you just which Adirondacks were used.
Tape the stencil to the 7″x7″ Gelli Card, 
and have your stencil brushes at the ready! 
Start with the lightest colour, which in this case is Stonewashed.
Swirl around the outer edge with the lighter blue.
Then add Denim around the outer edge, but don’t come into the centre as far as before.
Adding an even more subtle layer of Espresso brown is sublime. It really set the blues off, but again more ink should end up on the stencil than on the card, ready for you to pull into the opening with a make-up sponge !
Let’s take a close look. 
See what I mean about graduating the colours?

If you get a chance, go to our website and look at our range of stencils. You will see so many of these full pattern designs which are PERFECT for this Halo Technique.
Here’s Mum…
Just position the stencil aperture of the mother or woman where you want her. Remember, you can face her the other way too!
And NO! I don’t mean so that she looks as if she’s abandoning the kid!!!

Blend the colours, the blues and brown with a make-up sponge. 

Doesn’t she look lovely?
Now you could actually add a beautiful sentiment too….
I see her daughter. Who do you see?
Could be her teacher too…

But the idea is the Halo Technique 
with brushes around the perimeter.

I gave this card to a mother and daughter who sent in an email right at the end of the show. In the email, the mum told us that the little girl is deaf, and that she was watching the show, saying the word Beautiful over and over again. 
In a split second, the show was turned around for me. 
Right at the end I got my daily dose of humility. 
So yes. I see a mother and daughter.

I can’t stop; Plum Crumble and Ice Cream for pudding!
Those boys need feeding!
much love,

57 thoughts on “Eel fay mow vay! Eel Plurt bow coop!!

  1. Hello Barbara, I haven't been able to see the show yet, though my Mum said she loved your demos, and the cards the DT did were beautiful. What a lovely email to get at the end, this image is perfect to send to them. So glad you were able to have such a lovely afternoon. Have a safe trip to Germany and see you on Thursday. xx

  2. Oh Barbara your in such a whirl!!! It was a great show! You looked lovely and everything went fine. Maybe the change over from martyn to Nigel threw you off a bit although they were both great!!! You probably are thinking of the next job on the list and then the nec so I'm not surprised you're mind is all over the place!!!
    So glad you have enjoyed being mum this afternoon!!! Plum crumble sounds yummy!!
    Safe journey to Germany and then to the NEC.
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Great technique – as always, I agree it's beautiful! Only caught start of today's C&C but you looked lovely and I look forward to catching up with the rest tomorrow. Enjoy Germany, I'm there myself for New Year celebrating that and a friends birthday at end of Dec. so looking forward to it, so hope you have a great time and smooth travelling.

  4. Oh Barb! Your show gelled fine, changing presenters in the middle was the only thing I thought jarrred, but I bet they fight over you anyhow!… I sat here watching avidly with a craft knife waving in the air (goodness knows what I was playing with beforehand!) – so hard on yourself girl! As always I learned a lorra stuff!

    But, be sure, next month I'll be standing at your front door. plate in hand, for a good roast dinner 🙂 Can't beat it!! I hope you did yorkies? 🙂


    Di xx

  5. I eventually got to watch you on rewind, after the grandchildren had gone and we cleaned up!
    I was so pleased you liked my little ditty! I was really embarrassed when my family heard it to.
    Brilliant demos and goodies. Have a great week at the NEC
    Best wishes

  6. Barbara. Show was fantastic may have been as jane said change of presenter through you but didn't show to us fave new stamps stencils and it was lovely the email of mother and daughter and how right this stencil was for them hope you all enjoyed your roast tonight and your pud and you have some well fed men save trip to Germany it's all go for you enjoy your week xxx

  7. Hi Barbara,
    Having watched the show and enjoyed it I couldn't help but think about both yours and Martin's back. The counters seemed so low and very flexible hence you asked Martin not to lean on it during your demo, you just seemed nearly bent in half all the time. Maybe that is why you felt it didn't flow. Why can't you have the same presenter for the complete show, last month it fell really flat when Dean left the studio.
    Good luck with your travels this week and enjoy the NEC. Love Bev xxx

  8. Barb I enjoyed the show and now have lots of the new if not all the new designs making their way to me!. Like the others I think you were fab and was that a new Sandwich you were wearing? I also agree that maybe a change of presenter halfway through maybe didn't help you but also the items that were shown first were ones that had been seen before as was the first demo albeit with a different slant! Add to that the fact that Halloween has actually been and gone now maybe didn't help. Still as always I learnt a lot, bought a lot, smiled and chuckled alot and enjoyed the first Sunday morning of the month as always! Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  9. Hi Barbara! You were great as always and all of the samples and demos were stunning. However, I don't think it works as well when you get two presenters, that's what stops the 'flow'. This isn't your fault though, although you can probably tell them you want the same presenter throughout for next time! Looking forward to seeing you at NEC!

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Just watched the show, loved the demos and this especially one, as this stencil is now on the wish list!
    Helped clear your warehouse by ordering the fibres deal, looking forward to getting them, never tried them before, so looking forward to a play day.
    Take care, safe trip to Germany and NEC,
    Jackie, x

  11. Hi Barb,
    I've just watched the shows and thought they were really good as usual and the samples – WOW! Your design team are absolutely brilliant.i agree with others that have commented – I don't think that 2 presenters works. Although Martyn's and Nigel are both good, I think you react to them in different ways and this stops the flow. Hope you had a good day yesterday at the Sandwich sale. Love Alison xx

  12. The show was brilliant Barbara as were your demos. Could have been changing over presenters as others have said, sort of cut it in half. LOVELY design team samples as usual. Loved your outfit, was that from Sandwich? Glad you had a lovely afternoon cooking for the family, you must be shattered. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday at the NEC.

  13. Hi,
    The show was wonderful as always. I was so pleased you showed the shaving foam as my daughter hadn't seen it and I think she was convinced we should give it a try. Loved the tree and butterflies, another must have. Thanks for making the first Sunday of the month special. X

  14. i enjoyed the show Barb. maybe the fact that the presenter changes halfway through does break it up a bit but then i like both of them.
    that email was definitely great. everybody recognizes beauty when they see it. i thought it was awesome of you to send them the card.
    coming to the card. it is great. another set of stencils for nec…..the list is ever growing……..hugs xx

  15. Barbara the show was fine, good demos and lovely samples. Maybe the switch between Martyn & Nigel was off putting in the middle and maybe the banter with Martyn was a bit one sided but as a fellow sufferer of a bad back I can tell he was suffering. However Nigel brought it to life again and the email about the little deaf girl brought a tear to my eye. I'm glad you got to have a lovely family time and provide sustenance for your men. I'm sure the mothers of your borrowed sons would be reasurred to know that someone is caring for them. It's been a chilly but sunny day in Cumbria but the rain is falling now. Take care of yourself and remember…one day at a time xxx

  16. Hi Barbara. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the show today what with it being my 30th Wedding anniversary. But I did have a quick peek at CCtv. DT Cards are fab as always and the new stamps are lovely too. It is nice to sit and have a proper meal with family so I am sure you all enjoyed it. Hugs xx

  17. Hello,
    Another wonderful Blog and i love this stencil, been there ordered that one..
    As you can see from the comments above, another successful show!, aren't crafts loverly peeps, They all learnt something as did I, a new technique, a new idea and to be a little more humble. you are a great teacher Thank you Love JillyXX

  18. Hi Barbara great show today, hubby was fascinated by the shaving foam!!! Yes I think the change of presenters is a bit strange too but both Martyn and Nigel work well with you. Thank you for sharing this halo technique the mother and daughter are lovely and how great that you sent the card to the little girl who said beautiful, as you say humbling. Loved your outfit today, hope it was one of many bargains you bought. How lovely to come home to be mum to all the boys and cook a cracking roast, I hope they washed up for you. Wonder how many TV stars do that! Hope you manage to get some rest in your busy week. Enjoy your evening with the boys. Love Diane xxx

  19. Hello Barbara – your roast dinner sounds lovely! Bet all the boys really appreciated your effort. I watched your shows earlier today and thought they were fabulous as ever, although I thought it was a bit weird that they kept showing stills of the DT samples, rather than letting the presenters highlight the cards personally. Loved the butterfly and tree stencil and stamp, and thought your demo and the DT cards were all just wonderful. Enjoy your evening, Susan x

  20. Hi Barb,
    I was glued to the TV (not literally!) throughout the two hours, and thought the demo's and banter were spot on.
    The e-mail at the end was a heart-stopper. It's a good job it came near the end because it was so heart-tugging, and the card you chose to send was beautiful, just like the little girl kept saying.
    There were so many things on the show that I want to order, just got to wait till later in the month, as usual.
    Have a safe journey to Germany and NEC, and knock 'em dead.
    By the way, nice outfit xx

  21. Hello Barbara. I enjoyed your shows. My hubby watched some too and was asking questions about the techniques and products, so it must have been good! I, too, think that it works better when it runs as a two hour show, instead of cutting in the middle. Can't you have a say in how it's organized?! Lovely demos and new products too.
    I wondered about the outfit. It did look good. I commented to my hubby, wondering if it was new and from through the forest. He was amazed that I even knew where you shopped-I think he's worried that I'm stalking you. I'm always talking about you and your wares!!!
    Guess the boys enjoyed their lunch. What brilliant therapy cooking can be, when there's an enthusiastic crowd to feed.
    Have a good week. Thank you, Jan

  22. Hello Barbara. I thought the show was great as always. I'm very impressed you cooked a roast dinner after such a long and busy day, but I'm sure it was well received! Have a great time at the NEC.
    Gayle x

  23. Hi Barbara. I haven't had a chance to watch the recording yet. I'm sure it'll be great as usual. Lovely stencil and beautiful halo effect.
    You must have tremendous stamina but I bet the meal was worth it. And yes cooking, crafting, sewing, even decorating can be very therapeutic. I think it's having a practical focus in a creative endeavour. Safe trip to Germany – thought I'd end up living there once.

  24. Barbara I watch your show on I pad tonight as today has been a very bad day for me and I had to stay in bed all day due to the pain and not been able to cope with my illnesses I loved the demos and the art work everyone has made I would like to say thank you as I don't think you know how much your clarity helps me through each day your blog your products your blog challenge you have taught me so much using your stencils brushes and stamps you must have made that girls day and mum sending your special card we all like to feel special and you makes us feel like that each day you give your time maybe I shouldnt have put this on your blog but had to say what a difference your clarity and team make to my day so don't feel sad feel proud sheila xxx

  25. Hi Barbara,
    funny show today… I like the brolly stencil. It´s a bit like the chinese lantern or ginko stencil which I like as well…
    The dress and shoe stencils with stamps are great for gift coupons for birthday cards… You got always new ideas.
    Have a safe flight to Germany
    Rolf xxx

  26. Evening Barbara, I like a few above missed today's show, but have just watched some if the recording to see all the DT cards by the wonderful DT team. I am not sure why you felt it was flat, I'm sure it wasn't , maybe it was just one of those days or as Sam has said having two presenters with you.. Whatever it was this blog is fab and your description of dinner sounds wonderful, so all is well with the world xx
    You take care Barbara, you are working rather hard at the moment, so factor in some moe R&R

    See you real soon
    much love
    Kim xx

  27. Hi Barbara
    I did enjoy the show,always look forward to the beginning of the month as you get to see most of the glorious samples that have been made which obviously took some time to make.

  28. Hi Barbara, a great show with lovely cards from your very creative DT. Your demonstrations, as always, give so much inspiration. Safe trip to Germany and the NEC. Anne x

  29. I watched the programme and thought it went splendidly. The new stamps and stencils are great and your demos were spot on as they always are. I have to say that I enjoyed the second hour better as personally I find Martin a bit irritating and this morning he seemed quite unfocused and kept looking straight out at the floor instead of at you and what you were doing which I am sure didn't help. Anyway, enough of my pontificating, and it must have been good to get home and spoil the men rotten with a lovely roast dinner. It's a wonder you had the energy after such a busy morning. Take care, and give yourself a break sometimes! x

  30. I watched your show and loved it! I watched it on my IPad in bed with a cuppa – lovely Sunday morning! I thought it was so sweet that you gave this glorious card to the little girl. When her email was read out it warmed my heart to think of her watching and saying 'beautiful ', bless her! Your Sunday roast sounds yummy! xxx

  31. Interesting that you thought the show was flat today Barbara because that was my comment to my husband afterwards. I watch the show through my computer here in NZ. Since we changed our clocks forward and you changed yours back the timings not great – Sunday night 10pm to Midnight !! But I ALWAYS watch. I thought Martyn seemed quite miserable but I missed the first few minutes and gather from other comments that he was suffering with a sore back, so perhaps that explains his mood. You probably felt behind the eight ball from the off. Trouble is you have set the bar SO high that we all have come to expect miracles. We still got miracles albeit not with the usual zest and hilarity. I too teach and so appreciate just how much work goes into preparing and presenting a project. Never mind the fact that you present multi projects and on LIVE TV too!! Sometimes we just have to accept that things didn't go quite as well as we would have liked. We all still enjoyed the show and I'm glad you had the bright spot at the end which meant that you would have been happier on your journey home. Glad you enjoyed a homely afternoon looking after your menfolk. I could fairly smell the roast and crumble all the way over here in Lil' Ol' NZ. Big hugs from Elaine and don't forget to take better care of you as well as catering to Everyone else.

  32. Hello Barb, I recorded the show and watched it no doubt at the time you were cooking a lovely roast dinner, and crumble, ooh yummy, bet the guys enjoyed it. Your energy always inspires me. I thought the show was good, difficult to split with 2 presenters, but as always you were awesome, and what a lovely story about the little girl, and to give her that gorgeous card, was just a beautiful example of your warm and caring nature. Take care of yourself and get some rest and relaxation. Bx

  33. Loving the halo effect here, very dreamy, want to go and play but work calls first. I enjoyed the show, great demos and thought you looked lovely Very heart warming with the extra giveaway to the little girl and her mum. Take care of you xx

  34. Late comment from me. Could only watch the first hour and haven't yet watched my recorded second hour. I think working with two different presenters can't help, but your demonstrations were inspiring as always. The DT samples were brilliant, and gave us extra brilliant ideas for making the best of your great products. Glad That your spirits were lifted by your afternoon with family and friends

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed the show as always, I did think Martin was a bit under par but your talent shows through no matter what. Not sure about changing the presenter half way through but you have no say in that. I bought a few things and will be happily playing when they arrive. Thank you for your inspiration. Your roast dinner sounds tasty hope it went down well. Joan x

  36. Great show as always and this time you actually got to do more wonderful demos, your outfit looked really good as well.
    What a wonderful Mum you are
    Ordered all my bits and more off your web site, so now got to sit on my hands till it all arrives.
    Take care

  37. Hi sweetheart
    Lovely show, samples stunning. Super demos. Sorry have to say this, spoiled by split presenting. Nigel is an absolute love. Martin is a nightmare, so pompous and up his own derrière. Sorry if you're offended and Martin may be a personal friend I am just being honest. Two hours of Nigel – lovely, even sharing with Deano would have lightened things up.
    Never mind Hun, next time sort out your colleagues.
    Good luck with NEC and safe journey to Germany.
    Lots of craft hugs to all at Clarity. Xxxx

  38. I enjoyed the show, I just think Martin wasn't concentrating towards the end of his hour but everything you did was excellent as always.

    Was that a new dress from Saturday's sale that you were wearing – I loved the colours and pattern, it could have been a design from shaving foam or gelli plate technique!! I reckon some of them could be turned into fabrics…..

    Definitely got to get me that umbrella and lady stencils (been sat here for a few minutes trying to think of the word stencil – my brain is definitely overloaded!) as I love them. Onward and upward, have a good time at the NEC, can't make it this time but I really don't need any more stuff………x

  39. I love this and the stencil and brushes are on my shopping list for the NEC. I hope you have lots of stock. I should be there early on Thursday so I hope I will be lucky.
    Hugs from Chris
    ps there's nothing better than cooking a lovely roast with all the trimmings for your nearest and dearest. I bet Mark's chums were well impressed.

  40. Great to have a bunch of lads to feed. I love baking and developed a reputation among my kids friends for always having some nice cake or biscuits to offer. I bet they really enjoyed their meal. Did not see last bit of show as went with my daughters to have a look at a local craft show. We were a little disappointed to be honest, although there were some lovely people there. I like this stencil. I could see stained glass effect. xx

  41. Hi Barbara, I thought your demos and the DT samples were fabulous as always. Love your new stencils and I hope there'll be some left by the time I get to the NEC on Sunday. Safe journeys this week, love Ela xx

  42. Just had to comment (sorry I'm behind on my blog reading) as, for the very first time in many years my hubby sat with me while I watched the recorded shows! he thought you were great. The two presenters may have felt wrong to you but the demos, stamps & stencils etc were perfect. Take care and try not to overdo it any more x

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