A Dotty Day

A Dotty Day

Hello there.
Friday’s blog a private peek.
Well what a week! Oh what a week!
Way too much pressure for this little head;
trying to put a HUGE shipment to bed. 
Boxes and labels, bags and stencils;
stamps and card, brushes and pencils.
If Santa had seen our own Clarity Elves
wrapping and packing, and emptying the shelves, 
their names and phone numbers he’d surely remember – 
and ask them to work for him in December!
By Wednesday I thought we were all going potty – 
then Elf Annie arrived with Baby Elf Dotty!

She also learned quickly to box and pack – 

and edit stencils on the Mac!
She even spent quality time with Jim,
lots of ideas and tips for him!

and I went from being all miserable moody,

to a Mum again, happy, and rather broody.

So thank you young Dotty, for saving my day.
I’d forgotten how lovely it is to just play.

much love,

58 thoughts on “A Dotty Day

  1. Lovely pix,Barbara!! My Clarity order arrived this morning-record time,thanks!!Hopefully will soon have my house back to myself so Clarity crafting here I come!! ivyb xx

  2. She's beautiful glad she cheered you up mothing more uplifting to me than my great grandson baileys baileys beautiful smile when I open the door he's just 4amd is special needs so lovely June xxxxxx

  3. Time out with a beautiful little girl happy day for you all , my clarity parcel has just arrived happy day for me too thank you clarity team happy crafting xx

  4. Cutie! It's great the effect that a little one can have on us. I have also had a parcel arrive this morning, had one three days ago too! None of them my NDC. All of your hard work and that of your lovely team is very much appreciated.

  5. Hi Barbara What a great poem and what a sweetheart Dotty is. She looks like she fits right in with the team and what a poppet to sit in her chair with Jim and read her book so mum could help you out ( note to Jim though, don't think you need a screwdriver, babies don't have a battery pack , sorry!). I'm pleased she turned your day round and made you smile. Hope you and the elves enjoy your weekend. Love Diane xxxx

  6. How lovely, Dotty is so cute and isn't it great that little ones always gjve our spirits a lift. I'm glad your day ended on a happy note. I am looking forward to my October club stamp arriving soon. x

  7. Whats a gorgeous cutie Dotty is. She would brighten any day I'm sure. Yes everyone should have time for playing, I'm hoping to this weekend. But don't count my chickens as something at the moment always seems to spoil my plans.

    Hugs to everyone.


  8. Love the poem Barbara. Dotty is soooo cute no wonder she calmed everyone down and lifted your spirits. You lifted mine too by sharing these photos. Looking forward to seeing what new goodies you are going to tempt us with on Sunday. Hope you have a lovely day xx

  9. Whoops! Sorry I just had a senior moment, I meant the November club stamp would be arriving soon. I loved the October stamp, and I always look forward to the next one dropping through the letter box. x

  10. What an uplifting blog. Cheerful poem, great photos and beautiful, squishy baby Dotty. She looks right at home at Clarity Towers and you look so happy giving her a cuddle. Can't wait til April when I can cuddle my first grandchild… getting soooo excited at the prospect! Hope next week is easier for you or at least is kind to you. Love Jeanette xx

  11. Now I'm grinning ear to ear! I can hear little Dotty chuckling with joy from here – no wonder she changed your day, and such a helpful and clever little soul too!!! Thanks for making my day too, Susan x

  12. What a cheerful blog – just what I needed today! thank you. xx but, honestly I didn't order that much Barbara and you didn't have to rush – my lovely Clarity goodies arrived this week!

    Looking forward to Sunday t.v. too xxx

  13. Great poem and beautiful pics. I love Dotty's Clarity T shirt and that Elf Annie could wear summer clothes in late October. There are so many blessings if we can find them. I'm looking forward to my 3 blessings ( 2 little and 1 big) arriving tomorrow. But I'll have to set record for Sunday. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Aww Barbara, I love your poems and this one is extra special, made me feel all warm inside, so glad baby cuddles helped you to feel much better. Baby cuddles should come on prescription!!!! I keep asking if anyone from the service who supports me has any babies on the way for me to have baby cuddles, nothing yet, but my new worker has a 12 1/2month girl and says they are intending having more in the future, so keeping my fingers crossed I'll get to meet his wee girl and have a play and maybe some baby cuddles from a sibling in the not too distant future:-).
    Love Brenda xx

  15. How lovely Barbara, I have spent a few days with my Granddaughter Faye this week and just spending time with her makes me a far happier person always, children seem to have a certain magic that washes all are troubles away for a while xx

  16. Baby is just toooo cute, just like my 2 girls when they were little, where has all the time gone. I must have blinked, next thing I know they are teenagers and one at University. Even university has passed quickly, she graduates next year! You are so clever with your poems – so imaginative – I love it.

  17. Hi Barbara,
    What a cutie Dotty is and so good to see/hear she cheered you up so much, its been a tough week, hopefully next week will be so much better.
    I'm looking forward to the show on C and C on Sunday and the new NDC stamp, stencil parcels due shortly.
    Take care,
    Jackie, xx

  18. Ah little Dotty is gorgeous, would melt anyone's heart. Amazing how a cute baby can cheer us up. My youngest grandchild is 8 now, been playing Monopoly today. I am shattered now. Hope Sunday's show goes well. xx

  19. Hey Barb, wow, just what I needed, going through a bit of a tough time, and this just made me smile. Thank you to all involved especially you Barb, and Jim and Dotty. Bxxx

  20. Playing with Dotty made your day
    We're happy for you dear Barbara Gray
    Your blog does the same for many you know
    Cheering them up when they're tired or low
    So thank you Dotty for helping a friend
    Barbara to you our love we all send
    YOUR poem was fantastic Barbara

  21. Brilliant poem. Glad baby dotty cheered you up. Beautiful photos Barbara, hope you have a good weekend, try to make some time for yourself. Look forward to your tv show.xx

  22. You certainly like to start your staff off at a young age! Lovely photos, looks like you were all having fun. look forward to watching you on Sunday.
    Gayle x

  23. Oh Barbara, what lovely lovely photos and how lovely to see Dotty and how she is growing and of course to see how she brought your smile back on your face – she certainly looked at home at Clarity Towers I have to say!!!! I can see her being a bit of a regular visitor!!
    Thank you for sharing as ever
    Much much love
    Kim xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    There is nothing like a small person to deliver the best tonic, is there? A large hug at least daily should be on prescription. Dotty clearly made your day and made me smile too.
    Take care
    Sally x

  25. Barbara this is just a perfect blog! And a perfect end to your busy busy week!
    Isn't it wonderful how a little person can bring us so much joy!

    Have a good weekend! xx

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