Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this dreary, 
leaves-falling-off-the-trees Wednesday!
Wednesday’s blog is something new.
So here’s a brand new stencil, hot off the press.
I had a lot of work this morning – catch up and all that jazz.
So I really REALLY enjoyed stepping away from the business side of the business and turning my attention to the blog.
Introducing the new Maple leaf Stencil.
and the stencil on the Gelli Plate.

I used the following leafy colours:

And a set of mini blending tools.
Dab the colours randomly through the Maple leaf stencil.

Remove the stencil.

Place the Gelli Card on the wet ink plate, 
add a little T for Top at the – guess where? 
and pull the first print.

How delightful is this?!?!?

The stencil comes with a number of the mask elements too.
Cover up some of the leaves with their matching masks.

 Before you do anything else, 
place the ink stencil inky side down onto the Gelli plate.
Transfer the ink by placing a sheet of copy paper over the top and rubbing gently.

Lift off the stencil again and then flip the Gelli plate. 
Lay it down onto the original print, 
making sure that the T for Top is NOT at the top!

Flip it back the other way and rub the card.
Lift to reveal THE most delightful print!

For a while there I completely forgot all the hustle and bustle going on round my ears. In fact, I borrowed Jim’s earphones 
and plugged into some wonderful Chopin, too.
Told you I was changing the way I approach life!

Decided I needed a little tag or something on the front,
mostly to hide the bit I didn’t like!
So transferred some more ink from the inky stencil to the plate, and just planted the small size Gelli card randomly round the Gelli Plate, picking up ink as I went.
here and there…

until I had a neat little complimentary tag.

Dug out my pair of Maple Leaf stamps
 and Autumn Stamps…
Jazzed up the tag around the edges,

 Trimmed it back a little, because the bit I wanted to hide didn’t need that big a creative plaster!

Darkened the edges with the same blending tool colour sponges and our Clarity Mat.
Doodled around the edges with an Antique Pink Promarker

and a Pear green one…

Time to take the headphones off and get back to the real world…

Much love,

PS. Don’t forget there’s a substantial Sale 
on our Christmas Stamp range on the website 
until Friday!

54 thoughts on “A BRAND NEW LEAFY STENCIL!

  1. Beautiful stencil Barbara and the art work you have created using it is so very lovely.
    Whenever I try to doodle round the edges like you do with markers or pens , it never looks quite the same!!

  2. This is beautiful. Love the autumn colours so this is something I will try. Just ordered from Clarity last night! Now I need to wait and add this stencil into my next one…………….won't be long I'm sure 😉 XX

  3. Hi Barb,
    Really love this new stencil. Definitely a must have. The artwork is gorgeous too with those beautiful Autumnal colours. Looks relatively easy to do as well ( which helps!). Thanks a lot. Love Alison xx

  4. Very pretty! Of course, I had to scroll back up to see which bit you'd covered up…… 🙂

    Ruth, I'm always the same about the doodling bit too! It's because we're looking at our own thing I reckon.

    Once you have a stencil you have so many backing papers don't you!

    1. Jackie and Ruth, I am dreadful about the doodling round the edges. I even have to use a ruler to get a wiggly line. Maria laughed at me last week for that one. xx Maggie

  5. Hi Barbara
    Wonderful art work and I will be ordering the stencil New Year, well I think I can wait till then.
    Have ordered a couple of treats form the sale just waiting for the post man to come knocking.

  6. Love it. I could not work out where you were going at all to begin with, then it all became clear. I did wonder why you had Refreshers on top of your ink pads -the round ink blenders – Dohhh……. This is definitely another stencil to go on the seriously wanted/NEEDED list. Meanwhile, I will have to be satisfied with using that technique on one of the other lovely stencils. Glad to hear you are remembering your new resolution. Go Barbara. xxx Maggie

  7. It's very pretty I have lost my stencil folder I got at Janet's workshop with all my stencils in it I moved stuff from shed back to bedroom and cannot find it , I have turned house upside down and it not in shed ,must have wings and flown away with my glue gun cause that's been missing for a while xx

    1. It is all with my detail silver and gold embossing powder and my very blue Versamark (who was too idle to clean off the indexing then?) I had to go down to the local craft shop yesterday to replace them as I was too desperate to order them from anywhere else. xx Maggie
      PS my New Year's Resolution is to find a way into my craft room.

  8. Hi Barbara,
    Love the new stencil. Love your work even more! Stencil will have to go on my wish list, as I decided to spend my birthday cash on the full set of the spectrum noir pencils whilst the offer was still on. I'm ridiculously excited about their impending arrival! Can't wait to get to work with them. And with making my new craft space. I've had the offer of an adjustable bed which I just couldn't refuse. It will help me on really bad days. So … My craft space is relocating to the smallest room (oh hang on that means something quite different! No, I'm not crafting in the bath! Just the room that is not big enough for a bed room!) Ooh dear. I'm getting myself into a right pickle here so it must be time for a cup of tea.
    Hugs , Alison

  9. Wonderful colours and I love the plaster!!! The little bit with a frogs back legs in the middle of your background piece was really worrying me – wondered where you were going with those? Susan x

  10. Beautiful artwork Barbara. I love maple leaves and this stencil is likely to find itself on my wish list. If this is an example of what can be achieved listening to Chopin I'll have to start listening to him!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in or from the USA or with family in the States. xx

  11. Gorgeous art work as always I live the colours and the new stencil. The idea of a "plaster" on your art work made me smile too.
    I could do to take a leaf out of your book and approach life in a more relaxed and calm manner
    Take care
    Jackie x

  12. Just love it Barbara. Fantastic stencil, I know what the cards for people in Canada will be having as a background now! And delighted to hear you were zoning out with Chopin. I have recently discovered the New Zealand singers Sol3mio! (Not a typo!) Have been listening will crafting this afternoon. Lovely! keep it up my lovely V X

  13. Oh, this was just what I needed today. Feeling a bit down and the beautiful colours lifted my spirits. So now I've put on an old Corr's CD that I know all the words to and now I'm singing along as I write. I love my autumn leaves stamps and use them with my Big Juicy ink pads. This stencil will compliment them perfectly. Xx

  14. Oh so lovely Barbara. I have the leaves so of course I must have the stencil! Fantastic plaster! Love the colours.
    Can I trouble you to pass on a message to your staff at Clarity HQ please …
    My parcel arrived today containing the Gelli hamper, Re-Inker hamper and Distress Market set. What a lovely job packaging them. Extra packaging to make sure nothing was damaged too. Very happy crafter! (Early birthday presents from my family, so so happy…no housework for me lol) Thank you very much for the care you take with our purchases. It is very much appreciated.
    Hugs to all x

  15. Hi Barbara what beautiful artwork and a wonderful new stencil. This really looks cheerful on such a miserable day. I must try using ink on my gelli plate – I need to play! Take care love Diane xxx

  16. Hallo Barbara, deine neue Schablone ist wieder ganz toll.
    Kannst du nicht auch mal Schablonen in DIN A 6 in dein
    Programm aufnehmen? In meiner Stempelgruppe machen
    wir fasr nur normale Grußkarten. Das wäre toll.
    Ansonsten bist du einfach super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg,

  17. This is a beautiful piece of artwork Barbara and the colours are delightful. I love the tag for the front of the card and that new stencil is adorable with the pretty maple leaves which are one of my favourite leaves too. Glad you are determined to give yourself more time out and relieving the stress where you can. x

  18. Inspiration! Crikey, got straight to it and it lifted me no end on a deeply bleak day. Thank you for sharing. Love Chopin too and classic fm is my crafty companion. Aahh that's better xx

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