Build a fence, then climb over it.

Build a fence, then climb over it.

Hello again!
Thank you for popping in.
YouTube Tuesday recommences next week, 
the first Tuesday in December.
But today, 
I thought I’d roll back the hours with a piece of artwork 
which I did years ago on the telly. 
It’s pretty basic.
The ideas are good, but oh boy! Have I moved forward!
Just take a look at this!
Make a border around the edge using low-tack masking tape.
Wrap a thin elastic band around your Speedball brayer
and then load it with a mix of Pesto and Lettuce
You can mix the two colours on your blending mat nowadays. 
Do wheelies at either edge of the brayer, i.e. roll off the ink at either end. 
Roll your inky brayer at an angle from one side to the other 
in one movement.

I remember this card well. 
I spent the best part of a day doing that bit, 
so that I would get it right on TV!
I use to get so nervous, and so to reduce my fears I would make sure that the artwork was really well prepped! 
Still do, but in a fraction of the time.
Tear a piece of copy paper, 
and place it along one of the elastic band lines. 
The Larch trees are brilliant for making a post & rail fence. 
Ink up the tree trunk in Espresso and build a fence, posts first,
exposing less and less of the trunk as you get further away. 
The smaller tree is great for the fence in the distance. 

Use another piece of copy paper as a mask while you add the connecting pieces – the rails.

Now look at the grass which runs along the base of the fence, where Dave’s strimmer won’t go.
Guess how I did that…
The side of the Larch tree in Lettuce Adirondack is ideal.

Remove the masking tape and add the two trees.

Replace the masking tape and brayer in some sky.
Pick a nice colour. I can’t remember what this was! 
Looks like Rust…
Add an orb with a round aperture mask and a make-up sponge.
Some habits die hard!

That’s it.
But I remember this being a real challenge.
A REAL challenge. 
Having the nerve to do this on live TV was a biggie for me. 
Gave me sleepless nights.

Sometimes rolling back the hours and looking at what we used to do really puts our progress in perspective!
Just goes to show how continued practice works.
If you flick back to yesterday’s blog and then come back to this one, you will see in a instant how much my style has changed. It would be interesting to take the old trick with the tree trunks and then apply the new inking techniques which have emerged.
Do you know, I have been appearing on Create & Craft for nearly 6 years? But it was this brayering landscapes and scenery which really put Clarity on the map. Just because we have ventured into new pastures, it doesn’t mean I have forgotten where the gate is in the fence to get back!
Somebody said recently that they didn’t like the direction Clarity was taking. But I do. Thank God.
Enough nostalgia!
Let’s have a special blog offer!
These two trees may be as old as the Clarity hills, but believe you me, they are a brilliant must have in any stamping stash.
So here’s the deal:
Buy the large one, and we will give you the small one as a gift.
They will both come unmounted too. Storage happy.
much love,

46 thoughts on “Build a fence, then climb over it.

  1. Lovely card. The line of the song goes 'when the going get's tough, the tough get going' can mean a lot of different things to different people but in a very packed and competative industry you would be a fool to stop. So what direction is clarity going in – if I may ask?

  2. As you say, it is good to go back every so often to where you started and just assess what has changed. I love this card. As Debby says, it is very calm and peaceful. I also love so much of what is coming from Clarity now. We have more choice and more ideas to bounce around. Companies as well as people need to grow and change in their lives and Clarity has grown so much since the introduction of the gelli plate. I am no different to anyone else. I do not like every single stamp or stencil, but I have such a wide choice to choose from that I can always find something I love (and some of the ones I did not like at first grow to become favourites). If we all liked the same things, life would be so boring, and I don't have time to waste being bored. I am off now to deal with the two bags of candles from Morrison's, thanks to a personal tutorial from the lovely Debby via Google last night. Have a good day, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  3. Wow another stunning piece of art work Barbara I love they way clarity is going ive learnt so much since watching you on t.v you tube and your blog I love my clarity club parcel comming every month to learn more happy crafting to all xxx

  4. Barbara, I absolutely love the way Clarity is going. Every step of the the way. And I am happy I can join you and all the People in this blog!

    I like growing too, Just be yourself and the rest will follow XXx

  5. You know what Barbara I couldn't agree more with all the previous comments. I have been very fortunate to come to Crowborough for the past 2 years and look forward to more trips south, I went to Catterick in September and look forward to the monthly Sunday fix on C&C, and it is like a little Christmas each month when the new club treats arrive usually a few days after C&C. But today my order arrived containing all the stamps recently on C&C, AND MY RE-INKER HAMPER!! I am now the proud owner of the entire re-inkers. I am like a 6 year old on Christmas morning despite being 50. I guess what I am trying to say is don't stop what you're doing we love it and want to grow with you. For those who don't, they can make their choice. I know what my choice will be. Go Barbara and Clarity from strength the strength. It will because of the person you are and the people you have with on the journey, you know who they are. Love V x

  6. Hi Barb,
    This technique was always a winner – especially when executed by a Master!! I love the way you have changed over the years and he who doesn't change is a very dull person (saying attributed to M Killen!). As Maggie above says, we all have our favourite stamps and stencils, and wouldn't it be a bleak world if we all liked the same thing. The gelli plate, which I at first thought "there's no way I'll ever get and use one of those" is now one of my favourite things. I feel like a real artist when I use one, and the results are stunning. So thank you, and whatever direction you decide to go, look behind, I'll be hanging on to your coat tails!!! xx

  7. Lovely peaceful card Barbara, loses non of its appeal and doesn't date.
    Your work at Clarity is always going to evolve, art is always changing, crafts are developing all the time and you are going the way that feels right for you.
    You can't please all of the people all of the time but you are pleasing a heck of a lot!!

  8. I remember watching those shows you made it look so easy and think would love to do that to and copying what you did feeling so proud when turned out was hooked on clarity still am just love your demos xx

  9. Who would have thought of putting an elastic band around a brayer?! You could have a stencil for that now although it wouldn't give you the little line on the path effect would it? Must go home and see if I already have the trees! I hardly got on the brayer before the gelli plate came along and not had enough time to use that really! A great fence technique too! Change is as good a rest done they say and it's not changing it's evolving and you can always go back if you want to! Onwards and upwards! xx

  10. Clarity is a wonderful company with so many stamp and stencil designs that I never fail to find something to spend my money on. I suppose I am fairly new to the Clarity fold as I have been a customer for about two years but I think that new directions are what make companies last. I for one have tried some fantastic techniques that I would never have tried without reading the blog and watching the demos on C&C or you tube. This card for instance is new to me so will be giving the fence a try. Still trying to perfect my inky hills! Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    I remember the early days on TV which I enjoyed and I enjoy all the shows you do now and as long as you like the direction your heading who cares,as a clarity follower I'm interested where it's heading and I'm sure other followers will enjoy the journey with you.

  12. Gosh I can't believe you've been on the telly for 6 years where does the time go. I've watched you all along and although I like what you did back then I also like how things are changing and developing so keep on moving forward I love it
    Jackie x

  13. Hi Barb,
    I can remember when you first started on CandC all those years ago, and how nervous you used to get ( runny nose and all!) . I used to watch enthralled at how you produced pictures such as this one with a brayer and some torn paper. I loved it then but boy, do I love it now! I have learned so much and feel so much more confident now and just love the Gelli plate and using the stencils with texture paste etc. if it hadn't of been for you and Clarity changing direction , I would never have tried these things. What I am trying to say is Thank You for inspiring me and countless others to challenge ourselves and " think outside of the box" every now and then. Keep up the good work ! Love Alison xxx

  14. In those good old days I just used to watch in amazement, never tried to copy you. I remember this technique and how nervous you were. Personally I love the way Clarity is going and I am enjoying sharing the journey with you. I have got over my fear of stamping and my challenge for next year is to do some workshops. xx

  15. Barbara, I have watched you on Create and Craft for all of those years and learned so much about stamping and all the different techniques you have bought to us. I don't feel that Clarity is moving from it's roots just growing a few more branches to stay fresh and innovative !! I love the direction things are going and with it all the new products that are becoming available. The new techniques just bring new challenges or learning curves if you like ? It doesn't mean you need to forget what you have learned already, if possible they can even compliment each other in some pieces of artwork.

  16. Hiya Barbara. Well I for one love Clarity Stamp, the company, the products, the team behind the scenes, Most of all I love the inspiration I get from yourself and your design team. I have only been making cards really since 2006 and it was YOU who took me in the direction that I am in now. I can incorporate all my stamps (from other companies and yours) into the techniques that I have been shown over the years…in fact I am just about to blog a card which has one of your stencils, a papermania stamp and of course clarity stamps. The point I am trying to make is that I would not have been able to create the end result without you, your products and the encouragement I get from you all. New directions are always welcome. They do not have to be set in stone. Is that not what inspiration and creativity is about! And I agree that these stamps are perfect for making fences, I have used that tip form you a lot, so thank you. xxxx

  17. Barbara – I cannot remember the last time I put an elastic band on a brayer. Still using my brayers for the Gelli Plate but have switched to the brushes for the sky etc on card artwork. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  18. It is always good to take stock and see where you started and where you think you may head in the future, and the crafting market is forever changing and evolving, but I loved what you did then and I love, perhaps even more, what you are doing now. There is something for everyone and that has got to be good Barbara. I only really started using stamps about 16 – 18 months ago and I think that this is now my favourite card making technique, and even with dies I do like to incorporate some stamping and colouring techniques where I can, and I have learnt a lot from watching you work both on the tv and here on your blog so thank you for that. x

  19. i think i also remember you doing this card on telly. it always amazed me how you could produce a masterpiece with one stamp, some ink and clever masking. growing and evolving is healthy and as people have said you can't like every single stamp and stencil. there are times when it is also good to go back to the roots. it nourishes the soul, hugs xx

  20. excellenta! What creativity with the trees etc. I just cannot wait each day for the blog and the artwork. You are right – I look back at my beginnings – not fit even for the WPB! Now thanks to your tutorials, I feel sometimes not always that I am making some progress
    Thank you so much. Certainly keeping me in the land of the sane

  21. I love that you bring us new techniques and new products, which stretch our creativity and open more doors with our artwork! However, the old tried and tested techniques are still good, and this landscape takes me back to when I first found Clarity and Barbara Gray. In fact, I've been stamping today with the corset and corset montage which I think was the first stamp I ever got from you – the technique I'm using is a bit different, but I bet the final cards will be just as well received!! Thanks, Susan x

  22. Hi Barbara, I've only known you for about three of those years and have learnt sooo much. I love what you did, what you do and will probably also love what you will do in the future. I love how you try new things, incorporating what you already know, encouraging us to use the skills we have too in different ways, never forgetting the basics. Thank you! xx

  23. More fabulousness! I love everything you do – we all learn from it even if there is the odd thing not for everyone's taste. You can't please all of the people all of the time! You have to go with what you love! xxx

  24. I loved this demo first time round, still love it now. Seems like only yesterday that you did it on Create and Craft. Loved this style of stamping, love the new stuff and I am sure I will love what is to come. Keep up the good work Barbara, we love it all.

  25. Oh this takes me back to one of your DVD's which are an excellent record of the progress in techniques. I think that Clarity has managed to get the balance right between new embracing new innovations whilst maintaining the traditional; using new methods to enhance the work we produce. After all, how many of us would go back to only using horse and cart when a car is so much quicker or not want to use a more eco friendly model if we could. Kerp up the good work, Barbara xx

  26. Amazing I was just checking up what you used to make the fence last night. Congratulations on you amazing record of 6 years on Create and Craft. I for one of many have enjoyed your crafting journey, and all I have learnt. Thanks for the enjoyment you, your talent, Dave and all the Clarity Team have had a part in giving me. xxx

  27. Hi Barbara! Like everyone else, I love everything that you do, and I try it all! From your beautiful stamps and stencils, to colouring, brayering, gelli printing – I have had a go at all of it (with varying success…). I do hope you realise how much you mean to all of us. Your blog is the first thing I look at when I get in from work, and you never fail to uplift and inspire me to keep playing. Thank you so,so much to you and all your team!

  28. Hi Barb, wow 6 years. I still remember buying my first 2 clarity stamps at Stamperama in Stevenage, the motorbike and the Gift verse, and there were these fab people helping you, and advising you and this lady showing some stunning examples. I think this may possibly have been one of the display artworks. Little did I know how much I would be inspired years after. I love the path that Clarity is taking, and enjoying the journey right along with you. Go Clarity! Thank you to all of you for what you do. Bx

  29. Hi Barbara. Another beautiful card. I have been with you for about the last 3 years and have learnt so much from you, not least to have a go! Clarity going in the wrong direction-I don't think so. Please carry on going in whichever direction you wish, we will follow : ) Take care.

  30. Good Evening Barbara,
    Old and new …. For me both work well, after all it's the users own choice sat to what they do isn't it! You as the teacher show us what we can do, and if we care to have a go and find we like it then hey what's the worst that can happen!
    Sometimes the old mixes with the new, and very soon the new will become the old replaced by more techniques….yet are they that new? I can remember doing mono printing at school on the Lino tiles you are itching to get to grips with and that was back in the 70's and no doubt it was a revival of an earlier trend! So you just keep the new things coming and let us decide if with ride along with you! I know I will and countless others with me x

    much love as ever
    Kim xx

  31. Well done Barbara another great card. Gosh 6 years with C & C. Haven't been with you that long. Enjoying the journey though, even though I've never liked change very much. You've certainly made me come out of my comfort zone. You have to change to progress especially to keep up with trends in business. We've got the choice haven't we of whether we change with you or stay where we are. Keep it up Barbara we'll follow you forward, what I like is that sometimes we do go back & refresh old techniques and old stamps.xx

  32. Although 'Gellis', gunge and shaving foam are exciting there's still something 'fresh' about this artwork. Maybe it's the peace of the design. I can imagine myself sitting in the corner of that field just dreaming the day away.

  33. Hello – I remember when Clarity was just a newbie on Create and Craft and I loved what you did then and still love it now. It's different true, no-one can stand still in this life or you get left behind. But .. I take what I can from what you teach us. I shall never be as good or talented as you, but because of what choice we have now I have also changed in my crafty habit (as Nigel would say). Thank you for continuing to grow and for taking us along with you on the journey. With love Margaret Col. xx

  34. Great card – again. One of the things I enjoy most about your techniques is how you always find novel ways of presenting previously used items. Even with the Gelli plate you've progressed from the first days. I remember a demo you did very similar to this card at an Extravaganza in Surrey some years ago. I had you all to myself for a few minutes. (It wouldn't happen now. You'd be mobbed!) I found the brayer/elastic band idea just so clever I immediately bought the gear. Your ideas stood out then and they do now. Viva!

  35. Hi Barbara blimey where did those 6 years go?!! It only seems like yesterday you took our hand and led us down the path of the brayer and we all stood there mesmerised ! Your journey has gone om in leaps and bounds and most of us are tagging along behind you still holding your hand for a quick squeeze and cuddle. Keep up the good work. Love Diane xxx

  36. I have just loved this blast from the past. I remember you from the early days at the NEC and marvelled at the brayer and rubber band technique-took a couple of years to get up the courage to experiment myself. Oh the inky fingered bliss that has ensued ever since! Not always successful but satisfying my inner creative soul. Whichever direction you take I'm sure I'll still be amazed and encouraged by your creativity. Go Barbara and the wonderful Clarity team! Love Lesley xxx

  37. I have followed Clarity and you since before Create and Craft. I still love some of the old techniques, but I also love the new ones too. The stencils are so good.
    However I would like to see demos of some of the older stamps etc, as those of us who have them, may have forgotten some of the interesting things you did with them and it is good to get reminders. As my memory isn't what used to be, also for newer ones to see how to do some of the older techniques too.
    Hope you had a really good holiday, I certainly enjoyed accompanying you on your travels. I have a rather busy life just now, but have set aside Saturday to try out some new things and revisit some of the old ones. Thanks for all your inspiration over the years

  38. I've watched all the years you were very scared In days gone by on tele but now you're a film star girl !!! Confident and very clever Loved the trip down memorie lane love June xxxx

  39. I love all the new artwork that can be created with Clarity 2014, but there's always room for the old tricks too. Some people can be so rude, I think your'e on the right path Barbara and look forward to see where the next steps take you and Clarity xxx

  40. Hi Barbara,
    Its always good to have a look back and see how far you've come, I love todays artwork, as it really shows how much can be done with so little stash!!

    For those that don't like where Clarity is going then I say "get of the bus and let the rest of us enjoy the ride!" I'm certainly staying for the trip of a lifetime.

    Take care,
    Jackie, x

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