YouTube Tuesday What’s the Perfect Pearl Score?

YouTube Tuesday What’s the Perfect Pearl Score?

Hello there!
Well, it’s YouTube Tuesday,
and I decided to show you a technique I developed a while ago: painting with Mica Powders on an adhesive sheet.
Sounds trick, but when you break it down, it’s easy.
And the background music is soooo lovely and relaxing!

Check it out.

Things you’ll need:
Small/Medium Paint Brush
Other Items Mentioned:
I hope you enjoyed that?
Do leave a comment and let me know.
Are you going to give it a go?
(The Adhesive Sheets are product of this Month 
– October 2014 – GREAT PRICE!)

much love,

52 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday What’s the Perfect Pearl Score?

  1. Hi Barbara – just spent a lovely 15 mins watching today's demo. Really enjoyed and would love to give this a go as I have the materials to do so but not great with the craft knife – suppose its just practice!! Hope your voice problem doesn't worsen.

  2. Right folks, I read/watch this blog every day without fail BUT I hardly ever leave a comment.
    Well, I'm coming out from behind my net curtains and I'm going to comment most days. The trouble is that I think my contribution won't count but it will, even if it just shows support.
    Love today's project and, over the dark winter months, I'm going to give it a go.
    One last thing, thank you Barbara your blog is fantastic xxxx

    1. Welcome to the blog comments Yvonne. Just saying wow is perfect , we all know what you mean 🙂 congratulations on stepping out from the net curtains and joining this amazing blog Love Diane xxx

  3. Loved today's project. Not so good freehand but I'm going to use stamps I think. Or I might be a devil and give freehand a go! Anyway I'm sure it'll be fun x thanks Barbara x

  4. Hi Barbara love this and might be brave and have a go at freehand. Will share video with my daughter later as I think she might like to have a play in half term as she is missing her art. Thank you for the tip on covering it, I have another make of mica powders but I am sure they will go sticky too, I do like the perfect pearl colours though. Right off to pick up balloons and flowers!!!! In this wind!!!! Emma is 18 today (where did those years go?) so lots of cake and celebrating today. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  5. Lovely technique. I do love the perfect pearls, Maria let me have a play with hers in Birkenhead and as the tax man left me a nice little cheque this morning I do believe that he would like a bit back and that means I must buy something 🙂 well that's my philosophy. Wordchains me thinks and I might sneak some perfect pearls in there too. Depends if I get distracted by the stamps or not.

  6. Hi Barb,
    I love to see you do this technique and today I've been transported to Tuscany with Monet or Van Goch, absolutely beautiful.
    I've also got to admit that I've never been brave enough to give it a go, but your results are an inspiration so MAY try it later this week!
    Maureen xx

  7. Love this technique, I love the shimmer of the Perfect Pearls. Hope your throat doesn't get any worse Barbara. My hubby suffers with a bad throat, and he swears by Tyrocets, and a teaspoon of honey when you feel like you really need it.
    Glad to meet you Yvonne x

  8. Loved this demo Barbara. It is something I have seen you do previously and I tried it then but wondered why it went sticky – another mystery solved so I will give it another go and remember to put acetate over the top to protect it this time. I always learn something new from your wonderful blog. xx

  9. Beautiful Barbara. I have tried this technique before, though didn't know about the artwork become sticky again over time. Now I do! Every day's a school day :-). Hope you have regained your voice – look after yourself xx

  10. I really did enjoy this one. For one thing, it is a lovely break from the "C" word and it is just so beautiful. It is encouraging me to get back to drawing again for myself without relying on other people's ideas all the time. I have always put the acetate in place but I had not realised that it would become sticky again – a definite Top Tip. Hope your voice is recovering and you are feeling better (lemon and honey will help that). Take care of yourself. A lovely coffee break, thank you, Barbara. xxxx Maggie

  11. Hello, what a wonderful blog you have , I try to watch it every day, and I tried to make lots of your art pieces. Today I will make the perfect Pearl Card – the weather in Germany is bad too – and will give it to a birthday child tomorrow. by the way , when are you coming to Germany to HSE next ? Thank you so much and take care , Gisela

  12. Hi Barbara,

    I partly would give it a go. I think the perfect pearls are great for the hills and sky but I would stamp a nice tree (or the wind scene from yesterday) on the sheet.

    By the way for stamping on this sheet, glas or similar very shiny surfaces I suggest StazOn instead of Archival Ink. What do you think?

    Thanks again for sharing your creativity with us
    Rolf xxx

    1. Wow what a very cool demonstration of something really arty. Love this idea. Will get those items out and give it a try. Thanks for making it look fun, easy, and very creative… Cool

  13. Aww! Really enjoyed that. Thanks Barb. Have been transported back to my favourite holiday in Tuscany and now I know how to get my hills to stand out. Can I ask what the best method would be to stick the acetate on with as the other side is stuck down on card & there are no sticky bits left? Would you just lay the acetate on the pearly side and let it stick itself? I wouldn't want to ruin it with air bubbles – I've done that before!! Hope you don't mind me asking?
    Thank you for a most relaxing blog today and hope your voice and throat are improving
    Love Jeanette xx

  14. Hi
    Hope you are feeling better and my previous (unfinished) attempt to blog has vanished into the ether!
    Love the landscapes and felt inspired to try the Perfect Pearls. I've spent some very happy hours with them and the double sided adhesive. I needed to make things much simpler as I'm terrible at drawing and not much good with a blade either. I drew around your stained glass window stencil – the star, as I hoped a ruler would help me cut the straight lines. It's not perfect but I love it. I'm no artist and I'm not a confident crafter so it's a real joy to make something lovely. I enjoy the process, especially when it comes out close to the way I hoped it would!
    Wishing you all the best. Catriona x

  15. Great technique. Got some perfect pearls a few years ago but only recently dug them out after watching a demo you did on painting a stamped image with them. Have also used them to dust the stamped lines using versamark ink. Will have to give this a try as well. XX

  16. Lovely video. I've done this technique with you at a workshop but it's great to have the time and opportunity to watch you again, slowly, especially the tips about blending.
    I couldn't comment yesterday but mainly wanted to say how pleased I was that Brenda won your alphabet plaque from your earlier blog.. What a moving story and how she must be so chuffed!
    Take care of your voice. 'Tis the season…..

  17. Hello Barb. I do so look forward to UTube Tuesdays……… I am going to have a go at this technique as it looked so gorgeous. Thanks and I hope your throat gets better soon – have you tried Manuks honey with its soothing healing properties?

  18. Brilliant Barbara, saw you do this one with Leonie on Create & Craft I believe. Bought all the ingredients to make it too, Now I must have a go.Thanks for showing it again. Bought a set of Perfect Pearls at Catterick hope I got the right set. Hope you feel better soon, my Mum always swore by Tyrozets & I do too.

  19. Hi Barbara
    A great technique which gives a lovely end product. I think I would have to use a stamped image as my drawing skills are pretty poor! Good to have the video as reference. Anne x

  20. Hi Barbara. Beautiful picture. Love the technique and all of the tips you give in your videos. I hope the voice is improving(I also find that Tyrozets are the best, along with lots of hot tea. Does anyone remember Zoobs,?(not sure of the spelling) they came in a little tin, I think they disappeared after Lockets became popular). Take care.

  21. Well that was an enjoyable 20 minutes viewing! I loved when you were free handing the tree you were so in the zone!!
    Even though I have watched this on Wednesday – I love youtube tuesdays!!!
    Much love

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