Hubble Bubble !

Hubble Bubble !

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by this windy Wednesday. 
Up with the lark this morning! 
I figure if I get up early, 
I will have more time to spread my day out…(?)
Wednesday’s blog is something new, so how about a brand new fabby stencil, designed by none other than 
our JO RICE!
So we decided to appropriately call this particular design:
And what a pleasure it has been to play with!
I spent a very pleasant evening yesterday in my new art room
(which by the way looks like it has been burgled) 
Didn’t take long to settle in, did it.

Guilt, be gone!!

Let me show you my findings….
I told you! It’s bubbly brilliant !!!
First, let me show you how I arrived at all these lovely backgrounds and settings.
Set the stencil on a clean 6×6 Gelli Plate.

Drip a couple of drops of reinkers in the circles. 
They come individually, or they come in a box all together, 
the full ranger….

Less is more. Don’t over egg it. 

Now dab dab dab the ink around with those clever little 
mini blending tools,  (special offer too)
and fill the bubbles with the ink, like so:

Peel off the stencil and put it somewhere safe, because the ink on here is every bit as important and good as the ink on the Gelli Plate!

So now we’ve got ink on here, believe it or not!

Told ya! Not one but three prints !
I have used our white square Gelli Card
But hang on! Let’s go back to the inky stencil….

The Gelli Plate is on the 7×7 Mega Mount
so it’s real easy to flip and position.
This time I have taken my larger Gelli Plate, so that I can get the whole edging too, and laid it onto the wet inky stencil. 
Press down to transfer the ink.

The thing about ink on a Gelli Plate 
is you think there’s not enough ink.

Here we go again…

Print after print…
over and over again…

 adding layers,

gauging the positioning exactly through the mega mount. 
Looks random. Isn’t!
On and on…

slowly the colours start to blend, and it gets really fantastic…

Let’s pick one and take it to the next level.
Dust a little Squeezed lemonade Distress Ink

 over the top

with a Clarity Stencil Brush .

Pick a stamp. The Forest ridge will do the job.
Replace the stencil and stamp the trees through the large bubble,

Shuffle the stencil to mask off other areas, 
and stamp through the next bubble,

and the next one. I blotted this one, 
because the outlying area was more faded too.

Let’s place an owl in another bubble, 
quietly observing his domain…
add more lemonade to large bubbles too!

The owl comes from the Woodland Animals Set.

Frame with the chisel end of a Pear Green Promarker.

Mount on a complimentary colour. 
This burgundy worked beautifully.
Very interesting to develop. Easy too.

Well done Mrs Rice!
You’ve done us proud. Your bubbles are brilliant!

But now I really MUST get to work. 
We have a situation Captain Kirk!!!

much love,

51 thoughts on “Hubble Bubble !

  1. My poor husband will be working forever with a Clarity wish list as long as mine!!!
    Barbara you've produced an amazing piece of art with the fabulous Jo Rice stencil.
    Your art room looks well lived in now – just as it should be xxxxx

  2. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist ja wieder eine ganz fantastsiche Schablone. Was für eine geniale Idee in die Kreise zu stempeln. Ich bin wirklich begeistert von all den kreativen Ideen. Ich bewundere die Werke wirklich immer wieder sehr gern. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  3. Hi Jo and Barbara,

    to be honest… my first thought: some bubbles nice but not breathtaking.

    But the result with the stamped scene inside is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job Jo and Barbara!!!

    Rolf xxx

  4. I'll definitely be adding this one to my next order. It looks such a versatile stencil. I love how you've used it too Barbara. Great work ladies. x

  5. Love the new stencil and the fab delicate artwork. Want to buy it now and the stamps, but I have to wait for the NEC when I'll be all 'saved up'. Oh dear how can I manage to wait that long!

  6. Lovely stencil and great way to use it!

    Enjoyed yesterday's lesson but didn't have time to comment. I was going to say what a lovely cat brooch you had on and when I went through it a second time realised it was the microphone….duh!!!

  7. Hello Barb, a great new stencil. Way to go Jo. Love the ideas you have come up with Barb. I was going to ask a ditzy question the other day, whether or not you can use the re-inkers direct on the gelli plate. You must have read my mind. Bx

  8. Super demo. Already ordered my bubbles when I saw them on the website. Like the gelli plate being used with inks, such a lot of prints when it looks like there is nothing on it, magic! XX

  9. As soon as I saw this stencil on the website last week I fell in love with it. So it was the first thing on my shopping list for my trip to Doncaster last Saturday. When I get there Jo is sat there creating away with the stencil and when I asked if she was the Jo responsible for the stencil she shyly answered yes but didn't take all the credit! Oh no Dave got a mention in the creation too. Aren't crafters great? They are so generous in my experience sharing ideas, skills and techniques but are so reluctant to take credit for their ideas and skills. Well Jo you can take credit for a terrific and already well used stencil in my collection. WELL DONE YOU! And Barb you must take credit for sharing more fabulous techniques and ideas with you amazing artwork. Fab as always. Thank you ladies. x

  10. Hi Barbara oh wow what a great stencil, thank you Jo for designing it and thank you Barbara for sharing your beautiful artwork. This really is stunning and has inspired me to have a go with ink on my geli plate – now all I need is a few hours to play! Take care love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic! Love what you have done here. Fabulous stencil – well done to Jo for designing it. Another one for my list of must haves. Love Alison xx

  12. Love the stencil and love what you did with it. It looks deceptively simple but your idea shows how creative it could be. Definitely a must have. Carol

  13. Hi, I love this artwork Barbara, and all the background pieces too. You are just so clever and so talented. It always amazes me that you can look at something and know where to take it to turn it into a perfect piece of artwork.

    I think I need this stencil now. If I gave this a go as somewhere to start it would tick 3 boxes for me – get back into doing craft and in a bigger more arty way and enjoying it (been kind of fearing it for a while for some reason!), use my gelli plate (still unopened, bought last year!), get into stamping again and more arty with it, get inky (don't know how long I've had most of them, all unopened!) and make my first piece of wall art. Guess I can't count, that's more than 3!!!! Even better then!!!!

    And (I don't believe I'm admitting to this) I've still got a Clarity voucher to spend, yay, birthday present from my brother, in June! (I know hang my head in shame!!!!) Guess I got too caught up in stuff and all the good stuff just got pushed aside. In my defence I also got one for Christmas and had it spent and more on top within a few days, as soon as I joined the club!!!! The trouble will be trying to work out what else to spend it on when there are so many brilliant stamps and stencils to choose from. Choices, not very good at them!!!! But on the upside I don't have to worry about anything selling out while it takes me an age to make my mind up, which has happened many times with many different things!!!! Clarity will just make more so there's always a never ending supply, perfect.

    love Brenda x

  14. Looking at the finished article, it really has so much visual depth to it. I know I am going to use this stencil a lot when I get it. You have given us so many ideas today. I am amazed how much the use of the gelli plate has developed from that first showing last year. How much further can you and the team take it in the next year, I wonder. xxx Maggie

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