YouTube Tuesday Funky Foliage

YouTube Tuesday Funky Foliage

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
It really is good to know that you are enjoying what I do here!
Have you voted yet? This little blog of mine has been nominated for not one but two awards! How chuffed am I?!
Here are the links, if you feel inclined. 

Crafts Beautiful Craft Awards 2014
The British Craft Awards 2015

And whilst you were there, you could tick a few more Clarity Boxes. If you thought we were worth it, of course.

Here is a YouTube video to show you a really neat trick called Faux Batik, where you make the stamped image stand out white against a coloured background.
Very easy. 
And I have added a little twist at the end; try it !

I used the following ingredients, 
and have linked them to the Clarity website for you, so that you can easily locate them if you want them.
The Mini Blending Tool and refills 
come with a FREE A4 Clarity Bending Mat !
The Ink Pads I used were:
Distress Pad Squeezed Lemonade
Last but not least:
One of the best stamps of 2014. 
If you were contemplating getting the set of 49 Distress Markers, 
now might be a good time,  because we will send you this Stamp as a gift.
This offer is valid until next Tuesday 4th November.
much love,

57 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday Funky Foliage

  1. Brilliant video today. I'm calling today "Ticked off Tuesday" as I am going to go now & vote & put lots of ticks against any category that lists Clarity. You all do a superb job !

  2. Fantastic demo you make it such fun icecreamlady didn't appear though😞 will have ago at this once finished organising my stamps. Got the deal with mat and ink pads brilliant deal to good to miss have good day sun is shining here to day bye for know xx

  3. Awesome Barbara, love this. in many ways simple but so effective, I am lucky have all the bits, so will give it ago this pm, I feel this style of card would do for any occasion by using the word chain words.

  4. Ooh I say, that was most enjoyable, Barbara! Love the colours and especially the effect with the shadow, so glad that you didn't get off the train.
    Has Jim been digging out old clips? Took me back to Saturday morning at the pictures when you got to watch Godzilla or The famous five for just 3d. Don't think you're allowed to advertise cigarettes any more though.
    Thank you once more for brightening up my day and as it's payday I'm now off to Claritystamp to take you up on your offers this month.
    Love Jeanette xx

    1. Meant to say that I've voted but also I added your Clarity mounts for the Gelli into the best new product category. Well, I think that they are better than the options that were shortlisted so I added yours in the 'other' option xx

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Another stunning card, I love this technique.
    I used it for last years Christmas cards, simple, effective and so quick for batch card making.
    I've been and voted and done your survey too.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

    1. Just to say I have a made card (couldn't wait to try it actually!) and it worked out really well. I am delighted with it. Take courage in both hands all those people wondering if it would work and try the shadow technique… I was a tad nervous but it worked a treat! I aim to have another go but on this one I shall flick water on it at the very end to see what happens… Go on… have a go!

  6. Barbara Gray, you always bring a smile to my face with this blog of yours. Yes, I love the techniques you share. Yes, I love the stamps and stencils you create for us to use. But, I love that you talk to us (me) every day, sharing your life, your feelings, your inspiration, and whatever. I love it, and I have voted in both categories, and I really hope you win because you thoroughly deserve to x

  7. Hi Barbara fantastic video today, love the clips they made me laugh (thanks Jim). Is 10.30 too early for ice cream? Wow I am going to have to give this a go, have tried the basic stamp and ink but hadn't carried on the train journey, also didn't know about ironing embossing to remove it so thanks for that one too. Not sure I would be brave enough to over stamp so that bit might require a pen to go round it. I think I need that stamp now and I've been trying so hard to be good 🙂 have a lovely day and try to get some of this lovely sunshine. Take care love Diane xxx

  8. Great video tutorial again and I love this technique – need to be a bit braver with my colours though, as I always tend to do pastel batiks! My votes have all been submitted, so wishing you well in the final count – you and the team so deserve to win! I'm tempted by the distress markers….Susan x

  9. Hi Barbara,
    great techniques you showed in that video… It´s a long time ago now when I worked with embossing powder. I think I have to try it again… Beautiful card!!!
    Rolf xxx

  10. Fab Barbara love it & you are so funny, you make my day. Had cateract operation last night so now it looks even more vivid..Wonderful!! Done my survey & voted for you of course. Hope you win you well deserve to.xx

  11. Hya Barb. Another first class tutorial – must have a go! I've got all the ingredients except the stamp and as I'm too impatient to wait for it, I'll try the technique with a different stamp from my collection!

  12. Love those colours Barbara, and the clear embossed flower stands out so well. I wouldn't have thought of ironing off the clear embossing to make it matt though I'm not sure I would be brave enough to do that, but would give the shadow a go. Lovely tutorial as usual. x

  13. Hi Barb,
    This is great and as I have the bits and bobs, I will definitely be giving this a go. Love the stamp – great for those pesky male cards too! Didn't know about using the iron to take off the embossing powder, but that might have to wait till I'm feeling braver! Already cast my votes so good luck. Love Alison xxx

  14. I look forward to your videos on Tuesday. I frequently use the iron off technique. Makes people wonder "how I did it." I would have gotten off the train one stop further and ironed off the embossing to see how the shadow looked. I tried to vote for you last week. I answered all the questions but then they asked where I lived. Oops…they really don't want the opinion of a Yank! Hahaha!

  15. Hi Barb,
    Finishing my decorating for today so collapsed on the chair and watched your video at leisure. Oh how I laughed at the intermission ads, but I laughed even more when you did a "Maureen" and licked the paper tissue to get the paint off the embossed flowers, you're a girl after my own heart!! xx

  16. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin immer wieder begeistert was für tolle Tipps ich bei dir bekomme. Diese Technik gefällt mir sehr gut. diese Stempel sind wirklich wunderschön. Sie stehen schon auf meinem Wunschzettel hihihi. Vielen lieben Dank für die tollen Videos. Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen dir zuzuschauen. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  17. Hi Barbara
    Well you did it again! Fantastic technique, can't wait to try it. I also saw the crafty lick of the paper tissue, so glad I'm not the only one to do that!
    Gayle x

  18. Fab-U-Lous!! Love how you've added a twist to this technique Barbara. Your videos are great fun to watch, we learn whilst being entertained. Top marks to whomever edits them. The intermission videos bought back some great memories of visiting the cinema as a youngster! hope you had a good day. xx

  19. Perfect end to a busy day commuting on the trains! Coming home making a coffee and watching YouTube Tuesday! Great technique that I have loved using for a while now, but with my favorite clarity stamp ever and chuckling at the whole video. Barb your expressions are priceless especially speeded up. I loved it! Thank you for sharing as ever. Lots of love. V X

  20. i didn't know that this was faux batik. i was using this technique this weekend. i need to incorporate shadows next time i do this again. nice to see you using distress inks more often. they are brilliant aren't they? hugs xx

  21. I can see just where Grace gets her acting ability from. I love these videos. Shadow printing is so effective but I have never tried it with an embossed image. I would need to get out my new Versamark, though. The other one, which I only bought last week is a very dark shade of blue for obvious reasons. As I have all the relevant bits on my table at the moment apart from the watercolour card, this might be a nice break from my fourth batch of "C" cards. Looking forward to having a go. xxx Maggie

  22. Super tutorial. Love the colours you've used and the way you use the mini blending tool. I just got this from you and it certainly makes inking and blending easier. The funny bits are great especially the intermission clips. Very nostalgic.

  23. Barbara, loved it!!! Watched last night but was really far too tired to add my comments having had a very very long day at work rather unexpectedly.
    You make me laugh so much when I watch the videos and really loved the intermissions – sure brought back memories of queuing up in the aisle to buy an ice-cream !!
    Great bit of art loved the colours you used – I really must get hold of the lemonade ink pad I think!!!
    Much love as ever

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