Special Monday Treet!

Special Monday Treet!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on this Monday morning.
Monday’s blog is Trees & Flowers, 
so I have decided to play with one of the best trees 
in the Claritree Collection:
Of course, most of us are programmed 
to associate the Pear tree with the Partridge,
and we have a fabulous partridge, 
drawn by our good friend Mel.
But let’s step away from Christmas for a moment, 
and just make a lovely bright general greeting card.
Let’s brighten up this Monday!!!!
Stamp the little partridge in Black Adirondack in the middle of an A6 piece of Clarity Card; the shiny coated stock.

Stamp it again at the sticky end of the Post-it and cut it out, 
to make a mask.

Cover up the bird with the mask, then stamp the tree over the bird in black again, making sure that the feet land on a branch!

Remove mask, and Yay! We’re in business!

Colour the little bird and the leaves in with Distress markers.
We have a great price on The Collection, you know.
rrp is £130.  £99.99 with Clarity. 
And an additional 10% discount for our Club members.
The Black Adirondack won’t bleed with the Distress markers 
once you let it dry.

Add the large Partridge at the base of the card.

Colour it in, too. 
Can you see how mine is mottled?
Here’s how:
Colour in with your colour choice.
Then if you have the Distress Pen set, 
you will have Picket Fence, the white pen. 
This acts like a bleach pen. 
Dot dot dot over the solid colours and after a while, the dots will appear white. Then go back over the white, dot dot dotting round the edges with the coloured pens again, to add depth. 

Let’s make a funky frame.
Swirl a black Micron pen around all 4 sides.
Extend the base of the tree with the pen.

Go round the other way now.

Colour in the panels with the same colours as the birds.

Almost like a carnival card!

Use the fine black pen to add stripes to the ribbon frame.

The Picket Fence pen will make the little bird in the tree 
stand out too.

Mount on a matching colour.


And this is what I like about our kind of art: 
You can take the exact same stamps and use pretty much 
the same techniques, but with a little twist of colour and 
a flash of snow, you can transform Mardigras to Christmas…
Let’s have a Special Offer on the Tree and Birds!
Buy the Pear Tree, and we will give you BOTH birds as a gift.
Yep, FREE. You actually save more than you spend!
For the special offer, 
much love,

34 thoughts on “Special Monday Treet!

  1. Another great design, and thanks for keeping away from Christmas for a bit!!! I remember someone (might have been you) saying to me ages ago not to buy a stamp unless I could think of 3 different ways to use it, and you've given everyone 2 ways to start off with this kit already. Wish I'd had that advice when I first started crafting, as I have bags full of stamps I've only used once…. Susan x

  2. Beautiful blog and the frame really sets it all off perfectly …. I have the stamps so must give them an airing. Hopefully your day has started a whole lot better than yesterday. Take care and enjoy your day xx

  3. Hi Barbara lovely artwork again today and I like your trick with the pens. Thank you for sharing. Hope the sun is shining with you today and Monday is another day. Take care love Diane xxx

  4. What a lovely, vibrant card and a fantastic offer on the stamps too. Need to wait for pay day but think I'll be taking you up on this one as only have the small stamps. Hope your woes from yesterday are easing. Love Jeanette xx

  5. What a fabulous offer barbara. I love the bright coloured one, you always make me think differently about my stamps. Thank you so much for your brilliant blog. I really enjoy reading it every day. Xx

  6. I couldn't resist, I've just been and ordered it, plus the winter tree stencil, you can't just order one thing can you, that's just rude!
    I'll be having a go at this as soon as they arrive.

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again no doubt many times but it never ceases to amaze me how different an image can look by just changing the colours. What a lovely bright and cheerful card
    Jackie x

  8. Two gorgeous interpretations with those unique Barbara-isms, and I love them both. A great offer too – you are really tempting us now. Thank you. x

  9. Two great cards Barbara. I really like the carnival image with its funky frames. When I try to draw such a frame it always goes 'wrong'. As they say I'll just have to try, try and try again. Hope you're having a lovely day. xx btw thanks for a fab offer. And I hope Dave got back okay from Scotland.

  10. Morning Barbara, love them both especially the funky frame…hope you are having a good day and that Dave has got back…enjoy your evening….hugs…xx

  11. Great demo. Love the bright one so vibrant. Also like the Christmas one and I can see myself using that tree a lot over the year. Hope today is better than yesterday! Xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    These are fab as usual.
    This old bird is decorating so off now for nice long soak in bath, ready to start again in the morning, Craft having to take a back seat at the moment as got to get it all done during half term, before it's family duties again. I WILL make time to get an order placed before the end of the month though!! xx

  13. Evening Barbara!!!

    Dot dot, dotty dot!!!
    Love this picture you have created today!!!
    Hope all that dotting got your washing machine mind in order xx
    And you are so naughty tempting us with offers!!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  14. Lovely cards both, love the bright colours and the more muted one too. Great offer, thanks for that, I m sure I can think of at least three ways to use all my stamps!! Just need time to think of them all. Love your blog, essential viewing x

  15. Hi Barbara. Both cards are beautiful. Just a change of colour and look how it differs! I love your frames too, I am still rubbish at doing them and always manage to mess them up, usually on the last side! I know, I must keep on practising : ) Take care.

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