Exciting News and a friendly blog

Exciting News and a friendly blog

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
It’s Thursday already! Somebody slow the clock down for Pete’s sake!!! And mine!!!
Pete’s only been back from his holidays since yesterday, 
and he already looks frazzled! 
But let’s get on with the Thursday Blue Blog….
Found a 6″x6″Gelli Plate scrap I made way back when, with Phthalo Blue Acrylic Paint, Crimson and some Punchinella.

Decide which way round it works for what you have in mind.
Or if you are like me this morning, stare at it, 
hoping something may come to you!
And then she saw it….
Go find the lovely Clarity Characters
and stamp Rosie into the frame using Black Archival.

Get Lillie to hold her hand; she’s a bit low.

Let’s use the umbrella in the kit to symbolise a rainy day in her life. Trouble is, the handle won’t reach to their hands…
Easy solution. Read on.

Only ink up the stem of the brolly; leave the handle out.
Ok. Well now we just need to join the two points.
Stamp or Pen? What would you do?

I’m all for a challenge, but I’m going with the pen and ruler!

Let’s perch them on the Word Friendship, from Word Chain No. 8
Look! I couldn’t even get their feet to land on the letters! 
Time to go to Specsavers….

A little corrective work with the pen required.
Nobody will ever know…

Cut the piece back to a panel.
Add some blue to Rosie’s dress, and some red to Lillie’s with a colouring pencil,

Mount on a dark blue to frame.

So there we have it. Two friends supporting each other.
Some great friendships have been forged through this little Clarity company. When I step back and observe from a distance, 
it is heart-warming to see how people within the greater Clarity family reach out and help each other.
It really is quite a strong movement, 
which cannot be quantified in business terms. 
There’s much more to this than making, selling 
and using stamps and stencils!
That said, we have been nominated for another set of awards, 
The British Craft Awards 2015, 
which is very exciting and flattering. 
We have never reacher the shortlists for these awards before.
The three nominations this time are:
Best Stamp Range
Most inspirational Blog
Most popular Card Designer
If you think we’re worth it, then please hop over to the polls and vote for us.
much love,

42 thoughts on “Exciting News and a friendly blog

  1. Lovely card Barbara – two friends with Big Feet, we can handle that! I have just posted a card today that I did a while ago with this stamp set??? Weird. Its a lovely set. I am just off to vote now MMMMmmmmm who should I vote for???? xx OK its a NO Brainer I know. x

  2. Love this card! I have made several marvellous friends through clarity, marvellous people! Thanks Barb, I gave arranged an extra hour for you this weekend, enjoy. I have also voted, good luck! Xxx

  3. Been and voted already and also put Clarity into several of the other categories for good measure. When I first looked at today's project, I saw the hollyhocks in that background, but when you turned it round, then I could see the sky. It just shows that you should look at things from all angles before you start. That is one of the most important things I have learned from you – to look at things in different ways, not just the obvious. Thank you for your inspiration and teaching. xx Maggie

    1. I also meant to say how proud I am of being part of the greater Clarity family. As Joy says below, others look at me as being more than slightly crazy when I talk about the support and friendship I have found with my Clarity friends. I have been criticised about my "obsession" with Clarity, but there have been times when your support has really made the difference for me, and I will be eternally grateful for the love and friendship, and understanding. Clarity is far more than a company selling stamps and stencils. You have made us all feel as though we are a part of your family, so thank you. xxx Maggie

  4. Ioved this card so true I have made so many wonderful friends including you through clarity. When I talk about the support I have had over last year people look at me as though mad cause to them it's a company selling stamps but is so much more to me and so many others, just in our group in peterborough from that first meeting we bonded you came joined us would love you to come again to see such a close family we have become we speak daily carding for each other laughing cry all and further to design team and others have become such good friends with it has blown my mind the love in clarity xxx

  5. Your card really does represent what Clarity has become… friends supporting each other. I've made some really lovely friends with Clarity and it wouldn't be like that without you, Barbara. So, with pleasure, I will now vote for you and your company and wish you every success that not only do you get shortlisted for the first time, but also win. Love Jeanette xx

  6. My Nec shopping list has grown again, I need more ladies, the brollies, more blue paper and to trade my husband for a millionaire. Forget the millionaire I prefer my husband used to him after 46 years! The artwork is so emotive, it's fab. Thank you Barb.

  7. How lovely – you really can turn a piece of scrap into artwork Barbara! I saw a great tutorial the other day which turned all the inky babywipes into a felt like material and stamped onto it and made fabric flowers!!! Amazing – now I just need to learn how to keep the ink off my fingers, arms and elbows so that I can mop it up with babywipes and have a go myself!!! Wish we had a regional Clarity club nearer to me in the Highlands – have been down to Perth a few times, but it's a 2 hour drive each way to get to a 2 hour workshop – saying that Pauline and Laurane did inspire me to buy and to use a gelliplate! Susan x

  8. This background works beautifully with the silhouette ladies Barbara, and I love the way you have extended the handle of the umbrella. I have voted in thecraft awards too. Good luck! I'm sure you won't need it though. x

  9. Hi Barb,
    You're on fire, as usual. Great card, and I need this word chain so I'm going to leave some hints lying around for my daughter. No good leaving them for George, he'd pick the paper up and bin it!!
    I wish there was a Clarity class somewhere up here in Newcastle.

  10. A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift.
    A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift.
    A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace,
    And makes the whole world we live in a happier place.

    Thanks everyone xxx

  11. Barbara
    Simply lovely and oh so very very apt this week xxx
    I never ever regret the day I saw you on C&C and so my journey in to Clarity and wonderful friendships began…little did I know one Sunday morning in 2012 that 2 years later I would have made such wonderful bonds – so thank you from the bottom of my heart xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  12. Hi Barb, great images, love the tips on extending images (mine would not look that good!). Great Friendship on this blog. Thanks for the heads up on the craft awards, will go have a little look. Bx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Yet another inspirational piece, I don't know how you do it! This is a very friendly blog so the card very apt. Have already voted. Love Alison xx

  14. Hi Barbara great artwork again today, I would have used the pen to extend the brolly too! Congratulations on being nominated, have already voted. Barbara and Clarity have always been fabulous, all those years ago at the knitting and stitching show we watched you in awe and riffled through your little stamps looking for dog ones for Emma to spend her money on. You had time for customers then and you still do now. There are a few companies who still offer the personal touch, you and Lakeland limited- both have expanded but still remember the customer so a huge thank you and keep being you! You are a star and this blog is fantastic! Have a lovely evening. Love Diane xxx

  15. Wow you've done it again Barbara. This is a lovely piece of artwork. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to write your blog. It is so inspirational. Congratulations on your nominations. I've just voted! Hope you had a good day. xx

  16. A beautiful design that shows that in crafting there is never a mistake only an adaption. Great news on your nominations, I've used the link, good luck! x

  17. Fantastic artwork again and I agree about the Clarity family! I have made some lovely friends through being involved with clarity including you and Dave. Thankyou for that!
    Love and hugs! Xx

  18. Hi Barbara. Wonderful, you've done it again. A great card : ) I like to think that at these stupidly busy times you still get a little bit of pleasure each day posting your blog. You are one of those special people that keep their feet firmly on the ground and you haven't let your fame swell your ego! Thank you : ) Take care.

    1. I keep forgetting to say Congratulations on your nominations. Are we surprised? Definitely not, so just want to wish you good luck, not sure that you will need it though : ) x

  19. Hi Barbara, a lovely background and I like the way you have used the coloured pencil to give a hint of blue. Have added my vote, so good luck. Anne x

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