God grant me the Serenity.

God grant me the Serenity.

Hello there!
Happy Monday!
It’s tipping down here in Kent!
Lovely day to be back at work actually.
We have soooo much on at the moment, that I dug deep for today’s blog, and found one of my oldest and most favoured cards, which I must have been hanging on to for at least 10 years. 
Call me a hoarder, it’s fine, I can take it;
but I bet you understand when you see it…
The edges are rough and the corners are curled,
but the message is loud and clear.
So let’s take a look.
The verse is my daily mantra: The Serenity Prayer
So let me get my Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker hat on….
The clouds are done by dabbing alcohol ink on our Chromo Card
with a cotton wool ball. I think I would have used Stonewashed, Denim and a Peachy colour like Salmon.
The Little Larch tree has been stamped in Green and Blue Archival inks. I would say Cobalt and Olive.
Same with the little Grass at the top.
And then the little flock of birds, in second generation Cobalt.
I think that I could probably get a similar look on Clarity-Card (coated but not glossy) using Adirondack Inks (water-soluble). But I also know that these colours would have faded by now. 
This card was up on the art boards at the shows for YEARS! 
So I must have used a permanent, fade-resistant ink, i.e. Archival.

So there we are.
A one-off, an original. Made many moons ago.
But as pertinent today as ever.
Not a lot of people know this (said Michael Caine)
There is a second part to the Serenity Prayer, 
Have a great week.
Much love,
Well, that was a very hard choice. They were so brilliant!
If you haven’t ready them, do go back to Saturday’s blog.
Limerick Gold.
The verdict here at Clarity, difficult as it was, 
was that not one but two were spot on:

There once was a Partridge from France
Who never was asked to dance
In Baroque he’d excel
Could Gavotte very well
But never was given the chance……

by Kirsty Goodwill


There once was a partridge from France
Who never got asked to dance
Then a handsome young pheasant
Said ” A waltz would be pleasant”
And it led to a whirlwind romance!

by Penny Burton

Very Well done !

So we shall be turning these two limericks into stamps, 
and sending them to the Clarity Limerick Winners, 
together with the Partridge stamp set of course !
I may get Mel to try her hand at drawing a dancing Partridge !


42 thoughts on “God grant me the Serenity.

  1. Congratulations Kirsty and Penny! It was great to have a laugh at all the limericks. Think the serenity prayer should be said every day, especially the second verse. Think I'll teach it to my Primary school class when I get back to work. You don't need to be religious to follow it's principles and If more people did then what a wonderful world we would live in.
    Lots of love Jeanette xx

  2. So that's where the "One Day at a Time" comes from. xxx Lovely card and I like that grass stamp. Good choices on the winners, Kirsty's did stand out to me when I read it, and I hadn't seen Penny's but its really good. Congratulations to you both. xxx

  3. Lovely, might be one you have found from ages ago but still wonderful. As for the limericks they were fantastic, I had a good laugh reading them. Well done to the winners, well deserved. xx

  4. Good thinking using a card done long ago it's wonderful, I remember when first see you doing cards with hills trees etc and thinking how wonderful they were that's how I became addicted to clarity. Well it sure is a horrid day wind and rain day for some craft here have some bits to do for others then ATC's for clarity East midland and home work which we were set so hope to have a couple of craft days also to have a play. Hope your week is not to busy xxx

  5. Love the card Barb, and I had no idea that there was a second part – so thank you for showing us that. Congrats to the winners, I wouldn't' have been able to separate them either.

  6. Hi Barbara as they say the old ones are the best. This card is so beautiful and the sentiment is worth remembering. I hadn't realised there was a second verse so thank you for sharing. The limericks were great yesterday and made me laugh. Congratulations to the winners very well deserved. Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring. Love Diane xxxx

  7. Love the card. It has stood the test of time. I need to create a sympathy card today and I am really struggling with it. I think I will need to not think and just let the creative process flow. That way hopefully i will make something suitable.

  8. Thank you for today's post and for sharing the second verse of the serenity prayer with us – very thought provoking and humbling. I loved reading all the limericks, so many congratulations to the winners – both are absolutely fabulous! I'm off to see an enchanted forest later, so I hope the rain stays south of the border!!! Susan x

    1. Hi Susan. I hope you had a lovely time in the Enchanted Forest. Your visit made me think of the books by Enid Blyton "The Adventures of the Wishing Chair" etc. Did you see Moonface and co. with the Wishing Chair? If I remember rightly they all lived in the Enchanted Woods. Just had to comment as you reminded me of many happy hours reading those books. Take care.

      14 October 2014 07:16

    2. Hi Mrs B – loved the enchanted forest trip at Pitlochry in Perthshire – it happens every October, but this was my first visit. I've not read that book, but also loved Enid Blyton as a child – might have to borrow it from the library now! Thanks, Susan x

  9. What a great prize for Kirsty and Penny and so well deserved. I have had problems with the alcohol inks up to now. Each time I have used them at a class, it has been the last project for the day and I have been over-tired. Today's design is giving me the push to try again, but early in the day. It is a lovely design and a perfect sentiment. I will put Part 2 of the poem on my wish list. Have a good day, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  10. Hi Barb,
    It is a lovely card, which just goes to show the old ones are the best! (I must be in with a chance there, then!!!).
    Congratulations to Kirsty and Penny, worthy winners.
    Maureen xx

  11. Wow, I am amazed and thrilled to win the Limerick Competition. I had fun thinking it up and and I know I will have a great time using the prize. How lucky am I?
    I must thank Paul for his wonderfully clear explanation on how to Blog as without it I wouldn't have been able to enter. A huge thank you to Barbara for all her inspirational art work. I have only been following her most enjoyable blog since July, when I returned to crafting after many years, and she already feels like a 'good friend!' Thank you.

  12. well done Kirsty & Penny! I haven't read them all yet as I was going to have a go but forgot to go back to it!

    Another lovely card. It's amazing what works of art you can create. My birthday today so I think I feel a spend up at Clarity coming on!!

  13. First congratulations to the winners, both great limericks. I love that card from way back Barbara and can see why it is a favourite of yours. The Serenity Prayer says a lot that we should all take on board.too. Food for thought as they say. x

  14. Brilliant limericks; well done to the winners!
    I didn't know the second verse to the prayer. It's very pertinent in my life at the moment!!! Lovely card, too!
    Thank you, Jan

  15. Congrats to Penny and Kirsty. Not my forte but really made me smile. Loved the card and the colours the second verse is very apt I need to put it into practice just now!
    Hope you re settling back in after your trip, it's hard to get back into it sometimes especially with jet lag. Thanks again for all you do for us all, hilary x

  16. Love the card and worthy winners. Well done x I must say it got all the grey Matter working (no pun intended). Look forward to more of the same xxxx

  17. Hello Barb, well done to the winners. Gorgeous card, can see why you held onto it. I love the background, great sentiment too. I have a similar, but really irreverent one:-( . Well, looking forward to more inspiration tomorrow – YouTube Tuesday!. Bx

  18. Congrats to the winners. I have always liked the serenity prayer and until I read your blog I had no idea there was a second part! Added both to my ever increasing wish list. Isn't it nice when you can still look back on a piece of art from a few years back and still find it brings you joy. XX

  19. this is exquisite Barb. i think we need to go back to making this sort of card. i love it.
    and just a word about the ndc stamp… i made a birthday card with it for my secretary similar to yours but greens and turquoises and yellow. she loved it o much she will be framing it. hugs xx

  20. I didn't know that there is a second verse, it is so relevant to life today. I think that I like it more than Verse 1. Love the design too, funny how the 'fabness' of the design never changes or has aged..

  21. Congratulations to both winners!!
    Barbara – love the serenity prayer – love the colours here – gorgeous
    Lets hope for less rain today as Monday was awful!
    Much love

  22. Hi Barbara. Love the card, it may be old but still just a beautiful as it was 10 years ago. I was one that didn't know there was a second verse, which is just as meaningful. It would be a better world if we were all to follow these wise words!
    Congratulations to Kirsty and Penny! Both fantastic , i loved reading all of the others too. I'm glad that I didn't have to chose a winner.
    Take care.

  23. Two worthy limerick winners – well done. I remember this card from years ago – but certainly not 10 (maybe 6 for me). I have cards I have made from years ago, that I have not been able to send or giveaway – when I try to recreate them, it never goes well – so well done on doing it yourself.

  24. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card and I can see why you have kept it for all these years. The colours are still really vibrant aren't they? I bought some chromo card at Catterick but haven't used it yet, so something like this might just be the time to start! Well done to Kirsty and Penny both worthy winners. Love the verses – I'm one of those that didn't realise there was a second verse, but both are very apt and will be on my wish list. Love Alison xxx

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