YouTube Tuesday – Mix some water with the Alcohol!

YouTube Tuesday – Mix some water with the Alcohol!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
We stampers are always looking for cool background ideas, 
so here’s a real simple, quick technique you may enjoy trying!

Items Used:
In this project I used 
If you have watched the Video, you may be able to guess what these 4 letters stand for:
P I A V !
One more thing….
Are you a Crafty Grafter? 
I have a favour to ask.
We are doing some research here at Clarity,
and we want to ask you a few basic questions about your crafting.
Please would you click the link and 
I would greatly appreciate it.
much love,

45 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Mix some water with the Alcohol!

  1. Hi Barb, what a fab idea -well done Dee, loved the video, obviously not a virtue of yours to wait πŸ™‚ Only kidding, but not one of mine either really. I thought your antics were hilarious. Am so going to try this, as I have also tried alcohol inks with shaving foam. Also want to play, as my big order (present to myself arrived) hope hubs does not find out how much it cost. Have a great day. Bx

  2. Wow guess I need to try this, very cool. Maybe you should demo the work with lamenate film to go along with your inks in foam, water, etc. this was fantastic, loved it.


  3. Hi Barb,
    I think somehow I'm a day behind I thought yesterday's post was for today! Now I've caught up, today's is great! I've done the survey, but found some of it a bit tricky as more than one applied ie is craft more important than job – I'm retired ! It might have been better if there were comments boxes if that was possible.

    1. Hi Barb,
      I have to agree with alimecca as I'm retired and was unable to tick more than one box. Hummed and ho'd for ages but still not happy with some of my replies. Comment boxes would have been good.

  4. LOL, surveys, they force us to choose! Ten minutes later probably changed our mind because the damn survey forced us to think! So to the video and peace again! I will definately try this as I have rarely used the stash of alcohol inks that i have. The silloette stamps are great. A simpe stamp turns a patchy background into a blusterry day.

  5. This is a lovely idea and the prints are beautiful. Any silhouette stamp would work with these. Have done the survey, but sometimes it is difficult to give a definitive answer but did my best. x

  6. Hi Barbara,
    I'm definitely NOT a PIAV person, wastes too much good crafting time!!
    Survey done.
    Thanks for sharing this technique, just what I need for a card making course I'm doing shortly. I needed a new way of making background papers, just brilliant.
    Many thanks,

  7. Thanks for sharing this technique Barbara, one of these days when I get some inks I'll give it a go.
    Done the survey , but like others most of the questions were multiple ticks for me , so not sure if it will help.

  8. Hi, nice video, I remember doing that at school to create patterns like at the front of big, old, dusty ledgers. As an aside I really like the look of that picture hanging on the brick wall behind you, can you tell/ show us a bit more about that? Thanks have a lovely day.🎨

  9. Hello, Love the new technic, will just have to invest in Alcoholic reinkers…… Have felt the Survey, but not sure, have put "social media" as I was thinking of your blog in particular so might not be the right answer.
    Laurence xx

  10. It is hard to be patient when you're in a crafting mood, I agree, but what lovely artwork is produced!!! Another idea to add to the 'to try' list. Thank you, Jan

  11. I have done the survey but flippin heck it was difficult to just tick one box! I could have ticked more than one box in all the questions! Settled on TV but realise I had just watched you on social media! Ticked paper crafting but I am now stitching a Christening gift for my great niece! Love this technique today its on my to do list now too. Hope you are getting over the jet lag! Worth it though to spend time with Grace! Small price to pay! Cheers Vanessa X

  12. Great technique. I laughed at the middle bit as I have done this so many times! I also start desperately poking the card hoping I can get it to flatten out, then resort to putting into a heavy book for a couple of days to flatten out. I even found some that I had been flattening after about 2 months! The book had done its job though as they were perfect……………..just not a fast way of getting a background! Add me into the non PIAV group πŸ˜‰ Have to say the survey was tricky. Only one choice! XX

  13. Thanks for showing this technique. Dee showed us at the Cowden open days and I've not gotten around to giving it a go. I've a list as long as my arm of different crafty things to try/practise. Ho hum one day I'll get it all done.

    I've completed the survey already though like others struggled with which answer to select as more then one option was applicable. Hope you and the team have had a good day. xx

  14. Hi Barbara. Another fantastic way to make unique backgrounds. Thanks fora great video, I love the sped up bits, always make me laugh out loud. We should have fun while crafting and you prove that you can. Thank you. Take care.

  15. Ooh, so like the shaving foam technique but with water! How cool is that!
    That stamp is on my must have list too!

    Love the YouTube, especially the speeded up bits xx

    Keep em coming Barb

    Much love
    Kim xx

  16. Hi Barb, your antics on the video had me giggling again. I think that PIAV would have saved someone their burnt fingers. You are so funny when you're speeded up. The ink on water is fab. Saw Dee make some great backgrounds at Catterick using this technique. Hugs Jeanette xx

  17. |Good Morning Barbara, I'm sitting in a hotel room in Singapore giggling away to myself, you brightened up my day with the video. Thanks for all your blogs and youtubes
    Wendy Harte

  18. Hi Barbara I'm all behind like a cows tail as I forgot to check back for the video until very late last night then fell asleep before I could watch. Oh I did laugh at your drying antics! What a fantastic background though – must give this a go. The bird tree stamp is growing on me especially on that background. Off to do the survey but sounds like I will be in the more than one box category too! Thank you for sharing. Love Diane xxx

  19. Great video Barbara – love the background technique! Well done Dee for sharing too. I've done the survey, but like others could have ticked more than one box in several categories, especially the baking/cooking one. Also I'd love to craft in a group (and used to) but since moving none of my new friends are into inky fingers…Susan x

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