Mary Jones and the World of Word Art

Mary Jones and the World of Word Art

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by each day this week;
Friday already. Private peek…. 

Grace and I met a fabulous woman in Central Park the other day; 
Her name is Mary Jones.
We were walking away from the Boathouse 
(check out last Friday’s blog! It’s hilarious!)
and a black lady called over to us. 
She was standing by the railings on the corner.
“Do you like Poetry?” she asked.
“Of course,” we replied and walked over to her. 
A little cautiously, I have to add…
She proceeded to speak to us in the most beautiful voice, and all in liquid flowing rhyme. She reminded me totally of Maya Angelou! Turns out they knew each other. Wow.
Mary Jones, Grace and I proceeded to have the BEST hour!
She asked me my name and what I thought about more than anything, to which after a little thought, I replied, “my children.” What followed was unbelievable. She proceeded to create a poem just for me. It was as though she read me, understood my innermost thoughts and fears. Knew that Grace lived thousands of miles away and that the separation was painful.

She was clever, and eloquent, and witty,

so kind, gracious and pretty.

And then it started to rain, and this wonderful Word Artist, in the middle of Central Park New York, started rummaging in her bag, and extracted not one but two telescopic umbrellas.
She wanted to give them to us! Of course we declined graciously. But the gesture! The gesture!

I have to say, I am so so glad we stopped and made her acquaintance; our day was made all the richer for knowing her, and Grace will hook up with her again I’m sure. 

A NYPD cop car was cruising past us through the park as we were speaking, and came to a halt. For a split second I thought, Oh no! He is going to tell her to move on! He wound down the window. 
“Hi there. Isn’t she fantastic? I love this woman! Have a great day ladies!”

 Which just goes to show how little we know. 

much love,

53 thoughts on “Mary Jones and the World of Word Art

  1. Hi Barb,
    Mary sounds like a wonderful lady and the fact that she knew your Shero is amazing. How lovely to have had a poem created especially for you – that is really special. I hope Grace does " hook up" with her again. Thank you for sharing this moment. Love Alison xx

  2. Tat was a lovely thanks for sharing there are a lot if wonderful people out thee it sounds like you had an amazing time with her, sounds like an Angels sent to bless you both and the to share with others xxx

  3. That is truly magical, she is an angel for sure. How fantastic that you should meet her, and for her to share her art with you. It reminds me of Home Alone 2, and the bird lady x

  4. She sounds like a lovely lady Barbara. Isn't it just a shame that today's society makes us so wary – so wary in fact that a lot of people would simply have walked away and never known the special qualities of this lady. Lovely pics – she seems full of life. xxxxx

  5. Hi Barbara,
    what a fabulous lady you and Grace met. Sometimes you meet someone new and you have a feeling that you know him/her for a very long time. Everything fits together and you can talk with that person for hours… That´s not very often but it happens…
    To you and all the readers have a nice Weekend
    Rolf xxx

  6. How inspiring to actually meet someone who is a living embodiment of Maya Angelou's aspirations – I think it is so hard to achieve. Tell Grace to tell Mary that she is giving pleasure to folks around the world, not just New York and to thank her for all of us!
    Is there anything WE can do for HER?

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day. Some people are on this earth to touch hearts and make memories that last a lifetime, even if you only meet them for at day. Have a great weekend.
    Maria M xx

  8. Well your day at the boating lake is certainly full of amazing memories. How incredible to meet someone who knew Maya Angelou and who was then able to gift you your own poem, resonating with your thoughts and feeling. Mary sounds like one very special lady. It is really amazing how some people come into our lives for moments only and yet are able to leave their footprints on our heart for always. Hope you have a good day. How is Dave doing in Scotland? xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Wonderful. Whenever you relate stories like this, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!! What an amazing day you had. AND, of course, even if you can't remember her words, or what she did, you and Grace will always remember how Mary Jones made you feel. (Maya Angelou). xx

  10. How wonderful that you met this inspirational lady, and especially as she knew Maya Angelou too. I have a feeling that you will meet her again in the future. Happy days. x

  11. Hello Barb, what a wonderful and beautiful story to share with us, I am sure it is a memory that you and Grace will treasure. Long may Mary Jones continue to produce beautiful poetry and experiences, enriching lives of the people she meets, much as you do with your creativity. Did you memorise the poem she created? Have a wonderful Friday. Bx

  12. What a lovely story and memory you've shared with us. Your reward for being for trusting and overcoming natural caution. There are some amazing people in this world with stories and gifts you wouldn't believe just from first impressions. So sad that it's often only at funerals that you learn the fullness of people's lives. Yours was a much better way. Have a good weekend.

  13. Aww, wow! You've given me a lovely warm feeling in my tummy. What a wonderful woman Mary sounds and what an amazing experience for you both especially because of your shared love of Maya Angelou. Well done for being brave enough to go over when others would probably shun her and be too quick to judge. How fantastic that the local police acknowledge and welcome her lovely personality. I look forward to hearing more about her via Grace. Xx

  14. Hi, Barbara I really do think you met an angel. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us, it's made me feel good feelings inside too. I second what another commenter says, please ask Grace to tell Mary how many people she has touched and tell us if there is anything we can do for her? Thank you
    (I was going to give myself a wee break from the effort it takes me to 'hit the button' but there you go again, reaching out, sharing, touching me, so I just had to make another extra effort today 🙂 )

    thank you so much for sharing
    Love Brenda xx

  15. What a lovely uplifting story. It is lovely to meet someone new and make such an instant connection and don't random acts of kindness just reaffirm our belief I. The human spirit. Really glad you had a lovely week with Grace xx

  16. Such an amazing story – I hope Mary's poem will stay with you and comfort you every time you start to worry about your children. Meeting Mary may have enriched your life, but I'm fairly certain that meeting you and Grace will have enriched her life in the same way it has mine! Thank you for sharing this special moment, Susan x

  17. Marvellous… And just think if you'd walked on by you never would have had that moment!!!
    Proof that we do need to keep our eyes and ears and hearts open to let us see hear and appreciate what others have to offer the world! Xxx

  18. Its amazing how people cross our paths and show us how small the world is. Strangers, is the wrong name. they are just people that we don't know yet. I love some of my Clarity friends, they know who they are, but I have never met them. thanks Barb for sharing this x

  19. Hi Barb, what a wonderful story. Let's hope Grace does meet her again and thank you for sharing this magical time with all of us as it was special to you and Grace.
    God bless
    Jan xx

  20. What a wonderful experience you had with your Grace, meeting Mary. Thank you for sharing it with us. There are some beautiful people out there, beautiful inside & out. So pleased you met one of them. xx

  21. If you leave yourself open to meet lovely, interesting people you have more chance of doing so. You still have to be a little cautious though. I think that is such a massive coincidence YOU meeting a lovely Lady who knew the very Lady you cried over and made one of her verses into a stamp to be passed around and admired by so many people. Did you tell this Lady that? It sounds like this Lady was heavily influenced by Maya too? xxx

  22. Hi Barbara. Just think what you would have missed if you and Grace had ignored this lady and turned away from her! Instead you have had a wonderful experience that you are not likely to forget. How lovely for you, such a heart warming story and hasn't Mary got a beautiful face, bless her. I wish there were many many more Mary Jones's in this world and I do wish more people would take the chance like you did! Take care.

    1. And I bet every time you think of that hour you n Grace spent with Mary all of your worries and pressures that you have in your life at the moment just slip away for a while! x

  23. There are days and meetings that are just meant to be. That was one of yours, Barbara, and just what you needed. I am sure you will treasure that meeting and draw comfort from it. xxx Maggie

  24. How lovely Made me well up at the thought of having something so special to remember Especially when you have to leave Grace behind you'll have your meeting with Mary and your poem

  25. I love New York! Can you remember the poem to share, or keeping it all for your self. I saw someone offering to do do poems not long ago in this country,I can't remember where now. I was tempted to stop but didn't. I think it's a lovely idea these people are so talented.Wxx

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