A Happy ever after Castle

A Happy ever after Castle

Hello there!
TV Day today. So I will have been hopping around since 5am, getting geared up for the show!
One of the coolest sets on the TV show today is the brilliant Castle Set, designed by Jim.
It really is so versatile, as the beautiful Design Team samples exemplify. Check them out on the website
But let’s see what we can do here….
The stamp is super large. It needs to be, 
because of all the detail, the turrets and the depth.
So we have loaded it onto a Mega Mount for you, 
complete with separate flags, banners and other add-ons
We need a mask. You can cut it out, or you can buy one.
Depends entirely on how much you like cutting out!

Next stamp the castle and the banner to Theuva Card 
Add the flags, too,

and the little Happily ever after words in the banner.
Fits like a glove!

Time for the background.
Cover up the castle etc with masks.

add a Moon mask.

Now we will add the clouds. Cloud mask comes in handy, too!
In fact, why not get the whole Landscape Mask set!
Load your stencil brush with Tumbled Glass,

get rid of LOADS of ink on scrap paper first,
then lightly dust over the first clouds, starting at the top.

Work your way down the card, moving the cloud mask as you go.
No need to re-ink the brush at all.

Cover up the banner before you start on the land.

Load another stencil brush with Old Paper and either tear a piece of copy paper, or use our Hills Mask. That pack of 5 Landscape masks is certainly looking appealing, innit!
Mountains in the background done.

Flip the Hills and Mountains mask, and start brushing in rolling hills, coming down the card just as you did with the clouds.

Now we need to get some shading round the edges.
Let’s use a brush loaded with Weathered Wood to brush to and fro along the sides. Takes a little time, but is very easy.

Needs a little shadow underneath the castle. I got the Slate out, because I have it in the cupboard, but a black will do too.
I also went up the middle with the Old Paper brush, to lighten the area behind the castle.

Ok. Let’s play spot the difference.
3 things…

Colour in the castle with Spectrum Noir Pencils.
We have a great deal on all 5 tins:
Buy 4, get the 5th one FREE.

Add a special name or two with a black Micron Pen… 

Line the artwork with a black Sharpie Office pen,

and mount on a cool colour card.

Enjoyed that one.
If Dave and I lived in this castle, 
I would shotgun the room at the top with the amazing view.
You know, Rapunzel’s apartments.
And you?

much love,

48 thoughts on “A Happy ever after Castle

  1. Fabulous card and a fantastic stamp great fairytale castle, how many young princesses would love this on their card? Have a great show I have recorder set to watch when I get home x

  2. Good Morning Barbara,
    Well done Jim!!! its Bavarian, its Disney, its whimsical all wrapped up in a stamp!!!
    Looking forward to the show….guess you are on the countdown to a certain flight though so it must be hard to concentrate!!!!
    Brilliant art work –
    Much love
    Kim xx

  3. Love this stamp!! I will be watching the show today. This week, but jelly plate and brayer arrived! Using them both together is great but I'm really struggling with just using the brayer straight into paper. Hopefully you wuill be going over that again today 🙂 Laura xx

  4. Love this stamp! It can be all pretty and whimsical or dark and dramatic and it works everytime! Love your version Barbara! love and hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara,

    I would live in the big tower in the middle of the castle with the black flagg on it because I have enough space for my stamps, stencil etc.

    See you in eight minutes…

    Toi, toi, toi for the show!
    Best wishes
    Rolf xxx

  6. Lovely stamp – I'd have to go with the room that has the best lighting for crafting – and of course a lovely view for inspiration! Watching you now on telly 🙂 x

  7. Hi Barb, stunning work, love the stamp – yet more to add to the wish list, but it will come with time. Hope the show goes swimmingly, have set it to record, as have some urgent stuff to sort out, but will have a relaxing afternoon catching up. Have a great time. Bx

  8. Morning Barbara, I'm watching you demonstrate this set as I type. Lovely stamp set which has many uses. Great examples from the DT. Not surprised stuff is selling fast!! Enjoy the rest of the day xx

  9. I van only see the one difference, a path to the castle. Lovely stamp though, they all are, love everything. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Have a great time with Grace, special times ahead xx

  10. Would it be wonderful to have a craft room in the tower of a castle with wonderful views love the castle about to do catch up on show as over slept with all are excitement, of our new grandson I did a typo mistake on letter Sent into show he is called Jonah he was born 3/10/2014 at 8pm and is gorgeous had my first cuddles yesterday he is so alert was following my voice Probley thought who is that strange women. We'll have a good flight in morning and a wonderful time with your beautiful Grace xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I enjoyed the show very much. The demonstrations were brilliant. Turret at the top of the castle would be no good for me, I'd be tempted to stand and gaze at the surrounding countryside too much!!

    The castle card with multiple stamping reminded me of a Dracula scene, not fairy tale at all. Just goes to show how atmospheric and different from fairy tales this can be. Clever Jim.

    Enjoy your time with Grace and have a safe journey there and back xx.

  12. Hi Barbara love this stamp Barbara (thanks Jim!) and the card is wonderful. I could spot two differences, path and an extra hill to ground the castle. Really enjoyed the show today, not surprised there were so many sell outs. The jumper is wonderful- will have to look out for that at the NEC . Right must get on with the rest of the day. Safe journey home and safe flight tomorrow love Diane xxx

    1. Yeah me too – just the path to castle and hill / shading round bottom of castle.
      I hope your tell us Barbara as I have looked so hard and even double checked the amount of flag poles and arrow slits / windows twice lol!

  13. Always wanted to live in a house with a turret, so this is just the ticket! Love the little scene you have created, and hope to watch your recorded shows sometime this week – hope they went well for you! Susan x

  14. This is a fabulous castle and I love the scroll and sentiment ! Brilliant work the Flags are a great idea too, could even use the large one as a banner on so many other projects ….

  15. Tower room would be no good for me unless I could have a stair lift, reckon my knees would soon give out. Lovely thought though. I will settle for the stamp. So glad you showed how to do the clouds here and the hills this morning, I am still trying to get them looking right. Great show today, several items I want. Enjoy your visit to Grace tomorrow. xx

  16. This is lovely Barbara and could be used for a little princess's castle, a moody halloween scene, a nice Scottish castle with a loch, or perhaps a French Chateau, with some lovely trees and hills as per your scene above – so many uses. I didn't manage to catch all your show so will watch the recording of it, but as usual what I did see was great. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with Grace. x

  17. Great show as ever, Barbara. Thank you so much for tips and tricks. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Have a safe flight tomorrow and some beautiful days with Grace

    Rolf xxx

  18. Well done Jim this stamp will lend its self to many different themes but I agree I also am on Halloween and bare trees – now I need a bat or two ( think I can manage to doddle them in lol!)
    Fangs for the inspiration lol!

  19. Hi Barbara,
    Great shows today, pleased you had some sell outs. This castle would be fabulous for little girl cards. Have a great time in New York. We are off to Scotland in morning until Saturday. Love Alison xx

  20. Wonderful castle stamp – Mad King Ludwig lives! I really enjoyed the part of the show I've seen so far, especially the 'Let heaven and nature sing' verse. Such a great Christmas Carol.
    Have a lovely week. Carol

  21. Mine has just arrived and I can't wait to get playing but I must finish work first. I got the Christmas jumper too and it looks ace, can't wait to play with that as well. Hope you are having a fba time in NY with Grace xxx

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