If Toucan, you can!!

If Toucan, you can!!

Hello there!
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Saturday’s Blog a New Technique, right. Well here a mix of old and new. Like any Blog project, the secret is to pick what you like, and leave the rest behind. 
There’s something in everything for everyone – even if it’s to establish that it’s not your cuppa!
If you watched You Tube Tuesday last week, with the shaving foam, you will have seen me smear the remnants of some shaving foam left on a paintbrush onto some card, announcing I would turn it into something at a later date. 
Yeah, you probably thought, now she’s losing the plot.
And you’re absolutely right.
So here are a couple of those smeared efforts, one of which I propose we use up today!

Think I’ll go with the top one…

Fabulous stamp: The Toucans

They are beautiful for so many occasions. 
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties
They just have a fresh, fun funky appeal.

Stamp the Toucans into the opening with a Black Archival. 

I find you need permanent ink pads when stamping on shaving foam.
Colour in the toucans with Spectrum Noir Pencils

These oil-based pencils work a treat on the shaving foam surface.
Time to add a little something to the background.
Cover up the toucans with their mask.
In fact, if you buy the toucan stamp, 
we’ll give you the toucan mask as a gift. Free.

Spritz the artwork with watered down re-inkers in spritzer bottles.
I used Peacock Feathers, Mustard Seed, Tumbled Glass.
You can buy them individually from us, or the whole collection 
for a great price.

Blot with a paper towel.

Now here’s the thing: 
the shaving foam resists the spritzed re-inker.

So even where the shaving foam was basically white, 
the swirls come through.
Very funky.

Unmask the birds, and enjoy them in their new vibrant home.

Ha! Perfect packing paper!!!!
When you lift the spritzed card, you always get a halo, right?
So trim the front piece back …
Add a matching vibrant backdrop,

Friendship from the Word Chains No. 8 is perfect for these two.
They mate for life, you know.
I bet there are less lawyers in Toucanville.

Back on black,

Lovely and fresh on this dull Saturday morning.
My buddy Paul Church is coming over at 9, 
so I had best get the kettle on!
I hope you have a good weekend.
Hope you can join Dean and myself tomorrow on Create & Craft,
We’ve got some super new stamps and stencils. And wait till you see what the Design Team have created! Superb artwork!
They really are getting good at this !!!
Much Love, xxxx

27 thoughts on “If Toucan, you can!!

  1. Morning Barbara! I love what you have done here.
    I am just getting ready to go to Port Sunlight so I will be visiting the Clarity Stand so see everyone and to buy a few bits!
    Have a great day with Paul and see you on telly tomorrow…best Sunday morning of the month on TV! Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Love these two! And the shaving foam was out yesterday, will defo try this one, have a super weeknd Barb and enjoy the Big Apple! Thanks for sharing as always xxx

  3. Superb Barbara…..love it!!!
    Enjoy your cuppa and safe journey up to Peterborough!!! Hope the traffic is kind to you
    Looking forward to seeing you on the TV tomorrow

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  4. Hello Barbara,

    Lovely card as usual. Please say 'hello' to Paul for me. Will see him soon at Colemans.

    Enjoy your time with Grace in New York.

    My friend will tape the show tomorrow and we will watch on Monday. I am so glad you are with. Dean. My favourite presenter with my favourite lady. Bliss.

    Love, Roz.x

  5. Hello Barb, lovely artwork, it always amazes me how you turn something simple into something beautiful. Need to remember to record the show tomorrow. Say hi to Paul from me. Bx

  6. What a way to brighten up such a gloomy morning! Great card, thanks Barbara, I always knew keeping those 'leftovers' would be come in handy one day! Shaving cream and spritzer re-inkers great fun! Have a great weekend Barbara and everyone. Be watching the recording on Monday as out tomorrow, aagh! Ah well, something to look forward to. Your two hours are the best thing on C&CTV. It's great to watch your demos and get a greater understanding not only of craft techniques but art, thanks, I love it. Best wishes

  7. Enjoy your cuppa with Paul and have a safe journey up to Peterborough. Love what you have done with the smeary bits and the lovely toucans. Will relax and enjoy your shows tomorrow afternoon hopefully! Susan x

  8. Ahh now what happens if I sprizts on to shaving foam – I think as its a yucky day here I might stay and play with my craft stash as no work today .
    I love the vibrant colours you can use with the toucans and this piece is fab.
    I hope you have a good day and enjoy your visit from Paul.
    I look forward to seeing you and Dean tomorrow (i like Dean, he is full of energy and banter and I do believe he could sell ice to Eskimos !)

  9. I can't believe what a masterpiece you have created with a piece of waste! It's so cool! I am hoping to craft today. If I do, I will make bright stuff too to brighten the rainy day here in Bournemouth. Can't complain though after the fab September we have had! Have a good day xxx

  10. What a lovely vibrant & cheerful card to brighten my day. Love how you've put all the elements together. Enjoy your visit from Paul and take care on your trip to Peterborough. Looking forward to seeing all the work from the DT and I'm sure that there will be lots of lovely new products and fab demos too.
    Love Jeanette xx

  11. I love the Birds and the shaving foam. – and I finally bought some this morning. Looking Forward seeing you and Dean tomorrow on the Tv Show with Dean.

    I like the Internet also – so much possible 🙂 XXx

  12. Hi Barbara,

    named after an old british TV-series: Absolutely Fabulous…

    But I prefer to straighten the toucans card on the background than slope it. I don´t know if I found the right words in english, so in german for Barbara: Ich hätte die Tukan-Karte gerade aufgeklebt und nicht schief.

    But the trick of trimming the card with the toucans back and use the rest as a background: Absolutely Fabulous!!!

    All the best for your show tomorrow

    Rolf xxxx

  13. What a lovely piece of art work and a great way of using that shaving foam piece too. those Toucans are lovely and bright and cheerful on what is a very dull day. in fact i think it is just starting to rain so just what is needed to brighten the day up
    jackie x

  14. Hi Barbara what a beautiful card to brighten a dull day. I do like the toucan stamps, they make you smile(was it Guiness that was advertised by the toucans many years ago?) . I did wonder what you would do with that background but the end resul is fab. I like the spritzing on shaving foam too. Have a safe journey to Peterborough. All being well will be watching tomorrow – so glad you are on with Dean – we are in for a laugh! Take care love Diane xxxx

  15. A bit late reading this today. Love what you've done with the background, and the Toucans seem right at home. Hope you had a good time with Paul and a safe trip to Peterborough. Looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve, as well as what the DT have produced. xx

  16. These Toucans are wonderful, and the shaving foam background adapted beautifully. The spritzing in that lovely green gives the idea of leaves and foliage and is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. x

  17. Hi Barb,
    Really love what you have done here – you are so talented and inspirational. Looking forward to the show tomorrow – glad you're on with Dean , although it also says Jacqui which confused me a little ( doesn't take much, believe me!) . Hope you had a fun time with Paul. Love Alison xx

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