It’s Monday and it’s time for THE BIG APPLE!!!!

It’s Monday and it’s time for THE BIG APPLE!!!!

Hello there.
Thanks for dropping in.
I am actually on my way to New York today, just for a week, to see Grace, my lovely girl. But I didn’t want to abandon the blog for a week, so had a very busy few days, and prepared some nice things for the week ahead.
Why don’t you let it go? I hear you say, Just for a week!

But you see, it’s a challenge I set myself almost a year ago, 
to blog daily. One Day at a time.
And it wouldn’t be a daily blog if I didn’t blog daily!
Between you and me, it is also the one time of every day when I actually get to be creative and make a piece of artwork! If I didn’t do this blog, I would just get caught up entirely in the business of the business. Which is NOT why I got into this arty game.
The blog makes me stop and simply put my arty hat on for an hour or two. 
SO here is a nice little offering I prepared, using a couple of the stamps from yesterday’s TV show:

The leaf and flower Set No. 3

and its matching little stencil

Oh! And the Let Heaven & Nature Sing words. Love them!!

Make a little paper mask around the stencil by cutting a hole in a sheet of copy paper.
Dust through the aperture onto our Clarity white Gelliplate Card, 
with a stencil brush and Chipped Sapphire.

Stamp the matching flower through the stencil with a permanent ink pad – NOT Chipped Sapphire, because it will bleed with water. Use Cobalt Archival.

Use a decent paintbrush to drop water onto the little flowers.
let the water soak in and bloat with paper towel, kitchen roll.

Stamp the small silhouette leaf in the set  using Cobalt Archival.

Add the leaf skeleton over the top.

Add some second, third and fourth generation ink leaves.
Archival ink is great for this. You can just keep planting the same stamp and it will get more and more faded.

Now add the lovely words in Archival too.

Let’s get in close and take a good look….

Frame the edges with the chisel end of a Promarker Blue Pen. 
I like China Blue.

Mount on Gelli Card.

Or. We could add a little extra colour. A little accent….

Fuchsia pink Promarker in the centre of each flower 
and a bright pink paper backdrop.

That’s better.

I hope you like these leafy flower sets. 
There are four of them in total. 
All have matching mini Stencils, too.  

Stencil No. 1

Stamp set No. 1

Stencil No. 2

Stamp set No. 2

Stencil No. 3

Stamp set No. 3

Stencil No. 4

Stamp set No. 4

Lots of possibilities. Lots of scope. Masses.
I love putting little landscapes through the leaves. 
Looks really cool.

But I must dash.
Only here for 5 days.
Brought a suitcase full of Prawn Cracker flavoured crisps,
Heinz Baked beans and Cadbury’s Chocolate.
Got to make the most of it .
Photos on Friday!!!!

lots of love,

41 thoughts on “It’s Monday and it’s time for THE BIG APPLE!!!!

  1. Hi Barbara, loved yesterdays show, in fact I am sat here watching you again doing the GP through the stencil!!!
    Love todays blog – I love that you set yourself a daily challenge, and it is one that gives you something back as well as give us something too!!
    So safe journeying to you both – I bet you are all excited as is Grace at the other end!!! Always good to take a bit home with you too!!! And as much as I love the states…Hersheys 'v' Cadbury? – Cadbury every time!!!
    Enjoy the flight xxx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  2. Hi Barbara…I can't believe that your trip to see Grace is here already! Time flies!
    The card today is so pretty and I do love that touch of pink….but then I would!
    Enjoy yourself and think of all the things you can bring back in the empty suitcase! I'm surprised she didn't want some Yorkshire teabags too!
    Love and hugs to you and your gorgeous girlie! xxxx

  3. Hello Barb, Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time with Grace – lucky young lady to get all those goodies from her Mum. Thank you for taking the time to prepare the blogs for the week, so that we still get our daily dose of Barbara magic. Have not caught up on the full show yet, but will be a treat for me. Thank you for this beautiful card, and the step by step, as well as good tips. Bx

  4. Hello Barbara,

    A striking card. I have one of the stencils so I must get the stamp set to go with it. I have done little landscapes but I do like the leaves.

    Looking forward to Friday's photos.

    Love, Roz.x

  5. Hi Barbara lovely blog today, the leaf stencil and stamps are really pretty and lovely to see close up. Have a great time with Grace and what a wonderful mum you are taking goodies for her- especially chocolate! Enjoy your week. Take care and safe journey. Love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barbara. I have been catching up with your blog and must just say that my Poinsettia WAS looking as good as yours until a couple of months ago when I forgot to drain it after giving it it's weekly soak in cold tea(as recommended by someone on your blog, thanks for that tip) we then went on holiday and when we got home it was not a happy plant! Like you this was the first year I had managed to keep one going so I was really cross with myself. I will be trying again with this years Poinsettia. Well done on not giving in with yours, it looks lovely.
    Have only watched a little of the shows, I love all of the new releases. Let Heaven and Nature Sing is a real beauty, along with the Leafy Flowers : )
    I hope you have a safe and trouble free flight. Have a great time with Grace, looking forward to seeing some pics of your time together. Take care.

  7. Love these stamps and stencil combos and your card is lush! I really like the pop of pink. Your show yesterday was fab as usual. Have a good journey and a lovely time. I am looking forward to the piccies! xxx

  8. Morning Barb, hope your journey is going well, …oh lovely Grace must be so excited…..I know you will have a fabulous time and I look forward to photos on Friday…
    Brilliant shows yesterday and I love today's card …..clever use of colour….
    Enjoy…..hugs to both….X X

  9. I love your blog every day and thank you for finding the time.
    Great show yesterday enjoy your trip to see Grace.
    Look forward to the pictures have fun i am sure you

  10. Eevn if I have no time to leave a comment, I always find a minute to read it. Love today post and that stunning card. Have a great time in NY with your daughter.
    Laurence xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Yet another beautiful card. and all the sets of stamps are stunning.
    The only problem is that I can't stop singing or humming "Joy to the World" since I saw the verse stamp. My husband is wearing ear plugs as I speak ha ha.
    Have the most wonderful time in NY and don't get signed up for a film role!! xx

  12. Hi Barbara,

    have a safe flight and a beautiful time with Grace.

    I´m not sure if anybody else feels like me: I was very excited when the trip to the Big Apple came closer and closer. When I was in this city I heard an enduring noise 24 hours a day even when the windows of the hotel were closed. It was everywhere and I thought I never could live here. Believe me I don´t have tinnitus and I enjoyed the city very much but I´m happy not to be a resident of N.Y.

    All the best


  13. Really enjoyed the TV show yesterday and the stamps, leaves and castles. Went to the Happy Stampers show in Port Sunlight on Saturday spent loads (again), but couldn't decide which stamps to buy. Ended up with the holly leaves, wish the castle stamp and the jumper had been there. Still it was worth the 100 mile drive now I'll have to save up again ready for our 2 day binge at the NEC. Have a really good break and visit with your daughter.

  14. Hi Barbara have a fabulous week with grace the show yesterday was fantastic put my order in from you direct excited for my parcel to come ,I look forward to the daily blog so thank you for taking the time safe journey xxx

  15. Hi Barbara have a fabulous few days with Grace, your case contents sound very similar to mine when we go to Canada to see Hannah, especially the chocolate lol
    Love your card today Andy i loed the shows yesterday
    Jackie x

  16. Hello Barb. I think in another life we must have been twins!! (definitely not identical when you see my shape versus yours and your crafting ability versus mine!) but I am apologising in advance as I'm off to Australia on Thursday to visit my daughter for three whole weeks. Not sure if I shall have wifi connections so I shall have a lot of catching up to do. Hope you have a great girly week with Grace and I shall be back making daft comment in November. xx Margaret Col.

  17. Have a lovely week away with Grace. We'll enjoy your blogs while you're away ! I think I'm going to get Dave's jumper as I'm sure there will be a lot to do with that! One of your demo's yesterday reminded me of a jumper – the one with the clear embossed trees, dark sky (that bit looks like a jumper! or is it just me?!) and white pen snow dots. Made me smile.

    Busy week at work and I will just thinking of crafting when I get fed up!

  18. Hi Barbara,
    Have a safe trip to NY and a lovely time with Grace.
    When I go to my family in Phoenix I have to take wine gums, pear drops, Bovril and M & S undies!!
    Beautiful card to day, I have these stamps and stencils on the wish list, along with the castle from yesterday, the wish list isn't getting any shorter!
    Safe trip, Jackie

  19. Love today's artwork and the pink accents really make a difference. Have a lovely time in NYC with Grace, and hope you don't get stopped by customs with all that booty in your suitcase! Susan x

  20. Lovely card. Blue monotone is always so attractive. Have a wonderful week. Concentrate on Grace and don't think too much about all of us!

  21. Great card today. Watched the shows that I recorded yesterday. Love these new stamps and stencils, will have to get the whole set next pay day. Have fun in the big apple. XX

  22. Lovely card again. Great that you continue yr challenge to yourself. We benefit enormously. I sympathise about needing to do something creative every day. I do too and feel really unfulfilled if I don t get time. Have a really great time with Grace bet she s as excited as you are. X x x

  23. this is a great card to produce over and over in different colours and they will all look different.
    enjoy your week with your daughter. and every time i come back from malta i have a suitcase full of food. it's nice to eat when you feel out of sorts. it's a taste pf home….. hugs xx

  24. Lovely Card, I liked it then you added the pink and I liked it even more, a version for the boys and girls really. It was a great set of shows again on Sunday. Don't be filling that suitcase up with MORE white coats will you!!! xx

  25. I love these new stamps which seem very versatile Barbara, and the overlapping leaves in the background with the stamped sentiment to finish makes a gorgeous card. I love the pink mat which gives it a lift. Glad you arrived safely and are obviously enjoying seeing Grace. x

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