The Grateful Poppy..

The Grateful Poppy..

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
It’s Monday, and oh boy!
Have I got my work cut out for me this week!
The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, 
to work through this lot is 
one day at a time.
In fact, all I have to do today is get through today, 
do as much as I can, as well as I can.
Then tomorrow, I’ll carry on.
So first things first: BLOG.
Monday’s Blog is Trees & Flowers. 
Perfect for our Poppy Stencil then!
 Right into this water-colour paper right now. It just gives such a soft effect when you use it with the Adirondacks and Distress Pads.
Cut it to the size of the stencil.
Don’t throw the offcuts away thought! Fabulous for Bookmarks!
Trimmer good, too. orange or black; both much of a muchness.

Using your stencil brushes, start filling the piece with various poppy, autumnal shades.
I used Wild Honey

Fired Brick

and Lettuce.

Lovely colours. we planted a Virginia Creeper in the springtime, to grow up our fence. It’s is looking a little weak, but the colours are amazing! Next year, I bet it will explode!

Next let drag some Grunge Paste through the stencil on white Gelli card, let it dry and cut it into panels.

Very cool.

Wash off the stencil, place it back over the poppy piece.

Let’s add some colour. 
I sponged Squeezed Lemonade through the stencil first, 
as an undercoat.

Way too perfect. So I sanded it down a little.

Clean off the dust with a make-up brush,
laid the stencil back down and added Fired Brick, leaving a little yellow peeping through.

See how it gets mottle if you sand in between colours?

Sand again.

Add to the vibrant backdrop.
Add a  punchy Word Chain sentiment.

So why have I used the word Celebrate?
It’s a great word!

And one thing is certain:
whenever I remember to be grateful, I have a better day.

Have a good one!!!!
much love,

43 thoughts on “The Grateful Poppy..

  1. Good morning. What a lovely vibrant way to start the day. I'm grateful to have this week off work so I'm going to get stuck into sorting the house including my craft room in the loft , walking the dogs and lots of crafting, it would be rude not too x
    ps. How about releasing all the word chains in vertical format, that would be so useful 😉

  2. Happy Monday! What gorgeous card! I have 2 of this stencil cos I use it so much' poppies being my favorite flower for many reasons. Mainly cos they can be such a cheery bunch! Will give grunge paste a go today. Thank a bunch Barb. Good luck with everything you have to do this week, I hope it's a good one! Vanessa

  3. Beautiful ! Just love Poppies and this stencil is a favourite for me. Autumn Colours just make it even better, my most favourite of seasons with all the beautiful vibrant colour that nature brings each year to remind us of how beautiful nature is.

  4. Hi Barb,
    This is a fabulous start to the week, so bright and cheerful. I love the poppy stencil and have used it so much for different occasions from sympathy cards to birthday cards to framed pictures for the wall. All look so different but so lovely. Like the way you have just used a panel though. Also the idea of the word chains in a vertical format is a good one. Have a great day. Love Alison xxx

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Another inspirational card. I really must try this technique.

    On a different note – please pace yourself over your busy week. You must take care of your health and wellbeing.

    Love, Roz.x

  6. What a wonderful way to start the week, great Barbara I love it, will put on my to do list.
    I totally agree with Lisapmac vertical word chains would be a great idea, please think about it for us followers. Looking forward to Sunday, I know it's wishing the week away, but as you say hey ho, don't work too hard

  7. Beautiful card. I made a stash of these little GP cards after watching the inspirational Jo & Sam at Catterick. They are great to make in batches… and now your tutorial has shown me what to do with them. Love the colours for Autumn and your word chains are just perfect. Hope you get to glide through the week like a regal swan although I know that you'll be paddling like crazy to achieve your daily goals xx

  8. I don't know how you keep up with this schedule of blogging every day. I decided I was going to copy your sample every day and get a portfolio of ideas together. I'm at least a month behind!!

  9. Hi Barbara. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I love the colours you have used with that beautiful poppy stencil.
    When you have so much to do that you can't think straight the only thing to do is just work at one job on the list at a time, tick it off when finished and move straight on to the next one, well that is what I have to do otherwise you end up not finishing anything.
    Life carries on whether you get the jobs done or not and there are always our families and friends, our beautiful country and animals to look at and so many other things to celebrate isn't there.
    Have a good day, steadily working down your list of jobs. Take care.

  10. Good Morning Barbara,

    beautiful card… I love the colours and I use yellow and red tones very often for my cards.
    You made an easy-to-make but effective card.

    Rolf xxx

  11. Morning Barbara, Good luck with your busy week. This is beautiful and I love that it is also quick but does not look it. Thanks for the inspiration. xxx

  12. Lovely bright and cheerful I too love poppies we have some giant ones come up every year beautiful but don't last long. Your right there is positive in all things some times hard to see positive but soon as you do lifts you up we have so much to be thankful for. I hope your busy week becomes enjoyable stress free lots love hugs xx

  13. Morning Barbara
    I love your card, autumnal shades are my favourite and this is just beautiful.
    I hope your busy week goes ok just remember one task at a time, one day at a time and you will get there.
    Jackie x

  14. Morning Barbara, good luck with your busy week. I love the colours you've used here. Such an effective background. Thanks for the tip re sanding the grunge paste in between inks, the effect is lovely. xx

  15. This is gorgeous with fabulous autumnal colours which are my favourites. A great idea from Jeanette to do batches of the grunge toppers. Hope your week goes well. Lx

  16. it's just lost everything i've written….. love the concept of using part of stencil like this and the sanding. your background colours are ace too. have a good day yourself.
    i'm trying to adopt your motto at the moment. it's the only way to survive, hugs xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I love everything about this, and I knew exactly what you were going to do at the start of your blog – DOH, silly me, you went off on another tangent altogether, shows that I'm no good as a smarty pants!!!

    Just remember – and breathe!! xx

  18. Really love the colours on this card – so bright and fresh for a Monday morning! I'm sure you'll be well down your list by now, so I hope your week has got off to a flying start. Have a half day off tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to unpack my box of Clarity goodies and will be able to create some artwork of my own!! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  19. Wow, what a way to brighten a dull Monday. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers, and the colours you have used suit them perfectly. I love the grunge paste as texture too. Thanks Barbara, and hope your week finishes as well as it has started. x

  20. Hi Barbara the poppies are beautiful today and I love the grunge paste when you colour and sand it back. It's on my must buy list! Although you have got a busy week I hope you have time to look up and see the trees and flowers around you. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  21. Beautiful poppies. I love this flower and have it in many forms in my crafty stash including stamps, dies, stencils etc. The colours on the background work really well with the autumnal season. XX

  22. Lovely card and have almost all of the ingredients, so tried to order watercolour paer but postage was £3 and I thought it was free throughout Sepmber. Have I got it wrong? I didn't complete the purchase.

  23. Hi Barbara, very late for me, been out on the town at the Albert Hall and not long got in! I love the colours you have used here and the effect you have created with the G p and stencil,

    Get those To Do lists on the go! It will get you through the week ready for the TV etc xx

    Wish I could help out!

    Much love as ever my friend

    Kim xx

  24. Busy can be good but made better with a end goal to be achieved – bet you have your eye on the end goal and is it not soon your going to see your Daughter ?
    Well hope your week goes well as this poppy crd sure got me off yo a flying start xxx

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