YouTube Tuesday – I need a shave!

YouTube Tuesday – I need a shave!

Hello there!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
I am always flattered to think that you would take time to visit my blog; it’s appreciated.
Now here’s a really neat trick with shaving foam which I picked up from arty friends, and then added my own spin – as you do.
I used a great stencil:

lots of love,

53 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – I need a shave!

  1. Just off to Tesco to stock up on shaving foam! Again! It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful, different results I can get and it is always a surprise when you take a look. You just never now what you are going to get! Bit like life sometimes. Thanks as always Barb, you're a star. Love Vanessa R X

  2. Thank you so much Barbara for demonstrating how to use shaving foam with the stencils, my previous attempts all bled underneath the stencil.

    Love your 'Blue Peter' samples, they're gorgeous.

    Katrina x

  3. Aaagghh!! You've just reminded me that I forgot to get shaving foam again….. would it look strange if I went all the way to Tesco and all I bought was one can of their cheapest saving foam?
    I do love your demo!

  4. Good morning,
    Guess it is time for shaving cream. Love this youtube Tuesday, always make me smile and then ready to try something…you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your time and creative spirit.

  5. Hi Barbara I love the effects you get with ink and shaving foam, I could see a heron in the first print you pulled then you turned it landscape and other images popped out! You were brave not wearing an apron but I am concerned about the shortage of coffee stirrers – you need to go out for coffee and cake again soon!!!! Have a great day love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    I love the shaving foam technique. I've never tried using the shaving foam with a stencil but will certainly give it a go. You have certainly got some beautiful backgrounds in your " stash" from the clockwork stencil. I can see a rush on shaving foam today, it might even become a news' item – women raiding Tesco for shaving foam! – might even lead to a shortage throughout the country! Love Alison xx

    1. There was a shortage down in the Crowborough area when the Retreats were on, so we were told. I wonder if Morrisons have got any candles left at the moment………. Clarity is fast becoming like Blue Peter when they did Tracy Island years ago. The Power of Clarity could change nations. xx Maggie

  7. Luurve the first print you pulled. Think William Morris would have pinched that for his wallpaper designs… if only he'd known about You Tube Tuesday Lol! You should sneak it into the V&A and put it on the postcard rack!!! What a fantastic selection of prints you now have to work with.

    You look fab in that outfit… loving the colour of your Cardi 🙂 I can also see a more relaxed Barbara in the videos now. You seem to be enjoying making them…. still love the bloopers from the early ones though… Are there as many now?
    Have a lovely day and thanks again for your inspirational work… off to play now
    Love Jeanette xx

  8. Love this technique. We tried it at a workshop I ran on Saturday and had some fun. I really like the first print you pulled, very dramatic. The clockwork stencil works so well and will give this ago. Hope you have a good day. xx

  9. Hi Barbara,
    fantastic…fantastic…fantastic… the clockwork-stencil backgrounds. I had to laugh when you showed one more, one more, one more.
    You can say a mess(ie) production becomes a mass production.

    I tried it some weeks ago for making a masking tape with shaving foam (and deers on it ;-)). I used a baking tray. Now I hope that the christmas cookies don´t taste like shaving foam??? Pfui, pfui,pfui

    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  10. Thank you, a million thank you's as now I can see exactly how it's done and the right way to put the shaving cream down, which I have got in a muddle with before. Have had a quick play the Barbara way and I am well pleased now, they look much better. So onward and forward, I will have great backgrounds for stamping, you are so right, ideal. Now to play some more.

  11. Thanks so much for putting this in a video – I've had a go before, but my fingers were much inkier than yours so attempt no 2 was delayed for cheap PVC gloves from B&Q to go with the value shaving foam!!! Great that you showed us how to use the foam with stencils though – I'll definitely have another try now I've got all the kit, thank you, Susan x

  12. Love it, Barb. You just gave me the perfect project for this afternoon. It doesn't need too much concentration or preparation and can be stopped at any time. Backgrounds for Christmas, I think on a mass production. By the way, I saw some lovey funky trees in the paintbrush painting. xxx Maggie
    PS Hope your weekend goes well at Port Sunlight and then down at Peterborough. Make sure you get plenty of sleep along the way.

  13. Hi young lady! lol….Never been a fan of shaving foam having tried in the past….HOWEVER— Just LURVE what you have done on this vid…so a future project for me after a visit to ….the big "T" shop! lol….Have followed you for years – so pleased to see these tutorials…Many thanks for sharing, BIG UGZZZ from LIVERPOOL! LOL…Denise xxx

  14. Brilliant Barbara, I love the first one, it's especially arty. Considering the Movember campaign the guys should be happy to give up their shaving foam for arts sake.
    BTW Barbara, the aprons are on special offer on the Clarity website, ha ha. Stay crafty. xx

  15. I will have another go at the comment – I am a messy crafty, so with this messy technique I have to wear an apron and have the table covered in newspaper, as well as a bin nearby to put in all the tissues. I tend to use coffee stirrers and paper plates. Have you tried forks and a friendly plastic comb for creating your patterns – I have had varing success with these. Got me wondering if there are any cake decorating tools that could be used.

    1. Hi Jan, I have used lots of diferent 'liquid' inks with the shaving foam and they all work. The thing with the Distress Reinkers is that they come with a dropper so you can control the amount of ink you use and they have a fabulous range of colours too. x

  16. The shaving foam as a carrier for the ink is fantastic, and never fails to make you go 'ooooh' at the sight of every different pattern that appears. Gorgeous Barbara, and thanks for the demo. x

  17. Fabulous Demo Barbara. I was wondering what I would do this evening…Have new stencil so I will go off after tea and have a play. Thank you for the inspiration.


    Emma xx

  18. Great demo. My first attempt at shaving foam was a little bit on the pastel side as I didn't add enough ink. Had a try since then and I am improving. Haven't tried dragging over a stencil so that shall be my next challenge. XX

  19. You are wonderful! Here I am – got in from work really late and cannot tell you what awful, awful things happened today – I really was in despair over man's inhumanity to others.
    Well home now and have just watched your blog. It has calmed me, inspired me, made me laugh at your comments. How proud you should feel – I do hope you see this comment. Now I am going to open my order which came today from you and have a glass of wine!
    Thank you so much – looking forward to Sunday too.
    Best wishes

    1. alas we can put man on the moon and communicate anywhere on the planet in seconds but we can not stop man being its own worst enemy.
      I am sorry you have had a horrid day and I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
      I find a spot of Barbara's blog at the end of the day is always a help and might even campaign that she should be paid as a therapist as always makes a big difference on my very crap days at work .

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you and a million time thank you. I have tried the Shaving technique and now I have the best tutorial I could have dreamt of. It's already in my favourite and I will look at it again, and again. Just love the technic. Thank you again.
    Laurence xx

  21. This is fantastic and can't wait to give it a go 🙂

    Have been away to Minehead Butlins on a hen weekend which was great fun but now so tired. I have been reading your blogs every day but not able to post using my ipad for some reason…

    Thank you for your inspiration every day, don't know how you manage it but we really appreciate it xx

    1. Hi Tracie, I hope you don't mind me butting in, but the IPad thing, if you go into FB or the Blog via your search engine, Safari or Google etc rather than the App you should be able to leave a comment. I don't know why? I just know from experience. xxx Sam

  22. Fab video, you looked radiant.

    Love the shaving foam technique, I've had mixed results with stencils so I'm going to try your way next, loving the results. I thought the first print was amazing, I would frame that 🙂 x

  23. You mentioned you would love to keep the swirly patterns, or words of that ilk. Well…. go to the free App, FlowPaper. Endless fun, with a swoosh of the finger.

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