What’s all this about Bespoke Christmas stamps?

What’s all this about Bespoke Christmas stamps?

Hello there.
Wednesday already?? 
Something new.
Scrambling big time today.
Got back from Germany late late last night. 
Something new.
Up to Peterborough this afternoon,
for the Big Clarity Christmas Day tomorrow.
Something new.
I’m a stickler for prep, and I hate hate not being 100% prepared.  
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 
I’ve still got a few things which need tending to…
Something new.
So, just a quickie to let you know about 
Something new !!!

 A Brand New Mix n Match Custom Christmas Stamps is being launched tomorrow.
It’s pretty cool, and oh so versatile. 
Last year, you may remember we launched a line of 
Bespoke Name Stamps, 
where you could pick and mix your very own Made by Stamp. They were fabulous, made your work look totally professional, and really finished a card off beautifully. 
We will have them on the show tomorrow, too. 
(Even if you already have one, they make lovely gifts for friends).

At that point, hundreds of you (Yes, hundreds!) asked for a Christmas stamp, a name stamp for your family, so that you could stamp your Christmas cards, tags and gifts.

We put our thinking caps on, and came up with a peach solution, where you can use the stamp all year round, not just at Christmas!
Tune in at 8am for this tomorrow one if you are interested. 
I have a feeling they may disappear fast!
much love,

33 thoughts on “What’s all this about Bespoke Christmas stamps?

  1. Hallo Barbara,
    mit großer Freude habe ich mir gestern die beiden Stunden bei uns angeschaut.
    Und natürlich werde ich auch, wenn es möglich ist, mir morgen die Sendungen bei Create and Craft ansehen.
    Wäre es evtl. möglich, die tollen Handmade-Stempel auch nach Deutschland zu bringen???
    Für morgen wünsche ich dann viel Spaß und einen guten Verkauf.
    Herzliche Grüße sendet Sabine aus Berlin.:-)

  2. Will be good I am sure of it. You are having a busy time, bet you will be glad for the weekend. Will try to watch as much as I can tomorrow, record the rest if needs be. Good luck and safe trip to Peterborough. xx

  3. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. I like the idea of a bespoke stamp so will have to up ready for the 8am show. I have finally sent you some cards for your Clarity charity. Hope they arrive at Clarity HQ soon. XXX

  4. Hi Barbara,
    You'll need plenty of coffee tomorrow. I bet it's going to be a brilliantly tiring day. Got the TV all set to record all the shows. It's pay day tomorrow too so will have to sit on my hands not to buy too much! Hope you have a safe trip.
    Kind regards

  5. Hello Barbara, my friend is recording the shows for us to watch together as usual. Not sure if any are repeats of shows earlier in the day, but we will find out.

    Take care of yourself and have a rest afterwards.

    Love Roz x

  6. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and safe journey to Peterborough. These bespoke stamps look great and looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve for tomorrow. x

  7. Hi Barbara
    So looking forward to tomorrows shows I've even planned my day around the shows and set the TV to record.Very interested in the new bespoke stamps.Will they be on sale on your web tomorrow?

  8. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have a fun, though busy, time. I love my bespoke stamp which us one of your early ones, with the small poppies, and use it on all my cards. Hope you have a good journey to Peterborough. xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    You tease, you. Making us wait until tomorrow!! I've got the blooming lovely bespoke stamp and confirm it's blooming great. See you tomorrow and I'll give you a wave at 8 a.m. Got visitors coming later who are staying for lunch and tea so have sussed the video out and will record later shows. Break a leg and safe journey there and back xx

  10. Sleep well tonight, and I'll catch up with watching you on the recording after I've fed all the guests and sent them on their way for the day! Just waiting for the apricot and ginger loaf to finish cooking now…x

  11. Hi Barb,
    I've got the recorder all set up for tomorrow. I might catch some of the 8am show live but am taking my sister up to Newcastle airport after that. Supposed to be having the day in Northumberland but you never know it might rain and we'll have to come home. Like the look of the bespoke Christmas stamps – I have two of the originals – the one with the cats and dogs and the one with flowers all around it. I love them and use them in every card I make. I like the fact that I can stamp them in any colour to match my card. Have a safe trip to Peterborough – I was there last Friday ticking off one of my personal challenges to visit every medieval cathedral in England. Also went to Ely on same day – absolutely beautiful! Love Alison xx

  12. Hi Barb Looking forward to your shows tomorrow got to make up my mind on which stamp I would like they all look great . Got a parcel for your shop today carnt wait to try out the brushes and the bird stamp looks better than on the telly Good luck for tomorrow have fun
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  13. Looking forward to the shows and the new bespoke stamps. Remember tomorrow to drink loads (not alcohol until you get home) and breathe. Have a great day, and safe journeys. xxx

  14. Hi Barbara. What a great idea, love the little blackbird. Enjoy yourself tomorrow. What a great day iy is going to be, I will record all of the shows and watch as many as I can live too. Have a safe journey there and home again. Take care.

  15. Hey Barb, so looking forward to the shows, very intriguing, about the new stamp. Hope you have a chance to relax before tomorrow. Take care lovely Lady. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara ooohhhh these look good 🙂 have just been given my instructions for tomorrow and it looks like an early start to drive to the college in winchester to collect e am results then back home to meet up with mother in law (granny) and let dad know results. Hopefully we can celebrate after the hard work Emma put in (AS levels this year). I will hopefully catch you sometime during the day or on catch up. Safe journey, have a good nights sleep and a fun day tomorrow. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  17. I too have set up recordings of all the programmes, though I had to clear some unwatched recordings to do so! If I don't manage to see them all by Friday night they'll have to wait till next week, as we'll have our 2 grandsons to entertain for a few days. I shall be ready for some me-time after that.
    I'm intrigued by the new stamps, they sound just the ticket. BTW I love the new NDC celtic stamp.
    I hope you get some rest and me-time soon. x

  18. New stamp sounds fab. Out & about tomorrow so recorder set but won't be able to order. Will the stamp be for sale on the Clarity website too?
    Hope all goes well for you on Thursday xxx

  19. Hello Barbara,, I posted a link and forgot to comment! How remiss if me! I have my bespoke but what a brilliant idea for all year round tailored ones! Excellent!
    Have a great Thursday and then put your feet up for the weekend if you can xx
    Much love
    Kim xx

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