Christmas Day at Clarity came early!

Christmas Day at Clarity came early!

Hi there!
Well, it’s Thursday today, 
and I’m having a Pre-Christmas blast on TV  
with Nigel, Leonie and Dave.
8am launch.
That’s when we will introduce you to our new and rather 
super duper little Custom Christmas Concept.
Then it’s 
11am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm.
It’s been a quick turnaround, what with German TV on Tuesday, 
and all that jazz.
Long days, short nights, and plenty of stress in between.
So I’m afraid it just isn’t going to stretch 
to a step by step tutorial today.
In fact, even if I could find an ink pad or a piece of card to use, 
I don’t think there’s much hope of finding a counter to work on.
Mind you a quick left-arm sweep could give me a fair square there in the middle!
But it’s no good. The brain’s not in it. 
The boxes are packed for the telly,
Somewhere in there is the suitcase from Germany!
It will have to wait.  
The head is set to go – hour by hour…

 I have tried to keep it all simple and straightforward,
and I hope you can follow the flow of the shows…
God knows how other companies do these One Day Wonders and Pick of the Weeks and 4-day Deals regularly! 
We can barely handle once a year !!!!!

Good ol’ Jim is still here at the office helping me label and pack.
He’s got my back.
So I am going to sign off for now, 
to set up the night before. 
I am sure you know I am absolutely cream-crackered.
But do you know what?
I am actually looking forward to the challenge.
You will love the Design Team Artwork, 
and I may even have a go myself!
Leave me an uplifting, pleasant comment if you can!
I could use a little encouragement to be honest. 

81 thoughts on “Christmas Day at Clarity came early!

  1. Thanks for ALL your hard work and the Clarity Team to Barbara. We out in Craftland really do appreciate it. I will be glued to my computer here in NZ watching. The times for me are 7pm, 10pm, 1AM, 3AM, and 6AM. There's dedication for you. Take care and do try to get a bit of rest or you are going to be seriously ill..

  2. My dearest Barbara
    You bring such fun and inspiration to the TV that to us your devoted followers having just a few words on this blog today is more than enough! In fact just that you bothered to even put something is amazing!

    Your stamina and devotion to your passion and company are truly inspirational, I so admire that…
    I sadly can only record you for the day time shows , will catch you part way through the 4pm one and watch live the 7 pm one as I have to be in work.. But am with you in spirit xx
    You will rock the joint and the stamps will fly off the shelfxx
    Knock em dead!
    Plenty of tea, coffe and water ( life source)

    Much love as ever
    kim xxxxx

    1. Can I also echo all that Kim has said so eloquently? The Barb Army is ready for action with coffee cups at the ready. When it is all over tonight, make sure you get plenty of rest to recharge those batteries. Hope Dave is there to drive you home afterwards. xx Maggie

  3. Can't wait to see it all, Barbara. I know you will rock, as always. With your ingenuity, imagination and organisation, you cannot fail. Just go for it. We are all with you, nothing but positive vibes on their way to you. xxxx Maggie

  4. You rock! Take it programme by programme… You are ace at this, so just think… Walk in the park! We are all behind you xxx. Lots of love and a massive hug! Xxx have a GREAT day xxx

  5. Barbara, you will be fabulous as always! Sadly I have to go to work today, but am hoping you don't have a complete sell out so I get to catch the 7pm show when I get home 🙂 go with the flow and don't forget to have fun!

  6. Dear Barb, no doubt as always you will be super amazing, and an absolute joy to watch. You are an inspiration to us all, and I am sure those that can will be sending emails by the bucketful let alone a cup full. Am recording the shows, but hoping to catch some live in between work. So (on behalf of) from your cyber cheerleaders – GO BARBARA! And then breath and relax please. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara

    I'm having to record the shows and looking forward to seeing them later – it will be my evening treat! If you could feel how excited we are to see you in action, then you wouldn't be anxious although probably still knackered.
    You set yourself such high standards and you are now reaping the rewards with a loyal, expanding and very interested group of like-minded people. We are all behind you so have a great day and rest tomorrow.

    Karen xx

  8. Looks like we are all up ready and waiting for a super Clarity day! As others have said I wonder how you have the energy to keep going!! The team back at Clarity Towers must be wonderful to keep you on track and organised! I've got the washing on and have postponed my shopping day till tomorrow! I've found a pen and notepad to make a list of everything I 'need' so I'm ready and set to go!! When I'm racing round the shops tomorrow I will think of your resting with your feet up. And a glass of something chilled and bubbly (champers maybe?) in your hand and someone peeling grapes for you to enjoy. They may also be massaging your feet (not at the same time as peeling the grapes) and fanning your fevered brow! Meanwhile I am playing with my latest Clarity parcel – arrived yesterday courtesy of my lovely stepdaughter who bought me clarity items from my amazon wish list for my birthday! I'm a lucky girl, Clarity 2 days running!!!

  9. Morning Barbara, as always you will be a wonder to watch today, bright, funny, creative, full of inspiration and no signs of the hectic schedule you have been under, I have been naughty and taken the day off just so I can sit all day and watch you, hope you take the day off tomorrow and sit and watch something that inspires you too. Have a great day. Michelle XX

  10. Hi Barbara!
    Take it easy , breathe , and go with the flow
    You know you're a natural so don't worry so
    Your shows will be great , they always are
    That is because you're a bit of a star!
    Nigel's your chum, with Leonie much fun
    Good old Dave is an absolute hon
    Your design team rock and your skills are the best
    In between all the shows have a bit of a rest
    When you get home you will sigh with relief
    How did I manage all that , good grief!!?
    Take care Barbara dear , refuel and rest
    Then you will go forward and be at your best


    Will be thinking of you

  11. You will be amazing, you have a fab team, you've done all your prep, take it hour by hour and enjoy. I have to go to work but I shall enjoy catching up later xx

  12. You and the team around you are fantastic and have created fantastic products, I know that it will be a wonderful day of beautiful creativity. Deep breaths, cuppa of your own favourite brew and it will just flow in the way only you do it. Enjoy!

  13. Hello Barbara,

    I wish to re-iterate all the above (the poem is amazing). I like the term 'the Barbara army'. All your followers love what you do and appreciate all that you and your team do for us.

    Please find the time to rest after this busy week, at least over the weekend. You must look after your health.

    Love Roz x

  14. Really looking forward to all the shows, I have told all I am busy today so can't go anywhere, maybe will just get a trip to the supermarket after the first show, if not no idea what will be for dinner. Just checked the recorder is set had my croissant for breakfast now my coffee then Barbara Gray all the day.

  15. It's all done now….you can only deliver so get in there and sock it to us!
    I have my pom poms ready to head the cheer leading and will be willing everything to go to plan! Have a great day Barbara…. And then you can breathe!!!! Well for a couple of days you can!!! Love and hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    I bet you are absolutely exhausted and yet you have still found time to leave us a little something. I don't think you know how important you are to us and as I said in my email to you the other day , how you have inspired many of us ( well certainly me!) to push ourselves to do something different like working with the Gelli plate or trying a canvas. We all really appreciate what you do. The shows will be fabulous and a massive success. The " Barbara Army" are all with you. "Go Girl!" Love Alison xxxx

  17. Hi Barbara thank you for finding time to blog this morning, with so much on your plate all of us would have understood it if you hadn't. The consummate professional that you are will ensure all the shows go well. Whilst we can't physically be there with you we are in spirit, all cheering you on. Go show the others how it's done!!! Much love xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    I'm all ready in best bib and tucker to watch you (nightie and dressing gown!). All I can think of is you saying "I'm ready for my close up Mr De Mille" a-la Gloria Swanson. Knock em dead, as I'm sure you will. xx

  19. Enjoy! It will be fun to watch as always. All the hard work in preparation will pay great dividends. Well organised, interesting, informative and inspiring as always look forward to seeing your demos. Then tomorrow, whoopee!, you can have a well earned rest. Well once that suitcase is found & emptied!

  20. You go girl!! But snooze in between shows….zzz! So tempted to pull a sickie, cause I could happily watch you all day. Oh well, just have to press record instead. Good luck.

  21. Hi Barbara. Sending you all of the encouragement that you need, we all know that you will be fantastic. Your shows are always packed with inspiration, hints and tips, brilliant demos and samples and, very importantly, fun and laughter. Todays will be no different, and if anything like last years there will be sell outs very quickly, which should prove to you just how much your stamps etc. are loved by us all.
    I love Ruth's poem, how clever and all so true. Please enjoy yourself as much as we all will,
    thank you for all that you do for us, your hard work is so appreciated.
    Drink lots of water, eat little and often.
    And breathe………
    Take care.

  22. Hope today goes well. I'm sure you will be so busy it will be over in a blink
    and then you can put your feet up and have a very well deserved cup of tea! xxxx

  23. Barbara, you are amazing – more like Superwoman. I'm watching you on the 8am show, and not a sign of being cream crackered. I got in early this time for my personalised set as last time I missed it and had to order from your website. Looking forward to it coming now.

  24. Hi Barbara
    Enjoyed the first show and loving the new personalised stamp set.I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it and hopefully you'll find a little time to recover after the shows are finished.

  25. Ah Barbara, I appreciate all your hard work, I really do. I don't know how you keep going, but I'm so glad you do. Just today to get through, and you'll be fine. Time flies when you're having fun xxx
    P.s. Ordered a few bits including the Christmas bespoke set, fabulous value, AND I had a £10 off voucher, yay xx

  26. Like many others I have to work today. I have set the sky box to record all your shows. I will catch up later on. Had hoped to catch the 8am show live, but my moody teenagers had other ideas; they were being uncooperative as I think getting ready for the second day of school was too much for them unless I became cranky Mum!!!
    Enjoy your day and take time to recharge so you are still fresh for you 7pm show tonight.

  27. Hi Barbara. Just caught the end if the 8 o'clock show & the Bespoke stamps look beautiful and you looked fabulous. I don't know how you do it, maybe the excitement of launching such a brilliant stamp set is giving you a buzz. Love Nigel's sense of humour too.
    We really appreciate all your hard work & determination and that of the team at Clarity Towers who must peddle like fury in the background. We salute you all!
    love& best wishes Jeanette xxx

  28. Oh what a joy. Barbara all day on C&C. Knew this would sell out, so worried I would oversleep, so…ordered it in the wee small hours, just to make sure 😀
    Wonderful poem Ruth. Enjoy your day, it will be gone before you can shake a stick at it, and so will all your stock. X

  29. You will be fine, the adrenalin will kick in and away you will go. Brilliant as usual. Have recorded 11am show as must go and get some shopping. If I could put encouragement in an envelope and send it you I would but I think the shows will be amazing. Good Luck xx

  30. Sorry I won't be able to watch live as I've also got a busy day, but I'll be with you in spirit willing you through each hour – you will be wonderful as ever, so try to relax and enjoy yourself! Hope there is still some stock left when I eventually get to watch the recordings… Good Luck, Susan x

  31. I saw the first 10 mins of the launch show at 8 am this morning – you were fine – nobody would suspect all the stress/doubts you have expressed on here over the past few blogs – is there not a saying about swans (or is it ducks) – calm on the surface and paddling frantically below. Organisation paid off – Nigel was suitablely impressed!.

  32. I watched the 8.00 show and you were calm personified! It looks like it's going to be a wonderful Clarity Christmas Day – two of my favourite words Clarity and Christmas – I am happy! Have a super day and ……….. Breathe! ……………… xxxxx

  33. I've taken the day off so I hope that tells you how much support you have and the enjoyment you provide! Have a great day and then try to have a few days off! X

  34. Keep smiling through it all and you will be great. Know that all your team are right behind you and all your devoted customers are out here ready to buy the stunning quality craft goodies you bring. Love Donna XX

  35. Hi Barb. I enjoyed watching you and Nigel on the 8am show. Love that chaps shirt.
    The design teams work looks fab, wish I was half as talented. They give us some really good ideas.
    Got to go out for lunch today, poor me ;0) , so I shall record the 3rd show. Then rush home for the next one.
    Thanks for all your smiles and hard work.
    Big hugs
    Cally x

  36. Barbara I'm sure you will be wonderful as always. The recorder is all set and I will be catching up very soon and watching the rest of the day. I love your shows they are always so inspirational and I'm absolutely convinced today will be no different.
    Take care
    Jackie x

  37. You can do it Barbara your a natural and you have a wonderful dedicated team and family us clarity addicts are wishing you well too it's a wonderful day what you do best CLARITY HUGS XXX

  38. watching you in between welcoming my new granddaughter born yesterday, Alice Rose, she is of course beautiful and joins Eddie (4) and Adam (2) they ll be busy!
    clarity is so amazing, the only thing my daughter and son in law keep secret is the name they have chosen. I was in a quandary as I wanted to put her name on the card. No problem headed down to London with my letter box set and was able to add her name to the inside before I went to see her at 3pm….awesome….Well done Barbara and team something for every occasion. you look fab on telly and I have managed to snap up the personalised stamp fantastic idea.
    x x x x

  39. You are doing amazing cannot bieve how you have fitted blogging in today watching show to inbetween have packed for holiday dusted bob bless him has hooved and washed floors this is scary not normally so organised for hols but was so determined to watch you today hope you get rest next few days back to watching then got to decided what craft to take with me xxx

  40. Barbara, you are the most amazing woman I know and you won't believe how proud I am to be a small part of your team. If I had half your energy I would be happy, I don't know how you do it to be honest but please, please, please when you get in your front door tonight for God's sake REST and have some peaceful time with Dave 🙂 lots of love xxx

  41. you will be great Barb. you always rise to the challenge and you will do again i have no doubt. just make sure you rest tonight and maybe fri and the weekend at a stretch….. hugs xx

  42. Hi Barbara. I'm sure you must be exhausted after your recent trip to Germany and such a tough schedule! You are always so organised and never leave anything to chance, so I know you will be fantastic and everything will be a sell out. You need to take a break and relax for a bit after. But for now, knock em dead! x

  43. You will be wonderful in the remaining shows Barb – and I'm sure you already have been wonderful – won't be able to catch the shows until later! I hope you have a rest booked for tomorrow though! Hugs rachel xx

  44. Well worth taking the day off work. just hope I win a beautiful card. You are utterly amazing and when I am feeling down, I think of Crowborough and the lovely time I had. Furthermore, the encouragement and good things you said to me.
    Best wishes

  45. Apart from the pleasure we all get from Clarity products and from you, I’m such an admirer of women who, like you, build a successful life and career/business from the humble and problematic beginnings you’ve described to us. And although that’s down to you and your star quality you also manage to be a truly supportive mum, a loving daughter and a caring employer- the human touch. No wonder we all love you and your stuff, and that clever people like Ruth are moved to write such a brilliant poem.
    Have to catch the recordings later. Bound to be great. I hope you get a good rest soon. x

  46. A whole day with you… what could be better. You are always a jot to watch and completely inspiring. This is the best day on Create n Craft ever!! Crafty hugs x

  47. Hi Barbara, three down and two to go….you look great today , such a pretty top…and as always your shows are fabulous….and oh my …stamps are selling so quickly…….you have your team behind you and all your fans are cheering you on….
    Hope you can rest for a few days …you so deserve it…hugs…..Jo. X

  48. You are doing a fantastic job Barbara! Make sure you take a rest and give yourself a lovely treat at the end of the day or the end of the week. We're here cheering you on, sending positive vibes through the tv! Karen x

  49. I can imagine how tired you are, but am not worry, you are so professional, and have a great team to help you, so all will go smoothly.
    Loved your bit of private pick on the previous show….. Your poor dad!!!!
    Laurence x

  50. Your exhaustion isn't showing so far! Have managed to catch some of all shows except the first. Brilliant samples and wonderful demos. Thank you and well done! Jan

  51. Looks like you have been doing a brilliant job. Great shows, great demos and great samples from the DT. I have missed a few bits here and there but have recorded all the shows so I can watch them again properly when time allows. Well done to you and your Clarity Team for all the hard work in preparation for today's shows. x

  52. Hi Barb,
    You're busy with Dave at the moment – on create and craft, not YOUR Dave! and I'm watching you live, you look fantastic and I know you've had a very busy day. I've recorded all the shows apart from 8 a.m. because of my visitors, who didn't leave until 6.55 p.m.!! Grrrrr. Stamps, stencils and demo's are great – as usual. xx

  53. She's still going strong!
    watching with a cuppa whilst designing new stencils 🙂
    Im shattered, well done for still looking so good at 9pm
    I haven't looked that good all day! haha 🙂
    Go Barb 🙂 xxx

  54. Hi Barb,
    Ordered my personalised Christmas stamps before I had to dash off to Newcastle airport to take my sister there. Have now watched all of the shows since getting home and drying out – been soaked to the skin twice today – not a happy bunny! Anyway, shows were great and would have bought the full set of the carols if they had been on flexi pay – don't understand why they weren't. I'll just choose which ones I particularly like and order them through you. I bet you're absolutely shattered. Now you'll have to take things easy for a while. Thanks for everything, Alison xx

  55. Hi Barbara hopefully you are tucked up in bed by now having a lovely sleep and have got a pj day planned tomorrow. I've missed all the shows today due to exam result collecting, granny visit, lunch out to celebrate, bit of shopping dinner at home and lots of nattering so will be using catch up tomorrow to watch you. I hope today was a great success I' m sure it was and you had fun in amongst all the hard work. Take care of yourself and have a lovely relaxing weekend. Love Diane xxxx

  56. Hi Barb, I just wanted to say that the shows were all fabulous. The stamps are all beautiful and I feel all Christmasy now. Can I just say what a wonderful design team you have. All of the samples were marvelous and I can only aspire to being half as good as them. Put your feet up now and marvel at the good job you did today…. and that goes for the rest of team Clarity…. Much love Vanessa xxx

  57. Fab shows as always. I wasn't quick enough to get the Silent Night deal so will keep a look out for it & Hope it comes up again! Wonderful creations from the DT. It truly was a Gray day! Suz (Surrey Crafts) xxx

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