Stampstamp Montage.

Stampstamp Montage.

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Just a very quick lesson on
How to use Clarity StampStamps.
These are going to be on the Clarity Christmas show on Thursday in the afternoon, but whether I get to demo them is another thing.
So I just wanted to show them off here, because in my opinion, they have to rank in the Top 10 Best Ideas Clarity ever had!
Let’s make a quick tag. Well not that quick, unless you buy the masks ready-cut!
This is the link to the largest mask, 
but you will find the others are available too.
Anyway, here’s how we make a whole montage.
Stamp the Large Stampstamp in Espresso Adirondack on a tag.

 These are the masks you need. 
So you can take 15 minutes to cut them out, 
or you can buy them ready-cut. That’s up to you.
The idea is to stamp the Stampstamps which are going to be at the front of your faux montage first, 
then cover them all up with masks.
Here’s one,

Here are three, stamped and masked off.
 Then the Stampstamps at the back are added.

So you end up with a whole virtual pile of blank Stampstamps, 
all ready for filling in.

This is where you need the outside masks, 
to cover up and isolate the Stampstamp you want to work on.

One at a time, you work your way round the blank stamps, decorating them, and creating little miniatures. 
It is SUCH a pleasure to do! 
I think I will have to You Tube this when we get back into it 
in September…

I cut one out. Didn’t like what I had done. 
Of course, at this point, you could actually add a photograph, or a cool piece of paper – whatever fits!
or you can redo the one you fluffed, 
on a separate piece of card, 

 and slot it in from behind.

Nobody will ever know, unless of course you point it out! 
Which we always do!

This one isn’t Christmassy at all, but you can imagine the delightful art and stamps you could create using the 
Christmas Window Miniatures!
And will they be on the Telly on Christmas Day Thursday?
Has the Pope got a balcony?!
Hope you can join us!
The time are 8am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm.
much love,

44 thoughts on “Stampstamp Montage.

  1. I love using the stamp stamps with mini pictures in. Hope the show goes well today and safe flight back hope you gat a little rest in you jet setting week xxx

  2. Hi Barb, love the tag, have not used my stamp stamps in ages, will have to get them out again, as I have the ready cut masks as well, great tip about slotting in the one from behind. I also got my NDC envelope yesterday, and all I can say is wonderful, beautiful, loving it. Bx

  3. Hi Barbara. Brilliant tag, love the stamps, and thanks for showing how we can fix a mistake instead of having to start again. looking forward to Thursdays show : ) Take care.

  4. Good Morning Barbara!!!
    I love the stampstamps! and the christmas miniatures – we did a session very similar with Sally-Ann Hanes last year for Christmas and found it somewhat addictive stamping as you can get so carried away with the miniatures in the stamps!! So yes please to a YOUTube some time in September, I remember watching you some time ago with the miniature garden stamps too with the garden fork part in and part out of the stamp and would love to see you do that one again as I would love to have a go at doing that…
    I will be recording most of the shows as I am sadly at work – but I reckon I can catch you live on the 7pm one!!!! That is a treat to look forward to x
    Have a blast today on German TV and hope what ever stamps you are showcasing there are a sell out.
    I was thinking about what you said in this months newsletter I received yesterday about the free education side of all of this and think that is wonderful – your time spent in producing the blogs and the YouTubes in my book is very generous and priceless so being asked to speak again is a wonderful honour and tribute – just amazing – you must feel very proud – as must your family. You did make me laugh when you described your Mum joining in with the Retreat as well – I bet the ladies who sat with her felt very privileged too.
    Any way – less rambling from me!!!
    Have a great day Barbara and safe journey home for you and Dave
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  5. Morning Barb, great job today …also the first German show….oh I find it so funny watching you as I don't understand a word….no actually I do….you just said Shrink Plastic……yah….I know what that is….will be watching you later too…..hugs…x

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Your little miniatures are so sweet and the stampstamps are just perfect for them. Looking forward to the Clarity Christmas shows on Thursday. Hope the German shows are going well too. You'll need a holiday after all this gadding about or at least a day off to chill.
    Take care
    Love Jeanette x

  7. Looking forward to Thursday when I will be able to watch you live for once. Then I may be able to place an order and things be still in stock. Normally when I watch the recording on Sundays items I want are out of stock.Love the Christmas miniatures and I want to add to my Christmas carol selection.Hope Germany went well what channel do you broadcast on maybe I can receive here in Spain.

  8. Love these stamps. Thanks for taking the time to show us how to achieve great results from them.
    Love the new Club stamp and stencil which has arrived just in time to make a card for my all time favourite author -Diana Gabaldon who writes the Outlander series has now been turned into a TV series. I am going to meet her next week at a book signing in Glasgow. Have a wee look out for her books- they are amazing!

  9. I have the stampstamps and the Christmas miniatures so definitely need the masks! Love this month's DC stamp and enjoyed having a pattern building play yesterday afternoon. Pat x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Love what you have done here. I have the stamp stamps and to my shame, I have never used them! Maybe now is the time to start! I bought them with the African miniatures I think and never really found a use for them until now! ( it could have been with the gentlemen miniatures) . I do have the Christmas miniatures ( which I have used!) so I think this afternoon I might just have a play. Hope Things have gone well in Germany. Love Alisonxxxxx

  11. I think I have all your stamp/mail stamps – I do use them a lot. When I have "fluffed one up" – if it is one of the upper layer ones, I have put the redone one over the mucked up one with 1 mm foam pads . Only for the lower layer one, have I slotted in from behind.

  12. Recorder is all set for the Thursday shows, and I finally got to watch your last shows this week!!! Love this stamp montage idea and thanks for the great tip on what to do when you make a hash of one of them – Susan x

  13. Hi Barb,
    I love this technique but I've never thought to use them for my ATC swaps. Although you have mentioned it on TV, my brain hasn't clicked into gear until I saw them this morning. Thanks, that's the next ATC sorted.
    I hope Germany went well and guess what – we've got company coming on Thursday at 11 a.m. and staying for lunch and tea – NOOOOO. Although I will watch the 8 a.m. show I'll have to try to sort out video on new TV before then. Why do people do this, they invariably telephone when you're on TV at the beginning of the month. I usually go and ring the door bell and say I have to answer the door as George is otherwise engaged (in the loo). "Oh what lies we weave"
    Hope Thursday is a blast for you xx

  14. HI Barbara, thanks for the reminder, ages since I used these stamps, these masks make them so easy to use. Have to get to play later on. Good luck with the German shows and safe journey home.

  15. Hi Barbara . Yes I've got these stamps too lurking in my box and the cut out masks for them I may find some time to play today. I've also got the Christmas miniatures so might even make a start on the c word. Love today's montage thank you for the reminder and what pretty designs – they would make great stamps, perhaps you should contact the post office what a great way to get your artwork out there 🙂 . Have a great show in Germany and safe journey home. I'm having a chuckle over Maureen's post ringing her own doorbell so she can watch you in peace – great idea Maureen 🙂 take care love Diane xxx

  16. Looking forward to the shows. Unfortunately, a while ago, I agreed to go out to lunch with the girls but I shall record the ones I will miss ;0) What the heck? I will record them all.

  17. Gorgeous montage. I love this effect. Hope your German TV trip is going well, can't wait till Thursday all those hours of Clarity on C&C YAY!!!! I laughed at the part of the blog when you said if we make a mistake we always point it out, that is so true! I do it, my mum does it and my sister who is more cake craft than paper craft does it too. My dad is worst though, artistic temperament by the bucket load when he is painting! XX

  18. I love your montage Barbara and it will look gorgeous with those fab Christmas miniatures too.
    Recorder all set for Thursday so I won't miss a thing but whether there will be anything left in stock by the time i get to see the shows is another matter entirely lol. I hope the German trip is going well
    Jackie x

  19. Lovely as always Barbara, those Christmas Window stamps are so useful too, I popped them on quite of my Christmas samples alongside the other stamp sets. Will be watching your next German show, tried to watch your early one just now but they have put La Blanche's video on instead of yours, good luck xxx

  20. I tried to catch up this morning's 8 a.m.German show, but like Julie, found they have a different video.
    I've never considered the Stampstamps before (even though I was once a buyer for postage stamp production for many countries.) But I can definitely see their attraction for Christmas, especially with the miniatures. Your finished card is lovely. Have a safe journey home. x

  21. These Stampstamps are just great with the miniature scenes inside and would work perfectly with the Christmas miniatures too. Hope everything is going well in Munich Barbara, and am looking forward to Thursday. x

  22. Thought I'd sit and have my lunch watching You Tube Tuesday then thought this isn't you tube! Forgot you're having August off!! Would love to see a you tube of this one though. I came across this set when I was tidying up yesterday!

  23. That sounds to me as if you will be on Telly Christmas day more times than the Pope, Barb. Love today's offering of stamps, but I can't buy any more just yet, my Church and Lamposts, and lacy swallows arrived yesterday, so I'm off to play with those this afternoon.

  24. You created one a while ago very Christmassy, and always said I will try…..But never had……So will defo try one this year. Am on holidays from 12.00 pm French time on Thursday so should manage to Watch you on tv.
    Laurence xx

  25. Lovely stamp designs, thank goodness it's not Christmas stamps because I'm still thinking sunshine and summer. Won't be thinking Christmas until at least the end of September when I panic 'cos I will have about 80 cards to make. Ah well, that's life!

  26. I love the stamp stamps and the tag you have done is fabulous! But then everything you do is!
    I loved watching you in Germany…you are so clever how you can converse so well in German.
    I could understand enough of it to get the drift and the demos were great!
    Love and hugs. xx

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