Life is not measured…

Life is not measured…

Happy Sunday!
By the time you read this blog, I will probably already be on the way to my parents house for lunch, after the TV show!
Hopefully, it will have gone well, and the new stamps and stencils will have been well received.
Here’s a little number made with Grunge Paste 
and a very cool lady stencil.
Hunted around for a funky, inky background, and found one.
(Thanks Dee!!!)
The colours used are all Distress pads:
…and don’t forget, 
there’s a Distress pad Sale on this weekend at the Clarity Website!
Dragged Grunge paste through the stencil, 
and waited 20 minutes for it to dry.

Decided to shorten her dress….
Time to add some shade with a black Adirondack ink pad.
Place the stencil back over the lady,

and apply some depth with the black ink pad 
and a make-up sponge, and a little red or orange to her dress
with a couple of ink pads. 

Add a fitting sentiment with Black Archival.

Let’s just pin her long dress back on for a mo, 
to see the difference….

Looks great mounted on black.

See how the dress shading is really smoothly blended?
There’s a really top trick for blending inks on Grunge paste, 
a little secret technique that I want to tell you.
Once you have sponged the colours onto the paste, you –
Come in closer to the screen, 
so that I can whisper it in your ear.

Lick your forefinger and rub her all over!!

Magic spit does it again! Every time!

Have a great day!
I know I will!
much love,

39 thoughts on “Life is not measured…

  1. Morning Barbara, great art work, one of my favourite verses. Magic spit…..hee hee, you do make me laugh, would love you to demo the technique today with Martyn, hee hee. Looking forward to the show and the demo's to see more 'magic' tips and techniques. Have a great day everyone. Michelle XX

  2. Hello Barbara, have a great day. I will be at work so will watch you tomorrow at my friend's house as she always tapes the show for me.

    A great day yesterday with Paul, at the Craft Warehouse. Everyone enjoyed his demos and he was inundated with cakes and good wishes.

    Love Roz x

  3. Good Morning Barbara
    Love the funky background from Dee and love the lady – love the lick your finger and rub her all over line too!!!! Will remember that! The verse is lovely – one to acquire!!
    Have a great show – sadly for the first time in a long time I have to watch it on record because at the time you go to air I will be cycling in to work – yes work – my first work on a Sunday for a very long time – but needs must etc – and as the manager I have to rise to the needs and all that so will be with you in spirit on this sunny morning.
    Enjoy that dinner afterwards – nothing like dinner cooked by your Mum is there!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  4. Don't think you'd have had your dinner yet, but I'm sure it will be delicious. Love your special technique. Think anyone whose been a mother should be experts at that one!
    Hopefully get time to watch the show but need to pack. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Crowborough. See you very soon. Jeanette xx

  5. Ooh Barbara this is awesome. This sort of card scares me a little bit I have to admit but I am determined to give it a go. Have a great show – wish you were on with Dean. Xx

  6. Fantastic – I love this lady – stencil & Barbara too!!! GP must be re-visited….maybe later after C&C. Have fun today everyone 🙂
    Carole xxx

  7. Hahaha! Look…you made me laugh again!
    That's a really cool card…I do love her long or shirt dress! Reminds me of something but can't just bring it to the front of my mind yet!!!
    Have a great show and enjoy your lunch!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  8. Hi Barb, love these lady stencils, and the background colours are great, thanks for a fab tip about blending colour on GP, I think I was actually leaning closer to the screen :-). I am sure the show will be great as always, looking forward to it. Enjoy your lunch with the folks. Bx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Love the stencil, love the card, love the comments! Can't mess about, got washing to hand out and a TV show to watch at 9 am.
    Break a leg (well not literally) xx.

  10. Good morning Barb, I am so looking forward to watching very soon. I wish you a great show (as always) and I hope your back is feeling better xx

    The dress has blended really well and I will have to use some magic spit on top of my grunge the next time I use it.

    Woo hoo 10 minutes to launch and lol enjoy your lunch later at your Mums.

    Love Denise x

  11. Hi Barbara just watching you now it's been good so far. Overslept so missed first 15 mins ( I know shocking and not like me at all!) hope your bruises are ok – Martyn made a comment about you skipping into the studio so hopefully you are ok. Love your outfit too (good choice) but oh Barbara you must get your eyes tested properly! Love today's card and yes I found myself leaning in to hear the secret tip – good one I won't tell anyone 🙂 enjoy your lunch with your mum. Take care love Diane xxx

  12. wonderful make Barb – good old spit eh? I knew my mum had it right when she used to clean my face with it! Hope you're having a great day and have a great lunch at your mums – watch out for that hankie though – lol!!! Hugs x

  13. Hi Barbara. Love yesterdays Chase your Dreams card, so simple but beautiful. Toaday's lady looks lovely, no one would guess just how you made her look so good : ) Managed to watch just a couple of mins of the show live, sounds like you are feeling better after your tumble, really glad to hear that you were skipping around. I'm off to watch the show in peace and quiet now. Enjoy lunch with your Mum and Dad. Take care.

  14. This is lovely Barbara and a great background from Dee, and the sentiment is very thought provoking too. I so enjoyed your show this morning and all the lovely new stamps and stencils and fabulous techniques to go with them! Thank you Barbara and enjoy your lunch with your mum and hopefully relax for the rest of the day. x

  15. Fabulous as always Barbra, luv the mask….you are an inspiration and were the first person to show me the magic of a rubber stamp. May you long continue…xxxxx

  16. Afternoon Barbara, hope you had a great lunch with your parents. I have recorded the C&C show and can't wait to see it, but won't order anything…..Haven't manage to resist the Distress Pad offer…… I love the card you've made, but can't wait for a tutorial to how to use the "shaving foam". Have a good rest of the day. xx

  17. Haha, laughing at myself here. "Come in closer to the screen" she says,…. and so I do. I very nearly moved the phone to my ear!!! Doh!!!! Loved the show today, it's over way too fast, but I always record it so I can watch again. Hope you've passed all the traffic jams and are now tucking in at your parents xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    A bit of spit and polish never did anybody any harm! Love the techniques. Just watched a recoding of the show today – excellent. Wasn't one thing I didn't like. Ordered the swallows last night from your website and now need the funky florals too! Loved the lupins as well and the church! Have to say that all of the samples were absolutely fabulous and also inspirational – what a talented set they are. Also took advantage of the Distress Ink offer – I have now completed my set. Just need to complete the markers now ( I'll never be rich). Thanks for everything you do for us. Love Alison xx

  19. OH Barbara I need to have a little word in your ear!! You are normally the clean and logical one?? Lovely card, I love this stencil and can't wait to really get a chance to play with it. Note the handbag and shoe on the picture where you decide to add some shade, they look great with that background. xx

  20. I hope your shows went well – saving them as a treat for tomorrow, as I've got a less hectic day! Love the spit trick!! The day you tell me I have to use my own urine though I might just have to draw the line!!! Hope you had a great Sunday with your folks, Susan x

  21. this is soo cool. the shading has increased the sassiness of that girl! you can almost see her legs through the dress….. it's such a clingy old thing that dress! do you ever notice that after some time the shading fades on grunge paste? i'm having a bit of a prob with it and distress inks at the moment.
    great show today. watched it whilst doing a mountain of ironing this afternoon. mind you i only got through half of it as i kept staring at the tell, lol! hugs xx

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