Evening sun – long shadows.

Evening sun – long shadows.

Well I am writing this blog Sunday evening, 
so I sure know how this little fella feels!
Not really.
Monday morning, and a new group of lovely Clarity friends will be piling into the rugby club at Crowborough!
I’m really looking forward to the next 4 days.
After a busy, enjoyable TV show with Martyn, I spent far too long stuck in traffic, trying to get to my parents for lunch.
The accidents on both the M11 and the M25 were horrendous, so lunch became very insignificant; 
the tailbacks distressing, but oh! Those poor people!
By the time I finally got home in the evening, I was done for. 
“Let’s go for a walk,” said Dave.
“Good idea,” said I. 
So we headed for the old disused railway track. 
(no hills, no people, no cars!)
Peace. No noise. It was like a timeless place.

Evening sun, long shadows…

and we walked for miles.
All the action, the upset, the chaos of the day 
was a million miles away.
And then Dave emailed these photos to my Ipad, and added,
“wrap your blog around these pictures this evening. 
They’ll like it, and you can relax.”
So I did. 
Much love,

56 thoughts on “Evening sun – long shadows.

  1. And how very right Dave is Barbara, I think I can speak for most when I say we are just happy you got home in one piece, and the luxury of such a beautiful walk and photos is enough…certainly for me xxx
    Hope today goes really well…. that you feel reasonably relaxed thanks to that long walk in the beautiful countryside – the ladies will have a ball – I did and would come again in a heartbeat.

    Much love

  2. Dave is so right. I, for one, love these pictures, and it is good to see you relaxing.. You have another busy week ahead of you, so take every possible chance for releasing. Have a great week. xxxx Maggie

  3. Hello Barb, so right, you needed time out, to take a break and re-charge your batteries, glad you got home safely. Well done Dave, beautiful pictures. Have a wonderful week, and to everyone attending the retreats, have a fabulous time. Bx

  4. Poor you, what a day. But as you say, driving past horrendous accidents puts everything in perspective. You got home safe and well and we are all well enough to be reading your blog this morning.

    The pictures are beautiful. It was a good idea of Dave's to go for a walk!

    Love Roz xxx

  5. Beautiful photos and so pleased you managed to get to enjoy an evening walk after your stressful journey.
    I enjoyed a quiet time too; looking at the beautiful view of Ashdown Forest BECAUSE I'm coming to the retreat TODAY. It's finally arrived. So I'll be seeing you and Paul very, very soon. (Happy, happy, happy dance) Jeanette xx

  6. Hi Barbara. Yes, Dave was right : ) Thank you for the lovely pics, both of you. Glad that you ended a busy day with such beautiful scenery and the one person you wanted to be with : ) Have a great week. Take care.

  7. What I managed to watch of the show yesterday was great. I will watch it again when I get some quiet time to myself. Beautiful photos. What a lovely way to start a Monday morning. Enjoy your week. x

  8. Dave is very wise and the photos are very serene and relaxing. There is a beautiful little park near me which I love to walk thro regularly with my dogs, you can get away from the crowds and just enjoy the scenery and I always take photos, it's just lovely. Sometimes life can be sad, terrible things happen but life goes on and if you can find a moment of peace and tranquillity, grab it and enjoy it. Have a wonderful time at the retreat, wish I could be there xx

  9. I can relate to that. Saturday after a visit to my mum in Suffolk, a12 and m25. My serenity severely tested after a few frustrating hours. I need a Dave to take me a walk! Lol. Nikki

  10. Hi Barbara top bloke Dave and wonderful photos. He did the right thing just taking you for a walk and a relax. Fantastic show yesterday, glad you got to your mums and home again all in one piece. Have a great day at the retreat today and relax again tonight lovely lady. Take care love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barb
    Great show, and enjoy the retreats although I know they will be hard work for you and your team.
    Good old Dave, thinking of you and taking care of you. Accidents put everything into perspective don't they? xx

  12. Lovely photos. It is always good to take time out to reflect and cherish those around us. It is a good way to charge the batteries. I will be doing that today after a busy week in Glasgow. It is also my baby's 15th birthday so it is a good day to cherish those around me. Hope you have a good day. xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    So glad that you got home safely, it sounds as though your journey was horrendous and very stressful. What a great idea of Daves to go for a walk. The photos are great and you both got to just chill out. Hope the week goes well but do try to take some time for you. Love Alison xx

  14. Such a beautiful part of the world Barbara. Thankyou for sharing with us! It's great to see that you are getting away from it all albeit for just an evening walk! It helps your mind clear itself!
    Have a great retreat with the next lot of clarityeers that have found their way to the rugby club….I wish I was there again….I'll hopefully be there next year! Love and hugs! Xxx

  15. Hello Barbara, what beautiful photographs Dave, and a great idea to go for a walk in such pleasant surroundings. No wonder you were able to leave the chaos of the day behind. So sorry to hear about those accidents and glad you both got home safely. Have a fab week with the two retreats, I've no doubt everyone will have a lot of fun, and like Jane I wish I was there again. Sending you lots of hugs xx

  16. Well at this stage you are in full flow and everyone is enjoying a lovely start to the week. Sorry you had such a terrible journey yesterday, glad you did not find yourself in any of those accidents. Clever fellow your Dave. Hope the walk renewed your spirits xxx.

  17. Dave was right – lovely relaxing pics – I do envy you walking for miles too. Sorry to hear about the accidents, always an upsetting thing for all concerned. Loved the show, especially the nack for transferring stencils to be the other way around (sorry, I can't think of what you called it, but I'm going to have a go). In spite of trying to sit on my hands, I ordered 3 sets of stamps – now I'll have to be patient, as I'll be lucky if I get them next week (I'm in Ireland and courier service isn't the quickest). Enjoy your 4 days, wish I was there with you.

  18. Well done Barbara, glad you just relaxed. After being in heavy traffic nothing better. You live in a lovely part of the country so enjoy. Hope this weeks retreats go well. xx

  19. Hi Barbara—— Thanks for a great two hours of crafting yesterday lovely cards as ever, going to try some of the techniques today god willing bit rubbish today had a lie in but up and raring to go now.
    crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  20. well done Barb. you sure have a good man there! that place looks enchanting and i'd love to be walking there too, hugs xx
    ps: show with Martyn was great. he is a breath of fresh air compared to some others …..xx

  21. Glad you got home safe in the end Barbara, and a country walk to end the day is just the medicine you needed. We go up in to the hills here in Somerset and the beautiful scenery and fresh air blow all the cares of the day away. I love the photos, and it is very pretty where you live too and it is great to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle and just here the birds singing and the bees buzzing. I hope you have a good day today. x

  22. Hi Barbara, great show but not a great drive home…but at the end of it all Dave….now he is great and just what you needed….looks like a perfect walk and a glorious way to end a weekend….thanks for sharing it with us all…your crafters are in for a real treat ….the next four days will be tremendous….enjoy….hugs…x x

  23. So pleased you got home safely and found a way to relax. We were also on the M25 yesterday and saw the signs warning of the situation on the M11. Accidents affect us so deeply on others' behalf and sure do make us count our blessings.
    I missed your blog while away for a few days ( walking ) with no signal, but am making up now and looking forward to catching up with Sunday's show. Have a good week and enjoy the Retreat. I'm sure the participants will and knowing you it will all be as fresh and funny as ever. x

  24. Great blog and lovely photos – what a wonderful chap your Dave is! Lucky to have one very similar myself (only he's a John!!) – enjoy your workshops, and once again I wish I was there…. Susan x

  25. He's a diamond geezer that one. I bet you bless the day you met him. I wish I had somewhere so beautiful to walk through, lovely photos. Hope your week is happy x

  26. lovely pictures Barb and great shows yesterday – sorry to hear about the accidents – its always awful to see/hear about. Big hugs to you and yours! Rachel x

  27. That was such a good idea from Dave. Sure you manage to relax a bit after your day. May be should go for a long walk too…. Hope you had a great day today.
    Laurence xx

  28. lovely photos, sad to hear about the accidents but glad you had a safe journey. Loved the show yesterday and have ordered my stencil brushes x

  29. I was stuck in a traffic jam for a long time yesterday, with a great view of some cylindrical bales of hay/straw. I was thinking of you Barbara, looking at their shape, the shadows and the shade around them! So seeing Dave's pictures was quite mind boggling. What a coincidence. Jx

  30. Lovely pics Barb and a lovely way to end a busy and horrific day. Nobody likes to be stuck behind accidents but like you I always think of the poor people who go no further. It is a sad sad thing to think about indeed. So glad you could unwind as you can't carry it all about with you :(. Here's to those people and their families xx

    Love Denise x

  31. Well what a fab man Dave is , and so are the photos. The photos and the phrase about long shadows gave me my much needed creative kick as I have been trying to find time to work on my use of shading to show shadow . What better inspiration than the photos – Thank-you !

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