Saturday pre TV Preview….

Saturday pre TV Preview….

Hello Fellow Crafters!
Thanks for dropping by.
Running late again, but better late than never, eh!
Do you ever get the feeling you may have bitten off more than you can chew? Well, it’s sticking in my throat right now, and whereas I usually plough through my workload quite happily, one day at a time, I am down to one hour at a time right now!
Here’s a beautiful stencil which is in a pack of 5 on TV tomorrow.
This one’s called Chase.
Our lovely Annie designed all of these;
they are very dreamy and whimsical.
Here, I have made the actual plastic part of the stencil black. 
If you tune in tomorrow, and we have time, I will be happy to show you how this is done. If I don’t get to it, then I will do a step by step here next week. It’s not hard!
If you have an 8″x10″ Gelli Plate, brilliant.
Oh, and you need a Speedball brayer.
(By the way,  did you know that the ALL the Distress pads are reduced from £4.50 to £3.50 this weekend?)

Dust over the top of the artwork with one of our stencil brushes and another Distress pad, Spun Sugar
Always sweep in one direction, so that it looks windy, or blustery.

Now do the same at the bottom of the artwork, using a third Distress Pad, Tumbled Glass. Beautiful colour.

That’s it.
Told you it was a piece of cake. 
Mount on white, and send to a dreamer.

If you do have time tomorrow, 
come and see some other stencil tricks, which these particular stencils really lend themselves well to. 

Create & Craft. 9-11
Now I must pack and decide what to wear!
Or I could just sit in the garden and have a cup of tea….
Decision made.
Strong brew, milk, no sugar. 
much love,

39 thoughts on “Saturday pre TV Preview….

  1. Right decision. Everything is better after a cup of tea. We don't mind at all what you are wearing – it's your talent we're after – not your dress sense, which is impecable! See you in the morning. xx Margaret Col.

  2. I think you like your tea and much as I like the stencils….and that's loads! Can't wait til tomorrow's shows to see what you do with all the new stuff!!!
    I hope your aches and pains have gone or are more bearable!
    Enjoy your cuppa…you could always give Dave and Mark a list of what you need packing!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Deep breath and hope you enjoyed that cuppa. love what you have done with stencil cannot wait to see show sure it is going to be another wonderful show. Hope you get a bit of rest later a chilled evening safe journey hope your feeling better xx

  4. Hope the cuppa has revived you a bit? Love the new stencil, and will look forward to my own cuppa tomorrow afternoon when I'll be able to sit down and watch the recording at leisure! Hope you're recovering from your fall, so that the journey to Peterborough isn't too painful. Susan x

  5. Love what you've done with this beautiful stencil and looking forward to seeing we else you come up with tomorrow. Hope your aches and pains are easing and that you cup of nectar has revived you. Have a safe trip tomorrow. xx

  6. Good decision Barbara I hope you enjoyed your cuppa and that it received you.
    Love the card you have made with the fab new stencil I'm looking forward to learning how you did it
    Have a safe journey
    Jackie x

  7. Am guessing you put the stencil face down on the Gelli Plate, brayered the Black Soot over the top, lifted the stencil and used it as a 'stamp'? Was going to suggest you might've lifted the stencil, cleaned the unwanted ink off the GP (thus avoiding having the Distress ink where you didn't want it), then replacing the stencil and using the Gelli Plate + mega mount as a stamp, but am really not sure about that one!! Will just have to watch tomorrow to find out!!
    Safe journey and take care – no more accidents, please! xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Hope you've manage to chill a bit before tomorrows show which I'm looking forward to.The stencils look great but hope you're doing a demo using the Lamp Post and Church set which I'm loving.See you tomorrow

  9. Hi Barbara good choice cup of tea in the garden – hope the rain has stopped ! Love the new stencils and the card you have created. Sometimes you just need to stop rushing around sit down with a cup of tea then tackle the rest with gusto when you feel refreshed ! You always look lovely whatever you wear mind you if you turned up with nothing on most of us wouldn't notice we would be looking at the stamps/stencils/technique !!!!! Sorry , how rude! Of course we notice you Barbara!!! Have a good rest if you get the chance , we all know what a week you've had. Looking forward to seeing the shows. Take care and drive carefully. Love Diane xxx

  10. Good choice! I have learned recently to pack at the very last minute and as long as you have clean knickers and a pretty top, you will be fine. Just BREATHE as you keep telling us, and plenty to drink (probably non-alcoholic until after the show). Just think of us, all your friends, with you and things will, as usual for you, fall into place, and the bites will become smaller and easier to digest. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these new stencils tomorrow. Off now to programme the DVD. xxxx Maggie

  11. Hi Barb, so looking forward to the show. Feel a purchase coming on, especially if all the other stencils are as super as this one. Love the image, have not managed to master the distress ink with the stencil yet, so you will have an avid follower/viewer tomorrow. Hope the tea calmed you diwn. Take care and relax when you can. Bx

  12. Lovely Barbara – Have a safe journey….see you on telly tomorrow morning – looking forward to some stencil tips & tricks 🙂
    Take care, Carole x

  13. Felt rotten all day so have only just looked at the blog, had to scroll very slowly or my head starts spinning again!! I love these stencils, and the new stamps look beautiful. Will have to put my order in nice and quick tomorrow. XX

  14. Lovely. Hope you enjoyed that cuppa, wish hubby would make one now. Have been busy in kitchen all afternoon. Maybe best if you packed something, might not let you in studios. We all enjoy everything you do for us but maybe you need a break yourself. We can manage without blog for a while . xx

  15. Quite simple but oh so stunning – love it .
    A snowflake one with entwined wintery wishes of some shape or form would be fab please ( I can but hope as would love to use for Christmas cards )

  16. Evening Barbara – hopefully by now I find you either on the road or at your destination with your outfit chosen!!! Sometimes one hour at a time is best than trying to juggle too many balls!!!
    I love this stencil – the wording tugs at me….!!!
    Deep breaths – it will all work out fine – remember to delegate where you can!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  17. I'm off to Stevenage tomorrow, so will miss you both on TV and at the show. Never mind, I will catch up with your blog. Hope your better, after your tumble.x

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