Lacy Swallows and Shaving Foam.

Lacy Swallows and Shaving Foam.

Hello there.
Thank you for stopping by.
It‘s very early Tuesday morning, and so yes, 
where’s the You Tube? I hear you ask.
Well, here at base, we decided to take the month of August off, so that Jim, bless him, can take a break. He needs one!

So, while he is showing Mark, my lad, the ropes, because we think that a job shared is a job halved,
and let’s face it, Jim could do with a day in the sun,
I’ll just keep calm and carry on with my blogging.
I’ve used my favourite stamps from Sunday’s TV Show:
I have to confess, after I’d named them, and it was too late, because the proposals and all the paperwork had been submitted, it occurred to me that the title sounds more like a Porn Star than a pair of beautiful birds! But you can’t help the thoughts that come into your head, can you! Filth!
Anyway, let’s not go there…
At 5 in the morning, I rummaged through my shaving foam stash, and found an appropriate one. 
You need the reinkers for this one:
(The entire collection is an investment, but you save about £20 (+another £15 off if you’re in the Clarity Club!) 
Basically, you get 10 bottles free.

Lacy Swallows and Shaving Foam? STOP IT!!!!

Or landscape…

Next stamp the birds into place with a black Archival
Next, I did a bit more rummaging for some Distress Markers.

My craft stuff is all over the place at the moment, 

because of the workshops, 
various TV shows, 
my new art-room above the garage, 
(which is nearly ready)
and an innate inability to put things back where they belong…

Anyway, these Distress markers are super for colouring in over shaving foam. 
Quick and easy. 
Next, I took a leaf out of Jo Rice’s book. One of her beautiful samples bent the line stamp right over into a curve, which surprised me, because I hadn’t taken it that far. See what I mean?

But how lovely does that look?! Thanks Jo xx

If I could find a Micron Pen, 
I would even extend the strings and make little bows or ties…
There are 3 Line Sentiment Sets now:

Line Set 1

Line Set 2

Line Set 3

But I do have a ruler and a Black Sharpie pen to hand, 
so round the edges we go!
Hope you like that.
I have to say, getting up at 5 and spending a quiet hour crafting, with just you, and the birds twittering outside,
is rather lovely.
Sets you up for the day. 
In fact, I think I’ll do it again tomorrow.
See you here. Same time. Same place. 
Must crack on; 
day 2 of the Crowborough Retreat is dawning…
much love,

45 thoughts on “Lacy Swallows and Shaving Foam.

  1. Morning Barb, love this card, the Lacy swallows are really beautiful, hope Jim has a good rest and I am sure Mark will pick up great tips and do a fab job. Have a great day with the retreat group. Bx

  2. Lovely picy Jim lol, enjoy your break. Loving this shaving foam technique, lends itself to any artwork as this shows. Have a fab second day with those lucky ladies xx

  3. The line sentiment looks just perfect, reminded me of the little birds in Snow White (Disney not porn version!!) When they hang out the washing – if only! Must dash as hair to wash before setting off for Day 2. …wonder what's in store if your mind was thinking of porn in the early hours. Xxx

  4. Morning Barbara, I love these new stamps and am looking forward to mine arriving! Beautiful background too. I hope Jim enjoys his rest and Mark enjoys learning the tricks of the trade. Hope you have lots of fun today. xx

  5. Poor Jim he does look weary!! What a handsome lad he has to share his knowledge with though!! Another stunning card Barbara – will definitely have to give this shaving foam thingy a go – looks like fun. Xxc

  6. Fantastic, getting the hang of the shaving foam now and looking forward to my stamps arriving from you, beautiful.
    Hope you do not work too hard and take care as always

  7. Hi. Barb,
    Love this! Getting the hang of the shaving foam and have some fabulous backgrounds now – so thanks for that. I ordered the stamps as soon as they came onto the Clarity site so just waiting for them to arrive and I have the markers. All I need now are the sentiments! I'll never have any money!!! Have a great day. Love Alisonxxxx

  8. I ordered those swallows on your show Barbara, though I'm not sure whether I'll get the larger ones, or the smaller – that wasn't mentioned. I also ordered the sentiments. But I LOVE the backgrounds you created – sadly I can't run to those super re-inkers – my pension just won't stretch that far. I might just experiment with some food safe airbrush inks I have. I'm worried about you getting up so early. At some point, you will meet yourself coming back – you do need your sleep if you are on the go all day. Please look after yourself.

  9. Morning Barb, hope Jim has a good summer break and I am sure Mark will do a fabulous job….I am still laughing about Lacy Swallows…..and It set my mind off thinking about other stamp and craft names that could join the porn star list….!!!! Obviously I am too much of a lady to share any at this time of day….
    Have a great day 2 at the retreat, I know your crafters are in for a real treat….hugs….Jo. xxxx

    1. Come on, Jo, Give! Let us into the secret. I would like to be a fly on the wall at today's session at the Retreat. There might be a few giggles and Paul might have to hide his red face if this is the mood that Barbara is in today. xx Maggie

  10. Hi Barbara oh how you make me laugh! Lacy Swallows, what a name, what an image!!! Lol. Great artwork though and I love the bendy sentiments (here we go again!) I use my design club Thank you so much I must invest in some more. I hope Jim has a good rest he looks like he might need one and what a great way to get Mark up in the mornings and helping out! Have a wonderful day with your retreat ladies and thank you for the good chuckle and ooooh matron moment. Love Diane xxx

  11. You are so funny – only you could see ladies with alien heads in a stencil and think your stamps have the name of an exotic dancer!!! Really lovely sample today, and I hope your workshops go well – as others have said, look after yourself and get enough rest. And maybe Mark will be able to figure out a way that you can pre-prepare a week of blogs and schedule them to post themselves – young men are great at that techy stuff, and it might take some pressure off! Susan x

  12. My granddaughter (age 9) and I are into the shaving foam and we make a really nice mess together. It's a tad dull today weatherwise so we just might find the 'birdies' and make a mess. Hoping to colour in over the shaving foam, it looks so-o good. Thank you for the lovely technique.

  13. Hi Barb,
    Great images, both on the shaving foam card and in the mind! Poor Jim looks like he's got a touch of the "Barb" heebie jeebies (as in you with the leafy swirl stencils photo), let's hope it's not catching otherwise all your team and the ladies attending the retreat will need treatment ha ha ha, I'm laughing just thinking about it!! You'd better warn Mark. Oh dear, I'm off to have a coffee and put my feet up.
    Have a great 2nd day retreat. I'm sooooo jealous xx

  14. Barbara, can you believe it, I've only just got the joke 🙂 I love those stamps, well to be honest I loved all the stamps and Annie's stencils. I know you will have a lovely day with all the crafters and hope that I might join them all some time, lots of love x

  15. stunning work Barbara – i love this technique – everyone I have shared it with has loved it too – from my 74 year old mum right through to my little rainbows (aged 5-7) – it really is a wonderful technique! Hugs rachel xx

  16. Love the technique you make me smile the sentiments are brilliant could we have them in singles like the thank you one please ? Hope mark enjoys learning the ropes happy crafting xxx

  17. oh i do need to buy some shaving foam. this is so beautiful i've ordered the birds so they should be coming soon i do think they are so versatile. enjoy the retreats, hugs xx

  18. Hello Barb. What a lovely card you've designed for us. I spent far too much on Sunday on the funky florals and the line sentiments so these birds will have to wait. Really wanted to say 'Ooh you are awful' in a Dick Emery voice, but thought it would show my age too much!! xx Margaret Col.

  19. This technique is always a winner Barbara and these new birds lend themselves to being coloured so well, and the line sentiments being able to be bent like this makes them so usable too. These are definitely on my list! Hope you have a good day. x

  20. Good idea to take some time out ! When I can make enough space I'm going to have a go at the shaving foam (I know there's some in our bathroom!) and my distress inks arrived yesterday, yes, the whole darn box of them, they're sitting at my feet at work – will take them home today and sneak them in when hubby isn't looking – I hope no one will tell him!! The distress markers are are already there but I really need to tidy up so I can use it all! Sunday's stamps are ordered and on their way….. If I didn't work I wouldn't be able to afford it but until I give work up I don't have time to use it all. A bit of a catch 22 really! Still I have a great retirement stash and on the cross stitching front too……. I have to make a card for Dad this week – 86 on Sunday.

  21. Hi Barbara. You know we will never be able to see, or say, Lacy Swallows again without laughing don't you : ) Love the shaving foam background (can anyone else see the beautiful yellow Iris to the left of the lefthand bird, look at the portrait piece if you can't see it landscape) The Swallows are beautiful, and it's good to see that the line stamps can be bent so far. Have a good day everyone. Take care.

  22. That is an especially lovely background from the shaving foam, absolutely perfect for those pornographic birds. What with Blue Tits and now Lacy Swallows, what next, I ask. Hope you have a good second day to day and then the remaining sessions this week before heading out o Germany. I am so glad that you are just like the rest of us with vanishing things. It is the Borrowers, you know – they are very artistic. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. xx Maggie

  23. Good Evening Barbara,
    Hope I find you happy at the end of day two and that the crowd enjoyed doing a bit of shaving foam with you!!!
    Love what you have done with this one – had not considered that the names of the inks and the pens matched each other till I watched you on the TV!!! doh!!! dumb or what I ask myself!!! – Answers on a postcard!!!!
    Any way – lovely to have a month off the Youtube and show Mark the ropes – what a handsome young man he is!!!
    Hope you find time for another walk before you start again tomorrow xx
    Much Love
    Kim xx

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