One Day Wonder. #Spot on!

One Day Wonder. #Spot on!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by!
I’m actually having a day off today, but just wanted to share yesterday’s event with you, before we trundle off 
to the coast for the day, for a spot of fresh air…
Now you may think this is just hype, that it’s all flannel, that I have to say positive things to stay in favour with the powers that be. Let me tell you the truth:
I had so much fun! 
It was a pleasure from start to finish.
Rolled up at the studios at 6.30 am

Early bird catches the worm…

Nigel was already on top form and raring to go!

Dave and I had already been in the night before, to prepare the set,
Bespoke Launch

 and I had even made signs, in case we forgot the drill!
Keep it simple, and know where you are headed!

Special Offers

Whole Collections

Dim the lights, ready for take-off…

Lights, camera, action!
And so it started!
You have to know that these presenters are the absolute best in the industry. When you work with them, you really grasp what they are achieving. And it is pretty impressive.
Hour 1 Launch Nigel May
Hours 2 and 3 Leonie Pujol
Hours 4 and 5 Dave Bradford
The Clarity One Day Wonder on Create & Craft.
5 live hours of Craft TV, all done and dusted in 12 hours?
Many many people have been planning, making and prepping 
for many many weeks.
You cannot begin to imagine how many of us – at both ends – have been working together towards that one single event! 
It was really hard work for a lot of people.
At Clarity Base and at the Studios.
Some you never see, 
like the floor crew, stamp makers, assemblers, box packers
stencil makers, art workers and all those that make it happen!

 Kirsty just ran around me all day, 
helping in any way she could.

The camera guys, who never take their eye off the ball,
I could spend the whole day expressing thanks to those who made it possible, from the guys at Clarity Towers, my parents, the DT, to the Promo folks at C&C and so on. Suffice it to say that
from the concept (Oh damn. Barbara’s had another idea)
to SOLD OUT (fortunately it was a good’n),
many dozens of peeps have been hopping about.
One person in particular has always got my back…
I am extremely happy (and relieved) to report that the 
One-Day Event was a great success.
You watched and you bought. In fact, you bought so much, 
we sold out of the Bespoke Sets by hour 4.
Quite aside from the financial aspect, 
which is important of course, 
but never was nor will be my driver,
I loved working with competent, friendly, switched on people all day at the studio. Just like a huge version of Clarity really. 
Finally, thank you to you, because without you good people, supporting little companies like us, where would we be? 
Have a great day!
much love,

59 thoughts on “One Day Wonder. #Spot on!

  1. Thanks for giving a wee peek behind the cameras. I caught up on the shows last night and now feel total inspired again. My moany 15 year old said he even likes watching you which is very high praise indeed! He loved the shaving foam the best!!
    Enjoy your day out!

  2. thank you Barbara and the team I thoroughly enjoyed all. Just waiting now to see if I will get all I ordered from C & C. Knew there was something I forgot to buy this morning – shaving foam.

  3. Thanks for giving us a tiny bit of insight into what is involved in these events. I was going to wait till the One Day wonder arrived on the Clarity site, but then realised it was exclusive so I got my order in double quick. Once my new dining table arrives today, I shall be setting myself up on there with one set of Christmas stamps to get busy with the dreaded "C" word cards. I don't shop at Tesco, so I shall be finding out if the version from Sainsbury's works just as well. Hope you enjoy having a day to to relax and blow the stress away. xxxx Maggie

    1. Thanks, Hilary. When I add in the cost of fuel to get to Tesco, it does work out cheaper to buy mine from Sainsburys, which is more or less my neighbour. xx Maggie

  4. Thanks for the behind the scenes view Barbara – always good to see how it all happens. It is a shame you didn't get to work with Dean though. Great shows every one of them. Xxx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, Barbara, and was lucky enough to have my email pulled out of the Cup of Chance for a piece of 'homework'. Can't wait for it to arrive so that I can see which one I got.

    Love Joan xx

    1. ooh ! well done Joan, I don't think my emails made the cup as I might have left it too late but I'll live in hope for the future! Let us know which one you get! x

  6. Enjoy your day both….and breath in all that fresh air….and relax… so deserve it.
    Brilliant photos it is great to see the behind the scenes crew…take care…Jo. X X

  7. Thank you for sharing, Barb. I know you aim for perfection but heck, colour coordinating your outfit with the floral displays at the studio is taking it to another level! LOL You deserve the success and long may it continue.


  8. I've really enjoyed what I've watched so far, and am looking forward to the rest. I thought you looked very relaxed and on top of everything. Congratulations on the sell outs and have a great weekend.

  9. Thank you, Barbara, for all you do. It is so obvious you are not money-motivated, so refreshing in this day and age when so many people worship the money god!

    I only managed to watch the very first half hour before being deluged by a three year old and a two year old for the rest of the day, so will have to wait until the exclusive tag is past and I can order from you direct.

    Enjoy your day off and some sea air. Just concentrate on you and Dave today.

    Love, Roz x

  10. Congratulations on 5 great shows. You looked as if you were enjoying it. It is also one of your redeeming features that you take time to thank everyone involved in any successes you have. Today's blog is a wonderful example of that, celebrating the teamwork involved in bringing an idea of yours to fruition. I hope you and Dave have a great day at the beach, relaxing and breathing in all that glorious fresh air. xx

  11. The shows were wonderful Barbara, the card samples fantastic. What a lovely blog. I can't imagine all the preparation that have to be done. But you all pulled it off beautifully. Congratulations on the shows and hope you have a lovely day off.

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed it all, hardly had to buy because…..I've got most of it already (the shame!). As much as I loved the idea of the personalised stamp I couldn't bring myself to buy for superstitious reasons (!) but I do already have the 'hand made by me' one – see I told you – I reckon I've got as much Clarity in my spare room as you have in your building!

    Just got the shaving foam out for the first time with Holly, one of the grandchildren, Callum's gone finishing with Grandad, and she thought it was magic – so did I once I realised it worked. I've now got some backing papers that I might have a go with the feminine clarity challenge!

    Look forward to your next tv visit especially as it falls just before I go to Spain on the Monday !


    1. p.s. meant to say have a good day at the coast. We were going to go to Hayling Island but Holly has a party to go to later so that put paid to that but at least we had a go with the shaving foam instead!

    2. Hi Barbara thank you for the behind the scenes glimps it's good to know the presenters and people behind the scenes are just as they are on telly, just like you Barbara warm, friendly and very genuine and in it for the love of it and making people rather than the financial gain (although that helps!!!). Thank you to all your back up team for their hard work too you all deserve a good rest. Have a fab day at the seaside with your lovely Dave, a paddle ice cream and a good walk along the sand and hopefully some warm sun on your back. Have a fantastic day and congratulations on a successful TV appearance. Take care love Diane xxxx

  13. Still wading my way through the recordings 🙂 Well done all, and a special mention to Dave who helps us all on the stands at the shows and workshops. Gutted that I missed the deal though – it was long gone by the time I managed to switch on. Glad you had a such a great day xx

  14. Glad you enjoyed the day Barbara, the shows were great and I learned a lot, in particular I have latched onto the "panel" concept and made two this morning!
    Products fab of course, wish I had deeper pockets!

  15. Dear Barbara I'm so glad it all went well and I feel proud to be ever such a little part of it.
    Have a very lovely and well deserved day off at the seaside. And an evening putting your feet up!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barb What an enjoyable day I spent yesterday watch C/C all your demos were great as usual.
    I hope you enjoy your day at the coast a well deserved rest from crafting (I think not I sure you will see things at the coast that will inspirer you in the crafting way).
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  17. I'm so pleased your day was such a success – have watched a couple of the early shows on the recording this morning, but will have to catch up with the rest over the weekend maybe. Loved today's post – it's wonderful to get a glimpse behind the scenes, and to put faces to some of the fabulous people who helped to keep you smiling all day!!! Enjoy your trip to the beach with Dave – hope you get to paddle and eat fish'n'chips from the paper! Susan x

  18. Hi,
    This was fun to see into the CC studio. I am so happy you had such fun, it must have been a long day and a super busy week for all. It was fun watching felt like I was there too. Enjoy your day off. Well deserved and earned.

  19. Great show some of which I managed to watch live and some recorded today. As always you come across as so relaxed and your enjoyment was evident.
    My Son-in-law and baby Alice watched the Christmas episode this morning and the shaving cream, he now has a healthy respect for what goes into making a card and sat transfixed.
    I loved every minute. Thanks for the pleasure you give us all and enjoy your well deserved rest.
    x x x x

  20. It was great to watch the shows. And, how wonderful to see "the Crew" Next time can the lovely Dave do a 360 degree video of the Studio. It would be fab to see the whole thing, sorry Dave, just an idea. I love to see "behind the scene" thingies, theatre, breweries, bakers etc etc.
    Hope you have a great day at the coast. I have a few days booked in Eastbourne next week but the poor old dog is on her last legs so I don't know if I can go.
    Big hugs

  21. Hi Barbara. Hope you have a wonderful day off. Very well deserved. I played catch up with the Clarity marathon this morning…I was out searching for some Neolithic stone markings with my son yesterday. We have only been searching for them for about three weeks lol. Glad to say we found them ( no signs to say where they are so it was a bit of an adventure traipsing about the woods and cliffs along the river Ayr. ) Fantastic show and what wonderful designs from your team ( as usual of course). Missed out of the bespoke stamp set but eagerly await for them to go on sale at Clarity.

    Emma xx

  22. Congratulations on the sell-outs yesterday. Brilliant shows.

    Think there's going to be a nationwide shortage of cheap shaving foam soon! Maybe you need to pre-warn the supermarkets so they can stock up before your next shows…

    Thanks for all the inspiration and laughter.

  23. Thanks for the great photos. Loved the shows, had an email to say my order has been dispatched so can't wait to see it in real life. Enjoy your day off and I do hope you and all your team know how much we appreciate all the hard work. I think Mark is going to be kept very busy over the coming weeks

  24. Hi Barb,
    The shows were fabulous and as for all of the samples -WOW! A big thank you from me to everyone that was involved in bringing the shows to us. It's very easy for us, all we have to do is spend, spend, spendLol! Have a well earned rest and enjoy the coast today. Love Alison xx

  25. Have a lovely day out today, you both deserve a break ! Always on the go both of you !! The shows were are what we have become accustomed to " excellent " is not to high a praise and so much more besides. The custom Christmas stamps are a brilliant concept and I can't wait to receive my form to fill in and get back to you. Though goodness knows what I am going to put on there apart from the obvious of course !!

    Again have a great day

    Love Doreen x

  26. Hope you've had a good day today. Yesterday was great. I really enjoyed the shows, learned a lot and was given loads of ideas. Thanks to all involved, Jan

  27. Greetings,
    What fun to see the inner workings of part of C&C. Glad you had such fun and have a day to relax after such a busy week. Thanks for sharing, I felt like I was there with you yesterday.

  28. Enjoy your well deserved break together. Loved the clarity overdose yesterday and can't wait for my order to arrive, such a brilliant idea. I already have 2 personalised stamps for me, ( well, I couldn't make up my mind) and I also bought one for my husband and one for his good friend for Christmas, as they both do wood turning and can now sign their pieces. I now won't get writers cramp and gradually illegible writing in Christmas cards. Whoopee. X

  29. I Barb,
    I've watched the shows today and, as usual, you are a star. Tried to e-mail in butmy company stayed so late that I think I missed the boat, or the tea cup! Unfortunately the personalised Christmas set had sold out but "Tomorrow is another day", as they say. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into these shows for our enjoyment (and to keep you in shaving foam!!!) xx

  30. Hey Barb, the shows were superb, as always. The banter when you are on is always great. Thanks for sharing the photos. And thank you to everyone involved. Glad Dave has got your back. Am going to try order my stamp when back from my work trip. Hope you had a very relaxing day today. Have a great weekend everyone. Bx

  31. Did not manage to see all your shows yesterday, but what I saw was just great. The others are recorded but got to wrestle the remote off hubby first. Hope you got a good day by the sea, fresh air will do you good. Many thanks to all the wonderful backroom folk who get our orders out to us. Dave always seems very calm whenever I have seen him at events. Enjoy weekend xx

  32. Good Evening Barbara and Dave
    I do very much hope you have had a wonderful day off, caught the breeze and the ozones and recharged the batteries a bit!!
    I am playing catch up both with todays blog and just watching hour 4 on a recording – I managed to catch odd bits here and there via my phone app yesterday and managed to order the one day wonder – and what a super set of stamps they are – mine have already left the warehouse so am eagerly waiting to follow on the tracking!!!
    I for one appreciate every idea and all the handwork you both and your dedicated team put in to your products and demos… I never cease to be wowed!!!
    So, as ever, thank you for sharing and for being such a delight to watch on the TV
    Much love as ever
    Kim xx

  33. What a lovely blog thanking everyone. Lovely picture of Dave. He was so nice to me at Crowborough. My wedding anniversary next week – 45 years and it is so lovely to have a buddy and a friend to talk to.
    Long may you continue to reign as Queen of Stamping. Give yourself (and your team) a big thank you from one very happy customer.
    Anne x

  34. Didn't manage the 5 hours but the 2 hours I have been watching, were just perfect, great, gorgeous, etc……
    Enjoy your day near the sea.
    Laurence xx

  35. Congratulations! What a fabulous achievement for you and everyone involved. Thanks for sharing the photos. Been busy showing friends around the lake district but managed to catch up on the first two hours so far and loved all the DT samples & demos. Managed to order the bespoke Christmas set though.
    Hope you had a brilliant, sunny day by the sea
    Love & hugs
    Jeanette xx

  36. I'm so glad that everything went well with the shows. I have to say that you were so organised with the way you had different stamp sets and offers on each of the hours as well as that great one day wonder. What a lot of work but the adrenaline kicked in and you were fabulous and so were all the wonderful samples. Until you pointed out just how many processes there are in your stamp production I, and lots of others I'm sure, had no idea how much time and how many people are involved in the making. Hope you had a great day, sea air is great for blowing away the cobwebs. x

  37. That was lovely – your so open , honest and humble (grounded ) that I think we all know how sincere it was .
    So thank-you again to you and all at Clarity and Create and craft .
    Hope you have had a well earn today off full of the things you wanted it to be full of x

  38. Carol from Canada here Barbara…I will never forget the day I found you, and Clarity Stamps on YouTube two weeks totally rocked my craft world. Your smart crack wit, extreme talent overflowing, is totally refreshing! I bragged on you throughout my Gelly plate reveal, on my Blog… I told all 70 of my subbies, to get themselves over to your channel, and thank me later…lol…well, I had to brag on you right? You don't swing around your stool, drinking tea, my fave by the way, waiting for paint to dry for nothing! If you need a sidekick, I'm here for you! Grinning ear to ear!

  39. Thank you for another fantastic show Barbara. It is great to hear about the people that make it all happen!! The camera crew, who are amazing, Nigel – my favourite – the other presenters and of course you. I have yet to watch all the programmes, I recorded them all but am looking forward to some ideas for Christmas as I have a lot of these stamps already.

    Any chance of you doing the Christmas messages and bespoke names through Clarity? I do hope so as I purchased the first bespoke stamp when you launched it a few years ago.

    Looking forward to the next inspiring show.

  40. Hi Barbara… Love all the pics and what it takes to do a show … Your good at what you do …. But like you say you need a good team behind you …. Have a lovely weekend … x

  41. Great shows Barbara, loved the stamps. Interesting to see how many people are involved in a show – lucky us, we just switch on, watch and buy!! Pat x

  42. Mine arrived today, wonderful!!! Missed out on the Night before Christmas mega set, but ordered them from your website, cheaper and no postage!!! Just waiting for them to arrive and then my Christmas Card making will be starting, I can do the inserts when my personalised stamp arrives. SORTED

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