Mini Baubles, served on a Gelli Bed of Pine Branches

Mini Baubles, served on a Gelli Bed of Pine Branches

Hello there, on this sunny Monday in July!
Thank you for stopping by.
Monday’s blog is tree and flowers, so let’s use the new Christmas baubles and take another look at how that clever acrylic megamount turns the Gelli Plate into a stamp!
I did this on the TV show yesterday morning, but not everybody was watching, eh!

I used a neat new bauble kit :
Stamp some baubles on Theuva Card, using Black Archival.
Stamp the little hanging element into place, 
then cut out masks and cover them up. 
Best to cut the hangers separately.
Now for the Gelli Plate.
This size is ideal for A5 stencils,
which is what we are using for the Christmas tree, 
the Fir branches in the background!
Look closely.You will see that the Gelli Plate 
is sitting on one of our innovative Megamounts.
So lay the A5 Pine Needle stencil up one end
directly from the pad to the stencil, like so:
Distribute the ink with a brayer.
If you want, you can cover up the other end of the Gelli Plate 
with a sheet of copy paper.
Remove the stencil.
Lift the acrylic Mega Mount up by the grips on the side, 
and flip it. The Gelli Plate will stick to it.
Hover over the artwork with your pine branches, 
until you like where they will land,
and lower it down. Press a little on the mount.
You can flip it back now, and rub the card, too, 
before you lift your first print.
Now for the second and third print. 
This is where the flip-it trick comes into its own. 
Clean the brayer, stencil and Gelli Plate with water between prints.
Lay the clean stencil down again, and repeat the same ink pad step, but with a different colour. I used a lighter colour: 
Peeled Paint. This time you can position the next layer of branches exactly where you want to put them. Think about it. Before the Flip-it trick, this would have been a shot in the dark. 
Now you can really design your print cleverly.
Do this all a third time, with a third colour. 
Before you remove the masks, add some shade around the bauble with a make-up sponge and Weathered Wood.
Colour in the baubles. 
Add the Happy Christmas in black from the 
Add some shade around the edges with a blending tool on the Clarity Blending Mat.
Add the ties to the baubles with a black micron pen and a ruler. 
Just attach to a branch.
All done. 
Have a great day.
Hope you can pop in tomorrow, for YouTube Tuesday.
much love,

36 thoughts on “Mini Baubles, served on a Gelli Bed of Pine Branches

  1. Hi Barb,
    It was a great show yesterday and the idea of turning the gelli plate into a mega stamp is ingenious. Well done to Dave (it was Dave wasn't it – my word that sounds so patronising, lol) The mount will certainly be ordered, along with a few other goodies after 20th of month. Have to fit these purchases in with credit card statements as I don't like to spend more than I can pay – well who does?!
    Have you heard from Grace, how is Steve and have you recovered from Sunday?
    Love xx

  2. Good morning,
    I watched this yesterday again today and this is so cool I can't wait for my ornaments to arrive so I can play and start my HiolidY cards. Thank you xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, it was a wonderful Show yesterday and I am so glad to have the mega Mount and the gelly plate by now. And I appreciate that you show it here again. Love it and will try it. LOve

  4. This is a great idea, to be able to use the gelli plate as a stamp and place things is the icing on the cake. Thank you Dave for this clever idea, and thank you Barbara for the lovely demo. x

  5. I can't believe that not everyone was watching – fancy missing a BG show! Fabulous show Barbara and I love the pine branches – very clever. Pat x

  6. Hello Barbara, liked this when you did it yesterday, though appreciate you putting it on your blog, so we can refer to it anytime. Using the Gelli plate as a stamp is a fab idea and like Lyn I thought about reflections. Thanks Dave for coming up with mounts! Can't wait to play – just spent the morning sorting out the chaos that is my craft area, and that was after spending a few hours on it yesterday!!!!! I wonder how long it will look like it does now??? Have a lovely day. xx

  7. Thanks for this reminder – it was a 'light bulb' moment for me with the mega mount as I had been wondering what I was supposed to use it for!! Not that it's arrived yet and the Christmas stamps and stencils have been ordered! In fact I had a quick look at the recorded programme this morning before leaving for work so see that bit again!! Great show yesterday and thank everyone for the wonderful, inspirational, samples!

  8. Well, now I can't wait to see you demo this, as I have it recorded! Love those bauble stamps, but I have promised myself NOT to buy any more Christmas stuff until the mountain I have already is under control! Thanks, Susan x

  9. I do have one of the small mega mounts, and wondered why Sam Crowe said I needed one for each Gelli plate I owned. Now I understand why. It all makes perfect sense. I cannot wait to get hold of the new sets. Please, is there any chance of having the same stencils but resized to fit the small baubles for those of us who make smaller cards? xx Maggie

  10. Hello Barb, well it is just awesome, at the moment my 8×11 Gelli is sitting on it's mount, cause it does not slip when I am trying to take prints! Love this demo, did not order the stencils, as have to wait a while πŸ™ There is just so much "I Need" stuff! Just got my NDC envelope and I love it! Have a great Monday. Bx

  11. I totally agree with everyone else, great shows yesterday, brilliant demos, love all the sample cards, and all the new products are amazing, placed my order yesterday, now I will have to work overtime to pay the card off, hee hee. Michelle XX

  12. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for showing this card again the mega mounts are a very clever idea brill.Enjoyed the show and am looking forward to the one day wonder show,can you tell me the date of the show please as I don't want to miss it?

  13. Hi Barbara. Thanks for a lovely card today, it was a great demo on the show yesterday, as were the other ones. The new Christmas baubles are gorgeous, I love this style of card so am saving hard to get them : )
    I have watched you from afar at the NEC a couple of times, been too shy to speak to you, but will definitely say hello the next time I see you πŸ™‚ I am hoping to get to Ally Pally in Sept. this year. Will you be there?
    Have you booked your mystery visit yet? While life is hectic it will give you something to look forward to, won't it : ) Take care.

  14. I loved watching this yesterday and fabulous to see it again to help it settle in my head πŸ™‚
    I will need to be thinking about starting to make my Christmas cards soon.

    You were fab yesterday, such a laugh with Nigel and his Ho's and not Hose lol, I am still laughing πŸ™‚

    Love Dx

  15. Feliz Navidad Barbara, I thought this was very cool!!!!. I love how you are venturing in to the different mediums and taking us along for the ride….just brilliant…I also love the sentiments …First time I ever heard the term Feliz Navidad I was in Florida, December, walking round the backlot at Disney – admiring (as you do) the spectacle of Christmas Lights – with fake snow coming off the roof tops and Christmas songs blasting out – when suddenly the tune Feliz Navidad was played – I fell in love with the song and the words Feliz Navidad…..
    Enjoy the clip!!!
    Much love
    Kim xxxx

  16. Lovely artwork. I'm not into Christmas yet my brain is still locked in the summer. Just returned from Gran Canaria, granddaughter coming to stay here for the summer holidays, (rock pooling & the beach) and maybe another holiday in September. Still lovely Christmassy artwork and brill ideas for when the Christmas rush starts. Thank you.

  17. Really love this technique Barbara after watching it on catch up – so useful when there are other must do things when you are on. People just don't understand! Lol. Wow the mega mount is fab I couldn't see why I would need one until I saw this on the show … Now it falls into place. Love the bauble stamps too aren't they fun. Looking forward to you tube Tuesday . Love Diane xxx

  18. Lovely card – my stamps & stencils have been ordered after watching the Sunday C&C on catch-up as I missed it as I was in Spain……I love Christmas – especially when the run-up starts this early! πŸ™‚

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