Introducing the NEW Houses of Stars Stencil. And its friends…

Introducing the NEW Houses of Stars Stencil. And its friends…

Hello there!
Wednesdays Blog is something new, so here is a brand new, very lovely A5 Stencil, which Annie drew.
I love it. Houses of Stars, it’s called.

When I looked at the stencil, it was clear to me, that the plastic part of the stencil needed to be black. Solid black. So I set about figuring that out.
Had a few runs at a few different ways, with varying degrees of success, and concluded that the best way forward, with such large areas which needed to be black, was with an embossing machine and Black Soot Distress ink.
First, we need to coat the stencil with the black ink. 
There are several ways to do this:
I used a Gelli Plate with a brayer.
If you don’t have an 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate, lay the stencil on a piece of copy paper. You may need a couple of brayer-fulls.
I placed the stencil down on the clean Gelli plate, loaded the brayer with the black ink and completely covered the stencil with ink from the Black Soot Distress inkpad.

Then I lifted the inky stencil, placed a sheet of Theuva card A5 on top of it, and ran it through my E-Bosser embossing machine.
I added extra sheets of copy paper in the mangle, to create as much pressure as the machine could handle. 
In fact, not only did I get a brilliant black image first time, 
I also got a very good embossed sheet of copy paper!
I do love my E-Bosser. Excellent piece of kit. 
So we could stick with black and white. This image is perfect just as it is. Just trimmed and mounted on white. 
Or we can stay on the train, and add a little colour if you like…
Clean the stencil, and put it back over the black artwork.
Start adding colour to the background, with some stencil brushes and make-up sponges.
The colours I used were Juniper Adirondack, Stonewashed Adirondack and Chipped Sapphire Distress pad.
A yellow Promarker will put the lights on in the houses.
Green and blue Promarkers add shadows, too.
I trimmed the edges slightly, and mounted the picture on white.
Would make a lovely book or journal cover, or  scrapbook page.
Not to mention beautiful Christmas card, if you added a little glitter and snow. Now there’s food for thought…

And while we are in the whimsical, totally beautiful Annie Style world of stencils, here are a few more she has rustled up for your pleasure:


Every one a little masterpiece. 
Have I got a favourite? Mmmm. Nope. But I bet Chase your Dream would look fantastic in Solid black again, but with pinks, reds and purples in the background.
All I want to do is play with different backgrounds and colours!

much love,

41 thoughts on “Introducing the NEW Houses of Stars Stencil. And its friends…

  1. Hello Barb, what a fabulous look you have created, these stencils are just superb, more to add to the need list. I can't choose a favourite, but am already thinking of ways to use them. Have to try the black ink on a stencil, great idea. Bet you have done something with the embossed copy paper too. Have a great day. Bx

  2. Love the finished effect, the stencils are great. Barbara, I must say, you and your whole team are on a really fabulous roll, everything you are producing just gets better and better, I wish I could have it all, hee hee. Have a great day. Michelle XX

  3. Wow…I just ordered this last week – because I love the 'smiley face' on the top left hand corner – can't wait to play with it now! Thanks Barb.
    Mrs G from York

  4. Good morning Barb and well done Annie these are gorgeous. I want them all 🙁

    I obviously cannot have them all so I am going to have to choose, so rather than a whimsical choice I will mull it over xx

    Love Dx

  5. Beautiful stencils Annie, even more 'stuff' for my wish list! The finished effect looks great Barbara must give the technique ago. Everything you and your team produce is lovely. Have an enjoyable day. xx

  6. Gorgeous card, and stunning stencils. Not sure neither which one I prefer……If there is one I prefer…. Thanks to you, Barbara for the idea and thanks to Annie for the stencils.
    Laurence xx

  7. Hi Barbara. Great card, I love the life that you inject into a piece of card, it always amazes me how you do it. Wonderful stencils, couldn't possibly choose a favourite. Thanks to Annie, another clever lady : ) Take care.

  8. Love the stencils Barbara very different but brill. Thank you for sharing. Have you heard of a baby naming card I have an order but haven't got a clue none religious defo. Xxxxxthank you June xxxxx

    1. June, I had to do one for a friend's granddaughter. As you say it is a non-religious ceremony and theirs took place at an hotel.
      First of all I stamped Barb's child with her head resting on her hands (I don't know what it's called but it's lovely – I've also used that one for one of my granddaughter's baptism invitations), then I made a mask and covered her before doing a gentle pastel brayered background. Then I stamped the child's name above and the date of the ceremony below. I hope this is of help . I mean you can make it as fancy or as plain as you like. Of course, matting and layering gives it a little oomph.
      Just an idea xx.

  9. Oh Barbara you are spoiling us with your stencils and Annie what fab designs. I loved the train stop at the black and white but was glad I stayed to the end of the line it's amazing. Thank you for your inspiration. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  10. Some more lovely stencills, wow, they are certainly coming thick and fast! This is a great technique and the black is really solid too, and with those little bits of added colour works a treat. Thank you for this Barbara. x

  11. Well everything comes to SHE who waits….I have the forever friends stencil, but wanted the children to be in silouette , and the question was HOW do I do that mmmmmm well I waited, and now I know, Thanks for the inspiration and idea, can now crack on… So many ideas, so little time…

  12. I just adore stencils, I think I have more stencils than I do stamps now! These are some lovely images, and thanks for the idea on how to get them black, I think if the ink stayed wet long enough you could put clear embossing powder on it to make it really pop. Mmm… Think I'll go and play…

  13. Barbara, how wonderful are these stencils!!!! Love the designs and love what you have done with these – They all have a whimsical feel to them whilst being very grown up too – what a simply wonderful team you have behind you who can dream these things up – and your inspiration is inspiration to us all xx
    Much love
    Kim x

  14. Hi Barb,
    What lovely stencils – well done Annie. Love the way you have got the stencil so black, will have to try that. Thanks for all the inspiration . Love Alison xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    These are fab, my favourites are House of stars, Home is where the heart is, Friends never let go – oh I don't know, they are all gorgeous. I'm going to seriously ponder and add them to my ever -growing list of Barb-must-haves!!
    Love x

  16. Love the use of the stencil as a stamp and it worked so well.
    Have only just caught up with yesterday's video. Great demo so, so funny. Must have a look at the German one. I hope I can follow it all.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired, amused and creative. There are no bounds to your generosity and humanity, as I know myself.

  17. Love it Barbara! Annie is on a roll with these designs!
    I don't know how you got the image so black!!! I must have another go!!!
    My list for the retreat is getting longer and longer!!! Won't be long now!!! Yay! Love and hugs! Xxx

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