Blue Panel, Blue Tit!

Blue Panel, Blue Tit!

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
What day is it? Thursday? Blue Blog….
Okay, here goes.
A very simple idea for a card, using:
Make a panel on the A5 Theuva Card with masking tape.
Randomly dust StonewashedStream and 
Juniper Adirondack Ink Pads through the panel, 
using these super stencil brushes.
Stamp the delicate tree branch through the panel with 
Black Archival.
Leave some sky!
Remove the stencil tape,
and doodle along the edges with your Micron pen, 
to seal the deal!
Use a couple of little birds to bring the picture to life. 
Watch what a couple of birds can do… 
I used the Micron Pen to dot dot dot a few hills and pollen or whatever into place.
Decided we needed a little more depth, 
so back on with the stencil tape, 
and out with the make-up sponge.
Much better.
Add Friendship from Word chain set No. 8 above the panel. These word chains are invaluable. Have you seen them yet?
Let me dig out the link for you…
 Add a blue tit and colour him in.
I am very happy with the Spectrum Noir Polychromos. 
Good price point, too.
See my little dandelion heads? 
Very simple, very quick, very easy on the eye.
And this panel technique lends itself to loads 
of different stamps and occasions. 
Have a great Thursday. 
Got anything planned?
I am working on the Crowborough Retreat plan today.
And the next New Design Club. 
I need a plan every day. I need to know where I am headed; 
otherwise, I am rudderless. Aka ruddy useless!
much love,

47 thoughts on “Blue Panel, Blue Tit!

  1. Morning Barb, lovely card, great idea to leave some white space, sometimes it worries me that I have too much. The Word chain stamps are great, and on my wish list. Good luck with all the planning. Bx

  2. Good morning,
    My plan is to head into London to meet friends for the day. We are looking forward to the workshops…so jazzed. This card is very cool, I love your ideas and always try them out, thanks for today's gem. Xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Great little panel and the finished card is lovely – love the little blue tit, he's so cute! Any chance of doing words like retirement, anniversary, christening etc as word chains? Love Alison xxx

  4. Barbara,….tis beautiful, elegant, effective….love it xxx
    Would you consider this?
    If the word chains……Mother,Father, Daughter, Son, Granddaughter, etc etc??
    Just a thought for you!!!
    Much Love
    Kim x

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Love the dot dot dot technique but I must have trouble with my eyesight as I can't see the little dandelion seed heads. Lol.

    I am taking my 85 year old friend to hospital today as she has a problem with a nipple. Fingers crossed it is alright.

    Roz. X

  6. I love this card, so quick and easy but effective. I have decided I am a 'Less is More' girl rather than a 'Throw everything at it' one.

  7. Lovely card Barbara, & yes, I did spot the dandelion seeds…just! This technique is so simple but effective yet I always forget it. Better than mat & layering, especially if posting. I tend to write 'To Do' lists rather than a plan probably because your whole week is timetabled as a teacher & you have to fit anything else in around it whenever & wherever you can. Xx

  8. Really like this card Barbara , and a great technique which I will have a go at.
    I love anything with birds in!
    I can't imagine you being ruddy useless at all , with or without a plan!
    Have a great day,

  9. Very elegant card. And I really like the technique too. I am on holidays so will go to the hairdresser and than have lunch with my "jam" friend, and I already know we will have fun. So have a great day yourself.
    Laurence xx

  10. Hi Barbara. Love the card, took a lot of looking before I spotted the dandelion heads though! : ) I have "To do" lists otherwise I haven't got a clue what I am meant to be doing . Take care.

  11. Lovely card. I love the simplicity of it – beautiful. I'll be at work today so no time to play but I love to read your blog before work – sets me up for the day ahead. xx

  12. Love the simplicity of this and it looks great. I will be crafting today as I have some birthday cards to make. I ruddy useless all the time! Best wishes Joan x

  13. This is lovely, very elegant and effective, one I could manage to do. you teach us so much, so keep us going, not that we will be ever as good as you, but you help us try. Have a good day, I think I just saw a rudder fly by.

  14. Just love the card must admit I'm like simple more but really want to be more adventures in my cards. Yesterday ended up with a really down day woke same so need to shake myself up I have my little grandson who is 2&1/2 so he will help starting him on some craft soon gets bored though love sing his favourite song us old McDonald so think may be sining it quiet a lot today would love to try what you just did may be later x

  15. I definitely understand the Rudderless bit!! Not you, me. Sometimes I have to be my own secretary and do myself a list or I find myself aimlessly wandering through FB??? I love this card and I love the panel technique, you have given me an idea!!! Have a good day. xx

  16. Lovely card Barbara, I will use this idea to make a thank you card for my husbands Uncle in Ireland who welcomed us and lots of his relatives to Kerry last week ( he is in his 80`s and has so much enerjy!) I to have to plan my days or else I don't get much done ..Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Hello Barb. This is a simply stunning card and I will use this technique over and over again. You ask if we are doing anything interesting today – and the answer is Yes! I am off to London to see my lovely daughter no. 3 in her very final show for Guildhall before she is let loose on the big wide stage. Very excited and yet sad that this section of her life is coming to an end. xx Margaret Col.

  18. Dear Barbs,
    The day you are ruddy useless is the day I'll ride the winner in the Grand National, and I can't even ride a horse!!
    This is beautiful and you are sorely tempting my life-long aversion to pictures and ornaments of birds in the house. Live ones are OK, just because they are live. Silly I know but hard to hard to get over a lifetime phobia.
    Love to all xx

  19. Morning Barbara, you are never useless you are amazing but I do understand your need for a plan each day. I'm beginning to need to write down my daily plans as I love being able to tick things off when completed. Up until recently I've just had my plan in my head lol.
    Love this card what a great design idea and as you say it can be used in many ways. I've got some play time this afternoon and can't wait to try out my new stencil brushes
    Take care
    Jackie x

  20. this is super Barbara. love this style of card, clean and simple but definitely stunning. blues are my fave hues too. think i will be copying this one soon…… well maybe not to a t! hugs xx

  21. I love the simplicity of this card Barbara, it looks really elegant. The little dandelion heads took some spotting but don't they make a difference? Pat x

  22. This is a fantastic CAS card Barbara, and the added micron pen lines give such a nice crisp edge, and the dots for hills and the dandelion heads are certainly different but work so well. The word chain and sweet little blue tit coloured with the SN pencils which I think are great too, just makes the perfect finishing touch. x

  23. Great card Barbara. Love the effect the dots give the card. I too really like the Spectrum Noir pencils, and used them yesterday to colour your Blue Tit's mate!! Hope the planning is going well, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. xx

  24. Beautiful Barbara so clean and stylish and the dots and bluetit just finish it off with those word chains . Lovely. I like a plan too and write lists when things have to be done or else that way the family know what needs doing and can help. Lol. My plan today was take my daughter to college so she could hand in her maths coursework before mid day then we went to the cinema because she wanted to see a fault in our stars. It was lovely to go to the cinema just the two of us we haven't done that for years. Wasn't sure about the film before we went I haven't read the book but knew it was sad. Film was good in the end and yes the whole cinema sniffed and blubbed their way through it. Rest of the day has been lazy as feel emotionally drained!! Hope your plans are going well. Love Diane

  25. I love the effect of the panel. Will have to have a play at that. Thanks again for inspiration! Guess you'll be all finished organizing by this time. Hope your day went well, Jan

  26. Really clever effect Barbara – I just saw another very similar effect from using packing tape on a Gelli plate, so I'll be having a go at both techniques when I get a minute! Thanks for such a cheery card design today – Susan x

  27. Love the card Barbara. Really enjoying your blog this week (as I always do) but on holiday in Devon, which is lovely I know, but having severe crafting withdrawal symptoms as only have a limited supply of crafty stash with me 🙁 Trying to be inventive with what I have. There's a challenge!! Meanwhile itching to try this technique. X

  28. Gorgeous stamping! I have not been able to visit for a while and have missed your fab posts and even fabbier creations! Love all the stamps you used here, especially the blues! Have a lovely weekend Karen x

  29. I love to see your show on createand craft tv every time on my iPad ,and writing wath you are making so i cam trey also how you have don it a beatiful card .love it very Much

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