Here’s a little pink number for you ….

Here’s a little pink number for you ….

Hello there!
It’s YouTube Tuesday!
Thank you for stopping by. 
Angelina Fibres – an old favourite of mine. 
There are a few things in the craft world which lend themselves to neat cardwork, abstract artwork, mixed media, textiles – 
pretty much any application. 
Fusible fibres are at the top of that list for me. 

Items Used:

Iron (MUST BE DRY not steam)
Baking Parchment
Needle and Thread
much love,

31 thoughts on “Here’s a little pink number for you ….

  1. Love this technique Barbara and love how this one turned out…. I love the VT – the 5/10 minute captions – they make me smile….lovely way to start my day xx
    Have fun today – a Prince yesterday – wonder what today will bring!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  2. Hi Barb, great technique, lovely background, and colours used on the corset. Video was great, a good giggle today, now where to find my fibres. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Hi Barbara
    You were doing this technique at the knit and stitch show at Ally Pally many moons ago and it had me mesmerised then as it does now. I haven't used my fibres for ages so must dig them out again and have a play! Right teas ready, I know it's a bit early but would you like a piece of cake to go with it? I've got plenty left after my marathon bake so you can have carrot, lemon drizzle , chocolate cupcakes flapjacks scones……. 🙂 have a great day.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. I don't know how many times I've seen you demo this Barbara and it never fails to impress! I love the layered look and the gelli background is perfect for this. Pat x

  5. I might have a little play with them today actually. I love this corset, always been one of my favourites, in fact its one of my first stamps from Clarity with the legs of course. I thought my flight was at 9am turns out 20.55 means PM so I have a little play today. Great Video as always Barbara. xxx

  6. Lovely You Tube video Barbara. I haven't used my fibres for a while – will have to dig them out and have a play. I hope you're feeling better. See you tomorrow! xx

  7. Hi Barb, this is a fabulous Demo and you have made it very easy. I love when I have all the ingredients it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside lol, I just need to get my Hubby to dig out the travel iron 🙂 won't he be happy lol.

    Have fun and enjoy the retreats with the emphasis being on Enjoy, which I could be there.

    Love Denise x

  8. Hi Barb,
    This is always a great technique and we all need reminding regularly of things in our stash. Aren't the gelli plate backgrounds so handy. Of course, yours are works of art, most of mine are works of a mad woman!! Loved the fact that you estimated 5 minutes to do the sewing, and it took about 10, your timing clock must run on the same lines as mine!
    I hope you, Dave and the helpers enjoy the retreats.

  9. Thanks for this Barbara it's ages in fact probably years since I used fusible fibres but I still have some in a box and this has inspired me to get them out again
    Jackie x

  10. Watching you do this technique all those years ago was what got me hooked on Clarity stamps! I did a card using the corset (and the montage background) for a friend's 50th last month, and everyone just loved it! I still think it's magic when you lift the iron and the design is melted into the fibres… Thanks, Susan x

  11. you must have been thinking about Jo Rice with all those tassels! i really need to do this. have all the stamps and fibres, possibly different colours as i'm really not a pink kind of girl. love that gelli background, hugs xx

  12. Hi Barb Well that's got me sorted for this afternoons crafting thanks for getting me out of that crafters rut of just looking at my stash and not doing anything.
    Crafty hugs
    Pauline B

  13. Lovely, watched Paul demo fibres at the Open Day which helped. He was very patient answering all my questions. Will have to have another go with them now. Love your videos they really help explain things. Hope retreats going well. xx

  14. Another great video which has reminded me to 'dig out' my fusible fibres and have a go. I'm ashamed to say that they've been in my stash for a number of years but I've yet to 'play' with them.x

  15. Bit late on here had few attempts things kept happen so finally watched loved it haven't played with usable fibre for a while so must be time to have a go lived demo hope your day has gone well you got busy week so night night xx

  16. Thank you for this great demo Barbara. I love what you have done with the angelina fibres and the layering up the different colours and then re-adding the stitching down the front works fantastically. I must admit I have never used these fusible fibres but perhaps I will. x

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