A Thoughtful Hammock…

A Thoughtful Hammock…

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on this Monday morning!
Here’s a quickie, because I am headed for the Crowborough Rugby Club, for the first day of the 10-Day Clarity Retreats.
I am REALLY looking forward to it. The first project is soooo cool – great way to start the day…
Anyway, last week, as my astute friend Dee Paramour was leaving the building, she handed me a bunch of background papers she had prepared for TV demos, but hadn’t used. “These may come in handy next week when you are blogging Barb”.
God bless Dee!
So here is a little card which took minutes, because the background was already there!
It was made using the Clarity Brushes
Distress Pads:
Stamp the first lovely tree in Black Archival

Then form a curve, like a hammock, with a line sentiment.
I used the Thinking of you from 

Run a length of low-tack masking tape along the base of the tree.

Well, I can certainly see myself snoozing in the hammock here!

Make a dot in each of the 4 corners, about 1/2 inch in. 
This is your orientation. 
The trick when drawing a funky freehand line like this between 2 points, is to keep your eye on where you are going, 
not on the pen nib!
It’s like riding a motor-bike; if you keep your eye on the road ahead, you will ride like a champ. 
If you focus on the front wheel, 
you will wobble and ride like a chump!
Try it if you don’t believe me! The pen trick, not the bike!!!! 

Go round again, overlapping as you go. 

Doodle some lines into the overlaps.
Get quirky in the corners!

That’s it. All we need now is some white card to park it on. 
Err, I mean mount it on!

 Pretty. Fresh. Simple. 

 If you’re headed to Crowborough this week for the retreat, 
please have a safe trip, 

and keep your eye on the road ahead!
much love,
PS. Did you know I have a Harley ? 
Yes, I am an official LOH. Lady of Harley!
So does Dave. But that makes him a HOG.
Time to dust it off and ride off into the sunset.
The bike, that is!

49 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Hammock…

  1. Love it Barbara – I think you should have the Harley at the Rugby Club ready to ride off each day xxx
    Hope first set of retreats goes well with lots of fun and laughter
    Much love

  2. Morning Barb, this is a lovely background, and the trees with the line sentiment look perfect on it. Hope you are feeling loads better today, and that the retreats go well. So LOH, when will we see a picture of you riding off into the sunset? Have a great day. Bx

    1. Nothing wrong withWallace and Grommit – they are fun and bring immense pleasure to others AND one is a secret genius who is more than able to turn any disaster in to a success , so I think he may have been right in some way .

  3. Hi Barbara what a great friend Dee is to give you the backgrounds for this week. That will help you out no end . Beautiful simple card today that shows off the background and your lovely stamps. I wouldn't mind a doze in that hammock but it would probably take me all day to get in it! Just as I got in and comfy I would need the loo or the phone would ring! Lol. Well Barbara you are a woman of mystery I never had you down as a Harley rider! I can see you and Dave on tour somewhere – is that your plan? Have a great day at the retreat remember to rest when you can and drink plenty of water. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  4. Hi Barbara. What a great use of the lovely background. The hammock idea is wonderful. I love it all. Well, I didn't know you had a Hog! You and Dave must love getting out on the road on them : ) Enjoy the retreats. Take care.

  5. This is so lovely Barbara. Already staying in Crowborough and looking forward to next 2 days. Lucky you having a Harley – now all you need is to find the time to enjoy getting on the road with your hog 🙂 x

  6. Gorgeous background by Dee, love the remountable line stamps too , they're definitely on my list, great use of them on this artwork and what a difference the border makes, so simple yet so effective. Enjoy today x

  7. Lovely background and the hammock between the trees turns it into a paradise island. Have fun in Crowborough this week. Would love to see a photo of you with your bike & HOG! Xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Great card and such a simple idea. I would love to rest in that hammock although not sure I'd be able to get in it – I would probably fall out of it! How kind of Dee to give you the backgrounds. Hope the retreat goes well and that everyone enjoys it. Never put you down as a LOH mind ! Love Alison xxx

  9. brilliant idea! clean and simple and beautiful. can i make a suggestion? i think if it was mounted on black before the white it would make the images pop more. mind you it's just my opinion….. hugs xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Simple but gorgeous card – at least simple when you do it!!!
    You must be an ace at riding the Harley now, you've had it so long. I can see you and HOG riding off into the sunset, like John Wayne and his sweetheart, not like Wallace and Grommit.
    Hope you are feeling better and have a fab time at the retreats, I know the ladies will enjoy them greatly. xx

  11. Dee is super, kind of her to think of the backgrounds, super colours. Loe he card Barbara, now off to check on all the blogs I missed while I was on holidays. Hope you have a wonderful day. See you Wednesday. xx

  12. Lovely background and as others have said so kind of Dee to pass some over to you. Great use of the line sentiments, and altogether a very effective card. Have a great day at the retreat. xx

  13. I suspected you might have ridden a bike at some time, you have made several references on how to ride a bike in the past. Lovely card and something I could re-create with stamps that I have. Not sure my background would be as good. Hope retreats go well. still real jealous. Ordered stencil yesterday so that I can have a go at your latest competition. Will plan what to do while I wait for it to arrive. xx

  14. What lovely backgrounds from Dee and a super creative idea of yours Barbara to go on top. I love the scribbly frame with the zentangle and the sentiment like a hammock between the trees. I too didn't realise you are a bika gal! I look forward to seeing a picture of you riding off into the sunset. Hope today's retreat goes well. x

  15. Great card. I suppose we all have those backgrounds hiding somewhere. They're so satisfying to make. I'm glad your quick wit has returned, hopefully along with your full health.
    Looking forward very much to the Retreat starting Wednesday.

  16. Great card, and stunning backround. I am on my "trying" period and make new with old…. Hope the retreat goes well. When can we have one in France? xx

  17. Loving this and so simple. I will try a little background and then some trees, beautiful.

    Have fun at the retreats I will have to wait until catterick but hey ho not to worry. Have fun everyone.

    Love Denise xx

  18. Lovely card, Barbara, and very clever. People were always surprised that I was a biker chick-(only pillion though!!). I'm surprised you have the time!
    Hope all goes well with your retreats. Thanks, Jan

  19. Lovely use of the background paper Barbara! I'm glad you seem to be feeling better and are ready to face the eager students at Crowborough today. I can't wait for two weeks' time when it will be my turn to come and learn! Have a great time x

  20. Beautiful, Barbara. A little like the Northern Lights technique, which I love. Can't wait to see what goodies you have to share with us tomorrow. Any special visitors to entertain us? xx

  21. Well LOH, this is not a surprise as I genuinely think you embrace life fully and will try most things and can see the joy of the open road giving you chance to really escape and enjoy just being .
    Good luck this week – sounds like you will be busy so hope your feeling better and ready to rock lol!

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