Hampton Court with my Mum. Inspirational.

Hampton Court with my Mum. Inspirational.

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Friday’s Blog a Private peek, right? 
Well, today I would like to introduce you to my Mum.
Her name is Hilma, and she is German.
She has lived here in England for 55 years, and loves it here.
But she still speaks perfect German,
is a very German Hausfrau, 
and cooks very German food.
When we are together, we jump back and forth, 
between the two languages. 
She and I went to Hampton Court Flower Show on Tuesday. 
The weather wasn’t great, but what’s a little drizzle?

We had resigned ourselves to a little rain, but 

no sooner had we gone through the gates, 
than the sun came out!
The gardens were superb,
from all whites, 

to yawning volcanoes;

traditional delights,

and bright bursts of the exotic.
The flowers were splendid.

The company was sublime.
We bought 2 pink trollies which doubled up as chairs,

and when Mum tired of inspecting how they made the log borders,
we sat by the long water, ate cherries, 
and watched the world go by.
What a beautiful place this is!
Bill and Ben were pottering around…
This guy was all dressed up with nowhere to go.
But the highlight for me was Mum.
She was in her element. 
She is so knowledgeable about gardening and plants; 
it’s her hobby.
But the black clouds started rolling in late afternoon, 
and I promised to get her back home in time 
for the Brazil Vs Germany football game.
So off we trundled, with our pink trollies and our swag.
All in all a memorable, brilliant day.
I had never been. But we will go again next year for sure!
much love,

49 thoughts on “Hampton Court with my Mum. Inspirational.

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us Barbara. I don't think I will be able to get there this year ,but am determined to go next year.

  2. Your mum is a fantastic lady Barbara (hugs Hilma!). I was lucky enough to walk around your garden with Hilma… I think I might have to borrow her when I get my new house to help plan my outside space! Actually… You could help too, I'm sure xxx

  3. So glad you had a lovely day. Your mum is a wonderful lady and excellent company. I really enjoyed meeting her and spending some time with her. She has some really interesting and funny stories from her younger years. I look forward to meeting her again at some point

  4. So glad you had a lovely time with your Mum. I haven't been to Hampton Court in years, though funnily enough my Mum and a Dad are going today! Hope you have a lovely day. x

  5. Glad you enjoyed it – always good to have some quality time with Mum. And I bet she enjoyed the football after – good job you got her home in time for that!
    Elaine x

  6. Ihre Mutti is sehr elegant une Ich bin sure, dass Sie einen sehf schöne Tage gehabt haben. Hallo Hilma! Die Fotos sind fabelhaft. Bitte Sie uns gezeigt haben.
    Laurence xx

  7. Hello Barbara, how lovely to spend quality time with your Mum. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

    Germany's win rounded off what must have been a fantastic day.

    Roz. X

  8. What a lovely day with you mum you had. Wonderful flowers and Company. Und Deutschland hat das Fußballspiel gewonnen. Schöner Abschluss eines schönen Tages :-). LOve

  9. What a lovely day you and your Mum had together. I used to take my mum to different garden centres every Friday as her garden was her passion. Pat x

  10. Say hi to your mum for us looks like you had an amazing day followed by what a brilliant win for Germany sure she was thrilled. I just love looking at flower and the amazing way they are made real art in there creation. Well have a Good Friday and weekend xx

  11. Wonderful to see you spending time with your Mum, there is nothing like it. Going to Hampton Court tomorrow, hoping weather holds. Love your blog. Thank you xxx

  12. Lovely to see the beautiful flowers. Nice to meet your mum too. Good to see you both enjoyed the day. I would also love to visit but yet to make the trip, maybe next year. Xx

  13. Oh wow, this must have been a blumem good time! I am inspired to go next year after seeing these photos awesome. Thanks for the sharing this with us. Danke

  14. I did this same trip with my Mum many moons ago. Took loads of photos and had a wonderful time.it brought back lots of memories, as sadly Mum is no longer with us. I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Love your Mum always.

  15. Hi Barbara what a great day you had with your mum and wasn't the weather kind to you in the end. It looks like you both had a wonderful time (fab pink trolley ) it really is a magical place. I went many years ago and was treated to Chelsea flower show last year very memorable. Shame you can't photograph the smell of the flowers! I am sure you got inspiration for new stamps and stencils there! Thank you for sharing your lovely mum with us she sounds like a very special lady. And great football result too – your poor dad! Have a great weekend. Love Diane xxx

  16. Beautiful, surroundings, beautiful flowers and beautiful company..your mum! I wish I still had my mum to do stuff with, lost her when I was 21 and I have missed her everyday of my life. Glad you had a perfect day [apart from the rain] and thank you for sharing. Best wishes Joan

  17. What a great day you had with your lovely Mum thank you for sharing it with us. I love all your photos and wasn't it great that the weather faired up for you when you arrived.
    Jackie x

  18. Hi Barbara you had a lovely day with your mum. such a super place and those beautiful flowers .Its good to have time with the ones we love so special . Love the Pink Trolley's going to show them to my daughter would be perfect for her to take her books and bits for school when she starts her new job as she can walk there thank you for sharing love Pauline xxx

  19. Hello Barb, what a lovely day out for you and your Mum, I have never been to Hampton court, but we go to Chelsea every year, and it just astounds me how many beautiful flowers and plants there are in this world. Glad Mum got home in time for the football. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Bx

  20. Hello Barb. Went to Chelsea this year with my big brother and his wife and had the most wonderful time. Have never been to Hampton Court but it's definitely on my 'to do' list. So lovely to meet your Mum even if only on paper, it does make life better to have great people to share it with. xx Margaret Col.

  21. Love the photos Barbara, and looks like you and your Mum had a great day! These sort of things can be very tiring so what a good idea the trolley boxes were for a quick sit down. I always think that looking at gardens is great from a colour combination point of view because it's a good way of assessing how colours sit side by side, and often colours you would never dream of using together can actually be the nicest. Nature's a wonderful thing. Thanks for the private peek. x

  22. this was a very heartwarming blog Barbara. your mum looks splendid. and what a great place that hampton court is. and those flowers are so spectacular!
    it brought a few tears to my eyes and i cam't explain why. Deutschland ueber alles fuer Sonntag xx

  23. Looks like a lovely day out and lots of memories for you both. Do we feel some alium or lily shaped art work coming on? Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I will get there one day! Jan

  24. Looks like you had a fantastic day together, and the floral displays in your photos are absolutely amazing! Hope you enjoy it as much next year too!!! Susan x

  25. What a lovely day out with your Mum. You must have had such a lovely time. The photo's are wonderful and thank you for sharing it with us all and introducing your Mum as well! X

  26. I am glad you had such a great time at the show and your photos are brilliant. I bet there will be some stamps and stencils coming from all that inspiration. How many plants did you bring back? I reckon that your Mum and mine would have got on really well. My Mum was a real plantswoman, knowing most plants and where they would be happy. She had an aneurism between the two lobes of the brain, and it was the thought of a new piece of ground that she had just started to plant that inspired her to a very speedy recovery. The hospital sent her home three weeks early after they caught her trying to weed the garden there. Thank you for sharing your day with us. xxx Maggie

  27. thanks for sharing memories of a great day spent with your mum. Lovely photos, they've brought back memories of a lovely day at Hampton Court with my husband, we got burnt to a frazzle it was so hot 🙂

  28. Thank you for sharing your Mum and your day with us, what stunning photos , my favourite has to be the poppies…I just love poppies…so glad that you enjoyed your day….hugs…x

  29. Hi Barb,
    I love this blog, and I know you love your mother. I actually wrote a much longer blog, but I was getting maudlin so suffice to say give Hilma loads of hugs from me (even though I only "know" her through you). xxxxx ooooo

  30. WOW Barbara your photography is great, I would hang that picture of the Yawning Volcanoes on my wall any day, its gorgeous. You Mam looks well, nice butt !xxx Glad you had a lovely day, I fancy a trip there myself seeing your pics. xx

  31. I always think back to the fun times I had with my Mum – treasure every moment, as I know you do from the endearing way you have written here…It looked like a lovely day was had by you both….here's to many more for you! Beautiful pics! xxx

  32. Hi Barbara. Thank you for sharing what was so clearly a wonderful day spent with your Mum. Once again the love and pride you have for her flows from this post. By the time you got home I bet you were physically exhausted and mentally totally relaxed and content after such a lovely time spent with your Mum! I know I always am after special days like this with mine: ) The flowers are all beautiful too, I agree with other comments, Think we will be seeing a few new flower stamps and masks in the not too distant future : ) Take care.

  33. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich freue mich das du so einen wunderschönen Tag mit deiner Mutti verleben konntest. Diesen wirst du immer in deinem Herzen haben und dich erinnern wieviel Spaß ihr hattet. Die Fotos sind fantastisch und ich bin sicher deine Mutti hat auch viele Anregungen für den Garten bekommen. Herzlichen Dank das du dieses wundervolle Erlebnis mit uns teilst. Ich wünsche dir und deinen Lieben noch ganz viele solcher schönen Momente. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

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