Saturday. Gelli Plate scraps Rock!!!!

Saturday. Gelli Plate scraps Rock!!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
I can’t chat long; we are off up to London for a weekend.
We live so close, and yet how seldom do we make the effort? When we are showing guests round mostly!
But onwards with today’s project. 
Just a quickie, using scraps and a lovely stamp.
The Garden Heart
Mostly pictures, ready?
Here’s a bunch of Buff Titanium acrylic copy paper scraps I have accumulated whilst cleaning my Gelli Plate.
Pick one and stamp the Garden Heart stamp in Sepia Archival. Necessary on acrylic.
Flicked the light on and the photos changed!
Keep going…
Mount on matching card, then on a larger black piece.
Next piece of copy paper scrap. trim it back,
and layer it up on a sheet of double -sided adhesive.
Cut a few strips.
Arrange and attach at the base.
So that’s 2 ways to use up Gelli scraps:
Stamp on them directly, 
or attach them to double-sided tape and cut into panels or strips. 
Colour in the Garden Heart image with Distress Markers. 
They smear nicely on an acrylic base, for a real antique look.

They blend beautifully on the acrylic base.
Use your finger to blend across the background of the heart.

All done. Got to go.
London’s calling!!!
Have a great weekend!
much love

44 thoughts on “Saturday. Gelli Plate scraps Rock!!!!

  1. Must start saving scraps have some geli back grounds have stamps so will have ago at this one, have a wonderful weekend in London we are off to ikea nothing specail time to buy some frames and other bits xxx

  2. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende in London.

    Von der Technik mit den Resten bin ich wieder total begeistert. Ich habe Reste der Gelli-Plate auch schon zu Blümchen verarbeitet und auf die Karten gebracht. Das sieht toll aus wenn man Ton in Ton arbeiten kann. Die Gelli-Plate ist einfach Klasse.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  3. Hi Barbara. Lovely picture, the stamp is so pretty and it;s a great way to use up scraps. Havev a great time in London. Take care.

  4. Lovely idea, I have this stamp, must make some more backgrounds. I followed the link to the distress pens, very handy info, thank you. Have a fab time in "Laaandon" x

  5. super cool way of using up gelli scraps. i find that the prints on paper tend to look crisper too rather than on card. the good thing about print is that it thickens the paper and so it is not so flimsy.
    enjoy London, hugs xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    I love this! It is gorgeous and to think that it's really just scraps ! I must have a go at this. Have a fabulous time in London and thank you for taking the time to blog before you go. Love Alison xxxx

  7. Just off to look at my scraps to see what I can use for this project – although I only have the heart stamp, not the sentiment, but I'm sure I'll find something else to go with it!

    Have fun in London and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care, Carole x

  8. Stunning heart stamp and it teams beautifully with the text. Great way to use scraps. Have a fab weekend in London, I hope the weather is kind to you. Pat x

  9. So lovely. Just come back from my allotment. Flowers blooming, sweet peas wonderful. Your garden heart is dear to me. Thank you. Looking forward to the 21st

  10. Hi Barb,
    Enjoy (if that's the right word for London) your trip to the big city.
    Love this as I'm a brown and cream gal, and loads of other colours as well!!!
    Roz, you have the perfect job after Barb's of course, Working in a craft warehouse – do they pay you or do you just hand over your salary to them?
    Off to do the ironing before granddaughters arrive for sleep over xx

  11. What a great use of scraps Barbara. The garden heart is a very pretty stamp, and Maya's lovely verse goes beautifully and together with the strips makes a wonderful finished card. It's definitely worth keeping leftover bits for future use though. Have a lovely time in London Barbara. x

  12. Love the card Barbara – I don't use my jelly plate often enough to get many left overs, but I' give this a go. I have the sentiment, (what a great lady). And a heart stamp, sadly not this one though.

  13. Hello Barb, thank you. That's what I can do with the gelli bits and pieces that I have and can't possibly throw away. Also off to London. – might bump into you. xx Margaret Col.

  14. Hi Barbara, a lovely way to use Gelli plate scraps. Teamed with a beautiful stamp and sentiment they make a great card. I was planning on using the heart stamp for my Mum and Dad's anniversary, now all I need is some Gelli plate scraps!!!!! Have a great weekend in London. xx

  15. Great idea – have lots of scraps, but alas none as lovely as yours! Hoping to get into my craft room at some point over this weekend. Enjoy your trip to the big smoke!!! Susan x

  16. Ah, so now I have 2 new ways to use up my scraps. I keep them all in a plastic box as can't bear to bin them. Have a super time in London. Know what you mean about only going london when you have visitors. Xx

  17. Haha Samshomecookeddesigns – Margaret Craner was in Shrewsbury having fun at Maria Simms Clarity workshop as was I. Beautiful card Barb – great way to use up the scraps. Hope you have a fab time in London. Xxc

  18. Lovely idea with the scraps. I keep mine hanging on a wall hook and then use them for gift cards, but I like your ideas much better. They look so good.

  19. I just found out about you today on Splitcoast Stampers – you are marvelous!!!! Thanks for so much teaching and beauty plus I love your personality – you make me laugh and that's a good thing 🙂

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